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  1. Weird sound effects again But I think it was quite lovely and she has a nice dress - it reminds me of the black one Zhenya had last season.
  2. I haven't seen the whole program but there's a snippet at the beginning of the stream
  3. Their costumes were interesting. I don't know what they were skating to but it was a commitment to the program for sure
  4. That dress is gorgeous! Pity about the mistakes but it was still lovely, even though I don't like the music that much.
  5. Pity about the combo, but that lutz! That axel!
  6. I really like this music and it was a lovely performance. Well done!
  7. That dress was lovely! But yeah, the sound quality is awful
  8. Rhea


    Hello! I've been following figure skating (and Yuzuru) for almost a year now. I've been watching a bit of figure skating since I was a child but I stopped after Sochi. I came across a few fanarts and gifs on tumblr last year and I liked them so much that I decided to watch a few real performances. Well, I've watched Hope and Legacy and that's how I started to follow figure skating closely. I remember I wanted to have a schedule with all events in the season, particularly challengers and I found it on Planet Hanyu. After a week or so I registered and I've been lurking since then. I've finally gathered courage to delurk because I think everyone in real life is fed up with me and my love for figure skating. Well, I talk a lot about it I hope this season will be fun and I'm looking forward to watching competitions together