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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Re: Poll Wow based on the comments I guess I'm in the minority. I actually hate when American media (besides Jack, WP and Olympic channel) uses Yuzu for anything. They don't care for nor respect him and only use his image to promote themselves or their agenda then go right back to slamming him whenever Nathan does even remotely well. So I'm happy he wasn't included in the poll. Even when they're promoting him they do a pretty horrible job. Anyone remember this atrocity? And whenever there's an article written about him it 90% of the time includes some unrelated section pandering to Nathan. So personally I think IN did a good job with this poll (also we don't need no under 5,000 voters poll to prove Yuzu's superiority). They even included Javi (yaaay!), shame about Boyang tho (obviously no Adam nor Vincent b/c they'd split the American voters). Anyways who cares about some poll guys? We have bigger problems at hand, Yuzu's 2017 World's LP vid has been stuck on 2.9 million for ages now! Anyone who has the time, watch the video, lets finally get it to 3 million!
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    He is the perfect manga protagonist.
  3. Sure, let him keep that title, cause honestly, I don't consider "quad king" to be flattering. While it does state that you can jump the most it also kind of indicates it's your (only) best selling point. Meanwhile, Yuzu is still considered the king, the goat of figure skating, indicating he's the perfect package. Not to mention Mr. "quad king" doesn't even have the best quality jumps, just the highest success rate. Quality still goes to Yuzu (with all his +3 GOE'S)
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I still don't understand why Yuzuru particularly is getting attention (both good and a lot of bad) from kpop fans. Can one of you kpop fans tell me? He's a Japanese winter athlete, how come korean idol fans even know of him? Is it because of Yuna?
  5. Ew no. Just crop Yuzu out of that mess please.
  6. [2018] Olympic Games Men Short Program

  7. Why isn't he jumping? Why isn't he jumping?!
  8. General Yuzuru chat

    Oh god, I just realized he doesn't have his mask on. Even Shoma had his mask on. Oh dear god please put a mask on Yuzu.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    What you can't do: Stop the hate, it's a forever existing, unstoppable entity. What you can do: 1) Understand that the hate towards people like Yuzu are out of pure jealousy and not out of logical thinking. People hate him because there are people who love him. You have to move on from the hate. 2) Accept that haters exist (across the globe) because the more popular you are the more people get jealous and the more hated you become (compared to other skaters he probs has the most love and hate...Well next to Evgenia who sometimes seems to get more unfair hate than deserved love b/c she's essentially forever going against recent and popular legends Yuna and Mao ). It's inevitable no matter who you are and what you do. 3) Learn from their mistakes. Just because they do it to Yuzu doesn't make it okay for us to do the same to Yuna or any other skater. These people are hard-working athletes, every one of them. They deserve, at the very least, our respect. If you don't agree with scores then hate the judges, not the people who have no control over the scores. 4) Help the figure skating community. There are certainly fans like this amongst Yuzu fans as well so if you spot one unfairly bashing on someone, kindly guide them in the right direction since the only people that they'll bother listening to are probably fellow fans. Spread the love , not the hate. Also lol this is exactly how I started commenting on here. Stumbled across a Korean Yuzu hate site, freaked out about how it'll affect him at the Olympics, posted then calmed down thanks to the people here. Will forever love this site and it's creators/maintainers for existing. This entire site and its people are like a chill pill for my anxiety.
  10. He's so artistic...But the jumps...