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[2018] CS Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy (01.08-05.08)

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ISU CS Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2018

ISU Challenger Series

Bangkok / THA

01.08.2018 - 05.08.2018





This is the thread for CS Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy-related discussion.



Date (Local time) Event Location Other
August 1-5

Asian Open FS Trophy

Bangkok / THA  - Not for pairs
September 12–16 Lombardia Trophy Bergamo / ITA  
September 12–16

U.S. International FS Classic

Salt Lake City / USA  
September 19–22 Ondrej Nepela Trophy Bratislava / SVK  
September 20–22

Autumn Classic International

Oakville / CAN  
September 26–29

Nebelhorn Trophy

Oberstdorf / GER  
October 4–7

Finlandia Trophy Espoo

Espoo / FIN

November 11–18 Inge Solar Memorial – Alpen Trophy

Innsbruck / AUT

November 26 – December 2 Tallinn Trophy Tallinn / EST  
December 5–8 Golden Spin of Zagreb Zagreb / CRO  





Results recap with Video Links


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Time schedule

NOTEPairs: for this category the Asian Open 2018 will be considered as an International Competition since the minimum number of entries for Challenger Series was not reached.


The rosters for the event are now out, and the following skaters will be participating:


Men Ladies Ice Dance Pairs
  1. Jordan DODDS (AUS)
  2. Charlton DOHERTY (AUS)

  3. James MIN (AUS)

  4. Chih-Sheng CHANG (TPE)

  5. Chih-I TSAO (TPE)

  6. Kwang Bom HAN (PRK)

  7. Leslie Man Cheuk IP (HKG)

  8. Kwun Hung LEUNG (HKG)

  9. Harrison Jon-Yen WONG (HKG)

  10. Alberto WIDJAJA (INA)

  11. Mitsuki SUMOTO (JPN)

  12. Sota YAMAMOTO (JPN)

  13. Se Jong BYUN (KOR)

  14. Geon Woo PARK (KOR)

  15. Sunghoon PARK (KOR)

  16. Artem LEZHEEV (RUS)

  17. Chadwick WANG (SGP)

  1. Hongyi CHEN (CHN)
  2. Stephanie Yuung-Shuh CHANG (TPE)

  3. Amy LIN (TPE)

  4. Hiu Ching KWONG (HKG)

  5. Yi Christy LEUNG (HKG)

  6. Joanna SO (HKG)

  7. Erika SANJAYA (INA)

  8. Yuna SHIRAIWA (JPN)


  10. Eunsoo LIM (KOR)

  11. Seoyoung YOON (KOR)

  12. Thita LAMSAM (THA)

  13. Starr ANDREWS (USA)

  1. Chantelle KERRY / Andrew DODDS (AUS)
  2. Wanqi NING / Chao WANG (CHN)

  3. Shiyue WANG / Xinyu LIU (CHN)

  4. Yong Myong PHYO / Min CHOE (PRK)



  1. Cheng PENG / Yang JIN (CHN)

  2. Tae Ok RYOM / Ju Sik KIM (PRK)




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If I'd entered Pairs, I'd have one medal! :O


(Do you mean will NOT be considered an International Competition, or is that a rung below an ISU competition?)

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2 hours ago, WinForPooh said:

Only one of the Doddses! What happened? Last season, we had them both at the same challenger, didn't we?


There's another in ice dance with Brendan Kerry's sister, Chantelle. :D


Oh, and little James Min! I wonder how not little he's become since last season.

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I must admit I'm very curious about PRK's man and ice dance team. Have found on youtube a video of Kwang Bom HAN from 2014, and he was unimpressive. But 4 years passed...

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