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[2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Fluff, the In-betweens, and GALA

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I just watched the Gala and wanted to share some of my thoughts:

:68271401:Beautiful program of the japanese ice dancers

:68271401:Jason introducing Liza was absolutely cute

:68271401:Romans smile before stepping on the ice, pulling also an all in black look (he probably watched the world gala and thought it’s the new dress code, LOL), wonderful skate so nice to watch, his smile!!!!

:68271401:Shoma; love the costume and was happy to see him skate such a nice exhibition. He feels comftable training with Stephan in Champerie, but I really hope they will get his jumps and confidence back on track.

:68271401:Some fun music with the Bony M medly during the french ice dancers

:68271401:The Angel and Devil program, nice to see it again

:68271401:Jason also pulling an all black look (guys, really), his skating – so so beautiful, could watch him for hours, his lines and spins and the atmosphere, please let him go to Olympia, please

:68271401:Had to laugh at the team boxes shown after the intermission. Roman with the sign and Nam next to him were quite the sight. Also, can we give the french and italien extra points for the decoration of their box? Oh wait, they get an award for this? Thats fine as well......

:68271401:Kevin is such an interesting skater, if he wants he probably will have quite the long career as a show skater after he retires (but please take your time with the r-word thing)

:68271401:Yay, black/white swan fun program, I love these two and Jean-Luc is such a charismatic skater……and the swan having a mask on made me laugh so much, such a nice detail.

:68271401:Yuzu: such beautiful words. While he was talking I coudn’t understand a word but I understood perfectly what he wanted to say……and I teared up seeing him, he got me quite emotional. His skating stunning as always, a nice behaved 3A, have to confess I would have liked another program but can understand that he wanted to skate this in japan. But the camera guys, I was screaming at my screen „Your to early, it’s not pick-the-flower-time, show Yuzu“.  Pooh holding the flower was so cute. Yuzu shaking his head no like please don’t let me do the encore and then going on the ice with a knee slide and rock attitude was kind of funny.

:68271401:Love Kaoris music but when I hear the first notes I always think of  the one song Yuzu skated to at one of the shows. The band was there playing live (it was kind of a rock song), was it monkey magic or something like that? Sorry, can’t remember the name.

:68271401:I would have liked to see a true exhibition program from Nathan, meaning just two jumps and the rest some cool/nice choreography ……it would be the perfect opportunity to show more then the 30second choreo glimpses we get in his programs.


The final:

Yuzus jump and eye smile and sliding along to the banner, Romans smile (but Roman, you always wear a mask, why did you forget at this moment?) and just obviously beeing happy, Nathan getting a mask before going into the row to bow, Yuzu and the bear mascott LOL.
Who did Yuzu talk to by the boards? Edit: I just read that some fans said it was Nobu


Concerning the commentary:

I will take only the sentence: he is the greatest figure skater of all time, he is the god of figure skating (I will pretend that I didn’t hear the “in his country“ part, even if it’s true, I think it sounds better without it ;)).


Overall, I liked this gala more then the one at worlds. So now, let's get some rest and suffer the drought until it all starts again. Yuzu will probably go in his ninja cave again and if we are lucky, we will get a Romsky video about the WTT (pretty please Roman).




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Oh wow, I was gone for a couple of hours at most and came back with so many new pages! From what I have gathered, despite Yuzu and his programs being as beautiful as ever, not watching is also a good choice because Simon was NOT a very good commentator (Plus the Russian skaters being the Russian skaters, without masks on whenever they can). 



Case in point, this is NOT what I want to see. 


See how Yuzu doesn't even hover his hands at the others' skaters back and here they are, without any masks? 

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14 minutes ago, dreamelena said:



A distracted Yuzu??  :embSwan:

Idk the setting  of this interview but imagine just  what it   was making  him  distracted..



Bad joke coming... in 3, 2, 1





Of course, I passed by! 


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6 hours ago, yumeaki said:

LMEY seems quite well liked this season. I was thinking he will change SP but keep FS next season but now I wonder if he will keep LMEY next season. 

Oh he's keeping it, I'll stake my 9 years of Fanyu experience on it. I will give ANYTHING to see him live in competition next season !!! :loveshower::loveshower:

I've enjoyed a ton of figure skating programs over the years, I've LOVED every single one of Yuzu's programs over the years, LMEY is the most exciting, ENTERTAINING program ever! I am always dancing and smiling by the end of it. Can't wait to see how he KILLS the audiance with it, when they're free to yell and SCREAM!

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I don't know if this was shared already. The Czech commentators seem to put a lot of care into their work commenting on Yuzu's exhibition program. If only all commentating is done like this.




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33 minutes ago, Yuzupu said:

I don't know if this was shared already. The Czech commentators seem to put a lot of care into their work commenting on Yuzu's exhibition program. If only all commentating is done like this.




Don't you just LOVE it when commentators do their homework properly and provide respectful and insightful commentation without spewing false, racist, rude, PR-heavy stuff? :hachimaki:


PS: They have entered my book of watchable commentators now, along with Mark Hanretty, Belinda Noonan, Nobunari Oda, Takeshi Honda and Robin Cousins (and that lady who always commentates with Robin, but I don't know her name). If for the men's singles only, I would have had Massimiliano Ambesi and Angelo Dolfini here as well. 

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