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  1. Jeeez. I was right on time for good seats but my computer decided to lagg that exact minute. Then few minutes after they were all gone. I panicked and ended up in section B2 row 15. Little bit not what i wanted but still better than my last year's seats. What a day. Happy for all you guys who got the tickets )
  2. Don't worry. I'm just guessing and freaking out myself.
  3. True...but they did release the announcement at 10 pm yesterday so we'll never guess
  4. See them drop the tickets at like 10 pm ))) Just like they did with the announcement
  5. I don't think it will be at 12. Considering how "fast" they're updating the event page..
  6. Considering last year COR and this year GP Helsinki seating charts i think C1-4, A1-4 will be gold/silver tickets (wich means hella expensive but snatched by wealthy aunties in minutes). Plus they could be partly reserved by travel agencies. So price-wise and location-wise i guess B4 are good seats. I think i will aim for them too. BTW i guess i missed it somewhere, does anyone know if kiss&cry will be near B2-3 again?
  7. It was said before that they'll drop the schedule some time at the end of August. There will be a gala, on sunday. Tickets of course include it. I read somewhere that gala would start around 8 pm. So i'd recommend to book a flight on monday. Otherwise you'll just miss the gala. Or will have to travel late at night (if there would be a suitable flight).
  8. The number of fanyus on that flight is getting bigger ))
  9. That's the one i'm flying on )) So i guess we might cross paths somewhere
  10. There's definitely a direct flight from Krakow for the price i wrote before. And also helpful site skyscanner.com for ticket monitoring
  11. You can try looking for a flight from a nearby country. It can be much cheaper. For example i'll be flying from Poland (originally i'm from Ukraine). And the flight cost me 95 euro both ways altogether. Plus around 30 euros to get to/from Poland. So it's worth to look for options.
  12. I'm traveling alone too (and for the first time ubroad by myself) so a big yes for a meet up ! Hope to know you all beautiful people and have some great time
  13. wow all gold, silver and bronze are sold out already. You guys are wild )))) happy and sobbing i got my cat3 seats anyway