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4 hours ago, Glory said:

Okay for a gala performance this 😁

It would be cute. I'm partly serious.


I'm envisioning Yuzu lip-syncing, being cheeky and smiling so widely :softYuzu:

Agree wholeheartedly. This is brilliant. (kind of reminds me of Javi's style of music as well)

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I watched a David Bowie concert from around 2003 on tv tonight - very good.  I saw him live only once, in Manchester in the late 80s - his voice was rough from a long tour and he hadn’t resorted to delegating some of the vocals to others as he had by the time of the concert in Dublin that I watched tonight.  He probably should have.


I’ve said I’d like Yuzuru to skate to something by Bowie, and I still would like to see that,  but in the present climate I’d just like him to find something that calls to him, like Seimei, and something that fits him perfectly like Ballade no 1,  or Parisan, do that 4 A in competition and then free himself from the straitjacket of ISU and its vacillations and create whatever he feels like, free of requirements of time or elements, or any of the rest of the requirements that are so arbitrarily dropped when it suits the powers that be.

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I felt a sudden urge to see Yuzuru Hanyu skating to Maurice Ravel's Concerto en Sol (Concerto in G).

SP and FP cut on the first movement :



and Gala/Exhibition skated to the whole second movement, with no jump, a spin or two, just his glide and his beautiful body movements, changes of edge, etc.



To be honest, my preferred version of the first movement this concerto is by Martha Argerich with Armin Jordan conducting the Orchestre de la Suisse romande, because I don't like Pierre Boulez' tendency towards some violence, which I had tape-recorded on France Musique; but all her interpretations I heard on Youtube had a very approximative conducting — which is intolerable in this piece of music, and even influenced Argerich's play. Boulez may not be to my taste, he was precise and accurate to his vision of works. And anyway the second movement is largely dominated by piano.


Here is the third movement :



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I feel like someone has already said this already but I'd love to see Yuzu skate to El Tango De Roxanne, or any tango for that matter. Knowing how powerful his step sequences are he would be able to pull of a tango very easily and make it look magical.

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