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  1. You can always email Skate Canada ([email protected]) if you have any other questions. We can't really expect comps to follow the same guidelines as previous years until the actual day comes.
  2. From the FAQ. If I have a gift for an athlete how do I get it to them? Gifts for athletes should be taken to the Skate Canada Ticketing table. No gifts should be thrown on the ice at any time.
  3. I really liked seeing all the banners last year and I don't remember anyone having any issues with them. Although SC said people were tripping on the ones attached to tables (where???). Last year they should have already known that cleaning the ice after Yuzuru skates takes some time and a lot of volunteers... Kinda wished they had designated gift boxes for every skater because I did see some gifts, that weren't for Yuzuru, in his pile. I'm hoping they'll organize it better this year and don't even consider holding the Men's medal ceremony off-ice.
  4. That's so nice of you! Aww, the design is adorable. I love the Shoma one too. Why can't it be September already lol?
  5. I finally booked a room in a hostel since everywhere else is pretty much booked/expensive (plus I don't want to get stressed over illegal Airbnbs lol). It's only a 8 minute walk and they were nice enough to give me a room just for my Mom and I. I'm planning to arrive earlier just to explore the city and prepare myself for a long week of sitting in the cold and stressing over scores. Now to track flight prices.
  6. :p Surprises are always fun! I believe some Canadian skaters and Junhwan were announced a couple weeks before the official release. I'm hoping the lineup will be just as good as last year (praying for Wakaba, Kévin Aymoz, Donovan, Kailani and Shiyue/Xinyu)
  7. Team Japan's CS assignments were released on July 23rd.The final list was released on August 30th.
  8. Hmm, I ended up buying a ticket. I booked the same hostel as everyone else, but I'm looking at Airbnbs still. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are going that route make sure that you ask your host if they have a license before booking it.
  9. Ommph, I might just keep my tickets in my chart while I internally debate on whether I should go or not. I don't think people will sell their seats until the event gets closer and I rather not wing it.
  10. I'm wondering if I should get a seat in Section 114? Are there any other better sections at this point? There's not a lot of close seats left and being able to see the K&C would make the trip worthwhile (besides seeing Yuzuru of course lol).
  11. Thanks!! I wanted to stop lurking so I could complain about the prices, but I fell for SC's trap. Now I have to worry about flights/accommodations. I bought two tickets next to each other so if my mom/someone else can't come with me I'll offer it up.
  12. I wasn't planning on getting tickets but I got Section 104, Row C. Kinda regretting it lol
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