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[2021] World Team Trophy (15-18.04) - Fluff, the In-betweens, and GALA

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I came from lunch & saw there are 60+ new posts. Was wondering what's so interesting abt gala practice to get so much attention.


Then saw a lot of 4A appearing in the Japanese live reports. Yup, he loves making Orser and us lose hair.



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Just now, citrusjunos said:

I believe it's still Hana wa Saku :)


Just now, IceWings said:


Hana wa saku.... when he wasn't wilding with jumps.


Just now, YuzuNekozuu said:

I think Hana wa Saku. Is it?



Thank you! 


So no flower trio... 


But I love Hana wa Saku so much, I can't wait to see him skate to it again :7938863:

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