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It is confirmed that Zhenya will compete at the Russian Cup Final



Dmitri Aliev will also compete there, with a new short program, Midnight Blues



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I'm both happy that Dima Aliev (and Zhenya too) can have another half a chance at russian cup, and sad for the skaters who need to prove themselves again. I understand the fed's reasoning, at Euros only Sofia and Samarin really did well.Everyone else had issues in one program or both, so it would be unfair to assign spots (men spots especially) after everyone had more or less the same mixed results thus far. In their shoes, I'd desperately want more data before choosing, too. But I also feel Misha could have used a break... he's going to be there too, isn't he? I hope his hand will be fine and he will have resumed full training.


I think Alina isn't going tho? Or is she? I definitely hope not, IMO some rest before WC can only be good for her. IMO it's likely only the 3rd spot is at stake for ladies and, while Zhenya is my sentimental fave, if Liza is back at her gp condition I hope she can have it:8232307:


Dima with new SP...weird choice to debut a new program this late in the season but hey it worked well for Rizzo at Euros, so crossing fingers. My dream team would have been Misha + Dima like last season but...well...maybe at least one of them will go to WC:fingerscrossed:

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