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[2018/19] Other International Events

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Ivett won the ladies event at the Volvo Cup





Vladimir Litvinsev won the men's event: http://www.kristalice.lv/Results/Volvo37th/CAT001RS.HTM


Popova/Mozgov in Ice Dance: http://www.kristalice.lv/Results/Volvo37th/CAT004RS.HTM


and a French pair, Hamon/Streaklin the Pairs event: http://www.kristalice.lv/Results/Volvo37th/CAT003RS.HTM


- I haven't found videos of them.

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I watched a little bit of Alpen Trophy, Daniel Grassl is leading with quite a good score - 83.42. His skating isn't the smoothest of them all, but he still skated clean program with 4Lz, 3A and 3Lz3T, when he improves his skating skills he may be some contender :) I also really liked Tomoki Hiwatashi.

I gave up on watching any ladies because a commentary is really awful (seriously, I appreciate Ted even more...) but I'm happy Brooklee did well :) 

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This week there are four smaller competitions:


1. Open d'Andorra.


Results page: https://www.faeg.ad/open-2018/html/index.htm


2. Denkova-Staviski Cup in Bulgaria


Results page: http://www.clubdenkovastaviski.com/DSCup_2018_ISU/Index.htm,

Schedule: http://www.clubdenkovastaviski.com/Documents_2018/DetailedProgram-Denkova-StaviskiCup2018.pdf


3. Bosphorus Cup in Istanbul


Results page:

Live Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3KEAf7hgqQ4


4. Christmas Cup in Budapest


Results page: http://www.moksz.hu/external/mukorcsolya/2018_2019/1_xmas_cup/Results/index.htm

Live Stream (not sure if there'll be one, if yes, it'll on this channel:) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT2ti9iAlEc-afX7grTbOeA


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Some results from the competitions this week.


1. At Open d'Andorra, there were only two men but one of them WD :13877886:A Spanish skater, Hector Alonso won with a score of 163.54. In the ladies, Valentina Matos won with 153.05.

There were five ID couples out of which two WD. Winners are the Italian couple, Tessari/Fioretti.

No pair competition was held here.


2. At the Denkova-Staviski Cup, Matteo Rizzo won the men's event with a total score of 225.38 (his SP was the highest in the season, his FS the lowest...). He attempted the 4T, but was UR and he fell.

In the ladies, Aleksandra Feygin of Bulgaria won with a big margin. 2nd is Lucrezia Gennairo and 3rd Sara Conti, both from Italy.


3. At the Bosporus Cup, Moris Kvitelashvili won the men's event, followed by Ivan Shmuratko and Basar Oktar on the podium. In the ladies field, Alisson Krystle Perticheto from the Philippines won. Niki Wories finished 3rd.


4. At the Christmas Cup, Egor Murashov won in the men's field with a score of 180.22. Ivett Toth won in the ladies with a quite big margin (172.45), Jenni Saarinen was 2nd and Elisabetta Leccardi 3rd.

Ivett's got a new SB with her SP and FS too, finally a score over 60 in the short.



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On 12/22/2018 at 3:31 PM, sallycinnamon said:

Mentor Torun Cup (8-13 January, 2019) Entry list:



As ever, it’s happening when I have to go back to work... 

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Chock/Bates won the Ice Dance event in Torun.

Their FD is an Elvis medley.

I really like the last lift :O 



Kaliszek/Spodyriev got the silver and Wang/Liu the bronze.


In the men's event, Brendan Kerry won with a score of 205.95. He had a big lead after the SP but was only third in the free skate. Frangipani got the silver and Graham Newberry the bronze (interestingly,  Hayrapetyan was the second best in the free skate but after a very week SP he was only 10th so ended up only on 6th place).


In the ladies, Marina Piredda from Italy won the gold, Isadora Williams (BRA) the silver and Linnea Ceder (FIN) the bronze.


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