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Media Day 2018

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3 minutes ago, Xen said:

I highly suspect there is a longer footage just not shown yet. This was the one show that had that tour of TCC right? 


I am certain there is longer footage, and not just by Fuji but it is very possible they're not actually allowed to air more than this right now. They can tease as to get folks interested but until he actually shows up at ACI (or maybe even longer, depending on what they filmed) it could be that this is all that they can show.

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I'll have to wait until after work tomorrow to get more Yuzu news, so on the one hand I'll miss news as it's released, but on the other hand, by that point everything should be out and I won't be suffering waiting for content. So there's that silver lining I guess.

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1 minute ago, Coquelicot said:

Oh boy.  Now I'm curious to see the real Mezamashi.

I remember the one time I watched Mezamashi for Yuzu I sat through about 3 hours of them repeating the same news stories over and over for about 30 seconds of footage that we'd already seen ... :yznotimpressed:

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