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[2022] European Championships - Women SP and FS

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there's starting to become something of an eteri backlash and I kinda wonder if at this point Mishin has called up the Russian Fed saying " I told you so" .Anna is doing that thing that Eteri girls do around the 3rd year...unfortunately it just happens to be around the olympics and not after. If she performs like this at Beijing, she has no business on the podium. I don't have a dog in this fight, but Tuk deserves the nod if she can't pull it together in the FS.

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I can't help but feel really bad for Anna. She is clearly trying to keep it together...all she wants to do is make it to the Olympics. And she's so, so, so close. It's less than a month away. She's worked so hard, skating multiple competitions while HAVING COVID ("pneumonia")!! There were videos where she had to use smelling salts to stay awake?!? This is not someone who's going to give up easily. But she can only take so much.

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Women free skate live results: http://www.isuresults.com/results/season2122/ec2022/SEG004.htm


Warm-Up Group 1         

1    Aleksandra GOLOVKINA (LTU)
2    Lara Naki GUTMANN (ITA)
3    Regina SCHERMANN (HUN)
4    Yasmine Kimiko YAMADA (SUI)
5    Alexandra FEIGIN (BUL)
6    Natasha McKAY (GBR)

Warm-Up Group 2    

7    Josefin TALJEGARD (SWE)
8    Niina PETROKINA (EST)
9    Jenni SAARINEN (FIN)
10    Eva-Lotta KIIBUS (EST)
12    Eliska BREZINOVA (CZE)


Ice resurfacing


Warm-Up Group 3               
13    Olga MIKUTINA (AUT)
14    Nicole SCHOTT (GER)
15    Lea SERNA (FRA)
16    Alexia PAGANINI (SUI)
17    Viktoriia SAFONOVA (BLR)
18    Ekaterina RYABOVA (AZE)


Warm-Up Group 4

19    Anastasiia GUBANOVA (GEO)
20    Ekaterina KURAKOVA (POL)
22    Alexandra TRUSOVA (RUS)
23    Loena HENDRICKX (BEL)
24    Kamila VALIEVA (RUS)

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Just joined to watch but couldn't stand S*mon's commentary so now I've switched to Japanese TV live on JSport4 channel.  Much much better!  A man and a women, both speaking in gentle and soft tones, no hyping whatsover.  It's lagging by about 2 minutes behind YT livestream.   

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Aleksandra Golovkina


3f step out

3s< fall

3s overturn ouch


3t< fall


beautiful kerrigan spiral

really good spins

beautiful biellmann


decent ss, but program was empty

2 minutes ago, sallycinnamon said:


Do you mean the advertisements on the board around the rink?

no, before warm up

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