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2019 Worlds in Saitama, Japan - Tickets help

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I kinda understand the reason for no photograph, especially for the detachable lenses, and partly thankful for that. Because when I was at CoR, I was sitting next to fans on both sides who has this really big lens and they were blocking my view whenever I turn left or right. Their shutter sound are also disturbing especially for the really fast speed ones where they does one snap and it was like shot gun firing next to my ears.  


I'm ok for the cellphone cameras and I think it's less disturbing but it still is if the person next to you lean forward a lot to take pictures or video. So I think to the Japanese culture, they did not want people to disturb others so they decide to banned all the camera taking, all the banner showing and all the hats/high hair tying as well.

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14 hours ago, klara said:

I’m doing the entire worlds week alone (going to meet my friend in kyoto after) so would definitely be up for meeting other people at the event or whenever we have free time otherwise imma end up not speaking to anyone for an entire week ahaha 


welcome to join me and have fun together.

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