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As @surimi pointed out there were some missing translations.  I'm adding the translation of what was previously omitted in the transcript of Episode 2.  Next time I work on the transcript I'll compare it with the video clip first to make sure my translation covers the entire conversation.  Here's the translation to be added to page 1 & 2 of Episode 2.


*after the question about the occupation of his choice once reborn at the beginning of the 1st page*


K:  Next question.

Q: What is your favorite sport?

S:  Well, Skating comes to mind first.

K:  Oh, you love skating.

S:  Yes I love it.

K:  Of course.  Of course you do.  But I didn’t think about it.  I sort of thought that you would give me something usual such as baseball.  What do you love in skating? (laugh).


ETA:  Please also note the corrections I made on page 5, Episode 2.

S:  Ummm…What inspired me to skate is it is cool and fun, so I continue skating.  Ummm…in what way?  Well, actually when I see figure skating footage I get fascinated because it is really amazing and cool.

K:  Hmm, amazing, cool.  Uh oh?  Is it only me?  Expecting something other than skating? (laugh).  Weird.

S:  I am sorry (laugh).

K:  No, you are totally cool.

*Next question is what he would be doing 10 year later.*


*After they talked about Shohei Otani at the end of page 1*


S:   Kenji sensei is more kakkoii.

K:  Don’t be silly.  Otani, the pitcher Shohei Otani.  Do you want to play baseball?  Let’s play baseball next time.

S:  Thank you, but I’m not good at it.

K:  Next question.

Q :  What era do you want to go with a Time Machine.

S:  Ummm..When I was little I used to say “I love dinosaurs” (laugh).  I want to go back to that era.

K:  Jurassic period?

S:  Hehehe

K:  Cretaceous period?

S:  Yes.

K:  Really?

S:  Yes, I wish I could see live dinosaurs with my own eyes.

K:  I tell you what, me too. Yaay! (high five) (laugh)  Oh, yeah.  Good.  Next time I will buy you a dinosaur souvenir, dinosaur model like the one they sell at freeway rest area.  I hope you will be looking forward to it.

S:  Thank you very much.


*moves on to the question of what he looks for in a girl on page 2*


ETA:  Please note the corrections I made on page 5, Episode 2, too.

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This portion is the beginning of the Episode 1 before Sota and Kenji meet and talk. 


Kenji speaking on TV camera

Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics 20 years ago.  I came to see the games as an audience with the tickets I bought.  I might add that I was excited that I was even wearing suits.  Well, today’s guest is (showing his portrait of Sota).  How do you think of it?  I personally think it resembles him.

(staff:  What is the main point of the portrait?)

The point I paid attention to is his eyes that seem to look afar.  I really feel all the time that his eyes look into the far distance--like they look into tomorrow.  The profound look on his eyes is one of his characteristics.

(staff:  What is your impression of him?)

My impression of him is—he is very quiet and he only says はい (t/n:  はいcan mean “yes” or “I see.”) to me.  That’s my image of him.  Although I explain things to him in choreography sessions, we don’t usually chat.  This time I want to ask him various questions—questions such as what he does in daily life and about college life.  I want to ask him a lot of questions other than skating.  Then, off I go. (showing off his portrait of Sota)


Sota on camera

The first time I met Kenji sensei was at the training camp, and I thought he was a little scary.  But when I was a high school freshman I asked him to choreograph my programs and since then he has been nice to me and I think he is cool.  (staff:  What’s like to be when you meet him usually?)  Well, I only get to greet him when I meet him.  Sometimes he pokes fun at me (in a good way) when he passes by me and I enjoy his teasing because it makes me feel relaxed.

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