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Skater's Biography: The Interesting, The Weird, and The Wacky

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On 11/1/2017 at 1:16 AM, LadyLou said:

Well he belongs to the sport division of penitentiary police  ("fiamme azzurre") but I don't think he actually has anything to do with jails (not while he's still competing anyway). And he's in good company, with Anna, Luca and Caro.:tumblr_inline_ncmifaymmi1rpglid: As to why penitentiary police, too, has a sport division...no ide:laughing: Take this as some delicious italian weirdness :P

...Matteo Rizzo too is in Fiamme Azzure, I think?

Also this sort of arrangement (being an army/police officer while being an athlete) is found not only in Italy, but also Germany (afaik — tell me if there are other countries that financially compensate their athletes in this way) — still in Italy we have Valentina Marchei as an Air Force officer (though lately she is also in the Italian Olympic committee — not sure if she is financially compensated from that though :think:). In Germany Aljona is an officer in the Bundeswehr (army branch), along with other German pair skaters (Annika Hocke/Ruben Blommaert) and ice dancers (I forgot their names, but they have actually split now :( ) that also went to Pyeongchang

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On 11/16/2018 at 4:28 PM, kaeryth said:

Extreme ironing...



It's not the first time I see extreme ironing as a hobby in isu bios, it made me look the sport up. I couldn't believe it sort of really exists!

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On 10/29/2018 at 8:18 AM, turquoiseblue said:


Here is a video of Nikolaj's debut performance as a fire artist :tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg: :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid: :tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg:






The ISU actually featured him in their stories and he said he was also a fire artist and that among other things he eats fire, to the amusement of the person who handles the ISU's social media :grin: seems like Nikolaj is going to be an absolute gem just like Uncle Majorov. 


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