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Dreams on Ice 2021 (09-11.07)


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55 minutes ago, LadyLou said:

Rika bb!

Still don't like the costume, and I'm still especially a cuffs antis

First half kinda...mmmmhh

I like combo spin placement to music

Whoa spiral directly into stsq cluster


Certainly interesting structure, but exactly because stsq is pushed to second half, first half feels rather underwhelming to me

Yuzuru! Here we go!

I like the first half better than the second half, choreo-wise and music cut-wise. Somehow I feel the StSq is kinda underwhelming. Also, the first spiral she does in the ChSq feels out of place. The last bit of music is disjointed from the previous one. 


As for IN, she needs that range and burst of emotion to suit the build of the music (similar to Elena's), not consistently princessy and "tamed" (which is not really Rose IMO). In other words, she needs to go all out from beginning to end. 


Choreo in general is better than I thought and already looks polished. 


Hopefully everything will become better when she gets used to the program. 


Costume is, as the still photo depicts, ... subpar.

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