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GPF Final2021 - Osaka

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В 17.08.2021 в 03:54, yuzuluv сказал:

Haiiii, does anyone have any insight to whether Japan may have an audience for gpf 2021? I've been considering it as an option with rostelecom but I'm still unsure due to covid D: and the situations going on 

Hi, tickets information up http://gpf2021japan.jp/ticket.html but I think most likely only locals can take part in the lottery for tickets, also I think Japan boarders are still closed for tourists.

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I did, but forgot to post here the answer sorry. Huge NO for us as usual.


Thank you for your inquiry.
This is Ticket Pia.

In consideration of the Corona disaster, we will be using an electronic ticketing service called "Ticke-pura" for this performance.
Please note that this service is only available in Japan, and cannot be used by customers living overseas.
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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