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[2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

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Actually, I'm glad for Vincent (appreciate it though he wouldn't) that they pulled back.  From the forums I was on it's clear that there was a lot of anger over his SP score (still is over the GOEs and it was turning into hostility to him personally.  Had he won this, he could have ended up being booed and I never ever ever want to hear that again...

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1 minute ago, Yume said:

I said that Vincent would get a carrot cake like Bradie. He got calls, as usual. 

Good for Shoma that TP was blind during his skate.

I think it's more an issue that judges weren't thinking that Shoma would go clean considering his ankle condition. If you look at his PCS, that does seem to indicate that the judges aren't expecting him to be a gold medal threat. 

Same as what happened with Lilbet yesterday- threat level not high enough, so probably got waved through. 

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