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4 時間前, Malekoさんが言いました:

And the snake arrive





:rofl:Actually I thought the voice actor of Yousiss was doing really good job, he was playing two sides of the characters so well with the way he spoke and the tone of voice.

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Sad and shocking news, the voice actor of Golzine died on August 13 after fighting against cancer of the esophagus.

(https://www.daily.co.jp/gossip/2018/08/17/0011551073.shtml?pu=20180817) It seems he was famous for his long career in voice acting including playing the roles of pokemon. I wonder if he had finished recording Golzine's voice already, if so, he must have fought very hard in such a state of health. RIP, Mr. Ishizuka. We might have a new voice actor and I will be ready for it just in case. 


I really liked the episode 7, my favorite scene was there (Ash tells Eiji to go back to Japan for his safety):tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg: 

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