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  1. I'm in Section 104, Row C. I'm across from the judges near the kiss and cry. I sat in almost the same area at SCI and the crane was at the opposite corner. Hoping the camera layout will be similar.
  2. I'm seriously worried about my seats now lol. The ticket prices were insane and the possibility of something blocking my view... 😬
  3. From the Skate Canada email sent out today: "Buy your All-Event tickets today and ensure you have a ticket to every day of competition! All-Event tickets will no longer be available when Day Tickets are released in late September."
  4. Thanks for posting! Practices are the grey boxes. All the times below are in EDT. Of course the schedule may change. Practice Schedule - September 11th, Wednesday: Ladies at 4:25 p.m. September 12th, Thursday: Ladies at 9 a.m. Dance at 11 a.m. Men at 12:25 p.m. September 13th, Friday: Dance at 9 a.m. Men at 10:15 a.m. Ladies at 11 a.m. on Rink 2 September 14th, Saturday: Dance at 7 a.m. Men at 8:15 a.m.
  5. I usually see people give out pinback buttons, stickers/decals, bracelets, keychains and other small things. Some photographers sometimes give out their prints or goods with their pictures on them. Honestly I'm sure people will appreciate anything. Shirts and buttons sounds likes a great idea (and I would love if I could get both of them 😊).
  6. @yuzuangel I'm flying from the U.S and getting there around 8:30 am on Wednesday. It's a less than 2 hour flight for me, but I like to get a good rest before the competition starts. Especially if I'm going to wake up early to line up. I would like to catch any practices on Wednesday if there is any this time. It also gives me time to write last minute letters or prepare gifts.
  7. According to the FAQ, "At this time official practices are scheduled to begin on Thursday, October 24, 2019 with the competition starting on Friday October 25, 2019."
  8. You can always email Skate Canada ([email protected]) if you have any other questions. We can't really expect comps to follow the same guidelines as previous years until the actual day comes.
  9. From the FAQ. If I have a gift for an athlete how do I get it to them? Gifts for athletes should be taken to the Skate Canada Ticketing table. No gifts should be thrown on the ice at any time.
  10. I really liked seeing all the banners last year and I don't remember anyone having any issues with them. Although SC said people were tripping on the ones attached to tables (where???). Last year they should have already known that cleaning the ice after Yuzuru skates takes some time and a lot of volunteers... Kinda wished they had designated gift boxes for every skater because I did see some gifts, that weren't for Yuzuru, in his pile. I'm hoping they'll organize it better this year and don't even consider holding the Men's medal ceremony off-ice.
  11. That's so nice of you! Aww, the design is adorable. I love the Shoma one too. Why can't it be September already lol?
  12. I finally booked a room in a hostel since everywhere else is pretty much booked/expensive (plus I don't want to get stressed over illegal Airbnbs lol). It's only a 8 minute walk and they were nice enough to give me a room just for my Mom and I. I'm planning to arrive earlier just to explore the city and prepare myself for a long week of sitting in the cold and stressing over scores. Now to track flight prices.
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