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[CS] Finlandia Trophy 2021 (07-10.10)

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What did y'all think of Aliona's free skate? I didn't find it interesting, personally. She looked like she enjoyed her "cheesy" twilight programs from a few years ago more than this. I liked her SP much better, but was surprised it got 78 with just a 2A. I think that figure skating scoring has changed so much I don't really recognize it anymore.

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On 10/10/2021 at 19:56, Yuzuwinnie said:



Me too, I could not see the FS ice dance : but  :type: :665e343793b9: :lover: I learn that Gabriella and Guillaume won and that they were already 1st for the SP and it is well deserved (well I will see their performance later ), because I have not yet found it) and ditto, they deserve Olympic GOLD and I had already written it because they were preceded by the wonderful S Moir and TV ertue 



:wave: ALL : I was finally able to see the 2 performances of my 2 Frenchis : they have a gesture  :agree: and hyper synchronized and BRAVO for that, but I would just have a small flat on the 1st :dontknow: SP costumes  , it does not suit them (c is just my opinion) Guillaume's pants shouldn't be black .....  


And as far as the ISU is concerned, we ALL know that we can expect a lot of  surprises and we are already waiting  for the NHK for that  :unsure2: ...... BRIEFFFF 


I also read for the Japanese ladies (who for my part are  :peace2: ) and so the JSF is indeed a powerful federation ?? : so that means no support? there I don't understand anything anymore : / 

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