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24 minutes ago, GraceAndPower said:

Hi everyone,

Are there any links to stream/download everything that happened today? I'm planning on downloading whatever I can, and then on watching it while catching up with the broadcast thread in a few weeks, when I have more time. I did that with the CiONTU live thread, reading a few pages ahead every time, so I'd understand what was happening better, having read the translations before the talky bits even happened! ;) It was quite fun seeing everyone's reactions! I'm planning on doing the same with the Emperor's garden party, actually, which I hope will have its own thread as well?


Anyway, I imagine there must be some links or videos lost somewhere in the 62 pages of the broadcast thread, but that would take hours to wade through! Could I suggest that in the future, such links be added to the first post of the thread (so, here, this one)? That way, we won't bother anyone by asking where to find the stuff, and we'll also have a better chance of watching/downloading before content gets taken down! :happy:


Also, while I'm being very demanding... could I humbly request that all merch talk have its own thread? I saw someone surprised that the thread was already at 3300 pages when it had been at 3200 pages a few days earlier, and I'm pretty sure most of those posts were talking merch... which doesn't interest everyone, I mean, I love seeing all the gorgeous merch, but I don't need all the info about shipping, etc. There are only so many hours in the day to keep up, and I'd really like to be able to keep following this topic, but it's been a bit hard... I don't know how the rest of you do it! :dbana:


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And since we're sharing how we browse the planet: I use "Content I follow" with this URL, which has all the topics I've followed before, topics which so far, I've been finding from following this very thread religiously! :bow:



The mods often put most of the videos + pictures + speed translations in the Yuzuru News and Updates thread? Thats where I normally go first after a crazy hectic Planet day. It takes a while to click through all the posts they have quoted, but its normally all there? 



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