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2018/2019 Season Program Announcements

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13 hours ago, Yatagarasu said:

In general, it's best to wait a bit more and see how the programs look when the season properly starts.


Yeah programs aren't meant to be complete in August. I really don't understand all the rain of criticism but whatever! 

The only thing I'm sure of is that Shoma's IN will stay the same for his SP and FS - I know him too well by now to hope for otherwise. Even Yuzuru told it in the best of fashion: I admire him for his constance and congruence in his style. That is a very nice and very Japanese way to say that Shoma's style has evolved little in his carreer and who knows if it ever will. (Of course, I say that - I don't think Yuzuru allows himself to think these things about other skaters). 

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You can tell it is August... programs are being shown and I"m half sold or not sold, and none really stick out yet as being "WOW, I can hardly wait to see that later on!"


I like Boyang's sp because his movements are definitely different from before, although the usual criticisms apply.  Nathan's is ok, Shoma's is ok... both with growing pains but i"m sure they will look better soon.


Alina's program did not say to me  Yes, I AM the Olympic champion. It was generic, typically Eteri camp, with way too much going on....and  throughout this program I thought it was Evgenia skating out there.


I wanted more from Satoko's sp... kept expecting more... i generally like her choreography, it's easy to watch (not uber busy) and like it here too, but i wanted something MORE this time.


Look forward to what competitions bring....



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18 minutes ago, Pamigena said:


love the pixelated part. can't wait to see that in competition. 


Thank you for that lovely image that I am going to have in my head whenever he skates this from now on :68468287:

Zhou, the Sims mosaic skating version!

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11 minutes ago, Sammie said:

Well ........ I hope Hiroshima prefecture is still intact so he can compete in NHK trophy ...... his words not mine .. 


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