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[2018] GP NHK Trophy (09-11.11) - Practice, Fluff & all the In-betweens + Gala

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15 minutes ago, kaeryth said:


I think I like the other one better but I need to see the dress in motion first. She is looking fierce. :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:


I was waiting for videos but I realized this is Japan.  :tumblr_inline_mo6z3nEBel1qz4rgp:

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It feels like NHK came so early since I haven't yet sorted out all the articles, photos, videos, bookmarks regarding GPH :13877886:
But excited to be able to see Sota in NHK! Cheering especially for Voronov, Kevin, Mai,  Rika and Liza as well though I won't be able to follow some of the events live tomorrow.

I have work and an appointment during men's SP. Hope all the skaters do well and everyone here (and there) have a good time. 


ETA: Cheering for Yuko Kavaguti too, cause she'll commentate for NHK probably for the first time.


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