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[2018/19] Competition Commentary & Translations

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I have two Hungarian videos, one is Eurosport from CoR '18 and the other one is Origin from Worlds, from the national sports channel M4 (perhaps this was already posted in other threads.)


1. I added subtitles to CoR 2018:



I have lots of problems with these commentators (especially with the elder one who is a former ISU judge) and don't agree with many things they said (1. "similar programs" 2. 4T-3T was perfect, still one of the commentators would have given it only a +2, 3. inaccuracies like Yuzu was 4 times at CoR, not three times 4. the kid is not Plushy's son etc...), but at least they were more complimentary during this program than at many other times, and said some very nice things about his skating. Like 4S is undoubtly deserves +5 GOE or that Yuzu is the best skater from the past 50 years (imo if he's the best since the 1960s then he's the GOAT ;) )


2. The main commentator here is a coach (and ex-ice dancer) who always says nice things about Yuzu's skating. Perhaps you remember him from Worlds '17 when he said that his greatness cannot be questioned and criticized & he said other very complimentary things about Yuzu especially about the quality of his skating and jumps, and his transitions.



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