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  1. biellmann....did you guy hear the scream? a 25year old biellmann spin!!!!!!!

    Why no replay for biellmann?!?!?!??! its so unique element in MAN!

    sit twizzles....yeah best ever we had!

    zuzu today is very calm and also express deeply when feeling the music...

    yeah, i have no words but thank you my boy..........:cri:

  2. 在2019/9/26 at AM6點17分, Yuzurella說:

    Translation of Yuzu's interview in the Ajinomoto recipe book.

    All the food in this book looks delicious. :drool1:

    This make me want to taste the rice ball......even i don't like eat rice much....


    在2019/9/29 at AM12點24分, SuzyQ說:

    JSF has announced the details of the Nationals  (Dec. 19-22)

    Another bloody ticket battle is to begin  :worship: :smiley-angelic001: :bow:




    The website page has just started:



    But I think I can see my future after the lottery :smiley-sick030:


    Are there foreigner lottery for national?

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