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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, guys!  Who's excited for the Winter Olympic Games 2018! :biggrin: Where are you all travelling from? As for me I am from Toronto, Canada and so far I have purchased 3 event tickets the including the GALA event ticket (which is on February 25th, 2018) but unfortunately won’t be able to attend the GALA  because it conflicts with my final exam :( and I need to be back in town before the 25th (T___T) So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it? Please message me if interested~ Thank you! 

  2. Good morning from Japan! ^_^ In addition to being a huge fan of Hanyu-senshu, I'm also very active in men's rhythmic gymnastics (男子新体操) fan community here. MRG started in Japan 70 years ago and fans of figure skating may also enjoy this beautiful sport! It is graceful, emotional and athletic, and the competition outfits gymnasts wear are very similar to men's figure skating (some are even custom made by Chacott). I'm trying to introduce more fans to the sport by writing several English-language newspaper articles about some of Japan's top gymnasts and teams. Videos from top MRG high school and college teams (Ibara HS, Aomori, Hanazono, Kokushikan) have been viewed more than 30 million times on social media. Last month, i visited Kokushikan University RG Team, one of the top teams in Japan. I had the chance to interview Coach Yamada, individual gymnast Yuhei Ishikawa, and many members of the team. My first newspaper article about MRG was published yesterday in Metropolis Magazine: Yuhei's beautiful stick routine: Yuhei has been performing MRG since he was 12, he is currently a freshman and will be competing at All-Japan Inter-College next month in Morioka. I'm hoping he makes it to All-Japan RG championships in October... I will also be writing an article focusing on team MRG for a different newspaper. My friends run several great MRG fansites in English, a good starting point is: Please help me in supporting this sport and growing our fanbase overseas! MRG competitions are only held in Japan and the sport is not currently recognized by FIG or the Olympics...let's give these talented gymnasts the chance to shine on the world stage. Please feel free to ask questions and start a conversation about MRG! :-)