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[2020] Japanese Nationals - Medalists on Ice (GALA)

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21 hours ago, LadyLou said:

I've uploaded the video here. I love this montage!

I'm also uploading more vids from that channel, since some VPNs might not work with that pesky Fuji TV YT channel  :winky:



also, Pino san keeps uploading stuff in their playlist, now there are more 1080p versions of all 3 Yuzu's programs + interviews (and also some backstage stuff I think), here's HYK <3





LMAO bt why am I even surprised and how it hasn't occurred to us earlier?:laughing:

Thank you so much for uploading ! :thanks:

And I'll never be enough gratefull to Pino-san for sharing again so much  footage in great quality ! :worship:

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