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    General Yuzuru Chat

    so do you think that if yuzuru antis want to boo him during his performances, they’re free to do so because they “spent a lot of money to get there”? i’ve been lurking in the forum for some time and if you’re not just trolling with these kind of comments, i find your lack of concern for other human beings extremely worrisome, especially from someone who supposedly supports yuzuru, one of the most considerate and sensitive people on the fs field right now. people can’t do whatever they want just because they spent x amount of money to be there, what the hell? this isn’t an idol concert, it’s a sport competition. different places have different social codes that should be respected if you want to stay there. the people who “spent a lot of money to get there” did that because they want to watch a figure skating competition, so they should act with enough respect to let the athletes, who they “spent a lot of money” on to watch, do what they’re there to do without any undue distractions. and if the dude you’re supposedly supporting tells you to stop screaming when it’s another’s skater’s turn, maybe try to respect that, not even because you should care about that other skater, but because (the bare minimun!) you should care about the feelings of the dude you’re there to supposedly support? the fans should learn to act like respectful adults or stay home and let other people have their ticket. yuzuru’s fanbase is so huge, i’m sure filling a stadium with only respectful fans won’t be difficult, especially because most of the fandom IS very respectful, it’s just some bad apples that spoil it for everyone else.