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[2018] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Short Program

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Distracting myself with this a little bit: My main takeaway from the French commentators is that they seem to think LGC is the ideal representation of Yuzuru as an artist. So, does that mean every skater gets just one "thing" they can do and that's it? And of course he doesn't need nonstop compliments, but he doesn't need a truckload of insults either. 


They're also insulting his idols with their misplaced pity... Would it change anything if they knew that Johnny loved his tribute? If they just said they didn't get it and left it at that, no problem but attributing petty motives to an innocent person because he didn't skate or dress to their taste is beyond disgusting. It is an amusing parallel with Johnny though.

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Hi everyone, I'm trying out a new thing where we collect videos of each event into one place, usually in the first page of an event thread. That way people can easily find videos of each skater and watch them in order if they want!

Help us compile the videos! Click here to edit this document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/167YUaSM7EIlBqYWRr-sLieDs9R1lhlqoBKmYBdPkVC0/edit?usp=sharing

Anyone can edit it. You don't need a Google account.

Warning: It takes a few minutes for the spreadsheet to update in this post; click on the link to see the latest version.


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On 11/16/2018 at 11:43 PM, Aotoshiro said:

 and I'm actually considering filling a complaint to my eurosport and asking them to forward it to their international office, or something. Ppl were screaming at Kurt for shading Alina's tactic on FP last season, so I do hope it will get a proper response, as well.I


I filed a complaint against one of the commentators and I didn't get a proper reply, only that they "forwarded my feedback to the headquarters for further analysis" and that "my feedback will be taking into consideration". That's was it. It's still worth a try I guess...every feedback/opinion counts.

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