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2 hours ago, xeyra said:

I have a question about the Olympics. I'm watching some videos from Sochi and I noticed there was no tech counter anywhere in the broadcasts. I wonder, will there not be one either for PyeongChang or will they change that?


The tech counter is something that only appeared in TV broadcasts a few years ago, after Sochi. It seems to be a permanent thing now.

I remember the first few times I found it very distracting... and I still sort of do. I understand why it's there, it does make part of the scoring more transparent, but personally, most of the time I am just not interested in what skaters score. I just want to enjoy the "performance".

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I wonder if there will be any sort of public live screenings in Japan. Is that at all common there for sporting events? We have a public square with giant screen that broadcasts major events but I highly doubt they'll bother with men's figure skating. I know no one who's a skating fan and if I can't get to Korea I thought something like that would be fun. 

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