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Worlds'15 Gala Practice Yuzu-focus Fancam!

My faves...

02:55 Hug with Jason Brown

04:55 Trying to get Javi to lift him  :tumblr_inline_mfy936EPNF1qid2nw:

06:13 Hug with Yuko Kavaguti :tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp:

08:18 Twirl twirl twirl with Misha

09:01 Stealing /playing with Jason's glasses + beanie

12:30 Yuzu choreography

13:20 Spiral

20:58 SE... then sudden IB

22:19 I-spin fail (I've seen the gif but now that I've seen the video with music, I think he's trying to do Shizuka's last spin in her Turandot because he does the final pose at 22:28)

22:50 Trying for I-spin again

23:04 TCC family

26:35 Doing FTT RT while Uptown Funk and Cotton Eye Joe is playing in the loud speaker (I would be so distracted if that was me)

29:50 Doing the Cotton Eye Joe choreo to Brian

31:00 FTT RT (new appreciation for this underrated ex)

37:03 Misha(?) shouts "Yuzu, I Love You!"... Yuzu *flying kiss* :tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp:



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