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[2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

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ISU GP Internationaux de France 2018

ISU Grand Prix

Grenoble / FRA

23.11.2018 - 25.11.2018


Men Short and Long Program Discussion






Date Event Location
October 19–21 2018 Skate America Everett / USA
October 26–28 2018 Skate Canada Laval / CAN
November 2–4 2018 Grand Prix of Helsinki Helsinki / FIN
November 9–11 2018 NHK Trophy

Hiroshima / JPN

November 16–18 2018 Rostelecom Cup

Moscow / RUS

November 23–25 2018 Internationaux de France Grenoble / FRA
December 6–9 2018–19 Grand Prix Final Vancouver / CAN





*times listed hereon are in your local time
Instructions for Streaming
  • Live QQ
    • Hosted and commentated by Hua Hua (also formerly known as pandaguy?)
    • Good quality
    • the user comments flying across the screen can be turned off with a toggle on the bottom right of the video
  • CBC
    • Great quality, free
    • Requires VPN service
  • FS Live 
    • has links in the video description
  • YLE
    • Needs a Finnish VPN
  • Other links will be added later on
  • All OPs for individual disciplines will contain links for streaming too for easy access


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Time and Practice schedule


Entry lists:


1 Nicolas NADEAU (CAN)

Boyang JIN (CHN)

3 Kevin AYMOZ (FRA)
4 Romain PONSART (FRA)




8 Dmitri ALIEV (RUS)

Alexander SAMARIN (RUS)

10 Jason BROWN (USA)
11 Nathan CHEN (USA)



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I will be here for the Men's but will lose Ladies' SP. Oh well! Go Boyang! You are my favourite this time around. 

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I’m sadly sacrificing the men’s sp to watch Crimes of Grindlewald, so hopefully it’s good enough that I don’t regret it.  


In in any case: Go Boyang and Jason! :68271401::7938863:


(And everybody else. No more falling please, we need at least one decently clean men’s competition this gp series!)

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