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Watching the competitions live from Japan?

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Hi everyone! 


I will be in Japan during the time of the world championships, but sadly the other part of the country (Fukuyama/Hiroshima). I would love to watch the TV with other fans, who were also not able to get tickets, but I'm not sure how can I find a local fan club, or just an izakaya with the TV on. 


If you are in Japan, and have any recommendation, how I can find a place for live viewing, please let me know!


Thank you so much! 

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I have the same questions. I'll be flying to Tokyo on 21st and will be in JP until the 26th so I'm also looking for any live viewing options in case I don't get a ticket,

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Count me in as well...I will be in Tokyo Mar 19-25, unless I actually manage to get tickets 

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Hi, everyone, welcome to Japan!
Found a few sports bars in Tokyo which seem to have plans to show WFC on TV.


Emusupo (Sports bar M-Spo, Shibuya)
Seems like they are going to show men's SP and FS.  (Search by 世界フィギュア on their live viewing schedule.)
I guess it would be safer to contact them in advance to make sure they will, and reserve seats to watch WFC because they may be showing other sports on other screens at the same time.


HUB Nakano South Entrance (HUB中野南口店, Nakano)
Ladies' and Men's SP are on their live-viewing schedule. (Search by figure or スケート) Again, I recommend you to contact them in advance.


Halftime Sports Cafe (Ikebukuro)
WFC is not on their schedule, but their page on a portal site about sports bars and cafes mentioned WFC, so it may be worth asking...?


As to Fukuyama or Hiroshima, I could not find any info. I found a sports bar in Ube, Yamaguchi which seems to have a plan to show WFC,  but it's too far away from Fukuyama, isn't it...?
Hope you will find a good place to watch the competition with other fans, @Nanami8, but even when you can't, you have competition threads in this forum where you can enjoy the event chatting with other fans from all over the world. Streaming parties are always fun.

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