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Team we're fewer but still good!

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Donovan is going to the Olympics. :tumblr_inline_mfy92hO4sm1qid2nw:


Google Translate: 

Today the ISU announced my qualification for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. I want to thank 
@CONADE and especially to @AnaGGuevara for trusting me and supporting me on this path.



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Donovan was being interviewed in a live stream on Instagram! A few highlights:

- He's aiming to add a quad for the SP for Beijing because his goal is to make the free

- The music they're considering for his new program (assuming the SP) is very different from anything he's done before. He didn't say what the music was, though


Then they let fans ask questions and I asked what his favorite jump is. His answer... 3A! Good taste, Donovan.

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