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2022 24h TV FULL Yuzuru Hanyu Cut

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Original stream was in 720p, screen recording is in 1080p.


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Nothing to add : EVERYTHING is written  :girlsigh:  :YuzuPoohSad:  and on the girl's green t-shirt (at the beginning of the video) he wrote : "NATURE YOU SOOTHE" in French and will have the immense honor of savoring the performances of Yuzu and re re re :10815002:review

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Thank you very much for uploading the video so quickly. I just watched it on Japan TV and was so pleasantly surprised to see it so soon again 🥰.

What a beautiful performance, thank you Yuzuru-san 🙏🏻



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Thank you so much for the video! I’ll be rewatching his performance for days :tumblr_inline_mg16hfnAAr1qdlkyg:

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