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2019 Autumn Classic International - Tickets and Discussion!

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On 6/24/2019 at 11:00 PM, Songster01 said:


I would definitely disappointed, but I would still attend with enthusiasm, because:


1) I'm spoiled because I live not too far away (though the transit commute can take up to 2 hours from where I live, depending on connections etc). 

2) Last year I had lots of fun watching Jason, Kevin A, Jun, Roman, and Harry, as well as seeing W/P, W/L, J/C, Wakaba, Evgenia, Mae, and Starr.  I'm almost certainly forgetting people. 


Note: I don't condemn anyone who changes their mind if Y can't or doesn't come, especially if transportation and accommodation costs will be significant.  Many people are also trying to go to more high-stakes events, including ones that have jacked up their prices this year.  If you could save a bit for another event by deciding not to come to ACI after all, then, that makes sense to me.  Regrettable, but most of us are not wealthy enough to throw our money away without worry.


Just a note that I heard that Donovan Carillo (MEX) is planning to attend ACI.  In case you don't know of him, he is a charming young skater from a very small fed who is making progress on his 3A.  Last year he couldn't make it for financial reasons, but happily he got a sponsorship this spring.  I'll be happy to cheer him on if he does come! 


i do know donovan and his is quite a joy, a good showman but hardly a jumper


u have it easy, 2 hours drive

i have a 13 hour costly flight....

so if He is not there, no chance i will be spending so much time, energy money to see ppl good as they may be who dont make me stop breathing or putting a huge smile on my face [which is the case with Javi]

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Hello, Everyone ;

Please consider me if you have a Saturday or all event ticket for sale.:POOH: I am still looking . 

Thanks in advance, 


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