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210404 ワールド一夜明け会見 FujiTV Interview after Worlds (Translation in Description)

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On 4/4/2021 at 12:25 PM, SuzyQ said:

Whole interview of the video from Fuji TV in Japanese text, and rough translation by DeepL and me.



To be honest, of course I feel frustrated, but I was able to show the results of my training in the areas that didn't lead to points, so I think I was able to reap some benefits.



Also, of course, I was wondering until the very last minute whether or not to participate in this World Championships, and in March, right before leaving Japan, the earthquake happened, and I was feeling like, "Does this mean I shouldn't participate?",  or, "In the first place, should I be allowed to participate under these circumstances?", I wondered again. Well, after all I came here, but the reason why I came here was simply to win the spots and lead it to the Olympics, so my main objective was not to win or lose, but to contribute to winning Japan's spots as the national champion.


Well, actually, if I had been able to make no mistakes and win the Worlds this time, I think I would have been quite satisfied within me. But I wasn't allowed to do that, or how to say, I was going up the stairs steadily, and I think I went from the practice (before FS) to six-minute practice in a perfectly good shape, but there was a slight deviation, and the actual performance fell apart gradually. But, well... I think it was a good thing after all. I think "Ten to Chi to" was completed without Axel (4A) at the Nationals, so I felt like being told that I had to show the complete program with Axel (4A), and that's my motivation now.

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