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[2020] GP Skate America - Ladies SP and FS

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1 hour ago, princeyuzu said:

Ok now it's time to talk about Nathan, he confuses me a little bit when I saw his score for the SP I was like ok this is Nathan Chen of course it was going to be huge (even if sometimes i don't agree with the scores they are always huge) but then he skated his free and i didn't understand, first the fact the he has only three quads in the free when he was doing five quads in the past season and then he messed up things that he usually wouldn't, he scored bellow 300 when in the last season he scored over 330  what is going on??? Did Nathan train in this quarantine period or maybe he was injured or something? :tumblr_inline_mzx95p7TPv1r8msi5:



This is completely normal for early-season Nathan. He always starts with fewer quads and adds more in as the season progresses (and removes transitions, unfortunately). His 4S and 3A are two of his less stable jumps as well. He actually scored almost the exact same as his two GP events last season - 299.90 at SkAm and 297.16 at IdF.


The men have their own thread, by the way: men's thread

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I have just watched the three last Ladies, sorry. I didn't know Audrey Shin at all and was quite impressed. I hope her the best.

I have always liked Bradie Tennell, as a "full package athlete", missing the artist. I had already liked her short last year, tailor-fit to her abilities. This free shows how she has really improved on performance and interpretation, even if it is still a "work in progress" and I have just noticed how she had long, beautiful arms! :happy: I did like her dress.

I didn't like Mariah Bell's program very much, maybe Shae-Lynn Bourne and her don't have a very good understanding?

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