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5 hours ago, Kim Nhung said:

It's MY SNS, but all the comments are "Yuruzu is amazing!" :laughing::laughing:


Nobu is adorable (going on from the chocolate discussion, he is the Tim Tam of skating) and so good-natured, not all of them could laugh at it, bt he clearly loves Yuzu as we do.


5 hours ago, Veveco said:

For me, he'll always be  "the only person who cried more than Yuzu himself in PyeongChan" :tumblr_inline_nhkezmeBaq1qid2nw:


Didn't you just want to hug him? Happiest tears ever....

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12 minutes ago, ruruzest said:

sleeping Yuzu is so cute!

I'm glad he supports the fanartists...these people are brilliant and they deserve all the Yuzu-love they can get!


Somehow reading from my phone i lost like 10 pages on P&G show...no coment on the ankle I'll just keep repeating my mantra 'he's a pro elite athlete he knows better what he's doing'.

Easy to say it now i know,but i was never sure about Jeff being behind Masquerade , don't ask me why tho...sixth sense maybe?LOL ...and Shae please take good care of youe knee



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Yuzuru, February 2018: I'm glad you liked my Olympic performance! Sorry I didn't do more quads, I hurt my ankle doing 4Lz so I only started jumping again last month.

Me: ...

Yuzuru, March 2019: I'm glad you liked my Worlds performance! Sorry I messed up, I hurt my ankle doing 4Lo so I only started jumping again a few weeks ago.

Me: ...

Yuzuru, June 2019: I'm glad you liked my 4Lz! Sorry I had to try so many times, I hurt my ankle doing 4A so I only started jumping again the day before the show starte--


Me: giphy.gif


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Count me in as one of those who are sad to see Masquerade go, I hoped he'd leave irt as an official exhibition. Maybe at NHK?



16 hours ago, Defyingevanyuri27 said:

ok, im curious what's your favourite costume of his?

Mine is Haru yo koi/ H&L I cannot choose! XD


Oh, is it time for our yearly "what's your favourite costume countdown" again? Here's my top 10:


1. Etude

2. Requiem 

3. Notte Stellata

4. Origin

5. LGC

6. R&J 1.0

7. Seimei 2.0

8. PotO 1.0

9. R&J 2.0

10. White Legend

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Costumes! First a disclaimer, we have an Overlord who can make almost anything look good (well, better than anyone else...)


Notte Stellata/LGC... by a whisker

Origin/H&L - but it hurt choosing

HyK/Seimei and Seimei 2 more than 1


R&J/PW - which R&J? If 1, then that wins, if 2.... PW

Etude/Notte Stellata... sorry, can't choose, can't choose at all, love them both




My absolute favourites are - in no particular order because I can't order them... Seimei 2, Origin, Etude, Notte Stellata and now Masquerade.

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After going through a few weeks with no real footage, no pics, no videos, but only fanart and stories told by people... I'm starting to feel like Yuzu is indeed an anime or some other fictional character. :13877886:

And knowing that all these awesome things happened, but not being able to see it, just makes the thirst worse. :tumblr_inline_mn41rkfu9v1qz4rgp:

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16 hours ago, Yuzu_GOAT said:

Costume would you rather!


Notte Stellata/LGC





Etude/Notte Stellata




and: bad costume version!


Dory/bowling shirts

Bowling shirts/fishnet

black bibs/bowling shirt 





I'm cheating! :LOL:


Notte Stellata/LGC: Notte Stellata

Origin/H&L: Equal. H&L for the colours, Origin for the craftsmanship and fundamental design

HyK/Seimei: Seimei 2.0 > Seimei 1.0 = HYK

Chopin/Origin: Chopin 3.0 > Chopin 1.0 = Origin > Chopin 2.0

R&J/PW: Blue PW > R+J > R&J > Grey PW because it's a PChiddy outfit, not a Yuzu one


Otonal/POTO: PotO 1.0 > Otonal = PotO 2.0 



Masquerade/CM: Masquerade


and: bad costume version!

Dory/boobskirt: Boobskirt

Dory/bowling shirts: Bowling shirt because he probably looks cute in it.

Bowling shirts/fishnet: Fishnet because all the colours were flattering on him and looked harmonious despite the design being on crack

black bibs/bowling shirt: Bowling shirt

fishnet/dory: Fishnet

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I just read that a Final Fantasy VII remake is planned for 2020. Which means.... yet another version of One-Winged Angel. Which also means it'll be popular.... 


C'mon Yuzu, you know you want to!

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LOL have you already seen this tweet? :laughing:


ok the pick the program was a couple days ago but I skipped so doing it now

On 6/11/2019 at 6:07 AM, Defyingevanyuri27 said:

Ok question time would you rather

Haru yo koi or Semei    'cause OWG and how royal he looked in that program

Otonal or Origin     ahhhhh can't choose can't choose (ok maybe but just maybe Origin? Or not...it really depends on what I've watched last and it was WC19 Origin:10742290: so good)

hope and legacy or requiem of heaven and earth     because I love pain and Requiem breaks my heart

crystal memories or Masquerade       because I've missed the fire in his EX programs (tho tbh the quiet parts of Masquerade are those I love the most...and they break my heart so you can see a pattern here)

On 6/11/2019 at 8:09 AM, Yuzu_GOAT said:

My turn. Would you rather:

Phantom of the Opera/Otonal

HyK/Origin ahhhhhhh again can't choose....ok maybe Origin again because I watched it recently (basically the only other Yuzu program I've watched these past few weeks other than all FaOI2019 stuff)

Notte Stellata/Requiem    Even if I love pain, most of the times I must ot choose between Swan and Requiem, Swan wins. Especially the OWG one:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

Masquerade/LGC ahhhhhh that's tough, too... maybe LGC...but I love the darkness in Masquerade....ahhhhh can't choose

Chopin/R&J    sorry I love passionate young Romeo but Chopin is my true love... x 3

CM/Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry KuriMemo I love you too but I have appointed myself as part of the Change defence squad

Seimei/H&l        tho weird enough I watch H&L much more:tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp: I'm confused

PW/Etude my love:tumblr_inline_n0o1fhfhFY1qid2nw: tho PW made me a fan so....

I'd probably pic different programs according to my mood tbh



17 hours ago, Yuzu_GOAT said:

Costume would you rather!

Notte Stellata/LGC     tough choice but I specifically bought a magazine for the gorgeous Swanyu cover, so...

Origin/H&L      look I love everythig of H&L except for the ruffle :tumblr_inline_ncmifdw7151rpglid: tho it looks nice in motion..

HyK/Seimei(2)   the costume fitting to The GOAT in PyeongChang

Chopin/Origin      because Chopin 1.0 is sooooo good (sheer sleeves I love you!)

R&J/PW        RJ1> both PW >RJ2

Etude/Notte Stellata  I love swanyu but the swirly swirly Etude is just slightly ahead:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw: also, Blue Flame:7938863:

Otonal/POTO(2)     tho I love the back of Otonal more. POTO1 was gorgeous but it's just hard to visualize how it was before the collision:13877886:

Masquerade/CM        KuriMemo don't get sad!:10742288:  btw I absolutely love the sleeves of both costumes

17 hours ago, Yuzu_GOAT said:

and: bad costume version!

WAIT for the bad costumes am I supposed to pick the worse or the slightly more acceptable one?

I'm going for the more acceptable:

Dory/boobskirt    maybe I dislike the huge gems more than the actual boobskirt :scared0012:

Dory/bowling shirts              idk, I can't decide without Yuzu in the bowling shirt, but maybe...just maybe...the bowling shirt is better LOL

Bowling shirts/fishnet      a combo of "not boring" + "worn by Yuzuru it doesn't look that bad"

black bibs/bowling     just becuase Prince Oreo Yuzu makes it work, otherwise it's likely gonna be the bowling shirt...

fishnet/dory       better the floral mess than the yellow cape tbh


btw re: adding signature

17 hours ago, Yuzu_GOAT said:

how do we do that footer thing where you can have gifs/badges at the bottom of every one of your posts?

if you still need the info:


go on your name in the upper right corner of the page, from the menu choose account settings. in the new "settings" tab choose signature.

Remember there's a size limit for gifs and pics (no worries, you can resize gifs) and they need to be uploaded as a link, so if you want to use a pic you saved in your pc folder you need to upload it e.g. on imgur first (if it's already online then it's ready). Also, remember to always credit the pic/gif to the proper source if it isn't yours.



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3 hours ago, Yuzurella said:

After going through a few weeks with no real footage, no pics, no videos, but only fanart and stories told by people...


My first thought was that it kinda feels like we're back to the age when camera was yet to be invented and people had to draw things down to visually record it...except that, the information flow is fiendishly fast, and...:sigh:

Yea I am rambling and it doesn't make any sense


P&G doesn't really release press stuffs other than for Yuzu days, huh?




Leve belgische chocolade, vive le chocolat belge! ;) @Veveco

*...and bless those hearts whose felt that chocolate is overrated*


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