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[CS] Asian Open Trophy (13-17.10)

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1 hour ago, Paskud said:

Men event looks like a flop fest.

It sure does. The only guy without a fall is that skater from HK who scored like 99 total. Other than that, deductions go from - 1 to -9(!!!!)


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So happy for Mai:smiley-happy093::smileys-cheerleading-867900: tbh she's already come farther than I dared hope with her competition comeback, but now I'm crossing fingers for more... (darn the lack of streaming, I don't get to watch happy Mai getting her medal, just a still pic :tantrum:)

I saw Kaori's sp, I like some moments but I feel like it isn't a program that leaves the mark. Sad that Kao struggled with her free (a part of me still rootes for Piano comeback), I now worry whether she's gonna arrive to SA tired physically and mentally :/ 


I love S/H, they are the embodiment of skating as one and Pairs' best advocates for "technical elements are part of the choreo":love:

Really hoping that skating gods will let them get to Olys healthy, they have certainly already got more than their fair share of injuries and bad luck... in the meanwhile they are certainly doing their part in building their path to OGM, their programs scream Olympic moment & crowd pleasing:tumblr_inline_mqt4graWWO1qz4rgp: judges better not screw things up.


Sad that Boyang struggled again, but considering he is also coming back from additional health issue, maybe not surprising. But I want to see him at the level he used to be, and for him to be proud and happy of himself :(

watched Yuma's and Shun's sp. Shun might have the most warhorse of Olympic warhorses, but I really like the program, the choreo, the built and it's clear he's been improving on his components too. A pity the edge call, if he had declared it was a 4F it would have been a good one, the landing was so nice. He's in position where his flaws are gonna be used to hold him back whenever needed, while there are comparable or worse lz and f edges out there that get showered in points... but kudos for him, it might be in part that the scores force him to do so, but I like to think that Yuzu's influence, too, is inspiring him to become a stronger and more well-rounded skater.

Yuma's sp...it feels like dozens of other fs programs I've seen:13877886: he still doesn't have the charisma to stand out with it IMO... not that it will matter,  he already has backing where it matters the most. His nice qualities come out in stsq and choreo is detailed enough to make him look like he's engaged in the music. Still a meh program for me, overall.

Junhwan... I haven't seen the program but ouch:tumblr_inline_mn41rkfu9v1qz4rgp:


It feels like Men's tech panel was stricter than ladies, lots of < q edges and the fall called for Boyang's sp (tho it looks like half the judges disagreed with it).

Still weird that organizers had all their fancy cameras in place + it was Olys test event, but they still couldn't provide a measly livestreaming, contrary to the smallest and more obscure comp in other places... I bet that liveqq and russian streamers were all ready to provide content even if it was behind paywall... only, there was no whatsoever source to pirate :shame: 

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