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  1. Hi everyone! I will be in Japan during the time of the world championships, but sadly the other part of the country (Fukuyama/Hiroshima). I would love to watch the TV with other fans, who were also not able to get tickets, but I'm not sure how can I find a local fan club, or just an izakaya with the TV on. If you are in Japan, and have any recommendation, how I can find a place for live viewing, please let me know! Thank you so much!
  2. Hi there! I just found this forum a while ago, when I was looking for tickets for the Worlds in Milan. Since I just started a new job recently, I was not really able to figure out how many days off I can have, and looks like I waited too long to get tickets, they are all sold out... Can you give me some advice please where can I get tickets for the free skate on Satuarday? I can only stay in Milan for the weekend, but after this wonderful Olympics, I feel like I have to see Worlds, especially since it's in Europe, so easier access for me. If any of you have tickets for sale for the men free skate only, please message me, but any tips and ideas are appreciated! Thank you very much!
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