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Stars on Ice Hachinohe 2021

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15 分, yuzuangelさんが言いました:

Thanks @Wyell once again for the upload!


[NEWS] Hachinohe Day 3 Broadcast.



Thank you @Wyell :thanks:


I'm working home, but had to finish my work before the Golden Week holidays, and could not watch TV.

And I have no recording facility at home at the moment.

You are my savior :heart:

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Seems Yuzu has been gaining new fans with his appearance. @ art_bridge8 expressed how he/she didn't like him before but turned into a fan today after watching the "superstar" live :-) 

Apparently there was a Yuzu / Shun moment after finale (?) and Shun was clapping hard for Yuzu and thanking him after getting off the ice.

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8 hours ago, yumeaki said:

Sota x Yuzu




This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].

So who next will tell me that there was no time to put masks on?

But sure, fun and good mood is more important.🙄

Burden to be perfect and judged my :censor:. As if wearing mask and keeping distance from each other was some horrible and impossible to meet expectation for any of the people in this show.

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Check Tim's Instagram update for the final heart attack please. I'm still recovering. The men were all changing in the same room backstage..... WTF

Honestly, I'm disappointed..... yes.... very disappointed... sorry everyone....


Edit: I didn’t expect the backstage to be this wild. I always defended them, giving them benefit of doubt but there is little difference from Russian skaters at this rate. I’m still processing those photos from Tim’s Instagram and how he is showing off the lack of social distancing. Honestly, going from social distancing with Pooh to this…. Very confusing.

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Hanyuconomy in Hachinohe :tumblr_inline_n2pje2YFXq1qdlkyg:


Taxi drivers are happy having many passengers these 3 days. 


Many customers buying souvenirs at Hachinohe Station  :tumblr_inline_n2pje2TPZt1qdlkyg:





This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
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29 minutes ago, Paskud said:

So who next will tell me that there was no time to put masks on?

But sure, fun and good mood is more important.🙄

Burden to be perfect and judged my :censor:. As if wearing mask and keeping distance from each other was some horrible and impossible to do expectation for any of the persons in this show.

Not trying to curse them but if one was infected, they have all been infected by now from their group numbers on ice... 

They are definitely a bit more relaxed on the last day (though I have no previous days backstage photos to compare to). Let's hope they have reasons, which we didn't get to see, to allow them this reassurance and if not, can't blame anyone but themselves (again, not cursing them!).

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Knowing that there were still tickets being sold, a Hachinohe mom stopped cooking, and came to buy the ticket.  

On the local TV, she said that her husband asked her about his lunch (maybe), but she replied, "I can see you everyday, but I can see Yuzuru-chan only today", and hurried out to get the ticket.  Such a cute auntie :tumblr_inline_mm2wb3v3qq1qz4rgp:



EDIT:  Oh, @CiONTUw4A, you won :rolleye0008:

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thank you @Wyell for the vids:yahoo::thankssign:



12 hours ago, Anni said:

News clip





apologies in advance for my brain focusing on non-serious stuff, but I had to do this:

does anyone notice anything in the background of his interview?


a white wall!:laughing:

It's not The White Wall of course, but I'm laughing that what's probably gonna be Zu's last appearance for a long while had... a white wall background. :rofl:

Way to tell us that Drought has started!




9 hours ago, Paskud said:

Mao is 12 and next season will be her second novice A season.

Hana is 15 and she will be age eligible to seniors next season, but she will stay in juniors.

ok, I'm so out of the loop:tumblr_inline_n2pjd1FzUP1qdlkyg::laughing:

kids growing so fast:crybaby:


7 hours ago, SuzyQ said:


Yuzu and Sota in 2015 :laughing:

(From Sota's twitter)




I'm sorry, but the superlong FTT sleeve overflowing form the jacket cuff is cracking me up:roll:

they're really LONG, uh?

(and I love them!)

And FTT reminds me of Yuzu's gorgeous spiral, so gotta rewatch it some more:tumblr_inline_n0o1fhfhFY1qid2nw:


///on covid



I don't understand the masking policy backstage, but anyway it was clear since Yokohama already that skaters were one single body within the same bubble. :shrug: They wouldn't have had those opening, ending and group numbers otherwise. That they were sharing changing room maskless is just further proof, and, as I said, I appreciate that in most practices they were,  instead, taking care of masking.


Was it wrong to build this rushed bubble, with no previous isolation, and with skaters form other shows joinin in too? To me it was, chances of someone being infected despite repeated neg test is low, or even very low, but why tempt fate, if with a lil bit of different organization you could lower those chances still?

(re: WTT, going into it, jpn team was sure they were not carriers, but of course sharing practices with more at risk people meant they had been potentially exposed, however low the risk.

SOI took the gamble and trusted the testing system and that jpn skaters had minimized any other not necessary interaction. In hindsight, hopefully, any possible infection from WTT activities would have been caught by now, so one bullet dodged there. But it was indeed a bet on organizers' part.)


Could posting those pics be avoided (though on the other side it would have been just hypocrite to hide them)? IMO, yes.

Do I feel disappointed? Yep, not much for the pics, but the event overall (and most of all the seating arrangement for audience)

Do I feel conflicted, because this is not how I believe a safe event should have been held? hell yeah.

Will I criticize organizers till the end of days for their questionable choices? yep

Am I worrying? yep


Do I feel betrayed by the skaters, and by Yuzuru in particular? Nope.


Everyone has been making their choices and taking their risks in this pandemic. While I have all the reasons to distrust the interests of many people behind SOI, I do trust that some other people, instead, thought long and hard about what to do and how ot do that, though in the end their choice was not the one I would have wished for.


Still, I wouldn't compare SOI maksless backstage to behaviour in WC and WTT, where there was not carelessness but kind of making a point of flouting rules that were in place, or shrugging off extra precautions just because.

And I'd compare even less to other shows happening in places and with people that weren't invested in covid precautions at all (because however insufficient masks can be in certain situations, still audience wearing them was something)


(that said, better have been lots of testing throughout the shows AND super air purifiers in those changing rooms, too! :knc_brian3:  iirc some study in canandian schools found that in classrooms with airpurifiers virus got on the filter and there were less infections compared with classrooms without. I'm going by memory here and I'm not sure if it was a published study or just a monitoring started by concerned parents)

ETA: or maybe there was no comparison, they just saw that filters had the virus, so someone had brought it in the classroom, but there was no transmission to people?  honestly can't remember...


As usual, hoping that audience and skaters' will find themselves on the good side of statistics and that they minimized risks sufficiently🙏


I have seen much happiness around the shows from local population, maybe in Hachinohe even more so than in Yokohama, since apparently there were more locals attending, so I really hope that they'll be able to cherish the good and that there won't be a downside:smiley-angelic001:

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9 hours ago, yuzuangel said:



In the words of ice dancers, "Point your toe!"


In the words of a fan who prefers to watch singles skaters, "That's so pretty! Bring the spiral to competition please!!!"


Joking aside, his lines are absolutely gorgeous :7938863:


PS: In all honesty, when a ballet dancer said his arabesque spiral is stunning then there is no need to say more now isn't there? :grin:

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