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2018 Rostelecom Cup - Tickets and Discussion!

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7 minutes ago, Mactalla said:

Don't worry. I'm sure you'll grab a great seats! It seems that the whole sectors with excellent view wasn't on sale.

Thank you:tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg: I will don’t give up!:hachimaki:

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47 минут назад, chrischris сказал:

That's awesome!! Nice to meet you too. :D

Hey! Hey! We are happy to have so many fanyus in the row :tumblr_inline_n0o1fjLfy91qid2nw:

Looking forward to seeing you))

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3 часа назад, moni сказал:

Hi guys,

what is your experience with Moscow airports? Which one do you prefer? I am interested to hear any opinion but especially about long queues (at check in, immigration, security check...), usual flight delays (especially Aeroflot/Austrian/Utair/Pobeda airlines) and traffic jams in Moscow.


I definitely want to take taxi from the airport to my hotel since I don't think I'm experienced enough to try public transport, yet. I will probably arrive on wednesday afternoon and depart monday afternoon. My hotel is near Megasport. From Sheremetyevo it's 25km, from Vnukovo 34km and from Domodedovo 53km. Price for the taxi should be the same (according to Kiwitaxi), so it really comes down to those possible traffic jams, airport queues and flight delays.


What do you guys think? Thanks in advance :)

I prefer cheaper airlines don't care about airport much :68468287: But if I have to choose I prefer Sheremetyevo - a little less queues cuz it's mostly have only regular lines and Domodedovo also has charters, but I think in the afternoon of a weekday it will not have big queues (much less than on the weekend), same about taxi and traffic (but it can be a bit unpredictable) though I usually prefer aeroexpress it's pretty easy to navigate. Delays I think mostly depend on the air company not so much on the airport.

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