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[2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Fluff, the In-betweens, and GALA

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49 minutes ago, amylance1215 said:

Lol he says he's addicted to Monster Hunter right now. Yeah Yuzu, go hunt your Nessie!!

This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].

Maybe we'll get another Yuzu x Nintendo (Switch) commercial? One can dream



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So, it was Lz or not?

(If yes, please FOOTAGE or it didn't happen. Also the 4Teu3F too, wanna check his 3F, poor bb never got out to play this season)


Thank you for the report guys, I wake up 10 minutes after he finished practice do at least I could quash the worrying swiftly, I knew he had safely left.

Now Zu please don't try Nesfie in iceshow rinks (but feel free to share your Irene rink training footage archive with the rest of us)🙏



54 minutes ago, Paskud said:

Mister Hanyu,





54 minutes ago, WinForPooh said:

More 1A. Apparently the 2A was from counter and huge and he just stopped rotating mid-air after two and... fell. ????


Sorry Zu and stay safe, but it made me chuckle how even when he pops the 2A is the one he falls on. Snd tbh, since apparently he only knows 2A as a popped 4A attempt now, I hope we won't see it much in comp. If I gotta get a scare, better be a full Nessie 😆

Also, SE 1A wut? Should I expect him trying even harder entries on Nessie?:tumblr_inline_n18qr5AMus1qid2nw:


53 minutes ago, yuzuangel said:

there better freaking be footage. unpopular opinion (?) but his 4Lz is my favorite jump :13877886: gpf 4lz replays over and over in my fever dreams


Rewatched yesterday one in practice 😍 (to understand the different body position dynamics with Anya 😅 Also watched Shoma's, Nathan's ans Sasha's 4F for reference)


46 minutes ago, lajoitko said:


This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].

Which poses?👀(must I watch Nathan's ex too, now?)

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5 minutes ago, WinForPooh said:





Skate order


Yuzu before Kaori and not Anna. Quite a surprise there. I thought they would let all the winners in individual events come last. 

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ahhh so was there a 4Lz or not?


mumbles about Lz and T being easy to tell apart. T has a 3 turn entry and takes off on the left toepick, Lz has a straight backward entry and takes off on the right

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16 minutes ago, WinForPooh said:





Skate order


I wonder why Kaori instead of Anna as last lady...

And Rika luckily WD, but sorry for her

(Sorrynotsorry but Nate last always feel somewhat underwhelming ETA: especially when he shows up in casual black cloths😑)

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Just now, dreamelena said:

:lol: ofc he's kuyashi after the could-be-better 4A!!


Wait Yuzu wearing his H&E outfit??! 

Could be like at Nats, he changes later. Or HwS in TenChi costume 

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1 minute ago, yumeaki said:

Why Yuzu in Ten to Chi costume? 

in a fit of kuyashii yuzu decides just to run through his free program again, this time with 4A, instead of doing his planned gala program

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