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  1. There is actually a chat for everyone who's staying at CheapSleep.
  2. If you're planning on tacking trams a lot i found this app recently that allows you to buy transport tickets cheaper. It only works for single tickets tho. When buying a day/two/etc ticket the price is the same. But it's still more useful to have an e-ticket imo. (Also the app available for apple and android) https://www.hsl.fi/en/app
  3. So I snapped and bought thursday ticket in B2 row 8 (even tho i had no intention on going to thursday practice before). It's like 7 rows closer than my other tickets and looks so close to the ice. I just saw an opportunity and i took it ). If anyone is interested there are still some good seats in B2 row 8-9
  4. I can't say for 100% but for me it doesn't work really well. Plus i don't check my email that often.
  5. Group chat here is nice in terms of nobody feeling left out. But as you said before this webside is not really phone friendly. I don't think the message notifications will work just fine. So a messenger would be better. Like WhatsApp or facebook messenger or even Telegram. I think we should wait until more people sign up for the chat and then decide wich messenger to use.
  6. twitter group chat sounds great ! sign me in if you're gonna do one. but i also thought maybe do a chat in a messenger instead. that would be easier in general and for those who don't have twitter especially. we could pick one messenger that most of us have.
  7. Hey i'm also staying at CheapSleep) Would totally like to hang out together since i'm going to Helsinki alone. So company would be great Plus we can go to the ice rink all together if you want
  8. Jeeez. I was right on time for good seats but my computer decided to lagg that exact minute. Then few minutes after they were all gone. I panicked and ended up in section B2 row 15. Little bit not what i wanted but still better than my last year's seats. What a day. Happy for all you guys who got the tickets )
  9. Don't worry. I'm just guessing and freaking out myself.
  10. True...but they did release the announcement at 10 pm yesterday so we'll never guess
  11. See them drop the tickets at like 10 pm ))) Just like they did with the announcement
  12. I don't think it will be at 12. Considering how "fast" they're updating the event page..