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[Streaming Party] #YuzuSkatingParty: Yuzu's Journey

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thanks for joining! here's our chat <3


[0:00:57] <yuzuyokoi> Hi! So happy to watch the stream again this week. :)
[0:01:22] <~PlanetHanyu> hello!
[0:01:29] <argonavigator> hello~ another great saturday~
[0:01:39] <agnes_saya> Hello Everyone!
[0:01:47] <yuzuisart> so exciting aa 🥺
[0:02:19] <ysssa_2001> Hello everyone!! (灬º‿º灬)♡ #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: parYSSSAwalkway)
[0:02:32] <calelisa0511> Hello everyone!
[0:02:38] <937314214> hi everyone
[0:02:44] <yuzulegend> Hello everyone!!
[0:02:51] <anjaheyheyhey> hello !
[0:02:56] <heavenandearth1001> Hello, fellow Hanyu fans! :)
[0:03:03] <xiaoyu_1207> Hello
[0:03:14] <calelisa0511> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: Eli0511)
[0:03:15] <okagan2020> Hello
[0:03:33] <yuzulegend> please pray for everyone to be safe in Miyagi and Fukushima! A big earthquake happened about one hour ago!
[0:03:36] <leonabird> Morning!!
[0:03:38] <pricessaugust> Hello all #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @PrincezaAugust)
[0:03:50] <yuzulegend> I hope Yuzu is safe though it must have been so scary!
[0:03:51] <xiaoyu_1207> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter:@XiaoYu09945810 )
[0:03:59] <anjaheyheyhey> @yuzulegend 🙏🙏🙏
[0:04:00] <937314214> no l worried 😥
[0:04:06] <sweetxoxheart> Hello!! #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @Sweetxoxheart) ❤️❤️
[0:04:22] <nadjasakura> hallo everyone! #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter nadja_hohnl
[0:04:27] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzulegend oh no sad :(
[0:04:35] <argonavigator> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @haruyuzkoi) 🙏🙏🙏 sending prayers
[0:04:38] <937314214> :(
[0:04:48] <yuzuuwuu> Hi!! #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @m_art_)
[0:04:59] <esther793> Hii #YuzuSkatingParty got7ailee(twitter)
[0:05:04] <sweetxoxheart> Oh nooo!! I hope everyone is okay. Sending lot's of love ❤️❤️😞
[0:05:17] <fleabagpizza> wooo #YuzuSkatingParty (@fleabagpizza - twitter)
[0:05:38] <esther793> hope everyone is okay :((
[0:05:43] <~PlanetHanyu> ow
[0:05:48] <937314214> no master seime
[0:05:53] <yuzulegend> Let's really send them good vibes! Some areas don't have electricity atm and he videos in tv are really scary. At least there is no Tsunami alarm.
[0:06:04] <yuzunekozuu> hi~~ praying for Yuzu, his fam and everyone there omgg
[0:06:16] <yuzuuwuu> Tokyo earthquake?
[0:06:45] <yuzuuwuu> I just saw insta story there was a rather strong earthquake earlier
[0:06:48] <iceprinceyuzu> Hope everyone stay safe 🙏
[0:06:53] <yuzulegend> @yuzuuwuu No, the epicentre was almost the same like 10 years ago, also Miyagi and Fukushima
[0:06:55] <937314214> TearGlove BibleThump
[0:06:59] <leonabird> I hope he and his family is right
[0:07:07] <heavenandearth1001> I hope Yuzu and all his family and friends are safe...
[0:07:37] <agnes_saya> @heavenandearth1001 Me too T.T
[0:07:41] <iceprinceyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @IcePrinceYuzu)
[0:07:43] <937314214> :(
[0:07:52] <heavenandearth1001> #YuzuSkatingParty (PerfectBoi on PH)
[0:07:55] <yuzulegend> @leonabird I hope he was at home with his family. I also pray that the Ice Rink Sendai hasn't suffered any damage.
[0:07:57] <agnes_saya> Origin costume 1 was so amazing
[0:08:08] <yuzuuwuu> @yuzulegend oh no. I hope everyone is ok.
[0:08:17] <leonabird> yesterday I was praying for him fro all that it's happenig in Japan. I'm not even religious and look at me now praying for him.
[0:08:18] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzuuwuu same.
[0:08:33] <937314214> same here 😥
[0:08:37] <saltatoryconduction> I hope everyone in Japan is OK.
[0:08:37] <anjaheyheyhey> @PlanetHanyu it's not showing subs
[0:08:41] <~PlanetHanyu> oh shit
[0:08:43] <~PlanetHanyu> you're right.
[0:08:45] <yuzuuwuu> Must’ve been quite a trauma for Yuzu if it’s a strong earthquake
[0:08:52] <~PlanetHanyu> lemme see
[0:09:35] <937314214> I fell in love him I cry
[0:09:53] <yuzurutheking> what happened in Japan 🇯🇵
[0:00:42] <~PlanetHanyu> sorry my internet connection stopped working!
[0:00:45] <~PlanetHanyu> give me a minute!
[0:00:57] <esther793> take your time, no worries :DD
[0:01:10] <agnes_saya> Don't worry!
[0:01:29] <iamlaiza_hime11> Hello everyone
[0:01:44] <albagrigori> good morning c:
[0:02:07] <iamlaiza_hime11> Is it just from my side, or the video not on?
[0:02:16] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah sorry
[0:02:16] <~PlanetHanyu> one sec
[0:02:28] <esther793> they are fixing it, internet problems :DD
[0:02:28] <yuzuisart> #YuzuSkatingParty my twitter: @yuzuisart ! 💗
[0:02:29] <anjaheyheyhey> @iamlaiza_hime11 not on rn, they're fixing an issue with subs
[0:02:35] <yuzuuwuu> There’s an aftershock earlier 5.1. I hope it’s all ok there
[0:02:39] <iamlaiza_hime11> Ohhh,, that’s ok.. fighting @planethanyu
[0:02:41] <fleabagpizza> that's alrighttt, take your time
[0:02:42] <leonabird> yes, don't worry. I don't know if it's worldwide but the internet conection in my country is very poor this days.
[0:02:51] <yuzuuwuu> ><
[0:03:04] <iamlaiza_hime11> Thanks @anjaheyheyhey
[0:03:08] <yuzuuwuu> Take your time @planethanyu :3
[0:03:21] <yuzunekozuu> take your time <3
[0:03:22] <yuzulegend> @yuzuuwuu Even the aftershocks are terrible strong. Praying for everyone there!! BibleThump
[0:03:38] <mariacebu> Hi
[0:04:03] <yuzulegend> @mariacebu Hi there!
[0:04:12] <yuzuuwuu> I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for those who experienced 2011
[0:04:14] <agnes_saya> Yaaaay
[0:04:15] <~PlanetHanyu> ahh it works now! starting soon
[0:04:15] <Mintysmellingmarkers> ayo
[0:04:24] <hanyu_axel> hello everyone!!
[0:04:29] <anjaheyheyhey> yaaay! thank you @PlanetHanyu <3
[0:04:31] <albagrigori> its working, thank you c:
[0:04:32] <esther793> thank youu :DD
[0:04:42] <Mintysmellingmarkers> hi yall
[0:05:06] <fleabagpizza> yaaay!!! #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: fleabagpizza)
[0:05:08] <iamlaiza_hime11> Omg!!!! Our goat is the most handsome
[0:05:10] <yuzuuwuu> Helloo
[0:05:21] <nadjasakura> @yuzulegend me too. I try to get news from here, but what I can find are no common informations. I really hope he and his family are safe...
[0:05:26] <albagrigori> cool as a cucumber haha
[0:05:32] <julia3331207> I from Japan、 There is no Tsunami. Don’t worried.
[0:05:47] <yuzuuwuu> @julia3331207 glad to hear that :)
[0:05:48] <iamlaiza_hime11> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: iamlaiza_hime11
[0:05:55] <albagrigori> ah, yes, #YuzuSkatingParty and my twt @sulitheimat
[0:06:03] <leonabird> @julia3331207 thank you. Our prayers are with Japan.
[0:06:06] <hanyu_axel> #YuzuSkatingParty twt: @wannapakjimin
[0:06:10] <yuzulegend> @yuzuuwuu <3 <3 <3 please stay safe!!!
[0:06:34] <vanella96> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: @vanella96
[0:06:37] <~PlanetHanyu> @julia3331207 stay safe <3
[0:06:49] <frenchkiss70> Praying for everyone in this area to stay safe 🙏🏻🙏🏻
[0:06:52] <iamlaiza_hime11> Yuzuru’s wisdome in life is beyond his years.. he is just so amazing
[0:07:08] <jw_98_> Hello :D #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: JW_98)
[0:07:12] <iamlaiza_hime11> What happened in Japan?
[0:07:25] <yuzuuwuu> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @m_art_)
[0:07:25] <vanella96> Earthquake
[0:07:38] <marinaa_013> @iamlaiza_hime11 an earthquake
[0:07:44] <esther793> 🙌🙌🙌 #YuzuSkatingParty got7ailee(twitter)
[0:07:52] <agnes_saya> So beautifullll T.T
[0:08:08] <yuzupoohsan> hello! #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @tsukkinginamo)
[0:08:09] <~PlanetHanyu> <3 champion
[0:08:10] <agnes_saya> Olympics moments always make me feel uwu
[0:08:20] <vanella96> It seems like it's right by Miyagi too
[0:08:22] <agnes_saya> ahahah such a baaaby
[0:08:25] <alessandra_amel> hi all! it's so good to be back here again ❤️ #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @alessandra_amel)
[0:08:29] <yuzubun12> Hello everyone (@lovingthesol - twitter)
[0:08:31] <yuzuyokoi> such a cute baby lol
[0:08:33] <iamlaiza_hime11> Again? Pray for Japan.. please stay safe...
[0:08:35] <anjaheyheyhey> kitten!
[0:08:48] <yuzubun12> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:08:55] <agnes_saya> @anjaheyheyhey meeow
[0:09:25] <marinaa_013> hiiii #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @angelmarynax)
[0:09:29] <agnes_saya> awwww
[0:09:58] <Mintysmellingmarkers> #YuzuSkatingParty @ThotticusR happy 2 be here :D!!
[0:10:27] <vanella96> Edited himself???
[0:10:41] <summersweetchild> happy #YuzuSkatingParty everyone (PH Sweetsummerchild)
[0:10:48] <yuzuuwuu> I can’t imagine if he copied plush hairstyle there lol
[0:10:57] <mariacebu> #YuzuSkatingParty (@SteadyAndSurely - Twitter) 🤞🤗
[0:11:19] <leonabird> He always edit his own music then gives it to a sound editor to last touches.
[0:11:26] <~PlanetHanyu> lmao i had no idea what shae was trying to do there but then yuzu did it well
[0:11:28] <frenchkiss70> #YuzuSkatingParty once again thank you for sustaining us during the drought ❤️ Even if I’m still bitter about Saitama
[0:11:32] <Mintysmellingmarkers> hes so cool
[0:11:41] <vanella96> @leonabird Oh I thought the sound editor did more of the work
[0:11:46] <yuzubun12> Love it when they let us in on the behind-the-scenes of a program
[0:11:47] <saltatoryconduction> @vanella96 Yes, he's always involved in the editing of his program music. He did his own editing on Seimei, too, and recently on H&E.
[0:11:47] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:11:56] <vanella96> That's so cool that he does a lot of it himself
[0:12:17] <vanella96> Omg here I thought H&E was the first time he edited it himself
[0:12:18] <saltatoryconduction> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @saltatorybund)
[0:12:23] <~PlanetHanyu> ayy it's the ACI rink
[0:12:31] <~PlanetHanyu> in oakvillr
[0:12:34] <agnes_saya> oh noooo
[0:12:39] <yuzulegend> huh?
[0:12:40] <agnes_saya> what happened
[0:12:40] <vanella96> @vanella96 I'm so impressed
[0:12:51] <agnes_saya> my screen is black
[0:12:53] <937314214> :/
[0:12:57] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu ?
[0:12:59] <Mintysmellingmarkers> :( same here
[0:13:00] <yuzuyokoi> Awww brings back ACI memories <3
[0:13:02] <cutepets95> So is mine
[0:13:07] <~PlanetHanyu> sorry gotta load up next parts
[0:13:10] <mariacebu> Ohh
[0:13:13] <cutepets95> Oh okay
[0:13:13] <hanyu_axel> oh nooo
[0:13:16] <Mintysmellingmarkers> aa oaky!!
[0:13:22] <hanyu_axel> ooohhh okay!
[0:13:24] <agnes_saya> there we goo
[0:13:25] <albagrigori> it's back c:
[0:13:28] <anjaheyheyhey> no subs!
[0:13:30] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu subs are gone?!
[0:13:32] <agnes_saya> nomore subs
[0:13:34] <agnes_saya> nooooooo
[0:13:34] <yaseinohana> Hi everyone !
[0:13:39] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah one sec just for this part
[0:13:47] <anjaheyheyhey> ok!
[0:13:51] <yuzuyokoi> I think the screen needs to be "shrunk" to fit so we see them
[0:13:52] <mariacebu> Yey
[0:13:56] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah it's just a bit delayed
[0:14:13] <yuzuyokoi> aaaahhh HYK
[0:14:13] <avtoreen> hi guys! Hope im not really late #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: Avt)
[0:14:20] <yuzubun12> HYK!!
[0:14:26] <~PlanetHanyu> ill rewind
[0:14:26] <leonabird> I remember that the music Romeo and Juliet 0.1 was his edition too. Don't know if was the first time. He likes very much collaborations, just like with the choreographers.
[0:14:49] <agnes_saya> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: agnes_pia_no)
[0:15:05] <yuzubun12> @leonabird wow had no idea he worked on R&J music too
[0:15:21] <agnes_saya> It would be such an emotion to play and collaborate with Yuzu T.T
[0:15:23] <yuzunekozuu> Woahhhh thats impressiveee
[0:15:42] <yuzuyokoi> Yuzu the music producer lol
[0:16:01] <~PlanetHanyu> sound engineers: :listening very carefully:
[0:16:02] <vanella96> Hyk is gorgeous
[0:16:06] <agnes_saya> He is such sensitive about music
[0:16:13] <yuzubun12> I’m forever grateful for HYK - the program, the music, the skating, the outfit
[0:16:16] <yuzuyokoi> Now I want to rewatch all the FaOI HYK performances
[0:16:41] <yuzuyokoi> Yes, HYK is my all time favorite program of his. It ha so much beautiful meaning
[0:17:08] <albagrigori> hahahha he always wants to skate
[0:17:09] <agnes_saya> HYK is such a masterpiece
[0:17:20] <leonabird> I want so much that he consider do colaborations with choreograhers outside the FS. I want him rbing many worlds together just to know how it can be.
[0:17:36] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[0:17:49] <yuzulegend> ahhhh Otonal, my heart!!!!
[0:17:57] <~PlanetHanyu> otonal is my favorite program ever
[0:18:11] <agnes_saya> Omg Johnny was a cutiiiieeeee
[0:18:22] <yuzuyokoi> I just realized his costumes for these programs were the same colors as his idols costumes lol
[0:18:34] <vanella96> ORIGIN 1.0
[0:18:38] <937314214> 🎻
[0:18:44] <leonabird> origin clothes are SO BEAUTIFULLLLLL
[0:18:50] <~PlanetHanyu> man both origin and otonal (program AND costume) were stunning
[0:18:53] <vanella96> Both of them are unreal
[0:18:54] <hanyu_axel> origin 1.0 is GOD TIER
[0:18:54] <~PlanetHanyu> this was really the OG season
[0:18:56] <yuzubun12> What a masterpiece of an outfit bleedPurple
[0:19:01] <~PlanetHanyu> except for ... :(
[0:19:02] <Mintysmellingmarkers> SO PRETTY
[0:19:03] <albagrigori> i love origin costume
[0:19:08] <fleabagpizza> origin 1.0 is superior
[0:19:19] <yuzubun12> 🤩
[0:19:28] <iamlaiza_hime11> Origin costume is really out of this world
[0:19:28] <vanella96> I FORGOT ABOUT THIS LAYOUT
[0:19:29] <~PlanetHanyu> origin 1.0 and otonal 1.0 both superior :(
[0:19:32] <albagrigori> 4A
[0:19:37] <~PlanetHanyu> 4A!!
[0:19:43] <~PlanetHanyu> or 4Lz or 4Lo lol
[0:19:44] <937314214> :/
[0:19:47] <anjaheyheyhey> 4A(4Lz or 4Lo) *cries*
[0:19:47] <yuzulegend> That 4A will forever kill me...
[0:19:48] <cutepets95> What?!
[0:19:57] <saltatoryconduction> My heart skipped a beat when I saw 4A there XD
[0:20:03] <~PlanetHanyu> aww little rest
[0:20:06] <~PlanetHanyu> like 0.5 seconds rest
[0:20:21] <anjaheyheyhey> he says yon T san A-.... lolololol
[0:20:37] <937314214> :D
[0:20:46] <mariacebu> “Rest” hihi
[0:21:46] <937314214> frozen heart
[0:21:52] <yuzuyokoi> Helsinki was such a wonderful comp!
[0:22:03] <yuzulegend> and that was the end of " I want to skate for fun..." hahaha
[0:22:12] <~PlanetHanyu> i was sad the layout changed haha. even though of course having hte combination in the second half made sense for points
[0:22:23] <yuzuyokoi> yeah, same
[0:22:28] <937314214> :D
[0:22:39] <yuzubun12> his saves are so pretty like HOW
[0:22:41] <agnes_saya> Amazing
[0:23:00] <~PlanetHanyu> spreadeagle every save :D
[0:23:26] <iamlaiza_hime11> If you ask me, his jumps are really pretty, like it is not strained at all..
[0:23:35] <~PlanetHanyu> his jumps are the prettiest
[0:23:41] <leonabird> that quote was the" i'm not myself if i don't work hard"...?
[0:23:43] <vanella96> Oh god owwww
[0:24:07] <iamlaiza_hime11> It hurts when he get injured...😭😭😭
[0:24:08] <937314214> ouch
[0:24:18] <yuzuyokoi> that was so tough to see him on crutches for the first time since becoming his fan
[0:24:19] <vanella96> @leonabird Wasn't it "I'm not myself if I don't win"?
[0:24:38] <~PlanetHanyu> sad
[0:25:25] <~PlanetHanyu> gosh saitama hurts so much
[0:25:42] <fleabagpizza> saitama is my nightmare :(
[0:25:52] <vanella96> Me @ me: saitama isn't real it can't hurt me
[0:25:54] <~PlanetHanyu> at this location too
[0:25:55] <937314214> :(
[0:25:59] <~PlanetHanyu> out of anywhere this could have happened
[0:26:00] <~PlanetHanyu> :(
[0:26:04] <yuzubun12> 😫
[0:26:36] <leonabird> it was not...baby
[0:26:39] <mariacebu> No not Saitama, I hate it
[0:26:40] <yuzuyokoi> Yeah I personally feel too much pressure was put on him by local media etc. But if he's in Japan that's what will happen
[0:26:41] <~PlanetHanyu> the pressure he had was insane. and yet he was still the only person in team japan who got a medal
[0:26:55] <polyesterhearts> hi~ #YuzuSkatingParty (ph: polyesterheart)
[0:27:10] <~PlanetHanyu> even though some people predicted that the ladies would sweep the medals lol. but they all fell under the pressure (also ridiculous scoring)
[0:27:20] <polyesterhearts> it's worlds 2019? forba sec I was scared it was nhk
[0:27:22] <vanella96> At this point getting a silver is considered "losing" when it comes to him
[0:27:26] <937314214> :D
[0:27:38] <albagrigori> @vanella96 yeah :c
[0:27:40] <yuzuuwuu> His jumps make me feel like I can do it lol I’ve never skated in my life haha
[0:27:43] <mariacebu> I’m out, can’t bear it, the trauma 😖
[0:27:44] <~PlanetHanyu> this was particularly painful bc he still looked so injured and would land like 1/10 loops in practice. and for some practices he would only do loops. just over and and over
[0:28:02] <~PlanetHanyu> poor yuzu, forcing himself to skate despite injury
[0:28:12] <agnes_saya> @PlanetHanyu so scary
[0:28:14] <iamlaiza_hime11> I just wish some of the fans do not put so much pressure on him.. it’s worrisome
[0:28:33] <leonabird> in fact.
[0:28:35] <leonabird> jin!!
[0:28:38] <mariacebu> Enjoy the party every one
[0:28:42] <saltatoryconduction> Saitama is still very painful to watch.
[0:28:42] <starlight_shining> #YuzuSkatingParty hi everyone, late to the discussion. awesome to see yuzu smile!
[0:29:09] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah everything about it was painful. injury. overscoring. the pressure. the practices. the SP. lol
[0:29:11] <~PlanetHanyu> lol shoma's face
[0:29:23] <937314214> :/
[0:29:28] <alessandra_amel> yeah, pre Saitama and the moment itself were so much tougher for me. even than pre-PC, idk why 😭
[0:29:33] <leonabird> I wanna watch jin and koliada I scope
[0:29:45] <~PlanetHanyu> "it is a wonderful technology"
[0:29:49] <~PlanetHanyu> ISU: ice scope who
[0:30:06] <leonabird> there is the thing that people applaud for the one after Hanyu, isn't? LOL.
[0:30:41] <agnes_saya> Amazing technology
[0:30:42] <937314214> TwitchUnity
[0:31:04] <~PlanetHanyu> i feel like we could build our own version of that
[0:31:05] <vanella96> Lol Kaori
[0:31:13] <fleabagpizza> kaori is so cuuute
[0:31:13] <yuzuyokoi> kaori-chan <3
[0:31:24] <leonabird> @PlanetHanyu They have the good decent VHS video why invest more. If that fails A Beta video gives more crisp views.
[0:31:29] <nadjasakura> @saltatoryconduction for me CC 2014 was worse
[0:32:03] <~PlanetHanyu> interesting lol. the camera literall doesn't move
[0:32:09] <~PlanetHanyu> also yuzu looked great in the black jacket
[0:32:31] <leonabird> I will never forget Olyphil saying that Judges of FS are the only touched by god to really understand FS. Like shut up man, we are trying to get invested in a sport that it's dying for that attitude.
[0:32:45] <~PlanetHanyu> -_- lmfao
[0:32:54] <937314214> :/
[0:33:03] <Mintysmellingmarkers> bruh
[0:33:13] <albagrigori> "to make everyday count"
[0:33:15] <leonabird> Then you have the book of the lady judge that openly said that many judges has never read the book of rules.
[0:33:17] <yuzurella> Hello everybody!
[0:33:36] <Mintysmellingmarkers> wait what book omg..
[0:33:58] <Mintysmellingmarkers> hello!!!
[0:34:32] <~PlanetHanyu> hello!
[0:34:51] <leonabird> I can't remember now the name of the book but it's very famous she had a blog of FS....
[0:34:53] <937314214> yes
[0:35:01] <~PlanetHanyu> @leonabird yeah skating is old school. judges judge by "feelings" and they don't think numbers ruin the sport
[0:35:02] <albagrigori> CoR :C
[0:35:14] <~PlanetHanyu> most of them skated in the 6.0 era and think that it's superior
[0:35:34] <vanella96> Awwww the hug
[0:35:45] <agnes_saya> Pooh san
[0:35:51] <yuzuyokoi> His smile at Pooh bear <3
[0:35:52] <~PlanetHanyu> sorry i meant "they think numbers ruin the sport"
[0:35:54] <vanella96> Wait who's the guy commentator that just send "we as a sport want him at his best"
[0:35:56] <937314214> too huge him
[0:35:57] <~PlanetHanyu> kurt
[0:36:00] <agnes_saya> yeaaaah he said arigatoooo
[0:36:02] <vanella96> Ah
[0:36:04] <~PlanetHanyu> @vanella96 kurt
[0:36:04] <cutepets95> Kurt Brownng?
[0:36:12] <alessandra_amel> yes
[0:36:17] <yuzubun12> Go Yuzuru!
[0:36:36] <frenchkiss70> I just can’t watch 😭
[0:36:40] <yuzulegend> So much pressure, gosh :( BibleThump
[0:36:40] <937314214> frozen heart
[0:36:44] <~PlanetHanyu> yeahhhhhhhhh sad i dont wanna watch
[0:36:47] <alessandra_amel> that sal 😭
[0:36:47] <cutepets95> Same
[0:36:49] <yuzuyokoi> THE PAIN
[0:36:50] <vanella96> Oh god
[0:36:56] <iamlaiza_hime11> Its hurting us
[0:36:58] <vanella96> I forgot how much this hurts
[0:37:02] <~PlanetHanyu> the snake
[0:37:04] <alessandra_amel> omg it's still heartbreaking
[0:37:08] <val_hny> That was when ISU’s plan of push Yuzu away kicked off
[0:37:10] <~PlanetHanyu> wow i haven't seen this since i watched it live
[0:37:14] <vanella96> Same
[0:37:18] <yuzuyokoi> same
[0:37:22] <Mintysmellingmarkers> :(
[0:37:25] <yuzunekozuu> samee
[0:37:25] <937314214> same here
[0:37:28] <vanella96> @val_hny You're right ;;;
[0:37:38] <val_hny> I never watch this SP 😭 it hurts
[0:37:40] <~PlanetHanyu> and then when i went home i just cried the whole night
[0:37:41] <saltatoryconduction> I looked away :'((
[0:37:47] <val_hny> Poor thing was so nervous
[0:37:50] <frenchkiss70> That snaky Sal
[0:38:02] <yuzurella> *crries* that was traumatizing...
[0:38:10] <~PlanetHanyu> bb
[0:38:12] <yuzuuwuu> @planethanyu :’(
[0:38:24] <yuzulegend> his face...oh Yuzu...
[0:38:25] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:38:29] <vanella96> BBY
[0:38:32] <~PlanetHanyu> he looked injured :( like def more tentative and slow than in other versions
[0:38:44] <yaseinohana> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump <3
[0:38:45] <yuzubun12> :(
[0:38:50] <vanella96> But you can also feel his kuyashii
[0:38:51] <yuzurella> But the courage to go on and still deliver such a beautiful performance!
[0:38:56] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzurella absolutely
[0:39:00] <albagrigori> BibleThump
[0:39:02] <937314214> :(
[0:39:10] <~PlanetHanyu> he didn't let it affect his performance
[0:39:18] <saltatoryconduction> Noooo his face :''''''(((
[0:39:18] <~PlanetHanyu> such a 👑
[0:39:23] <anjaheyheyhey> he looked jetlagged to me tbh
[0:39:26] <val_hny> They took the opportunity to underscore him and prop Nathan. And it’s been that way since then
[0:39:27] <yuzurella> @PlanetHanyu So admirable!
[0:39:43] <julia3331207> 😍
[0:39:48] <anjaheyheyhey> jetlag has been a major pain in the ass for him ugh
[0:39:48] <vanella96> @val_hny sigh
[0:40:06] <937314214> sigh
[0:40:15] <yuzubun12> He’s so disappointed 😢
[0:40:19] <alessandra_amel> @val_hny but I also think this was the moment Yuzu's (yet another one) evolution of his career started to kick off.
[0:40:28] <yuzulegend> @anjaheyheyhey I never understood why they planned his arrival so late.
[0:40:37] <vanella96> @alessandra_amel Oh yes absolutely
[0:40:48] <vanella96> Like he's improved so much since pyeongchang??
[0:40:52] <leonabird> Kurt convenient changing heart angers me.
[0:40:56] <~PlanetHanyu> @vanella96 he HAS
[0:40:57] <~PlanetHanyu> SO MUCH
[0:41:10] <yuzuyokoi> It's so hard to know he's upset
[0:41:16] <yuzulegend> @vanella96 no doubt about it!!!! GOAT
[0:41:16] <anjaheyheyhey> i forgot when the arrival was but he usually is always quite late, idk why....
[0:41:19] <~PlanetHanyu> like if you look side by side, origin and tentochito are...more impressive even compared to seimei
[0:41:30] <agnes_saya> The step sequence was amazing
[0:41:31] <alessandra_amel> @vanella96 yes indeed!
[0:41:34] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:41:41] <~PlanetHanyu> ok kurt
[0:41:57] <yuzuuwuu> His stsq is the best..
[0:42:04] <vanella96> Sometimes I just want to tell the commentators to shut up
[0:42:06] <agnes_saya> He looked so tired
[0:42:08] <vanella96> Is it just me?
[0:42:09] <agnes_saya> poor Yuzu
[0:42:16] <~PlanetHanyu> commentators are having too much fun
[0:42:20] <alessandra_amel> so so much! ah pls don't H&E... that's literally another level 🙌🏻
[0:42:26] <okagan2020> :(
[0:42:30] <leonabird> The person asking for the book is named Cracked Ice by sonia bianchetti
[0:42:34] <937314214> :(
[0:42:35] <yuzuyokoi> I hate it so much for him
[0:42:36] <anjaheyheyhey> i wanted to cut that part for that reason (kurt) @PlanetHanyu :D
[0:42:42] <anjaheyheyhey> :D
[0:42:42] <nadjasakura> @agnes_saya tired and disapointed...
[0:42:43] <yuzubun12> That’s too low though
[0:42:43] <yuzuuwuu> Subconsciously muted the commentary
[0:42:47] <~PlanetHanyu> @anjaheyheyhey oh sorry haha
[0:42:49] <yuzubun12> Arrrggggh
[0:42:50] <~PlanetHanyu> i forgot to cut it
[0:42:57] <937314214> :D
[0:42:57] <yuzuyokoi> poor guy... ugh lady why do you need to bring it back up??
[0:42:58] <anjaheyheyhey> it's ok xD
[0:43:03] <okagan2020> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:43:09] <anjaheyheyhey> enlish yuzu uwu
[0:43:22] <anjaheyheyhey> english*
[0:43:26] <agnes_saya> He's always so polite
[0:43:43] <yaseinohana> Cathy ! <3
[0:43:50] <yuzurella> His english is so cute!
[0:43:50] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[0:43:54] <avtoreen> im eager to see his english improvement this year
[0:44:02] <iamlaiza_hime11> Win or lose, i love you Yuzuru
[0:44:07] <albagrigori> aw yuzu :C
[0:44:09] <yuzurella> He's extra cute when he's speaking English.
[0:44:18] <~PlanetHanyu> his english is really great here
[0:44:23] <yuzuyokoi> he's adorable when he speaks english and giggles
[0:44:34] <alessandra_amel> she is Cathy Reed, isn't she?
[0:44:35] <agnes_saya> He's so confident with his English here
[0:44:38] <~PlanetHanyu> @alessandra_amel yes
[0:44:44] <937314214> :D
[0:44:48] <leonabird> After watch him talk with Shae I think he has the same poblem as me. I was able to think and write english well but when I neede to talk it. I got SO NERVOUS that was unable to talk
[0:44:49] <yuzulegend> @avtoreen Maybe without much practice and being in Japan it did not improve much like the past years...hahaha
[0:44:55] <anjaheyheyhey> "kuyashii" he means LOL
[0:44:58] <alessandra_amel> yes, that's why she looks so familiar
[0:45:02] <okagan2020> CurseLit CurseLit
[0:45:14] <yuzuuwuu> Kuyashii
[0:45:15] <937314214> ;)
[0:45:27] <leonabird> took me a years to get confident to truly be able to talk, specially with people who first leguage is english
[0:45:33] <yuzurella> #YuzuSkatingParty (Yuzurella on PH)
[0:45:39] <albagrigori> @leonabird sameeee :c
[0:45:49] <937314214> same here
[0:46:03] <anjaheyheyhey> CBC intros are prety badass
[0:46:24] <yuzuuwuu> I feel like watching 4cc press con when Yuzu is his own translator hehe
[0:46:38] <albagrigori> dramatic
[0:46:40] <agnes_saya> @yuzuuwuu that was awesome
[0:47:00] <yuzuuwuu> @agnes_saya yeppp <3
[0:47:01] <~PlanetHanyu> his sad face when he squeezed pooh in the Sp made me :(
[0:47:02] <anjaheyheyhey> that's the commentator from skate canada i think? (the older guy)
[0:47:26] <yuzuuwuu> Uh
[0:47:28] <yuzurella> I have to admit I'm still salty about how the judges tossed points at Nathan and totally overscored him.
[0:47:28] <agnes_saya> Ahahaha Little scream ahaahah
[0:47:41] <leonabird> still overscored.
[0:47:43] <937314214> :D
[0:47:45] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzurella i think we all :D
[0:47:45] <anjaheyheyhey> @yuzurella who isn't :')
[0:47:57] <yuzulegend> @yuzurella We all feel the same!
[0:48:00] <alessandra_amel> exactly! who isn't?!!
[0:48:07] <~PlanetHanyu> the fact that yuzu landed his loop still blows my mind. i swatched all his practices and his loop percentage was like 10%
[0:48:24] <agnes_saya> He made a bet
[0:48:26] <yuzuyokoi> Ugh, he looks nervous here too a little
[0:48:37] <agnes_saya> @PlanetHanyu He won his bet
[0:48:43] <937314214> 🎻
[0:49:32] <leonabird> Now that Hashimoto is candidate to big leagues dark times will come for Japanese FS since she has story of only support people that will not be competition for Amrican and Russian.
[0:49:33] <iamlaiza_hime11> Beatles, 1D and beyonce all at once..
[0:49:34] <yuzuuwuu> I love this costume
[0:49:35] <Mintysmellingmarkers> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYE
[0:49:52] <yuzulegend> That save!!!!!
[0:49:54] <~PlanetHanyu> just GOAT stuff
[0:50:02] <val_hny> Ooooh I suddenly remembered the Brits: One Direction, The Beatles and Beyonce!!!
[0:50:04] <yuzuyokoi> I swear he's part cat, no one else could recover from such a low landinging
[0:50:07] <agnes_saya> yaaaaas
[0:50:08] <937314214> 🙁😓
[0:50:08] <vanella96> Man that save
[0:50:11] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu absolutely!!
[0:50:33] <937314214> 🎻
[0:50:46] <yuzubun12> If you invited your friends over and have a yuzu skating party , a competition special.... would any of you choose Santana 2019?
[0:50:48] <alessandra_amel> that hip swinging part! is it just me who loves it so much 😆
[0:50:53] <iamlaiza_hime11> That is the coolest comment.. @val_hny
[0:51:07] <yuzubun12> Saitama * damn auto correct
[0:51:07] <leonabird> a cat that flies like bird but everyone calls G.O.A.T
[0:51:18] <val_hny> @iamlaiza_hime11 Ikr 😆
[0:51:23] <937314214> :D
[0:51:23] <anjaheyheyhey> my goodness !!!!!!!
[0:51:25] <yezzer_mii> #YuzuSkatingParty @atsumubest
[0:51:26] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzubun12 lol no
[0:51:27] <saltatoryconduction> I love Saitama Origin. I just don't love what happens afterwards BibleThump
[0:51:29] <yuzurella> @PlanetHanyu The power of kuyashii!
[0:51:29] <yuzuuwuu> @leonabird YASSSS
[0:51:31] <a10451427> no satima makes me sad
[0:51:39] <iamlaiza_hime11> One more comment, j swear that man us not human, 🤣🤣🤣
[0:51:46] <Mintysmellingmarkers> AAYYEEEE
[0:51:50] <iamlaiza_hime11> I swear that man is not human
[0:51:50] <937314214> 😳
[0:51:53] <saltatoryconduction> 4T3A!!!! Still the only man to have done it
[0:51:55] <iamlaiza_hime11> 😂😂😂
[0:51:55] <alessandra_amel> Saitama Origin is so powerful
[0:51:58] <yuzuyokoi> sometimes I wanna punch the announcers lol
[0:52:04] <yuzubun12> Ok .... why do i want to show this off of my friends tho
[0:52:06] <vanella96> @yuzuyokoi same
[0:52:06] <val_hny> “He is part robot part human”
[0:52:11] <yuzuyokoi> can you not talk about nate while Yuzu skates pls??
[0:52:12] <leonabird> good foundations and a lot of hard work
[0:52:14] <~PlanetHanyu> yuck
[0:52:16] <yezzer_mii> #YuzuSkatingParty twt: @atsumubest
[0:52:17] <albagrigori> @saltatoryconduction Same :C
[0:52:18] <~PlanetHanyu> shuddup
[0:52:19] <anjaheyheyhey> @saltatoryconduction i sincerely doubt anyone can reeat that LOL... maybe valieva... hahaha
[0:52:20] <leonabird> he is admirable
[0:52:23] <937314214> yes
[0:52:34] <alessandra_amel> I couldn't watch the SP, but this one is so powerful
[0:52:38] <yuzuuwuu> @planethanyu lol I blurted the same thing yuck
[0:52:41] <yuzurella> @yuzuyokoi But he IS a cat!
[0:52:44] <leonabird> on one cares cbs
[0:52:45] <saltatoryconduction> I love him BibleThump
[0:52:49] <val_hny> The screams from the crowd
[0:52:54] <yuzubun12> Sad and frustration moments aside, THIS origin is perfection
[0:52:54] <leonabird> honestly
[0:52:54] <937314214> ;)
[0:52:59] <iamlaiza_hime11> @val_hny exactly.. his half alien half robot
[0:53:00] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzubun12 absolutely.
[0:53:05] <~PlanetHanyu> it was a world record :)
[0:53:07] <~PlanetHanyu> and so brave
[0:53:14] <yuzuyokoi> lol @yuzurella
[0:53:18] <937314214> :D
[0:53:21] <~PlanetHanyu> in a way it perfect to tell the story of yuzu's career
[0:53:22] <saltatoryconduction> SAITAMA EXPLODES LIKE WE ALWAYS KNEW IT WOULD
[0:53:23] <albagrigori> @PlanetHanyu it was
[0:53:28] <yuzubun12> His fight was so evident here like it makes me want to cry
[0:53:29] <val_hny> SAITAMA EXPLODES
[0:53:30] <argonavigator> That looks yes
[0:53:31] <yuzubun12> Look at that
[0:53:32] <yuzulegend> aahhhh my heart!!!!
[0:53:35] <~PlanetHanyu> just painful .... i guess lots of things are painful when you follow yuzu T_T
[0:53:45] <val_hny> IS HE EVEN HUMAN
[0:53:49] <yuzubun12> @planethanyu my thoughts exactly!
[0:53:51] <iamlaiza_hime11> I love Saitama origin too.. i just dont like the aftermath
[0:53:51] <937314214> 😚
[0:53:52] <vanella96> OKAERI
[0:53:55] <yuzuuwuu> 😭😭
[0:53:57] <yuzuyokoi> did he just say "tadaima"?
[0:53:57] <yezzer_mii> You stole my heart ahHhHhh
[0:53:59] <yuzuyokoi> awwwww
[0:54:01] <val_hny> TADAINA
[0:54:03] <agnes_saya> Amazing amazing
[0:54:04] <vanella96> @yuzuyokoi Yes!!
[0:54:06] <saltatoryconduction> Yes he said Tadaima!!
[0:54:07] <val_hny> TADAIMA
[0:54:11] <albagrigori> <3
[0:54:12] <yuzuuwuu> @yuzuyokoi yes
[0:54:12] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu But also a lot of joy, love and emotions!
[0:54:13] <saltatoryconduction> Okaeri Yuzu
[0:54:14] <yuzubun12> And with sadness, There’s so much happiness too @planethanyu
[0:54:14] <~PlanetHanyu> one sec
[0:54:16] <leonabird> I need people answer him "welcome back home"
[0:54:17] <iamlaiza_hime11> @val_hny and i told you there will be a mass sacrifice of Pooh..
[0:54:18] <yuzuyokoi> Awww.
[0:54:18] <julia3331207> Pachinko
[0:54:25] <yuzurella> @PlanetHanyu It's always a crazy rollercoaster ride.
[0:54:27] <cutepets95> Haha "appooves
[0:54:38] <937314214> :D
[0:54:41] <val_hny> He spoils us with his magnificence
[0:54:58] <yuzulegend> @val_hny he truly does!!!!
[0:55:03] <leonabird> apoohves LOL. I will use that one.
[0:55:08] <saltatoryconduction> I want to hug him BibleThump
[0:55:12] <val_hny> BibleThump
[0:55:17] <937314214> TearGlove
[0:55:18] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzubun12 so much <3
[0:55:36] <yuzuuwuu> @saltatoryconduction yesss *virtual hug for yuzu*
[0:55:38] <val_hny> Thank you, King👑
[0:55:50] <saltatoryconduction> Champion of our hearts
[0:55:53] <albagrigori> defeat is the same as death
[0:55:58] <albagrigori> yuzuruuuuu
[0:56:06] <~PlanetHanyu> ☠️
[0:56:13] <937314214> TwitchUnity
[0:56:14] <yuzulegend> We are blessed that we can enjoy his performances for so long and follow him in his journey!!!
[0:56:16] <yuzuuwuu> I can’t watch this without tearing up
[0:56:17] <yaseinohana> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:56:27] <albagrigori> it breaks me that he says that he isn't goog enough
[0:56:30] <yuzubun12> No Yuzu you are good enough goddamnit
[0:56:31] <albagrigori> because it's not true
[0:56:52] <vanella96> Third? Vincent?
[0:56:54] <yuzuuwuu> Yuzuuu you’re good enough it’s the Onion that doesn’t deserve you
[0:56:59] <yuzubun12> He should have won the FS at the very least T.T
[0:57:06] <albagrigori> AHHHH the 32 points difference
[0:57:07] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzubun12 YES.
[0:57:08] <leonabird> my only expectation is you be a decent human being, work hard and try find happiness, Yuzu.
[0:57:08] <vanella96> @yuzubun12 Agreed
[0:57:08] <albagrigori> i hate them
[0:57:09] <cutepets95> Yep Vincent was 3rd overall
[0:57:13] <yuzuuwuu> That difference ffff
[0:57:13] <anjaheyheyhey> "I will be [stronger]" awww
[0:57:19] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzuuwuu mhm
[0:57:21] <jinx3a> I tune in and pain
[0:57:26] <anjaheyheyhey> no hug for vincent cracked me up ngl
[0:57:32] <yuzubun12> The point difference is ridiculous
[0:57:34] <~PlanetHanyu> @anjaheyheyhey hahahahhaha
[0:57:38] <~PlanetHanyu> vincent loves yuzu too
[0:57:43] <agnes_saya> vincent being the third wheel, poor vincent
[0:57:47] <yuzulegend> @jinx3a BibleThump
[0:57:51] <vanella96> @yuzubun12 It's wayyy too much
[0:57:59] <albagrigori> NotLikeThis
[0:58:00] <val_hny> Saitama scoring was an insult
[0:58:20] <~PlanetHanyu> remember when vincent tried to skate to rj1.0 and basically copied yuzu's choreo
[0:58:27] <vanella96> At this point ISU in general is an insult
[0:58:29] <leonabird> I love Yuzu, Jesus christ. He is such a decent human being I can't.
[0:58:31] <vanella96> @PlanetHanyu He WHAT
[0:58:32] <jinx3a> @yuzulegend the start of this quad’s ridiculousness
[0:58:34] <val_hny> They managed to underscore every Japanese skater. So much for Phil’s homecooking
[0:58:38] <yuzubun12> He’s always such a gracious loser
[0:58:46] <vanella96> I don't even pay attention to Vincent tbh
[0:58:46] <yuzuyokoi> I remember him sitting in the back with Tracy and Brian right after and he was really on the verge of tears and they were comforting him. I was so grateful that he has such kind and loving coaches <3
[0:58:46] <yuzuuwuu> @planethanyu oh never seen that
[0:58:48] <avtoreen> @PlanetHanyu wow is this a tea?
[0:58:55] <yuzulegend> @jinx3a say it louder!!!
[0:59:02] <~PlanetHanyu> oh yeah olympic year, 17-18. he changed it bc ppl complained
[0:59:23] <anjaheyheyhey> @PlanetHanyu omg i never heard of that kjhgjfsdfgh
[0:59:33] <leonabird> really i'm gonna search for it. Perhpas it was a omage?
[0:59:47] <yuzubun12> Wow did Vincent really
[0:59:54] <yuzunekozuu> omg wth
[0:59:54] <yuzupoohsan> #YuzuSkatingParty twt: @tsukkinginamo
[1:00:08] <~PlanetHanyu> here: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Xx411i7GG?p=2
[1:00:19] <~PlanetHanyu> it's like the same choreo
[1:00:22] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzuyokoi This was a very painful moment to watch. He was saying "but losing isn't winning"... I can never watch that moment again.
[1:00:23] <~PlanetHanyu> well, worse
[1:00:39] <leonabird> thank you planet hanyu gonna check it
[1:00:42] <yuzubun12> Salcow you snake
[1:00:51] <yuzuuwuu> @planethanyu lol after I watch that I need to cleanse my eyes with yuzu’s version
[1:00:54] <leonabird> before i spit my monitor LOL
[1:01:02] <avtoreen> @yuzuuwuu haha
[1:01:04] <alessandra_amel> lol!
[1:01:14] <val_hny> My heart is heavy 😭
[1:01:14] <anjaheyheyhey> yuzu not on the highest step, feels wrong, feels unnatural
[1:01:27] <jinx3a> #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:01:34] <~PlanetHanyu> get postits for your screen
[1:01:35] <albagrigori> :c
[1:01:46] <val_hny> The worst: he looked absolutely GORGEOUS during that victory ceremony
[1:01:55] <saltatoryconduction> His face when the national anthem was played breaks my heart BibleThump
[1:01:55] <~PlanetHanyu> @val_hny yes he did and he often does <3
[1:01:57] <leonabird> gorgeous is not enough
[1:01:59] <yuzubun12> 🙊
[1:02:00] <jinx3a> Hurty
[1:02:13] <avtoreen> why did his face so adorable, but i feel sorry for him at the same time it's so painful
[1:02:17] <val_hny> Yes @saltatoryconduction
[1:02:22] <anjaheyheyhey> @saltatoryconduction I srsly cant watch :'')
[1:02:56] <jinx3a> Hate isu
[1:03:04] <yuzuuwuu> 😭
[1:03:09] <vanella96> "Bloodcurdling"
[1:03:13] <~PlanetHanyu> @jinx3a burn it down
[1:03:14] <agnes_saya> Yuzu looking for Shoma in 3, 2, 1...
[1:03:15] <yuzulegend> @yuzuuwuu i wanna BURN THEM!!!
[1:03:29] <val_hny> He’s so classy. Look at him smiling with all the $hit they pulled on him
[1:03:44] <Mintysmellingmarkers> fr!!
[1:03:59] <yuzunekozuu> The infamous rain
[1:04:15] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzunekozuu the pooh warfare
[1:04:18] <saltatoryconduction> @val_hny :( :( :(
[1:04:29] <yuzurella> Damn! Saitama Worlds is still so bloody painful! The INJUSTICE!!!
[1:04:34] <yuzuuwuu> ;(
[1:04:52] <leonabird> And surprise surprise after two years the inflation wanna be machine of stars does not work because Yuzu charisma is unique and we all have eyes.
[1:04:54] <yuzubun12> too low
[1:04:55] <yuzunekozuu> @yuzunekozuu YES
[1:05:01] <val_hny> okay but FIRST MAN TO BREAK 200 AND 300. AGAIN.
[1:05:17] <yuzubun12> I wonder if he felt it wasnt enough to win
[1:05:17] <anjaheyheyhey> @val_hny GOAT things only
[1:05:28] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzubun12 YES
[1:05:37] <yuzuyokoi> Truly the GOAT
[1:06:02] <yuzubun12> @saltatoryconduction 😞
[1:06:05] <yuzuuwuu> He’s truly the whole package
[1:06:06] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzubun12 Sorry I replied to the wrong thread lol
[1:06:24] <yuzuyokoi> lol nate's hair in that pic
[1:06:28] <agnes_saya> Nathan's haira XD
[1:06:36] <vanella96> Not like he has to do much more than land his jumps ;;
[1:06:44] <yuzuuwuu> It reminds me of interview with dick button last week
[1:06:54] <yuzuuwuu> This new guy just jump jump jump
[1:06:55] <cutepets95> Thank goodness playing House Flipper on my tablet whilst watching this is helping me not just yell my frustrations in chat
[1:07:01] <yuzuuwuu> People don’t wanna see that lol
[1:07:08] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzuuwuu There was a Dick Button interview last week?
[1:07:24] <yuzuuwuu> @saltatoryconduction oh I meant here. Not nee
[1:07:30] <yuzuyokoi> An older one, played here on the twitch stream last week
[1:07:32] <yuzuuwuu> New*
[1:07:36] <albagrigori> :c
[1:07:40] <yuzuyokoi> Dick Button interview I mean
[1:07:45] <leonabird> Oh vincet good trump fan vincent. LOL. yes it has the same moments even if not by any possible way near to Hanyu R and J .01
[1:08:23] <vevi12345> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @Eleanor36342)
[1:08:27] <agnes_saya> poor shoma
[1:08:28] <iamlaiza_hime11> You know what i love about Yuzuru, he is always humble and very respectful.
[1:08:37] <alessandra_amel> @yuzuuwuu Dick actually praised Nate's comeback at PC, but yeah I'm really curious to know his take on this so called "quad era"
[1:08:49] <anjaheyheyhey> @iamlaiza_hime11 vincent cant relate...
[1:09:04] <albagrigori> :c
[1:09:13] <yuzurutheking> #YuzuSkatingParty I'm not sure my heart can take all this Saitama footage again BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump @OOdriscoll1
[1:09:18] <albagrigori> he was so surprised :C
[1:09:26] <yuzuuwuu> @alessandra_amel well I guess it’s expected, as he’s also American but he also praised Yuzu
[1:09:27] <anjaheyheyhey> shoma for once getting his calls IS surprising oops
[1:09:31] <val_hny> omg I hate this program
[1:09:46] <agnes_saya> Yuzu was totally shocked
[1:09:53] <yuzubun12> Ive never seen Yuzuru that way before
[1:09:56] <yuzunekozuu> Im so angry lmao
[1:09:58] <jinx3a> Ahhhh painnn sorry guys I’m gonna run out
[1:10:09] <val_hny> saitama was so cursed they managed to even trump shoma
[1:10:27] <leonabird> yes, because shoma had a very bad year. I'm happy that he looks happy with lambiel een if not a fan of him.
[1:10:43] <cutepets95> Thank goodness I skipped the men's when the YouTube channel premiered the Men's last I think April 2020 ish
[1:10:51] <alessandra_amel> @yuzuuwuu oh he did alright! as he should ofc 😁
[1:11:00] <agnes_saya> Yeah, finally Shoma came back. His free was amazing at nationals
[1:11:12] <val_hny> omg the 900 4Lo
[1:11:13] <agnes_saya> he was really into the performance
[1:11:22] <leonabird> I liked his new exhibition program.
[1:11:26] <leonabird> shoma i mean
[1:11:35] <agnes_saya> yeah, very beautiful
[1:11:49] <agnes_saya> He's so good at skating on classical music
[1:12:10] <alessandra_amel> @leonabird me too! and the costume is so gorgeous!
[1:12:29] <val_hny> here it comes... when we all freaked out
[1:12:43] <val_hny> never saw him NOT leaving the boards after a practice
[1:12:48] <leonabird> satomi ito never lets down.
[1:12:57] <agnes_saya> Ghislain always look so proud
[1:13:05] <iamlaiza_hime11> I do not think i can manage to watch this.. my heart just cannot take it when Yuzuru seems unhappy
[1:13:34] <937314214> :D
[1:14:00] <yuzuuwuu> I wonder what he was listening to here
[1:14:04] <val_hny> for yuzu to do that... he was really really hungry/desperate. if we know isu, yuzu knows it much better, so he knew he had lost worlds the moment he doubled that Sal. Still he never gave up.
[1:14:06] <agnes_saya> Moonlight sonata, what a pity
[1:14:18] <Mintysmellingmarkers> aw man
[1:16:27] <val_hny> only yuzu would be able to land/save those 2 first quads
[1:16:42] <agnes_saya> he's amazing
[1:16:50] <yuzunekozuu> Tbh im so done w isu idk what to do if Yuzu retires. I feel that it wont be that great if he retires.
[1:17:13] <val_hny> ohh nooo skip skip skip
[1:17:27] <leonabird> lol
[1:17:30] <val_hny> the ugliness hurts my eyes
[1:17:37] <anjaheyheyhey> i just scroll my twitter tl ahahaha
[1:17:40] <yuzunekozuu> agh ouch
[1:17:52] <yuzunekozuu> @anjaheyheyhey same
[1:17:54] <leonabird> no so you will notice the imaginary pcs he obtains is not a myth.
[1:17:55] <yuzuyokoi> If skaters got points based on costumes Yuzu would win over Nate every time... i swear
[1:18:14] <yuzubun12> HOW -.-
[1:18:18] <yuzunekozuu> @yuzuyokoi ......ow..
[1:18:20] <val_hny> it's easy to be strong when you know you just need to stay on your two feet (not even one) to get high scores and win
[1:18:27] <yuzuyokoi> ooooh my heart can't take it....
[1:18:29] <hiitachins> haha... /cries/
[1:18:30] <argonavigator> M
[1:18:33] <okagan2020> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:18:35] <yuzuyokoi> Poor Yuzu
[1:18:38] <cutepets95> Okay I don't mind the 121 for TES but the 94?! Best I'd have put it is at 90
[1:18:41] <ysssa_2001> @yuzuyokoi well if that's how its is then its always negative GOE for nathan 🤣🤣
[1:18:49] <yuzuyokoi> @ysssa_2001 lolol
[1:19:21] <val_hny> @cutepets95 the 121 were inflated too
[1:19:21] <anjaheyheyhey> aww shizukaaaa <3
[1:19:34] <leonabird> @val_hny like how much i hate people that just obtains things because they have a daddy or mommy
[1:19:39] <cutepets95> And I can agree with that too
[1:19:57] <val_hny> @leonabird or a passport.......
[1:21:10] <937314214> :D
[1:22:46] <esther793> ice rink sendai closed :((
[1:22:59] <937314214> :(
[1:23:00] <val_hny> the gentleman checking every 10 secs LOL
[1:23:01] <argonavigator> 😮😮
[1:23:12] <saltatoryconduction> Ice rink sendai temporarily closed due to damages from the earthquake :((((
[1:23:17] <esther793> yep :((
[1:23:23] <yuzubun12> Oh no!
[1:23:28] <yuzulegend> @esther793 OMG
[1:23:32] <ysssa_2001> 😢😢😢
[1:23:34] <hiitachins> ah i hope everyone is safe tho...
[1:23:41] <esther793> same :(
[1:23:46] <esther793> this is so scary
[1:23:51] <yuzunekozuu> I saw some pics and videos they scarfe me
[1:23:52] <saltatoryconduction> Where will Yuzu practice now, was he practicing there when it happened, it must have been so traumatizing to him, I'm worried now
[1:23:58] <yuzuuwuu> @saltatoryconduction just read your tweet re Ice rink Sendai omg 😭
[1:24:06] <anjaheyheyhey> lol plushenko not Getting It is very plushenko-like
[1:24:07] <val_hny> omg I didn'y know
[1:24:21] <yuzurutheking> kuyashi is one of the first Japanese words I learned!
[1:24:21] <yuzunekozuu> The same thing is happening on him 10 yrs later which is now
[1:24:23] <val_hny> 10 year later
[1:24:30] <yuzunekozuu> @yuzurutheking HAHAHAHAHA
[1:24:32] <~PlanetHanyu> iirc yana told him it was not a tribute to nijinsky hahaha
[1:24:33] <val_hny> omg his life
[1:24:37] <yuzulegend> @saltatoryconduction Gosh, I had this fear since i heard about the earthquake!!!
[1:24:49] <saltatoryconduction> I hope he's okay
[1:24:53] <~PlanetHanyu> https://twitter.com/aim_high__/status/1360622231756312577?s=20 ice rink sendai had damage and is closed :( hope it's minor...
[1:24:56] <saltatoryconduction> BibleThump
[1:25:22] <yuzurella> News from a different sport: Ryoyu Kobayashi just won his first World Cup this season! Yaaay!
[1:25:38] <saltatoryconduction> I hope they'll be up again really soon, after the financial difficulties they've had because of the pandemic and all :(
[1:25:39] <alessandra_amel> @planethanyu I really hope so 😔
[1:25:48] <yuzulegend> @saltatoryconduction I hope he was at home today Saturday with his family. Please god.
[1:25:53] <yuzubun12> I hope everyone’s okay
[1:26:10] <val_hny> 7,1 is big
[1:26:24] <saltatoryconduction> Time to buy Aoi Honoo autobiographies if you haven't yet and only if you can of course
[1:26:28] <val_hny> and it was on the see too
[1:26:29] <leonabird> Apparenlt y the financial difficualties was not truly good information. But if the the rink is closed are very bad news for Yuzu.
[1:26:33] <val_hny> sea
[1:26:43] <yuzuyokoi> @val_hny I actually bought one last week, because I'd heard they were having issues
[1:27:17] <yuzubun12> My Aoi Hono is coming with the Be The Light photobook
[1:27:25] <leonabird> perhaps is closed just for general public and like a security measure since it was a big earthquake
[1:27:25] <~PlanetHanyu> @leonabird ice rink sendai is really popular and has so many skaters. it sucks they keep running into financial issues, probably bc of COVID
[1:27:29] <val_hny> @yuzuyokoi yeah, they were having issues but said they were financially okay still
[1:27:47] <yuzuyokoi> @val_hny Ok good, glad it wasn't that bad
[1:28:02] <leonabird> @leonabird yes, a lot of bussiness are i difficult sitution right now.
[1:28:09] <saltatoryconduction> @leonabird They said they did have difficulties but not to the point of closing, and they are not taking outside donations. And yes if the rink is closed that would be bad for Yuzu especially so close to Worlds.
[1:28:14] <leonabird> TAT <3
[1:28:22] <yuzulegend> @leonabird the financial difficulties are true, but they have never accepted donations from fans and didn't want to change their opinion. Now who knows...but those who have the possibility and means, yes, please buy Yuzu's biographies!
[1:28:49] <yuzurutheking> all our messages keep appearing twice!
[1:29:05] <anjaheyheyhey> JPN TV: Talk about Yuzuru Plushenko: Me me me me
[1:29:15] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzurutheking 🤡
[1:29:16] <yuzuuwuu> I’ve bought his biography and I actually use it to study Japanese
[1:29:27] <saltatoryconduction> There is a fan video of TAT cheering for Yuzu at CoR FP, even Yagudin was rooting for him
[1:29:28] <yuzurella> @PlanetHanyu Oh no! I hope it's nothing serious. I hope Yuzu is okay and safe!
[1:29:45] <leonabird> Question the irene merch it's too for charity? people were purchasin those but there were not related to sendai rink for what i understood.
[1:29:49] <937314214> BibleThump
[1:30:20] <~PlanetHanyu> @leonabird yeah good question?
[1:30:39] <saltatoryconduction> @leonabird So the Irene merch at their online store, not all of the proceeds go to IRS, only a small portion of it. But recently they sold LINE stickers and apparently proceeds of those go to the rink.
[1:31:00] <yuzunekozuu> i dont think the merch will contribute to the rink anymore..
[1:31:01] <saltatoryconduction> Someone tweeted about it recently.
[1:31:16] <yuzunekozuu> ohhh icc
[1:31:19] <yuzunekozuu> thats nicee
[1:31:20] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzunekozuu aww..... :( i wonder why IRS doesn't sell more merch. so many would buy it
[1:31:24] <yuzulegend> @leonabird yes, Irene goods' money goes into reconstruction and support for projects for the disaster, but not anymore to the ice rink.
[1:32:01] <937314214> :D
[1:32:10] <leonabird> @leonabird ahh thank you. I did not knew.
[1:33:39] <saltatoryconduction> @saltatoryconduction Yes, please let him be okay BibleThump
[1:33:40] <anjaheyheyhey> and now brian forgets about jason... :')
[1:33:50] <saltatoryconduction> Brian cursing LOL XD
[1:33:53] <~PlanetHanyu> "maybe i shouuld?"
[1:33:58] <937314214> ;)
[1:34:02] <alessandra_amel> and Yuzu's reaction then 😂
[1:34:27] <saltatoryconduction> Pls Yuzu it's not like you've never cursed yourself XD
[1:34:36] <val_hny> the "real" pooh-san LOL
[1:34:42] <agnes_saya> ahhahaha
[1:34:44] <937314214> :D
[1:34:54] <val_hny> his reaction to 300
[1:34:56] <anjaheyheyhey> @saltatoryconduction "You said something after the FS?" "I have no idea what you mean:-))"
[1:35:09] <leonabird> I hope Pooh san is having the time of his life in his retirement. Well earned.
[1:35:18] <~PlanetHanyu> @leonabird nuu he will be back!
[1:35:30] <~PlanetHanyu> pooh san is just covid paranoid
[1:35:37] <anjaheyheyhey> LOL
[1:35:41] <937314214> :)
[1:35:42] <~PlanetHanyu> aww hes just like, "193...meh."
[1:35:58] <saltatoryconduction> @saltatoryconduction XD XD
[1:36:29] <leonabird> @leonabird I think it has an special meaning for Yuzu that he retired him. So i think that perhaps was the time.
[1:36:35] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu hahaha
[1:36:44] <yuzuyokoi> The ice kiss <3
[1:36:48] <yuzurella> @leonabird Yuzu's probably just making sure Pooh-san is safe. I'm sure Pooh is enjoying is vacation.
[1:37:06] <937314214> TwitchUnity
[1:37:18] <alessandra_amel> yes, yes Yuzu! we believe it with you. the spring will eventually come again 🤗
[1:37:23] <yuzuyokoi> Yuzu supporting Jason's speech in Japanese <3
[1:37:32] <val_hny> Pooh retirement LOL
[1:37:35] <anjaheyheyhey> so cute, he stood up for jaso's japanese
[1:38:09] <yuzurutheking> maybe he just left pooh in Toronto expecting to be back soon and def b4 his next competition but then Covid got worse ...
[1:38:28] <hiitachins> i sometimes forgot bince is the reigning worlds bronze medalist
[1:38:53] <val_hny> @hiitachins don't remind me.....
[1:38:54] <leonabird> spring always come back
[1:39:02] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzurutheking i think this is possible
[1:39:05] <937314214> yes
[1:39:20] <saltatoryconduction> The poor guy having to stand and hold the huge ass ipad until Yuzu finishes his commentary of the program XD
[1:39:30] <val_hny> LOL
[1:39:37] <~PlanetHanyu> @saltatoryconduction LOL!
[1:40:00] <val_hny> mom, can I be like him when I grow up?
[1:40:14] <nadjasakura> @yuzurutheking I guess we will find out when the pandemic is over. I just hope he will remain safe and healthy until that day hopefully comes
[1:40:18] <yuzurutheking> and of course he has a huge collection to choose from!!!
[1:40:28] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:40:31] <leonabird> hehehe
[1:40:50] <leonabird> never complete never complete a true collector needs all of them.
[1:40:54] <leonabird> <3
[1:40:58] <saltatoryconduction> Yuzu's self-commentaries are always so insightful. He always explains why he thinks something is good or not.
[1:41:12] <~PlanetHanyu> @leonabird does he get them from fans i wonder
[1:41:14] <ysssa_2001> @yuzurutheking we know that how dramatic out King is, he might have just brought Yuzu pooh to show it off to us 🤣🤣 lolol
[1:41:34] <937314214> :)
[1:41:48] <leonabird> @leonabird for what i get many of his towels are from his pooh showers
[1:41:52] <val_hny> I loves the way he treated Yuzu Pooh as a baby
[1:41:59] <saltatoryconduction> @leonabird Didn't he say OG Pooh was a gift from a fan? or was it something he used before that
[1:42:32] <~PlanetHanyu> disney: comes out with yuzu pooh fanyus: gee way to try to profit off of yuzu yuzu: this pooh shall replace my pooh
[1:42:41] <saltatoryconduction> @val_hny He treats all plushy mascots this way... Soohorang, 4CC bear... Only Koala-chan had the misfortune of being yeeted lol
[1:42:46] <vanella96> @val_hny Like a baby and a coach
[1:42:58] <leonabird> @leonabird yes he did! his bottle covers where too...If i remember well...
[1:43:12] <937314214> SeemsGood
[1:43:15] <val_hny> @saltatoryconduction yeah poor koala-chan LOL! but citrus imposter was special heheheh
[1:43:21] <vanella96> I think his bottle covers were made by his mom?
[1:43:24] <saltatoryconduction> @leonabird The bottle covers were made by his mom I think?
[1:43:27] <agnes_saya> he is so inspiring, he always wants to be better and better
[1:43:33] <leonabird> @val_hny koala chan received the stress treatment too..LOL
[1:43:45] <nadjasakura> @saltatoryconduction I have read the same at the "evolution of pooh tissue-box"
[1:43:57] <armyfanyu7> hello how are people in Japan now?
[1:44:14] <agnes_saya> what a beautiful poster, so big
[1:44:15] <val_hny> yeah, I remember sth about more than one pooh-san box
[1:44:17] <alessandra_amel> @vanella96 yeah that's what I know too, that his mom made the bottle covers.
[1:44:24] <agnes_saya> i want It for my bedroom XD
[1:44:33] <armyfanyu7> sorry I'm worried cuz of the earthquake : (
[1:44:43] <armyfanyu7> hope yuzu and everyone is ok
[1:44:50] <leonabird> @leonabird I think both. i remembered too that his mom did some. But there was one that was doen by a fan...
[1:44:55] <agnes_saya> let's Hope so
[1:45:16] <nadjasakura> @armyfanyu7 same
[1:45:21] <937314214> hope so
[1:45:39] <leonabird> mmm...i need someone that clarifies my memory...
[1:45:56] <anjaheyheyhey> the 0.0001 second spread eagle is so ugly
[1:46:06] <yuzunekozuu> I saw some vids of the earthquake theyre quite terrifying
[1:46:08] <armyfanyu7> yuzu still got that 330 🥳
[1:46:24] <armyfanyu7> yeah they are : (
[1:46:42] <armyfanyu7> @nadjasakura i was crying a lil bit lol
[1:46:48] <armyfanyu7> cuz I'm worried
[1:47:33] <val_hny> @anjaheyheyhey that spread eagle reminded me of myself when I skate and the blunt blade of the rental skates go south... I have to spread me legs to avoid falling LOLOLOL
[1:47:36] <~PlanetHanyu> @armyfanyu7 really hope yuzu and his family and all the people affected are alright <3
[1:47:39] <leonabird> Yes. I was wrong. Mama Hanyu talent is the artist behind the cover of water bottles. https://sportymags.wordpress.com/2015/02/07/yuzuru-hanyu-water-bottle-collection/
[1:48:34] <val_hny> @PlanetHanyu if you hear anything about it later on could you please tweet about it? you're the one everyone follows here
[1:48:51] <~PlanetHanyu> @val_hny yeah
[1:48:59] <937314214> yup
[1:49:27] <nadjasakura> @armyfanyu7 it was indeed a shock that this happend again. the last was only a few months before - and this one was even stronger.
[1:49:57] <yaseinohana> I'm so worried for our Sendai boy rn and all ppl there ....Hope everyone is safe <3 BibleThump
[1:50:09] <leonabird> After this, in a moment you can, please let's gonna dedicate a moment to pray for Japan, Yuzu and his family.
[1:50:51] <yuzulegend> They've revised the magnitude to 7.3 and its now officially classed as a major earthquake.
[1:51:03] <anjaheyheyhey> :''(
[1:51:03] <alessandra_amel> oh no 😧
[1:51:10] <937314214> :/
[1:51:14] <hiitachins> :((((
[1:51:32] <937314214> 😥🙁
[1:51:33] <julia3331207> This time earthquick was M 7.3、but not so many injured 、no tsunami, do not be worried。Very under the ground this time。
[1:51:40] <nadjasakura> @leonabird <3
[1:51:43] <leonabird> I'm the idiot that wanna know if he and his family is right.
[1:52:10] <yuzunekozuu> Pls be finee
[1:52:10] <leonabird> @julia3331207 thank you
[1:52:12] <val_hny> @leonabird yes!
[1:53:53] <val_hny> here comes the torture of "look at your [robbed] protocol and tell us how you feel"
[1:54:01] <anjaheyheyhey> the robbery report ...
[1:54:07] <yuzuyokoi> Yeah, kinda messed up to ask him to do that
[1:54:14] <julia3331207> He is in Sendai in Miyagi prefecture near the focus of this earthquick、but 55 kilo meter under ground in the sea。
[1:54:14] <yuzurella> @julia3331207 Thank heaven! I really hope Yuzu and his family are alright.
[1:54:19] <hiitachins> wow the goe......
[1:54:20] <yuzuuwuu> I want to 🤢
[1:54:29] <yuzulegend> @julia3331207 <3 <3 <3 we can't help but to worry, so many people must have feel so afraid and this brings so many sad memories. On the other hand, is such a relief that there is no warning of a Tsunami this time and that people are fine, beside the shock of it!
[1:54:31] <937314214> BibleThump
[1:55:03] <saltatoryconduction> IK said 30+ were reportedly injured between Fukushima and Miyagi BibleThump
[1:56:11] <937314214> 😥🙁
[1:56:24] <armyfanyu7> : ( hope for everyone's speedy recovery
[1:56:33] <armyfanyu7> and thank you all for the updates
[1:57:22] <leonabird> @anjaheyheyhey he is too elegant and respectful fo the rules to say something
[1:57:41] <hiitachins> eh it is said that today's earthquake is the aftershock of 2011 earthquake?
[1:58:20] <leonabird> the sad part is that he respects the rules and the judges opinions, because he respects his sport. evenifISUdon't
[1:58:31] <937314214> :( BibleThump
[1:58:39] <anjaheyheyhey> @hiitachins i saw that but i don't get how it's possible after a decade?
[1:58:56] <agnes_saya> how cute ahahah
[1:58:58] <val_hny> @hiitachins what? omg is such a thing possible? like 10 years later... wow
[1:59:01] <alessandra_amel> @hiitachins yeah, I read that too from NY times. they are also preparing for any aftershocks. so our prayers are much needed 🙏
[1:59:17] <yuzunekozuu> @alessandra_amel oh my god//
[1:59:42] <armyfanyu7> exactly :( hopefully no more aftershocks and tsunami
[1:59:42] <937314214> :D
[1:59:43] <yaseinohana> yes and it could have others aftershocks for one week......
[1:59:49] <leonabird> JSF is sad that all the Golds of Japan comes from Sendai. Bravo for Arakawa and Hanyu!
[2:00:03] <937314214> 😰😥
[2:00:25] <armyfanyu7> @leonabird XD
[2:00:31] <alessandra_amel> no, sorry. correction: "He described Saturday night’s earthquake as itself an aftershock of the 2011 quake." so the magnitude was like the 2011 aftershocks
[2:00:43] <yuzulegend> @hiitachins its because back in 2011 the magnitude on 3.11 was 9.0 and worryingly 2 days before, there was an earthquake with magnitude 7.3, wich turned out to be a pre-shock.
[2:01:05] <~PlanetHanyu> @hiitachins yikes! :(
[2:01:10] <937314214> :(
[2:01:20] <armyfanyu7> aish : ( hopefully they would prepare just in case T_T
[2:01:31] <armyfanyu7> that's really disheartening :(
[2:01:40] <yuzulegend> Thats's why they are thinking, this time it could also be a pre-shock and a bigger earthquake might come in the next days.
[2:01:41] <~PlanetHanyu> universe give ppl in northern japan and yuzu a break please :(
[2:01:55] <val_hny> @hiitachins I was thinking abt that but was afraid to mention it.
[2:01:59] <yuzubun12> Oh nooo... :(
[2:02:01] <937314214> 😢😥😟
[2:02:11] <yaseinohana> Dear Sendai <3
[2:02:23] <yuzunekozuu> im so scared...
[2:02:37] <leonabird> @yuzulegend at least they can be prepared this time...
[2:02:44] <alessandra_amel> let's all just pray wholeheartedly 🙏
[2:03:22] <val_hny> hopefully they'll remember the lessons from the past
[2:03:38] <937314214> TearGlove
[2:03:40] <yuzuuwuu> @planethanyu yeah they’re barely recovering from 2011 ><
[2:04:01] <yuzuuwuu> And in the middle of a pandemic too
[2:04:35] <vanella96> Not to mention the 10 year anniversary since the earthquake is in less than a month
[2:04:36] <leonabird> yes, that's my worry. they can relocate people like a measure but the pandemic makes everythin complicated.
[2:05:34] <937314214> TearGlove
[2:05:43] <leonabird> but Japan and japanese people are very disciplined so I think they can do it without any problem
[2:06:57] <yuzulegend> @leonabird I hope everyone can prepare just in case the best they can, while the rest of the world pray so nothing happens and it stays just the today's earthquake!
[2:07:10] <leonabird> yes
[2:07:29] <937314214> yes same here but
[2:07:31] <yuzunekozuu> PLEASE omg I'm so worried.
[2:08:29] <leonabird> the video is on point. He always feel the support.
[2:08:42] <saltatoryconduction> Haru Yo Koi <3 This was the first version I watched.
[2:08:59] <saltatoryconduction> Oh gosh I hope there will be no more aftershocks
[2:09:00] <vanella96> This is the version I usually watch for rewatches
[2:09:01] <937314214> I know but
[2:09:02] <yuzuyokoi> Yuzu is always so thoughtful with his answers and comments, he truly cares
[2:09:41] <yuzuuwuu> I just pray it’s not pre-shocks..
[2:09:51] <leonabird> in my worry this it's so meaningful, universe send Haru yo Koi to calm our hearts.
[2:10:07] <937314214> 💔😥
[2:10:14] <yuzuuwuu> This is very calming indeed
[2:10:58] <alessandra_amel> yes, really hope it was just it and no more 😔
[2:11:36] <937314214> no noooo yuzuru hanyu master
[2:11:40] <val_hny> thank you so much, @PlanetHanyu
[2:11:51] <vanella96> Tysm!!!
[2:11:51] <hiitachins> thanks for the stream! 💛
[2:11:52] <alessandra_amel> thank you as always @planethanyu
[2:11:56] <yuzuyokoi> Thank you so much for this! It's the best part of my week <3
[2:11:56] <~PlanetHanyu> thank you for joining <3
[2:12:02] <sweetxoxheart> Thank you so much Planet Hanyu ❤️
[2:12:03] <heavenandearth1001> Thank you for streaming, Planet Hanyu <3
[2:12:03] <Mintysmellingmarkers> thank you :)
[2:12:08] <937314214> thanks you
[2:12:12] <yuzubun12> Thank you 🙏 as always
[2:12:12] <okagan2020> Thank you
[2:12:15] <yaseinohana> Thank you so much @PlanetHanyu <3 <3 <3
[2:12:16] <yuzurella> Thank you for the party!
[2:12:18] <leonabird> Thank you planet hanyu sorry for be a chatty box i was nervous
[2:12:18] <alessandra_amel> stay safe folks! wherever you are 😉
[2:12:19] <armyfanyu7> thank you! 💜💜
[2:12:21] <yuzunekozuu> Thanks for streaming <3
[2:12:23] <saltatoryconduction> Thank you so much for doing this every week <3
[2:12:25] <iceprinceyuzu> @planethanyu thank you for the streaming~
[2:12:30] <cutepets95> Thank you
[2:12:30] <yuzuuwuu> Thank you @planethanyu
[2:12:31] <yuzubun12> And for HYK 💕💐
[2:12:33] <yuzurella> Stay safe and healthy!
[2:12:36] <agnes_saya> Thank you so much! Please stay safe everyone!
[2:12:38] <jas0317k> Thank you
[2:12:43] <xiaoyu_1207> Thank you!
[2:12:46] <937314214> bye good night 💗
[2:12:48] <leonabird> Bye and thank you so much.Everyone take care.
[2:12:52] <albagrigori> thamkk you!!!
[2:12:59] <argonavigator> thank you once again @planethanyu !! #YuzuSkatingParty (twt haruyuzkoi) see you next week and lets pray for japan 🙏
[2:12:59] <yuzuuwuu> Stay safe and healthy everyone!
[2:13:00] <yuzurella> Have a great weekend! Bye!
[2:13:01] <albagrigori> ave a good day, everyone :3
[2:13:02] <fleabagpizza> thank you!!
[2:13:03] <nadjasakura> thanks for the stream take care of you all! see you!
[2:13:14] <esther793> thank you for the stream! :D
[2:13:25] <yaseinohana> Stay safe everyone and let's send prayers to Japan <3
[2:13:30] <937314214> bye
[2:13:34] <albagrigori> <3
[2:13:36] <~PlanetHanyu> stay safe everyone >3
[2:13:40] <~PlanetHanyu> <3*
[2:13:49] <julia3331207> Thank you! Do not be worried no died yet from earthquick this time!
[2:14:08] <937314214> I know
[2:14:17] <yuzulegend> Bye everyone!! sending hugs to everyone and all of our friends in Japan! Praying so nothing else will happen!!!
[2:14:35] <yuzuuwuu> Hope everyone is safe and healthy! And for Northern Japan, I hope everything will be safe. #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @m_art_)
[2:14:39] <937314214> ok
[2:14:41] <yuzulegend> @julia3331207 Stay safe!!!!!
[2:14:57] <yuzuuwuu> Stay safe @julia3331207
[2:15:34] <937314214> bye good night stay everyone
[2:16:26] <937314214> <3 <3 <3


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thanks for joining! here is the chat from saturday's stream!


[0:00:49] <marinaa_013> hiii
[0:00:50] <TwoXElle> Hi, hi! LadyLou here #YuzuSkatingParty :D :D
[0:00:55] <Anni_2607> Hi Everyone!
[0:00:57] <yuzuuwuu> Hii
[0:01:03] <yuzuwife> hiiii
[0:01:14] <ysssa_2001> Hello!!!
[0:01:29] <heavenandearth1001> Hello, all!
[0:01:30] <yuzulegend> Hi everyone!!!
[0:01:34] <argonavigator> KonCha
[0:01:35] <shuupah> hello
[0:01:36] <xiaoyu_1207> Hi everyone!
[0:01:37] <yuzuuwuu> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @m_art_)
[0:01:38] <gotvodka720> Hello!
[0:01:38] <heavenandearth1001> #YuzuSkatingParty (PerfectBoi on PH)
[0:01:41] <anjaheyheyhey> hello!!!
[0:01:42] <yuzulegend> Welcome to another party!
[0:01:54] <gotvodka720> #YuzuSkatingParty (melaniebg720 on Twitter)
[0:01:56] <okagan2020> Hello!
[0:01:58] <armyfanyu7> yaaay I've got quick wifi now mwahahaha
[0:02:04] <shuupah> #YuzuSkatingParty Twitter: shuupahbunny
[0:02:07] <~PlanetHanyu> hiiii
[0:02:10] <TwoXElle> today we cry BibleThump
[0:02:14] <xiaoyu_1207> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @XiaoYu09945810)
[0:02:17] <yuzuisart> #YuzuSkatingParty (my twitter : @yuzuisart )
[0:02:18] <argonavigator> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter : haruyuzkoi) helloooo~
[0:02:25] <Anni_2607> @PlanetHanyu Thank you for streaming
[0:02:28] <yuzuwife> #yuzuskatingparty (twitter: kittyurochka)
[0:02:32] <marinaa_013> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @angelmarynax)
[0:02:34] <brightondogwoods> #YuzuSkatingParty (ph: Brightondogwoods)
[0:02:37] <yuzulegend> @armyfanyu7 perfect then!
[0:02:38] <armyfanyu7> I'm early finally xD
[0:02:57] <armyfanyu7> @yuzulegend yaaas mwahahaha
[0:02:59] <yuzulegend> @brightondogwoods Hi there!!
[0:03:01] <cutepets95> Hello!
[0:03:03] <anjaheyheyhey> Hana ni nare! <3
[0:03:10] <wildswanyu> Hi everyone
[0:03:17] <calelisa0511> Hello everyone!!!
[0:03:31] <gotvodka720> One of my favorite EXs of his💕
[0:03:34] <yuzunekozuu> Hi !
[0:03:41] <yuzuyokoi> Hi everyone!
[0:03:45] <armyfanyu7> @planethanyu thank you for the updates on twt 🥺
[0:03:47] <calelisa0511> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: Eli0511)
[0:03:47] <menggows> BibleThump
[0:03:48] <TwoXElle> <3
[0:03:56] <Anni_2607> <3
[0:04:04] <gotvodka720> <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:04:08] <yuzurutheking> God I feel an emotional Saturday coming!! #YuzuSkatingParty @OOdriscoll1
[0:04:29] <nadjasakura> #YuzuSkatingParty TW: @nadja_hohnl Hi everyone!
[0:04:32] <TwoXElle> bb mushroom <3
[0:04:34] <pricessaugust> hi there #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @PrincezaAugust)
[0:04:54] <heyitsheunn> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw @heyitsheunn)
[0:04:59] <kkomiyu> hello everyone~
[0:05:02] <claudiaef> hii :)
[0:05:04] <yuzupoohsan> Hello! #YuzuSkatingParty twt: @tsukkinginamo
[0:05:06] <heyitsheunn> helloo!!!!
[0:05:08] <menggows> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @chanbaekbabie)
[0:05:23] <claudiaef> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: ClaudiaHF)
[0:05:24] <yuzugoat7323> Hello!
[0:05:34] <TwoXElle> White Legend BibleThump
[0:05:49] <raven_deidei> Hello <3
[0:05:59] <yuzunekozuu> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: YuzuNekozuu) thanks for streaming <3
[0:06:04] <heyitsheunn> white legend remains legendaryyy
[0:06:04] <TwoXElle> hi!
[0:06:30] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle hi my dear!
[0:06:43] <linaskho> Hi everyone! Happy weekend! #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: holina)
[0:06:46] <TwoXElle> @TwoXElle :) <3
[0:07:12] <yuzulegend> @linaskho hiii <3
[0:07:15] <yuzugoat7323> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @JaniceYeo5)
[0:07:38] <~PlanetHanyu> the cherry blossoms on his costume are so pretty *_*
[0:08:07] <TwoXElle> trivial comment: sleeves and wrists <3 serious comment: he's really living the lyrics here BibleThump
[0:08:26] <heyitsheunn> i really want to draw a fanart of him in hana ni nare costume TATTT
[0:08:38] <linaskho> This song is so good
[0:08:42] <yuzuuwuu> This song is so meaningful
[0:09:09] <soaring_guitar> #YuzuSkatingParty https://twitter.com/meixutea
[0:09:33] <ysssa_2001> someones cutting onions again BibleThump
[0:09:52] <yuzunekozuu> his eyes gleam
[0:10:20] <TwoXElle> awww <3 his friendship with Fumiya so lovely too
[0:10:20] <summersweetchild> Saturday means #YuzuSkatingParty and I love it (PH Sweetsummerchild)
[0:10:46] <yuzunekozuu> @heyitsheunn do it!
[0:11:18] <TwoXElle> (put some cap and scarf on Yuzu plz)
[0:11:32] <937314214> hi everyone 😥
[0:11:36] <TwoXElle> hi!
[0:11:41] <~PlanetHanyu> hi!
[0:11:57] <moka8808> when was this?
[0:12:08] <heyitsheunn> @heyitsheunn i will try uwu
[0:12:17] <fuzzywindy> the cutestttt 🥸
[0:12:54] <hapilemon> #YuzuSkatingParty <3 <3 HES SO CUTE! (PH @emergencyquad)
[0:12:57] <hiitachins> @moka8808 iirc 2013
[0:12:58] <TwoXElle> @moka8808 2012 and then it said feb 2013?
[0:13:07] <fuzzywindy> babyyy yuzuru
[0:13:13] <vevi12345> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @Eleanor36342)
[0:13:29] <TwoXElle> it was Yuzu's ex that season
[0:13:29] <polyesterhearts> hi ~ #YuzuSkatingParty (ph: polyesterheart)
[0:14:06] <hapilemon> i miss seeing him skate :(
[0:14:07] <937314214> 😥
[0:14:08] <TwoXElle> Hana wa Saku
[0:14:20] <kkomiyu> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: kkomiyu)
[0:14:20] <moka8808> same 😭
[0:14:21] <quad_axel> hello
[0:14:40] <Anni_2607> @hapilemon me too
[0:15:08] <TwoXElle> (the growl of his blades yasss)
[0:15:45] <937314214> yuzuru hanyu my love 😥😔
[0:15:59] <hapilemon> THATS OUR TWO TIME OLYMPIC CHAMP <333
[0:16:05] <fuzzywindy> zubarashiii
[0:16:13] <yuzuuwuu> I’m so happy that ice rink Sendai is ok now. TwitchUnity
[0:16:21] <TwoXElle> same <3
[0:16:29] <heyitsheunn> subarashiiii
[0:16:29] <937314214> :(
[0:16:48] <hapilemon> :(( aaaa he's done so much :(( he always gives funding and gives hope too
[0:17:04] <~PlanetHanyu> he's done so much indirectly T_T
[0:17:05] <kkomiyu> : ' (((
[0:17:12] <~PlanetHanyu> and also directly
[0:17:23] <heyitsheunn> he is a huge influence and hope to others ;;v;;
[0:17:44] <yuzulegend> @yuzuuwuu yes, so happy that the damage was minor!
[0:17:44] <937314214> 😥😔
[0:17:45] <hapilemon> truly! he always tells people to go to sendai / always gives money for their recovery (also in other places in japan)
[0:18:19] <TwoXElle> yeah, donating a lot and also keeping attention on the area + inspiring people + also boosting tourism <3
[0:18:20] <heyitsheunn> his influence is not only in japan but the whole world feels his message too
[0:18:21] <hapilemon> I MISS NANAMI SENSEI
[0:18:21] <yuzuuwuu> @yuzulegend yes. I’m so relieved.
[0:18:26] <iceprinceyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @IcePrinceYuzu)
[0:18:38] <937314214> TearGlove
[0:18:38] <hapilemon> @TwoXElle he uses his platform so wisely its so admirable!!
[0:18:53] <TwoXElle> lovely to see a behind the scene with him working with his previous coach <3
[0:18:54] <~PlanetHanyu> his skating gives hope to those who live in the affected areas too T_T
[0:19:01] <~PlanetHanyu> awwwwwwwwwwww
[0:19:05] <heyitsheunn> ahhh the meaning between the actions TATTT
[0:19:21] <blueflame1418> Hello! Happy #YuzuSkatingParty tw: @virprisha
[0:19:23] <hapilemon> @PlanetHanyu <333 it's so heartwarming to see people so moved by his performance
[0:19:31] <937314214> :(
[0:19:52] <hapilemon> what is he doing w his wrist
[0:19:53] <TwoXElle> Nanami really helped him pursuing a kind of skating that expresses emotions.. and awwww meeting his friend again <3 :D
[0:19:53] <hapilemon> HAAHAH CUTIE
[0:20:01] <yuzuyokoi> OMG his flappy wrists so cute
[0:20:10] <~PlanetHanyu> flexible
[0:20:14] <iamlaiza_hime11> Omg!!!! Baby yuzu so cute!!!
[0:20:15] <hapilemon> omg my legs hurt watching that
[0:20:27] <yuzugoat7323> me too!
[0:20:50] <937314214> :( TwitchUnity
[0:20:53] <hapilemon> this skating party rlly be making me miss yuzu harder than ever aaah
[0:21:16] <gotvodka720> Missing Yuzu hours😭💕
[0:22:13] <937314214> yuzuru hanyu I miss him so much I cry for him
[0:22:31] <iamlaiza_hime11> I started late.. 😭 this is the first time i am seeing this video too
[0:22:44] <mig_cef> He must destroy Chen!!! 🤘
[0:22:45] <hapilemon> his ina bauer >>>>
[0:22:55] <TwoXElle> the change to inside IB is so gorgeous...
[0:23:02] <linaskho> Sit spin!
[0:23:27] <TwoXElle> gosh his landing position is so gorgeous
[0:23:36] <hapilemon> it's so interesting to see him practice i love that he accounts for everything
[0:23:41] <hapilemon> true artist
[0:23:46] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:24:05] <iamlaiza_hime11> Our Yuzu is growing backwards.. he is a vampire.. 😂
[0:24:19] <hapilemon> omg same i base his age from his hairstyle
[0:24:24] <iamlaiza_hime11> I love him so much ❤️
[0:24:31] <hapilemon> if not ill be completly lost HAHAHAHA
[0:24:36] <~PlanetHanyu> yuzu 2A!
[0:24:39] <hapilemon> I MISS PAGANINI !!! such a beautiful program
[0:24:48] <mig_cef> Chen looks stiff next to Hanyu.
[0:24:53] <heyitsheunn> ahhhh baby yuzu uwu
[0:25:05] <armyfanyu7> @hapilemon lol xD
[0:25:22] <937314214> 😥💔
[0:25:29] <TwoXElle> AHHHH NOTO-SAN!!!
[0:25:36] <heyitsheunn> legend skating to paganini who is also a legend
[0:25:45] <hapilemon> this made me emotional :((
[0:25:50] <okagan2020> :( :( :(
[0:25:58] <hapilemon> im so happy ppl really helped him so he can continue skating
[0:26:04] <quad_axel> notosan just posted a photo of him on ig
[0:26:12] <TwoXElle> Noto-san truly watched Yuzu grow for along time...
[0:26:13] <hapilemon> OH THE BOMBER JACKET
[0:26:19] <hapilemon> superior fit
[0:26:19] <937314214> 😥
[0:26:33] <TwoXElle> WL BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:26:50] <hapilemon> remember when he said he prolly wouldnt have continued skating if it weren't for this show :(((((
[0:26:53] <hapilemon> BYE IM SO SAD
[0:26:56] <hapilemon> im so proud of him
[0:26:57] <TwoXElle> yeah
[0:27:13] <937314214> no that
[0:27:16] <yuzulegend> oh Yuzu, so many hardships...and he only grew stronger.
[0:27:24] <blueflame1418> ah.. what the skating world would be without him? im glad he continues skating
[0:27:27] <hapilemon> he always keeps rising! such a great role model
[0:27:48] <hapilemon> even with the pandemic, he's handling it really well and he also uses his voice to raise awareness abt it! <3333 i love he
[0:28:04] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:28:33] <TwoXElle> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:29:06] <iamlaiza_hime11> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: iamlaiza_hime11
[0:29:44] <iamlaiza_hime11> He deserves all the love in the world. ❤️
[0:29:46] <hapilemon> <333333 he's so inspiring
[0:29:47] <yuzunekozuu> woah the details in his programs
[0:29:54] <hapilemon> right his mind...
[0:30:00] <hapilemon> 100 pcs me thinks
[0:30:09] <yuzunekozuu> @hapilemon totally
[0:30:09] <yuzulegend> every movement has a meaning. Amazing.
[0:30:18] <TwoXElle> the care he put into the performance <3
[0:30:21] <hapilemon> omg i got goosebumps
[0:30:25] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:30:25] <hapilemon> its just the first second...
[0:30:30] <hapilemon> brb crying
[0:30:35] <iamlaiza_hime11> He is just so pretty!
[0:30:38] <armyfanyu7> imagine being that flower 😔
[0:30:55] <iamlaiza_hime11> An angel was given to the world!
[0:30:58] <hapilemon> he's so graceful i cant believe he never took ballet / dance lessons
[0:31:11] <937314214> no that no 😥😟💔
[0:31:18] <heyitsheunn> he did took some hip hop if i remember well-
[0:31:37] <hapilemon> omg that boyfriend by justin bieber video!! cutie
[0:31:45] <hapilemon> oh that spin is heavenly
[0:32:07] <hapilemon> every time i see his ina bauer my lifespan increases by 10 years
[0:32:09] <937314214> 😥💔
[0:32:10] <iamlaiza_hime11> I am not sure, but this rink looks like the one for his gum CM
[0:32:21] <heyitsheunn> ahhh i love this song and yuzu's skating is just magically beautiful
[0:32:24] <anjaheyheyhey> his skating is so refined, at such a young age!!! T__T
[0:32:32] <heyitsheunn> the beauty goes with each other
[0:32:37] <yuzulegend> @iamlaiza_hime11 it is the same one. It's the Sendai ice rink
[0:32:38] <yuzunekozuu> liquid diamond
[0:32:41] <heyitsheunn> that ina bauer
[0:32:54] <937314214> TearGlove BibleThump
[0:33:04] <yuzugoat7323> always moved by his performances
[0:33:11] <yuzubun12> Hi
[0:33:21] <iamlaiza_hime11> @yuzulegend thanks, its lights off so i am curious
[0:33:21] <heyitsheunn> TearGlove TearGlove TearGlove TearGlove
[0:33:22] <hapilemon> AH THAT 3A
[0:33:23] <heyitsheunn> hiii
[0:33:25] <hapilemon> beautiful
[0:33:42] <TwoXElle> the walley too... placement of every element to the music...so moving...the change of edge for the IB, the jumps....
[0:33:59] <hapilemon> he truly is a complete figure skater ... everything is just so beautifully done
[0:34:09] <937314214> :( BibleThump
[0:34:10] <yuzubun12> Hana wa saku 💕
[0:34:18] <hapilemon> hydroblade <3 <3 <3
[0:34:20] <yuzulegend> @iamlaiza_hime11 at that time there was still painted in blue and yellow, now it's mostly black.
[0:34:33] <hapilemon> oh to be a flower held by yuzuru hanyu
[0:34:44] <argonavigator> :( :( :(
[0:34:48] <937314214> BibleThump TearGlove
[0:34:49] <TwoXElle> bawling
[0:34:56] <yuzugoat7323> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:34:58] <hapilemon> crying yuzu thats so GOOD :(((
[0:35:11] <hapilemon> no, thank YOU so much!!!
[0:35:11] <iamlaiza_hime11> @yuzulegend oh i see, have you been to sendai ice rink? I want to go there too
[0:35:12] <heyitsheunn> ahhh his expression TTAT
[0:35:35] <937314214> :(
[0:35:38] <hapilemon> his smile <3 <3 <3
[0:35:44] <heyitsheunn> TearGlove
[0:36:15] <yuzunekozuu> so gentle, just him being himself
[0:36:20] <hapilemon> i love he !!!!!!
[0:36:20] <iamlaiza_hime11> You can have my ❤️ Yuzuru
[0:36:22] <yuzuyokoi> His skating gives hope to so many people, he's really just so special <3
[0:36:29] <quad_axel> TwitchUnity
[0:36:36] <937314214> his my love yuzuru hanyu
[0:36:50] <TwoXElle> so intense...gentle, but intense
[0:36:57] <heyitsheunn> he is so strong and he gives other power <3
[0:37:14] <hapilemon> aw it's 12 am here i have to sleep now :(( good night everyone and enjoy!!! (also thank you so much for the stream!!!)
[0:37:15] <yuzulegend> @iamlaiza_hime11 Saddly not yet, as my plans for 2020 were ruined to go to Japan!
[0:37:33] <heyitsheunn> @hapilemon good night! have a nice sleep!
[0:37:34] <TwoXElle> @hapilemon good night :)
[0:37:41] <yuzulegend> @hapilemon good night!!!!
[0:37:44] <hapilemon> <3 <3 <3
[0:37:45] <armyfanyu7> @hapilemon goodnight!
[0:37:58] <armyfanyu7> it's almost 12 am here too
[0:37:58] <yuzunekozuu> @hapilemon oyasumi!
[0:38:07] <yuzunekozuu> @armyfanyu7 samee
[0:38:31] <937314214> TearGlove TwitchUnity
[0:38:38] <heyitsheunn> it is just half past 10pm at mine lol
[0:39:03] <agnes_saya> Hiii everyoneeeee
[0:39:04] <misscynthiat> What was the name of that video where Yuzuru visited the school gym?
[0:39:17] <agnes_saya> Omg his hair was sooo shortt
[0:39:33] <yuzulegend> @agnes_saya hi there!
[0:39:38] <TwoXElle> h24 tv
[0:39:51] <heyitsheunn> 2014-ish yuzu is so cute TwitchUnity
[0:39:57] <agnes_saya> Omg hoodie
[0:39:59] <heyitsheunn> @agnes_saya hi!!
[0:40:07] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:40:08] <TwoXElle> oh this is where the hoodie yuzu cames from XD
[0:40:09] <marinaa_013> hiii again!!! <3<3<3
[0:40:15] <anjaheyheyhey> @misscynthiat idk the name of the school, the place was Naraha, Fukushima (We'll play that video today too!)
[0:40:45] <misscynthiat> @anjaheyheyhey Okay, thanks!
[0:40:58] <TwoXElle> RJ1!
[0:41:32] <937314214> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:41:36] <agnes_saya> This video hurts so much T.T
[0:41:47] <TwoXElle> ;____;
[0:41:59] <yuzunekozuu> Help im cryin
[0:42:01] <heyitsheunn> this proves that he has became stronger
[0:42:05] <yuzurutheking> oh god my heart ...❤ R&J 1 so much @OOdriscoll1 #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:42:15] <heyitsheunn> im trying not to cry...
[0:42:17] <yuzugoat7323> so painful...
[0:42:30] <yuzugoat7323> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:42:35] <937314214> I fell in cry for him away
[0:43:07] <TwoXElle> :( :( :(
[0:43:40] <yuzunekozuu> he is the hope
[0:43:53] <TwoXElle> such an heavy burden for a 16yo...
[0:44:08] <heyitsheunn> i remember i was a kid when this happened, the disaster was so severe that even in my country it was the hottest news... it was totally a very horrible disaster
[0:44:33] <yuzugoat7323> 💜RJ1 💜
[0:44:42] <937314214> 😥💔
[0:44:47] <TwoXElle> Nebelhorn!
[0:44:59] <heyitsheunn> yuzu is the hope himself, that was so strong of a 16y.o to stay strong and determine like that
[0:45:26] <henni147> Hello everyone :)
[0:45:35] <TwoXElle> @henni147 hi!! :D
[0:45:41] <heyitsheunn> @henni147 hiiiii
[0:46:02] <yuzuyokoi> What year did Yuzu go to TCC? I can't remember
[0:46:13] <yuzunekozuu> 2012?\
[0:46:13] <anjaheyheyhey> summer 2012
[0:46:15] <~PlanetHanyu> 2012
[0:46:16] <cutepets95> 2012 IIRC
[0:46:16] <heyitsheunn> 2012
[0:46:16] <937314214> :( :( :( :(
[0:46:20] <yuzuyokoi> Thanks :)
[0:46:33] <TwoXElle> @yuzuyokoi that year (2012), after Nice WC
[0:46:34] <yuzuuwuu> Yuzu with glasses
[0:46:37] <heyitsheunn> glasses yuzu !!!
[0:46:40] <yuzuuwuu> 😍
[0:47:00] <nadjasakura> hi henni!
[0:48:01] <937314214> :( :( :(
[0:48:19] <yuzurutheking> wild hair Yuzu 💞
[0:48:26] <TwoXElle> ok but his final pose in RJ2 now always makes me think about him wishing fans would make an edit with his gesture in PyeongChang XD
[0:48:38] <yuzunekozuu> I love his floofy hair haha
[0:48:45] <937314214> my heart goes I am fall down myself
[0:48:49] <yuzurutheking> it's all in his calculations @twoxelle
[0:48:56] <yuzuuwuu> 😭😭
[0:48:59] <TwoXElle> @yuzurutheking of course :D
[0:49:13] <yuzunekozuu> This was a really painful period for Yuzu.......
[0:49:25] <yuzubun12> :(
[0:49:44] <937314214> 😔💔
[0:49:47] <yuzurutheking> me too @yuzunekozuu .....this must be pre two tonne of hairspray days!!!😉😉
[0:49:55] <TwoXElle> those visits were an experience for people there but also so good for Yuzu. Probably, healing
[0:50:16] <starlight_shining> late to the party, sorry
[0:50:27] <yuzurutheking> his delicate heart 🥺🥺🥺🥺
[0:50:27] <TwoXElle> hi!
[0:50:28] <yuzunekozuu> Good thing he moved on. If not this world wouldve lost a gem
[0:50:36] <yuzulegend> @starlight_shining it's never late!! Welcome my dear¨
[0:50:52] <937314214> l am sorry that
[0:51:06] <TwoXElle> gosh ;______;
[0:51:13] <starlight_shining> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH vd_ turnan)
[0:51:19] <yuzurutheking> you look so handsome...cue mortified Yuzu
[0:51:30] <starlight_shining> damn cleaning took too long
[0:51:40] <~PlanetHanyu> loveee these glasses
[0:51:53] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:51:56] <linaskho> 😢 this convo with this man is so sad
[0:52:00] <yuzuuwuu> Must’ve been really hard for him
[0:52:03] <avtoreen> why does in the present day he rarely showed up with glasses anymore ;-;
[0:52:06] <starlight_shining> poor Yuzu 😭
[0:52:20] <saltatoryconduction> Poor boy was having such survivor's guilt :,,,,,((
[0:52:23] <misscynthiat> I know Yuzuru was really feeling so guilty enough to want to alleviate their pain.
[0:52:31] <yuzurutheking> does he wear contacts now @avtoreen
[0:52:46] <937314214> my love yuzuru hanyu
[0:52:52] <yuzulegend> poor Yuzu, so hard for him.
[0:53:12] <~PlanetHanyu> i thought he said contacts were too dry on the ice or something? idr
[0:53:16] <~PlanetHanyu> but maye he just doesn't wear anything
[0:53:27] <~PlanetHanyu> you dont need 20/20 vision to skatE? XD
[0:53:40] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:53:44] <henni147> The reactions of the kids are so adorable.
[0:53:53] <misscynthiat> Even a decade later that event still haven't left anyone's mind back in Japan. Especially not Yuzuruas.
[0:54:16] <misscynthiat> Yuzuru's
[0:54:17] <TwoXElle> Yuzu hearing pistol pose for the first time or something XD
[0:54:23] <yuzurutheking> how does he see on ice.....maybe he got his sight fixed! or maybe he mainly needs them for reading!
[0:54:25] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:54:28] <~PlanetHanyu> same, kids, same
[0:54:31] <yuzulegend> @henni147 Yes, I'm sure this was so nice for him and made him feel better and happy he visited them!!
[0:54:34] <starlight_shining> i think he might wear contact sometime, i've seen him rub his eyes like that after some skates
[0:54:44] <jinx3a> So cute
[0:54:47] <yuzuuwuu> And the fact that the aftershocks happened few days ago
[0:54:52] <misscynthiat> Does he have sight problems?
[0:55:07] <937314214> I fell in love him yuzuru hanyu I am eating and watching
[0:55:08] <yuzurutheking> those teenage girls are ......all.of us.....🤦♀️🤦♀️🤦♀️🤦♀️
[0:55:16] <avtoreen> @yuzuuwuu somehow today
[0:55:36] <henni147> Yes, the recent earthquake must have been terrible. Especially so close to the sad 3-11 anniversary...
[0:55:38] <yuzurutheking> he's short sighted as far as i know @misscynthiat
[0:55:39] <avtoreen> ah sorry i clicked the enter button
[0:55:41] <yuzubun12> Awww
[0:55:43] <yuzuyokoi> Imagine if Yuzu showed up at your school or job out of nowhere like that lol. I'd die
[0:55:46] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:55:57] <starlight_shining> @yuzurutheking I wish! they got to talk to him 😊
[0:56:26] <misscynthiat> I am the same but I can't wear contacts. Couldn't even put them over my eyes when I explored that option.
[0:56:31] <linaskho> So glad that he came to the realization that he is making so many people happy
[0:56:34] <yuzurutheking> @starlight_shining i meant the uncontrolled......screaming!!🙉🙉🙉
[0:57:06] <agnes_saya> I can't stop crying.
[0:57:13] <iamlaiza_hime11> You have helped me too Yuzuru
[0:57:15] <yuzuuwuu> @agnes_saya same
[0:57:25] <iamlaiza_hime11> And we love R&J too
[0:57:38] <yuzuuwuu> I hope he knows that he has helped so many people, directly or indirectly
[0:57:52] <starlight_shining> @yuzurutheking i know 😊 just wish I had that chance
[0:57:56] <yuzuuwuu> Even now. TwitchUnity
[0:58:06] <TwoXElle> I love the aestethics of skating in intimate, foggy rinks..
[0:58:07] <filed_under> wow
[0:58:21] <agnes_saya> I've never watched this documentary, it's so painful
[0:58:30] <heyitsheunn> yuzuru, your message has reached so many of us, thank you, stay strong <3
[0:58:36] <yuzubun12> So beautiful
[0:58:40] <misscynthiat> Such raw emotion.
[0:58:44] <avtoreen> suddenly i remembered Vincent Zhou's RnJ we talked last week. Sorry to ruin the mood guys 😂
[0:59:11] <heyitsheunn> the feelings were so raw....
[0:59:13] <~PlanetHanyu> yuzu always steps up to become the beacon of light in a disaster. he's so strong T_T
[0:59:16] <yuzunekozuu> I had been q depressed for some time until I stumbled upon him a few years back. I still am now, but a lot better. I think I owe him a life or smth like that
[0:59:21] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:59:27] <yuzulegend> Gorgeous Yuzu! Always so elegant and powerful at the same time!
[0:59:38] <yuzunekozuu> RJ1 is so powerful!
[0:59:45] <anjaheyheyhey> can i just say, yuzuru never skating the washed up david version of r&j 2.0 in EXs speaks volumes about his amazing taste, oops xD
[1:00:11] <agnes_saya> He had, he has, such a strong mind, he could compete at high level even all this bad, guilty thoughts and feelings inside
[1:00:11] <yuzuuwuu> Hmmm I just realized so the scream we heard in worlds 2012 is actually his scream? I thought it’s the song
[1:00:12] <saltatoryconduction> @anjaheyheyhey I agree with you XD
[1:00:16] <TwoXElle> the 3S... I alwasy expect to see it landed like in Nice, so I'm surprised wen instead it's landed well XD
[1:00:22] <937314214> I believe that
[1:00:36] <misscynthiat> Standing ovation well learned!
[1:00:44] <yuzuuwuu> Well deserved
[1:00:45] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzuuwuu Yes! He did say in an interview smth like "Romeo screamed and I screamed too"
[1:00:47] <misscynthiat> well-earned
[1:00:51] <agnes_saya> I couldn't deal all this pressure and bad feelings and compete in a good way
[1:01:06] <~PlanetHanyu> at least hte people on sendai/tohoku appreciate him <3
[1:01:15] <saltatoryconduction> The people crying in the audience, same :''''''
[1:01:16] <heyitsheunn> he did scream lol and that was the coolest thing i've ever witness
[1:01:26] <937314214> I believe myself and for yuzuru hanyu be strong yourself my love
[1:01:36] <heyitsheunn> standing ova well deserved
[1:01:39] <linaskho> I don’t even know how RJ1 is supposed to look like because I only watch the Nice version with the fall 😅
[1:01:39] <yuzuuwuu> @saltatoryconduction ahh I’ve always thought it’s not audible lol
[1:02:05] <heyitsheunn> thank you yuzu, we felt your message <3 now it's our turn to show our support to you!
[1:02:09] <yuzubun12> His heart, his message , his reason for skating - he radiates beauty in and out
[1:02:20] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:02:30] <misscynthiat> @yuzuuwuu I meant to say well-earned, but autocorrect is a bitch!
[1:02:32] <heyitsheunn> yuzuru is beauty personified
[1:02:42] <937314214> 🙏😔
[1:02:51] <yuzubun12> Reason 22234599 on how to not unstan yuzuru
[1:02:54] <yuzuuwuu> Lol @misscynthiat I understand
[1:03:10] <937314214> I understand
[1:03:16] <misscynthiat> thanks @yuzuuwuu
[1:03:22] <TwoXElle> @linaskho nooo why do watch all the other versions <3 of course they're different, the feel in Nice was just differetn, but it's a lovely program all around (also his reaction after gpf RJ1 was cute)
[1:03:23] <saltatoryconduction> "This rink is where this program was born" I'm not crying
[1:03:32] <yuzuuwuu> How people dislike him I will never understand
[1:03:35] <yaseinohana> Hi everyone ! just coming in at last for such a Marvel 💗😭💗 Thank you for streaming @planethanyu ! #YuzuSkatingParty ( PH Yasei no Hana) ARIGATO YUZURU 💗🌸
[1:03:46] <TwoXElle> Hi!!!
[1:04:03] <937314214> thanks you yuzuru hanyu my heart
[1:04:07] <heyitsheunn> while recalling this moment (no im not crying)
[1:04:12] <~PlanetHanyu> one sec
[1:04:14] <heyitsheunn> and hii!
[1:04:14] <~PlanetHanyu> loading more vids
[1:04:20] <yuzubun12> @yuzuuwuu exactly
[1:04:22] <agnes_saya> Don't worry!
[1:04:35] <yuzubun12> Hi
[1:04:37] <TwoXElle> all right!
[1:04:38] <937314214> BibleThump
[1:04:41] <yuzuuwuu> Hi hi
[1:04:44] <saltatoryconduction> @linaskho I watch the GPF and Jnats version too from time to time. From the GPF version I remember the BESP commentator going "wrap him up in cotton wool" after he finished because he was just so precious
[1:04:48] <agnes_saya> oh almost forgot
[1:04:54] <yuzunekozuu> hi!
[1:05:11] <heyitsheunn> @linaskho woah do you have the link for the BESP? i haven't seen that yet
[1:05:20] <fayfalcon> Hello, long time no see
[1:05:26] <TwoXElle> hi!
[1:05:33] <agnes_saya> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: @agnes_pia_no
[1:05:48] <937314214> TwitchUnity
[1:06:40] <saltatoryconduction> @heyitsheunn https://youtu.be/CTYR946MPFU?t=328 right at the comment XD
[1:06:42] <fayfalcon> Can only spend around forty minutes with you, life’s busy now, sorry....
[1:07:18] <937314214> :D
[1:07:49] <nadjasakura> could make a bad joke about....
[1:07:58] <heyitsheunn> @saltatoryconduction thank youuuu
[1:08:10] <avtoreen> @fayfalcon Hope whatever your work today can be done quickly with no problems!
[1:09:28] <TwoXElle> oooh the NHK special <3
[1:10:07] <iamlaiza_hime11> Honestly Shizuka is so beautiful too. Majestic
[1:11:01] <TwoXElle> his no hands hydro!
[1:11:21] <yuzugoat7323> It's past 12am for me here..got to sleep now. Good night Everyone! Thank you for streaming @planethanyu 🥰😍
[1:11:26] <yaseinohana> 💗💗💗
[1:11:38] <yuzulegend> @yuzugoat7323 goodnight!!!
[1:11:39] <yuzunekozuu> @yuzugoat7323 goognights, sweet dreamss
[1:11:39] <TwoXElle> I had never seen this subbed/dubbed version
[1:11:46] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[1:11:54] <TwoXElle> @yuzugoat7323 good night! :)
[1:11:59] <yaseinohana> good night !
[1:12:02] <misscynthiat> @yuzugoat7323 good night!
[1:12:11] <buutbuutchibi> #yuzuskatingparty twt: buutbuutchibi
[1:12:20] <henni147> This is so lovely with the flowers
[1:12:29] <TwoXElle> I remember that the kid didn't exaclty followed instructions in handing the flower XD
[1:12:44] <937314214> 😳
[1:13:06] <iamlaiza_hime11> @twoxelle must be nervous, after all she is giving it to an angel
[1:13:11] <heyitsheunn> @yuzugoat7323 good nighttt
[1:13:28] <937314214> :D
[1:13:42] <TwoXElle> @iamlaiza_hime11 I mean, I don't blame the poor girl :)
[1:13:58] <yuzubun12> :D
[1:14:48] <iamlaiza_hime11> @twoxelle i know. 🤣 if its me, i might do so badly
[1:15:13] <937314214> 🤣🤣🤣😋
[1:15:16] <TwoXElle> Yuzu is soooo graceful gosh
[1:15:22] <yaseinohana> 😭🌸
[1:15:28] <anjaheyheyhey> really a flower!!
[1:15:30] <heyitsheunn> wait who is skating with yuzu?
[1:15:37] <agnes_saya> Shizuka toooooo
[1:15:42] <937314214> :D
[1:15:45] <saltatoryconduction> @heyitsheunn Shizuka
[1:15:48] <anjaheyheyhey> Shizuka, Akiko Suzuki, Takeshi Honda
[1:15:56] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle right?!!! It made me thing about the ending of CwW where he outperformed everyone!
[1:15:59] <heyitsheunn> thank you ^^
[1:16:07] <heyitsheunn> ah they are so graceful
[1:16:08] <937314214> me too
[1:16:32] <yaseinohana> this ex is so pure 💗
[1:16:39] <yuzubun12> Akiko 💕
[1:16:49] <TwoXElle> @TwoXElle yeah.... Akiko and Shizuka are plenty graceful themselves, but somehow the way he moves just feels otherwordly graceful, and natural
[1:16:53] <heyitsheunn> this ex is the epitome of pure hope
[1:17:00] <linaskho> So beautiful
[1:17:07] <937314214> ;)
[1:17:20] <yuzulegend> his expression is so precious!!
[1:17:24] <saltatoryconduction> I love it when he skates while mouthing the words of the song.
[1:17:34] <TwoXElle> Yuzu saying arigatou to the kid when she gives him the flower :D
[1:17:38] <fayfalcon> I adore this number, I love it to bits
[1:17:40] <soaring_guitar> so beautiful so graceful
[1:17:44] <heavenandearth1001> beaming boy. so gorgeous <3
[1:17:45] <yaseinohana> aaahhh Thank youuuu 🌸🙏💗
[1:17:47] <TwoXElle> look at that smile!!!!
[1:17:50] <937314214> :D
[1:17:51] <yuzubun12> 💐
[1:17:59] <avtoreen> Soooo beautiful <3
[1:18:17] <starlight_shining> that song alway makes me cry
[1:18:27] <yuzurutheking> me too @saltatoryconduction
[1:18:28] <heyitsheunn> ahhh the smilesTATTT
[1:18:38] <937314214> :)
[1:19:03] <~PlanetHanyu> oh wait
[1:19:04] <~PlanetHanyu> one sec
[1:19:11] <~PlanetHanyu> no subs
[1:19:18] <agnes_saya> oh right
[1:19:25] <TwoXElle> oops
[1:19:37] <937314214> oops
[1:19:57] <~PlanetHanyu> i think handbrake is very unreliable for me haha
[1:19:58] <TwoXElle> btw this is the most recent WL, and has some really awesome sittwizzles <3
[1:20:01] <~PlanetHanyu> it only sometimes works
[1:20:17] <TwoXElle> it's ok <3
[1:20:21] <avtoreen> Its alright, thank you for the streaming, PH! (#YuzuSkatingParty PH: Avt)
[1:20:30] <yaseinohana> Thanks 🙏
[1:20:33] <iamlaiza_hime11> @planethanyu take your time ☺️
[1:20:41] <TwoXElle> Haru yo koi, right?
[1:20:53] <TwoXElle> no wait, Swan?
[1:20:54] <937314214> :D
[1:21:13] <heavenandearth1001> another sensei who doesn't age
[1:21:18] <saltatoryconduction> Mami-sensei <3
[1:21:26] <937314214> :/
[1:21:29] <nadjasakura> honestly... his skating is a language of its own - subs only need for the others who speaks ;-)
[1:21:31] <TwoXElle> It was Disney on ice so it was Notte Stellata (I get all the 24htv mixed up oops)
[1:21:43] <TwoXElle> @nadjasakura true
[1:21:44] <937314214> :D
[1:21:49] <linaskho> Mami sense I looks the same now compared to 20 years ago...like HOW?
[1:22:38] <yuzuuwuu> Skating asmr
[1:22:41] <TwoXElle> ahhhhhhhhhh Seimeiiiii when filmed form rinkside it's even more gorgeous, you see the full speed he has <3
[1:22:41] <heavenandearth1001> oh... to be one of these kids... so lucky <3
[1:23:36] <TwoXElle> LOL "I'm in the bath" XD
[1:23:51] <saltatoryconduction> baby yuzu uwu
[1:24:02] <yuzuyokoi> He gets shy when others compliment him lol
[1:24:10] <heyitsheunn> im in the bath sksk it would make me more embarassed
[1:24:27] <avtoreen> i tend sleep 2 time more than the others, it's that counted? 😂
[1:24:27] <heyitsheunn> yess effort does pay off
[1:24:27] <yaseinohana> awwww ❤️
[1:24:32] <saltatoryconduction> OK I'm gonna cry
[1:24:32] <TwoXElle> I love when his previous coaches share things about bb Zu and i love that he seems to be in such good relationship with all of them <3 <3
[1:24:49] <saltatoryconduction> He cry :.''''''
[1:24:57] <TwoXElle> awwwwww BibleThump BibleThump
[1:25:09] <heyitsheunn> the journaling and notes does help really much ;;v;;
[1:25:14] <starlight_shining> 💖💖💖
[1:25:14] <heyitsheunn> ahhh natsukashii...
[1:25:18] <agnes_saya> Awwwwwww
[1:25:25] <yuzuyokoi> What an amazing experience for those kids
[1:25:34] <agnes_saya> Omg the bath thing made me laugh
[1:25:37] <saltatoryconduction> This visit to Mami-sensei was after Saitama, wasn't it?
[1:25:51] <agnes_saya> @yuzuyokoi I agreeee
[1:25:52] <val_hny> This interview always bring me to tears😭
[1:26:28] <yuzuyokoi> I always remember to keep my tissue box close when it's time for this every week lol
[1:26:31] <TwoXElle> @saltatoryconduction wasn't it after PC? After Saitama there was HYK iirc, then last summer there was the sneak peek on his thesis instead...
[1:27:35] <TwoXElle> ahhhh Yuzuru bringing his two OGMs out just for children is so pure <3
[1:27:42] <saltatoryconduction> Yuzu is so naturally good with kids.
[1:27:52] <avtoreen> i love how he talked with the kids
[1:27:59] <misscynthiat> They are both so cute!!!!!!!!
[1:28:00] <yuzunekozuu> he's an angel
[1:28:15] <yuzuyokoi> He's just as cute as the little kids lol
[1:28:51] <yuzuyokoi> his giggle lol I could listen to it all day
[1:28:58] <yuzurutheking> his giggles melt my heart ❤
[1:29:10] <~PlanetHanyu> aww there are little skaters
[1:29:26] <yuzurutheking> same @yuzuyokoi
[1:29:40] <saltatoryconduction> They say when you talk to kids you have to get yourself to their level both physically (lower your body down) and content-wise. And Yuzu is so good in doing this.
[1:30:18] <heavenandearth1001> @saltatoryconduction he's a natural <)
[1:31:06] <misscynthiat> I actually wanted to see Memories of that day in here.
[1:31:09] <linaskho> He has such a kind heart ♥️
[1:31:17] <heavenandearth1001> the adults are just as excited as the kids. love it!
[1:31:27] <starlight_shining> that jump! <3 <3 <3
[1:31:29] <TwoXElle> @misscynthiat I think it's planned? @PlanetHanyu ?
[1:31:30] <heyitsheunn> awww the uniforms are really really beautiful
[1:31:46] <yuzurutheking> when we all wanted to be Kumamon!!
[1:32:09] <TwoXElle> ahhhh my dear WL <3 BibleThump
[1:32:11] <misscynthiat> I don't see it yet. i will keep watching
[1:32:13] <iamlaiza_hime11> I have never seen this video too
[1:32:21] <anjaheyheyhey> @misscynthiat we're playing it in another stream actually, it'll be "part 2" of this, one could say, to commemorate 3/11
[1:32:35] <misscynthiat> okay with me
[1:32:44] <TwoXElle> oh right
[1:33:05] <~PlanetHanyu> <3
[1:33:12] <heyitsheunn> white legend stucking in my head for like a whole month and it is not even out yet but yeah rent free
[1:33:27] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:33:41] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:33:45] <yuzulegend> hahaha those faces¨
[1:34:14] <TwoXElle> what a surprise
[1:37:23] <TwoXElle> it was also iirc his first skating appearance since Boston, right?
[1:37:30] <agnes_saya> Poor bear ahahah
[1:38:14] <misscynthiat> Sho sakurai's boy band ARASHI sang this at Disney in Tokyo before. I recognized it.
[1:38:33] <heyitsheunn> this song is so cute uwuuu
[1:38:42] <misscynthiat> he interviewed Yuzuru before on News Zero
[1:38:51] <agnes_saya> Disney music.... disney prince
[1:39:01] <~PlanetHanyu> lmao kumamon spinning slowly
[1:39:02] <iamlaiza_hime11> I wish i am that bear
[1:39:10] <TwoXElle> awwww with Kumamon :D the IB in Chopin costume!!!
[1:39:26] <heavenandearth1001> so cute. so pure!
[1:39:29] <TwoXElle> look at that smile again!
[1:39:38] <iamlaiza_hime11> Baby smiling
[1:39:42] <heyitsheunn> he be bursting in cuteness TTATT
[1:40:02] <TwoXElle> ;_______________;
[1:40:13] <TwoXElle> and I cry
[1:40:27] <heyitsheunn> ahhh white legend TATT
[1:40:29] <iamlaiza_hime11> Let me cry with you
[1:40:36] <heyitsheunn> we can cry together
[1:40:41] <starlight_shining> WL💖💖💖
[1:40:45] <iamlaiza_hime11> Triple cry?
[1:40:59] <heyitsheunn> someone wanna make it a quad cry?
[1:41:10] <yuzulegend> @iamlaiza_hime11 make it four! BibleThump
[1:41:15] <yuzuyokoi> *starts handing out tissues*
[1:41:17] <anjaheyheyhey> this was the first time i watched yuzu live (on a stream i mean!) after "discovering" him in summer 2016!!
[1:41:30] <agnes_saya> @iamlaiza_hime11 five
[1:41:39] <heyitsheunn> now it's a quintuple cry
[1:41:48] <~PlanetHanyu> @anjaheyheyhey the first time i saw him live was requiem in boston D:
[1:41:58] <iamlaiza_hime11> So its a quad cry @yuzulegend @heyitsheunn @twoxelle we should go to grand prix
[1:41:59] <anjaheyheyhey> @anjaheyheyhey T___T
[1:42:05] <TwoXElle> @iamlaiza_hime11 ouch ;_________________;
[1:42:05] <misscynthiat> I WANNA BURST INTO TEARS!!!!!!!!!!
[1:42:05] <agnes_saya> @anjaheyheyhey omg amazing
[1:42:16] <heyitsheunn> @iamlaiza_hime11 we totally will nail it
[1:42:18] <~PlanetHanyu> i was living in boston and was like "why not check out this figure skating competition"
[1:42:27] <agnes_saya> @PlanetHanyu omg
[1:42:29] <yaseinohana> OMG 😭😭💗
[1:42:33] <yuzunekozuu> @PlanetHanyu omg?!
[1:42:34] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:42:34] <iamlaiza_hime11> Quintiple? Wow., we bear our Yuzuru? Lol
[1:42:41] <iamlaiza_hime11> Beat
[1:43:06] <misscynthiat> YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!
[1:43:10] <agnes_saya> He is so beautiful T-T
[1:43:14] <TwoXElle> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump Kappa Kappa
[1:43:18] <misscynthiat> good job!
[1:43:28] <heyitsheunn> ahhhhhhhhhh BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:43:33] <TwoXElle> ooops sent wrong emoji, i wasn't looking while clicking LOLsob
[1:43:45] <heavenandearth1001> @agnes_saya you are so right. the face and the heart of an angel, indeed <3
[1:43:56] <heyitsheunn> @iamlaiza_hime11 he would try a six if he have the opportunity i mean-
[1:44:13] <TwoXElle> awwww Kumamon cute
[1:44:17] <agnes_saya> @heavenandearth1001 YEEEESSSS
[1:45:03] <TwoXElle> this had the gorgeous gorgeous and I mean gorgeous 4T...and the lovely white shirt
[1:45:05] <agnes_saya> Wrong age... he was 19 at sochi
[1:45:05] <polyesterhearts> lol
[1:45:26] <heyitsheunn> asthma attack must be really really hard
[1:45:33] <polyesterhearts> First time seeing him drop like this after a progran
[1:45:39] <neirgudetama> aww, sorry I'm late, can I still enter the party? also using neirgudetama in twitter 😅
[1:45:43] <agnes_saya> I can relate, I bring that thing always with me
[1:45:54] <heyitsheunn> @neirgudetama yeahhh join in the fest!
[1:46:22] <iamlaiza_hime11> That is a salbutamol puff right?
[1:46:23] <TwoXElle> gosh poor Yuzu, really struggle dwith breath before (and at 2019Nats it feelt very close to that ;__;)
[1:46:24] <yuzuuwuu> Uh now I’m worried about worlds
[1:46:28] <polyesterhearts> oh :(
[1:46:32] <TwoXElle> @iamlaiza_hime11 yeah
[1:46:43] <neirgudetama> tnx! thank god I saw the tweet
[1:46:55] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle sadly yes, I wonder if he will tell in the future.
[1:46:59] <iamlaiza_hime11> I am a nurse so I know 😭
[1:47:08] <agnes_saya> Omg I watched Boston fs I don't know how many times
[1:47:09] <henni147> This was a miracle skate in so many ways
[1:47:17] <heyitsheunn> @yuzuuwuu given that covid 19 really affect the lungs...
[1:47:20] <neirgudetama> best free skate ever
[1:47:21] <agnes_saya> Tracy's face aahahaahahahah
[1:47:39] <agnes_saya> @neirgudetama Totally agreee
[1:47:56] <TwoXElle> @TwoXElle with Brian's obscure words and yuzu's kinda lethargic practices too, it definitely felt there was more than "just" exhaustion due to all the travelling..
[1:47:58] <yuzuuwuu> Yep. And the fact that the bubble is so easy to burst
[1:48:37] <~PlanetHanyu> wow his mom looks so young
[1:48:43] <iamlaiza_hime11> There should be no Worlds
[1:49:13] <iamlaiza_hime11> The world must at all cost have to be vaccinated first
[1:49:22] <heyitsheunn> again the sea of flags from japan. what can he produce? right in fifth place, surely a medal is within his grasp if he can skate anywhere near his top form. yuzuru hanyu, the music hope and legacy
[1:49:34] <agnes_saya> Who doesn't look happy while talking about Yuzu?
[1:49:40] <heavenandearth1001> @iamlaiza_hime11 I wholeheartedly agree with you!
[1:50:04] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[1:50:05] <neirgudetama> agree, worlds is very dangerous, especially when other feds arent taking precautions seriously 😔
[1:50:05] <yuzunekozuu> I dont think Yuzu can take the vaccine.. his asthma
[1:50:43] <~PlanetHanyu> hahaha
[1:50:52] <yuzuyokoi> Luckiest kid in the world
[1:50:53] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzunekozuu hm i dont think it should be a problem?
[1:51:05] <iamlaiza_hime11> @heavenandearth1001 only Yuzuru thought of us, the healthcare team. I wish ISU think of us too 😭
[1:51:39] <TwoXElle> @yuzunekozuu more than that, he appeared to be allergic to a great deal of stuff the time he was hospitalized, entirely possible that vaccines could have some co-formulant that doesn't agree with him...
[1:51:42] <heyitsheunn> ahhhhh he is so sweett TATTT
[1:51:51] <yuzunekozuu> @yuzunekozuu not sure though, I heard that the vaccine can bring side effects to asthmatic patients:((
[1:51:54] <agnes_saya> Kawaiiiii
[1:51:59] <iamlaiza_hime11> @yuzunekozuu there are certain type of vaccine meant for certain people with some type of illness
[1:52:14] <yuzulegend> @yuzunekozuu There is a warning here in Switzerland for people who is extremely allergic, the vaccine might be dangerous for them.
[1:52:31] <agnes_saya> Under armour child
[1:52:43] <heavenandearth1001> @iamlaiza_hime11 I very much doubt if ISU thinks of anyone but themselves, though. Personally, though, I thank you for your service...
[1:52:46] <yuzunekozuu> @yuzunekozuu Yeahh thats what I'm worried of :((
[1:52:50] <yuzuyokoi> OMG he actually met with the kid, most people just say that and never do it. He's got such a good heart
[1:53:06] <TwoXElle> awwwwww
[1:53:16] <heyitsheunn> his heart connects people together TATTT
[1:53:39] <neirgudetama> yuzu isnt eligible for the vaccine coz he had experienced allergic reactions right? in my country, the news said that ppl with asthma, allergies, etc, is advised agao
[1:53:43] <iamlaiza_hime11> But in any case, a certain percentage of people need to receive a vaccine, to achieve what we called “herd immunity”. That is why the World must not proceed because the world itself haven’t achieved it yet.
[1:53:50] <937314214> :D
[1:53:51] <neirgudetama> against the vaccine
[1:53:53] <yuzuyokoi> Coach Yuzuuuuu He's so kind I'm crying
[1:53:56] <anjaheyheyhey> he turned down Mr. American Football player from CNN so swiftly~ hahahah
[1:53:58] <henni147> Anyway. What they call a bubble, is anything but a safe bubble. I don't want to believe that there is no alternative procedure to allocate the Olympic spots. At this point, Worlds is nothing but blackmailing.
[1:54:17] <cutepets95> @henni147
[1:54:19] <starlight_shining> he would actually be good at coaching
[1:54:27] <cutepets95> Oops @henni147 Exactly
[1:54:47] <soaring_guitar> maybe he will become coach in the fututre?
[1:55:11] <937314214> :D
[1:55:38] <heyitsheunn> cancel worlds is the best option since we don't have any extreme measures to protect the people yet.
[1:55:52] <937314214> yes
[1:56:01] <heavenandearth1001> agree!
[1:56:13] <agnes_saya> Awwwwww
[1:56:22] <starlight_shining> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:56:39] <neirgudetama> they should apply yuzu's thesis in regards to proper grading of jumls
[1:56:39] <TwoXElle> I think Yuzu wants to use his experience and studies to help other atheltes,so it's pretty likely he could try at coaching, maybe not as main coach but specialist, who knows...though sometimes successful athletes aren't good coaches, he seem to have nice attitude. I'd love to see him teach kids basics even more than I'd like him to train elite atheltes....
[1:56:55] <TwoXElle> why this intro LOL
[1:57:05] <iamlaiza_hime11> @heavenandearth1001 thank you. Honestly, i am fully vaccinated already. I need to.
[1:57:12] <agnes_saya> @TwoXElle criiingeeeee
[1:57:21] <yuzunekozuu> @heyitsheunn That's... near impossible...look at how ISU pushed worlds to happen... >-< i still hope that they will cancel it tho
[1:57:22] <neirgudetama> why la vida loca 🤣
[1:58:01] <TwoXElle> i love this shirt (even more after CiONTU day3 ending <3)
[1:58:12] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle yeah i think if you are really talented it may be hard to coach people because you dont have to think about how to do things as much as other less talented ppl
[1:58:30] <henni147> Is this the same top that he has worn in the finale of CiONTU?
[1:58:36] <TwoXElle> yep!
[1:58:44] <yaseinohana> yes
[1:58:47] <anjaheyheyhey> this guy seems like he'd be just an excellent choice for next faoi guest singer... #oops
[1:58:49] <~PlanetHanyu> i LOVE this top
[1:58:54] <yuzulegend> @henni147 YES
[1:59:01] <henni147> Thanks!
[1:59:04] <TwoXElle> @anjaheyheyhey savage XD XD
[1:59:06] <agnes_saya> @PlanetHanyu me tooooo
[1:59:10] <heyitsheunn> @heyitsheunn that is impossible in the circumstances we have now. ISU really played dirty on the skaters. i don't have much hope for them to cancel Worlds tho, since they barely listen to figure skating watchers...
[1:59:31] <TwoXElle> YASSS THAT JUMP YASSS
[1:59:34] <neirgudetama> whats this program
[1:59:40] <cutepets95> ISTG, if they are so insistent on Worlds happening, fix the rules before entering the bubble
[1:59:44] <iamlaiza_hime11> ISU doesn’t think @heyitsheunn sorry but not sorry..
[2:00:09] <iamlaiza_hime11> They are not the one who watched people goes in the hospital
[2:00:22] <yuzuuwuu> Well they think about $$$
[2:00:24] <TwoXElle> @cutepets95 yeah, the fight now is persuade them to make their "bubble" a little bit safer...
[2:00:27] <cutepets95> Because making skaters pay to quarrentine in Sweden before entering is serious a d mov
[2:00:30] <heyitsheunn> @iamlaiza_hime11 you state the facts so loud TTTATTT
[2:00:35] <cutepets95> *Move
[2:00:50] <heavenandearth1001> gorgeous jump
[2:00:52] <jinx3a> @heyitsheunn yeah I don’t think Isu will cancel unless forced but hopefully efforts will lead to more media pressure and scrutiny which will force them to up safety measures
[2:00:58] <937314214> :D
[2:01:03] <yuzunekozuu> did Canada change their ways of qualifying their athletes for Worlds?? I felt weird.
[2:01:05] <cutepets95> Considering how expensive living in Sweden is
[2:01:15] <neirgudetama> i love his ina bauer 🥰
[2:01:28] <iamlaiza_hime11> @heyitsheunn its the truth. I mean, i am there, i wear that bunny suit. And its so hard to wear 😭
[2:01:52] <neirgudetama> i want to be that kid sk b
[2:01:59] <TwoXElle> imagine watching yuzu rinkside skating a song specifically becuase you like it... wow
[2:02:13] <heyitsheunn> @jinx3a i really hope so too, because in no hell ISU's gonna cancel Worlds. they rlly need to think about lives more than money and stuff now
[2:02:19] <jinx3a> @yuzunekozuu no nats this year so not sure what they are gonna do
[2:02:20] <937314214> 😚
[2:03:00] <agnes_saya> Aahahahah
[2:03:03] <anjaheyheyhey> lol
[2:03:06] <starlight_shining> 😂
[2:03:09] <yuzunekozuu> @jinx3a Yeah.... previous SkateCan maybe?
[2:03:18] <TwoXElle> two more rotations LMAO Yuzu plz XD XD
[2:03:27] <heyitsheunn> @iamlaiza_hime11 😭😭 that was really hard, thank you really much for being on the health frontline!!! i can already imagine the heat and the difficulties TTATT
[2:03:28] <yuzulegend> Only Yuzu can say something like that to a child hahaha
[2:03:31] <jinx3a> Lol bb fan wearing Yuzu outfit
[2:03:31] <agnes_saya> Guyss I'm sorry, I have to go
[2:03:35] <yuzuuwuu> Hahaha
[2:03:47] <yuzuuwuu> Just add two more rounds
[2:03:49] <TwoXElle> @agnes_saya bye, take care :)
[2:03:55] <heyitsheunn> @agnes_saya ;;v;; goodbye, stay safe!
[2:03:57] <yuzuuwuu> Bye @agnes_saya
[2:04:00] <iamlaiza_hime11> @heyitsheunn thank you! Group hug for you
[2:04:06] <yuzunekozuu> @agnes_saya goodbye!
[2:04:07] <misscynthiat> @agnes_saya bye!
[2:04:13] <jinx3a> Bb
[2:04:18] <937314214> :D
[2:04:22] <heyitsheunn> @iamlaiza_hime11 virtual group hug to you too bc corona is dangerous
[2:04:28] <misscynthiat> Is that it?
[2:04:36] <misscynthiat> nope!
[2:04:39] <fayfalcon> The infamous add two more rotations quip
[2:04:46] <iamlaiza_hime11> Stay safe @agnes_saya
[2:04:52] <yuzulegend> @fayfalcon hihihi
[2:05:20] <TwoXElle> LOL the girl: hanyu kun?!????
[2:05:20] <agnes_saya> @iamlaiza_hime11 Thank youuuuuu
[2:05:27] <yuzuyokoi> Is this one a repeat?
[2:05:31] <agnes_saya> but maybe I'll stay a little more
[2:05:33] <937314214> :D
[2:05:49] <linaskho> This one we have watched already?
[2:05:53] <iamlaiza_hime11> I think this one was streamed awhile ago
[2:05:55] <~PlanetHanyu> oh did we see this already
[2:05:55] <agnes_saya> @iamlaiza_hime11 stay safe you too
[2:05:55] <~PlanetHanyu> ok
[2:05:56] <~PlanetHanyu> one sec
[2:05:57] <~PlanetHanyu> haha
[2:05:59] <heavenandearth1001> yup
[2:05:59] <neirgudetama> 🥰🧡🤍💙♥️💖 Yuzu loves kids so much
[2:06:23] <~PlanetHanyu> its out of order haha
[2:06:25] <TwoXElle> but we haven't seen NS and Disney on ice right? Or...
[2:06:25] <~PlanetHanyu> did we watch this one?
[2:06:25] <iamlaiza_hime11> @agnes_saya thank you.. i want my fellow fanyu to be safe
[2:06:34] <agnes_saya> @iamlaiza_hime11 awwwwwww
[2:06:45] <heavenandearth1001> not yet :)
[2:06:58] <yaseinohana> no it's the 2019 one 😭💗
[2:07:01] <marinaa_013> @PlanetHanyu nope
[2:07:02] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu we haven't watched HYK yet, but I don't remember Notte Stellata either? I'm not sure LOL
[2:07:08] <agnes_saya> Oh no. This is the worst HYK in the world
[2:07:17] <agnes_saya> That singer was terrible
[2:07:33] <heavenandearth1001> ohh, the cats....
[2:07:35] <yuzulegend> @agnes_saya but his skating was sublime!!
[2:07:48] <misscynthiat> cute kitty cat!
[2:07:50] <neirgudetama> the cat!!
[2:07:54] <937314214> :D
[2:08:06] <saltatoryconduction> @agnes_saya Wait isn't she Yumi Matsutoya, the composer of HYK?
[2:08:10] <agnes_saya> @agnes_saya Yuzu is always perfect, the problem was he singer
[2:08:12] <~PlanetHanyu> aww all the grandmas love yuzu
[2:08:13] <yuzuyokoi> Aww, Yuzu spreading hope wherever he goes
[2:08:19] <TwoXElle> @agnes_saya she was emotional, was crying while singing (objectively yeah, not a pleasant performance for one's ears, but...)
[2:08:29] <henni147> The skate itself was beautiful, though. Maybe my favorite besides HYK at Worlds and FaOI Shizuoka 2018.
[2:08:30] <yuzuyokoi> Yeah Yuzu + grannies = ultimate cuteness
[2:08:31] <yaseinohana> this 24h TV moved me so much😭💗
[2:08:33] <neirgudetama> I love this episode when I first watched it
[2:08:51] <cutepets95> I'm back. My laptop crashed
[2:08:55] <jinx3a> I love this performance too very emotional
[2:08:59] <neirgudetama> you can see that Yuzuru is very much loved by the people
[2:09:02] <heavenandearth1001> yup. grannies adore yuzu <3
[2:09:03] <TwoXElle> the berries!!!!
[2:09:14] <TwoXElle> still wanna taste them
[2:09:16] <937314214> :D VirtualHug
[2:09:17] <misscynthiat> he is like a light to the world
[2:09:36] <heyitsheunn> wanna taste the berries TATT
[2:09:44] <~PlanetHanyu> he's always so eloquent haha
[2:09:54] <anjaheyheyhey> @PlanetHanyu we haven't i think we still have the last 3 vids to watch
[2:10:09] <TwoXElle> I wonder how it compares to e.g. raspberries as taste....
[2:10:28] <neirgudetama> yuzu can start a food channel and I'll watch 👌
[2:10:28] <~PlanetHanyu> @anjaheyheyhey yeah that's what it looks like XD
[2:10:33] <heyitsheunn> i think it would be a mix of blueberries and grapes lol
[2:10:37] <yaseinohana> 💗💗💗
[2:10:58] <yuzunekozuu> @neirgudetama Even the people who knew him for one single minute leave a great impression of him. Happened to my friends and fam members when i inroduced him to them :)) Hanyu Power
[2:11:02] <yuzuyokoi> I love this segment so much, that granny is so sweet
[2:11:10] <agnes_saya> Seems so good
[2:11:14] <heyitsheunn> awwwwwwwww ><
[2:11:17] <misscynthiat> such a sweet segment!
[2:11:26] <937314214>
[2:11:30] <~PlanetHanyu> i want to try them
[2:11:36] <heyitsheunn> now im hungryu
[2:11:38] <yaseinohana> me too!!!
[2:11:43] <misscynthiat> I got to try them for a trip to Japan!
[2:11:45] <neirgudetama> aww yuzuru is so adored! this guy is the only person that I personally want to be adored by many ppl
[2:11:56] <heyitsheunn> ohhh is it nice? @misscynthiat
[2:11:57] <937314214> :D
[2:11:57] <marinaa_013> @heyitsheunn me too
[2:12:29] <agnes_saya> @heyitsheunn me toooooo
[2:12:30] <misscynthiat> @heyitsheunn haven't gone to Japan yet but I hope to.
[2:12:44] <okagan2020> Yumi Matsutoya is a composer of Ha ru yo Koi and Yuzu’s mother is a big fan of her so Yuzu said he was listening her songs since he’s baby
[2:12:49] <misscynthiat> it would be on the way from Canada to south Korea then Japan on the way.
[2:12:52] <agnes_saya> Poor Haru yo Koi T-T
[2:12:53] <~PlanetHanyu> i tried the zunda mochi and it was great :D
[2:12:56] <heyitsheunn> @misscynthiat ohh okay i hope you can visit japan someday!
[2:13:03] <agnes_saya> Poor Yuzu's ears
[2:13:05] <937314214> 😘
[2:13:08] <misscynthiat> saving my money!
[2:13:16] <neirgudetama> here it comes 😂
[2:13:24] <~PlanetHanyu> @agnes_saya LOL
[2:13:25] <yuzuyokoi> HYK <3
[2:13:27] <yuzunekozuu> @agnes_saya straightforwar xDDDDDD
[2:13:33] <heavenandearth1001> I tried the zunda shake and it was great, too <3
[2:13:39] <agnes_saya> kireeeeeeee how beautiful (Yuzu)
[2:13:46] <yuzulegend> Yumi Matsutoya performing live had so much meaning, even if her voice is not like it used to be.
[2:13:54] <neirgudetama> if you have edamame, you can easily make zunda
[2:13:58] <yuzurutheking> sometimes these "singers " make my ears 👂 bleed!!!!!!!
[2:14:05] <937314214> :/
[2:14:05] <TwoXElle> HYK ;_________; and I cry again (only, after the spin)
[2:14:09] <agnes_saya> @yuzulegend I'm sorry, I don't know her
[2:14:10] <anjaheyheyhey> another faoi-potential guest!!! :'D
[2:14:17] <agnes_saya> @anjaheyheyhey top
[2:14:23] <heyitsheunn> best comment
[2:14:24] <yaseinohana> so emotional😭🌸
[2:14:30] <misscynthiat> Okay, now I get what you all meant when you said Yumi's voice isn't too good.
[2:14:42] <heyitsheunn> i think it changed upon time
[2:14:48] <~PlanetHanyu> @anjaheyheyhey on a roll
[2:14:52] <yuzurutheking> sorry @yuzulegend ....i prefer just the instrumental version
[2:14:59] <TwoXElle> it's not that it isn't good per se, it was in this occasion that...well...
[2:15:00] <agnes_saya> I'm not angry with the singer. I'm angry with thom called her to sing
[2:15:28] <agnes_saya> Once you get "old" of course you can't manage your voice anymore, it's a normal process
[2:15:34] <TwoXElle> she's the original singer of the piece, right?
[2:15:41] <okagan2020> Yes
[2:15:42] <937314214> on my God
[2:15:42] <yaseinohana> yes
[2:15:47] <agnes_saya> Oh I see
[2:15:48] <yuzulegend> @yuzurutheking Me too for sure. But for that occasion it was certainly very meaningful and it made people there happy.
[2:15:56] <agnes_saya> I didn't know that, thank you
[2:16:02] <937314214> TearGlove
[2:16:03] <heyitsheunn> she still got the feeling in her voice thou
[2:16:12] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle yes, she is.
[2:16:14] <heavenandearth1001> just appreciate the beauty of our angel <3
[2:16:15] <yaseinohana> 😭😭😭
[2:16:16] <agnes_saya> @heyitsheunn I agree
[2:16:19] <heyitsheunn> like a memoriam of how time changes
[2:16:22] <yuzunekozuu> @heyitsheunn Yeahhhh maybe she's just overwhelmed
[2:16:38] <937314214> FBCatch FBCatch FBCatch
[2:16:40] <neirgudetama> one of the best HYK skates (minus the singing)
[2:16:51] <heyitsheunn> yeahhh i think that the audience probably have a feeling of natsukashii there
[2:16:52] <yuzurutheking> i know @yuzulegend ...all good.....I'm just glad that when I've seen him perform HYK it's just the piano!!
[2:17:05] <neirgudetama> whats a natsukashii
[2:17:15] <heyitsheunn> nostalgic
[2:17:19] <~PlanetHanyu> T_T
[2:17:24] <TwoXElle> awww this is recent :D
[2:17:24] <anjaheyheyhey> aand we're in covid-timeline -_-
[2:17:25] <yuzunekozuu> @neirgudetama a feeling of missing smth?
[2:17:35] <heyitsheunn> yes yuzu, the world changes so much...
[2:17:40] <yuzurutheking> Yuzuru really gives his ALL in all his parformance..we are so blessed to have him!!!
[2:17:41] <yuzuuwuu> Dawww
[2:17:45] <heyitsheunn> @neirgudetama it means nostalgic
[2:18:07] <937314214> :D
[2:18:09] <TwoXElle> gosh cna't believe that in Italy it's barely a year still, feels so much longer in time...
[2:18:33] <TwoXElle> Wait Saitama was 2019...
[2:18:47] <TwoXElle> did I read the subs wrong oops
[2:18:48] <anjaheyheyhey> 4CC organizers truly did more to stop the spread before we even KNEW anything about this virus than ISU could ever dream of.......
[2:19:05] <yuzurutheking> they mean Montreal
[2:19:10] <neirgudetama> they should also cancel worlds this season
[2:19:13] <937314214> 😚
[2:19:24] <iamlaiza_hime11> Reasons why i fell in love with Yuzuru more and more
[2:19:32] <heyitsheunn> @neirgudetama a thing ISU would never do but what they should do atm
[2:19:42] <~PlanetHanyu> :(
[2:19:44] <937314214> I fell in love him away
[2:19:53] <TwoXElle> yeah, ocnsidering there was no reaosn to believe it had already spread largely outside, prevention measures were good (and whole Chinese tem had been training in secure location)
[2:19:55] <~PlanetHanyu> f*** isu
[2:20:08] <TwoXElle> *team
[2:20:17] <cutepets95> The only good thing we are getting out of worlds with no life-long impact is that newly released song
[2:20:24] <yuzunekozuu> .....did ISU consult a health specialist....? They should though
[2:20:29] <neirgudetama> speed skating worlds was already cancelled right? why cant they do the same with FS worlds? 😔
[2:20:35] <iamlaiza_hime11> @planethanyu say it louder so ISU will hear
[2:20:44] <yuzunekozuu> @PlanetHanyu mood
[2:20:55] <TwoXElle> if you compare precautions taken by chinese team for their attendance in 4CC and requirement by ISU for WC21... well...
[2:20:59] <yuzunekozuu> @neirgudetama fs is more profitable
[2:21:04] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[2:21:18] <~PlanetHanyu> @neirgudetama it's clearly all about money yeah
[2:21:26] <heyitsheunn> but actually covid 19 really does have some advantages it helps some of us to slow down our lives, and focus on something else that we've been unfocusing on all this time.
[2:21:36] <937314214> :D
[2:21:39] <iamlaiza_hime11> Because Yuzuru rakes in profits for them. They never think of Yuzuru or other skaters
[2:22:03] <heyitsheunn> profit is the main reason for everything in this economically hungry world
[2:22:05] <yuzuuwuu> @planethanyu yes that’s the only thing that i$u thinks about.
[2:22:28] <neirgudetama> tbh, if yuzu doesnt attend worlds = near to empty stadiums
[2:22:37] <~PlanetHanyu> well it's no audienc anyway
[2:22:41] <~PlanetHanyu> but the broadcasting is what ISU cares about
[2:22:41] <iamlaiza_hime11> @neirgudetama truth
[2:22:48] <937314214> :D
[2:22:56] <yuzunekozuu> And yet, the one who brings profit to ISU during the pandemic is asthmatic. Sad. ANd how does ISU treat him?.... WutFace
[2:22:58] <henni147> Honestly, I don't want Worlds to happen, but I have the feeling that, if he really has to skate at Worlds this year it will be a very strong performance. I'm sure, he will not take that giant risk for nothing.
[2:23:01] <heyitsheunn> @neirgudetama facts
[2:23:04] <cutepets95> Has anyone listened to the single for what is supposed to be for Worlds 2021??
[2:23:07] <TwoXElle> Yuzu's touching message to healthcare workers after Nats <3 BibleThump BibleThump
[2:23:18] <heyitsheunn> @cutepets95 woah where is it?
[2:23:23] <iamlaiza_hime11> I love you Yuzuru!!!
[2:23:25] <yaseinohana> 😭🙏
[2:23:31] <937314214> BibleThump
[2:23:34] <heyitsheunn> yuzu, thank you <3
[2:23:34] <~PlanetHanyu> @cutepets95 lol it's on ISU's twitter. with lots of angry replies haha
[2:23:35] <iamlaiza_hime11> This!!! I felt his message
[2:23:46] <iamlaiza_hime11> It hurts
[2:23:59] <heyitsheunn> it really hurts
[2:24:07] <neirgudetama> cant get enough of that quad
[2:24:07] <iamlaiza_hime11> We are nearing burn out
[2:24:20] <~PlanetHanyu> thank you yuzu
[2:24:25] <agnes_saya> omg
[2:24:30] <937314214> thanks you yuzuru hanyu
[2:24:31] <heyitsheunn> requiemmm
[2:24:33] <polyesterhearts> katesAw
[2:24:35] <TwoXElle> oooouch
[2:24:35] <heavenandearth1001> oh my heart
[2:24:37] <agnes_saya> Hanuuuuuu nooooo
[2:24:39] <heyitsheunn> the perfect mood
[2:24:41] <iamlaiza_hime11> @neirgudetama the quad?
[2:24:43] <yuzuyokoi> awwww
[2:24:47] <TwoXElle> and crying once more
[2:24:50] <marinaa_013> thank you so much yuzuru <3
[2:24:53] <yaseinohana> 😭
[2:24:55] <heyitsheunn> cry squad
[2:24:56] <yuzuyokoi> what year was this again? Requiem?
[2:24:58] <yuzulegend> My beloved Requiem.
[2:25:02] <heyitsheunn> 2016 i think
[2:25:02] <heavenandearth1001> 2016
[2:25:04] <neirgudetama> 2016
[2:25:06] <cutepets95> 2016 Worlds
[2:25:06] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzuyokoi Boston Worls 2016
[2:25:08] <marinaa_013> 2016
[2:25:09] <linaskho> Oh this performance 😭
[2:25:12] <TwoXElle> Boston wc 2016
[2:25:12] <yuzuyokoi> thanks
[2:25:19] <yuzurutheking> Yuzuuuuuuuu 🥺🥺🥺🥺( hanu????)
[2:25:22] <iamlaiza_hime11> Ohhh.. lol,, the cry squad..
[2:25:26] <yuzunekozuu> Could'nt thank him more
[2:25:37] <saltatoryconduction> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[2:25:38] <marinaa_013> @yuzunekozuu same
[2:25:41] <yuzunekozuu> couldnt gah
[2:25:41] <937314214> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[2:25:49] <henni147> Requiem of Heaven and Earth... it feels a bit like an echo of his new free Heaven and Earth...
[2:25:56] <yuzuuwuu> Btw for olys qualification, won’t there be nebelhorn trophy?
[2:26:02] <~PlanetHanyu> this in the top 2 of my favorite performances of yuzu's
[2:26:12] <yuzulegend> @yuzuuwuu yes, it will also count.
[2:26:13] <iamlaiza_hime11> Heaven and earth is so beautiful
[2:26:22] <heyitsheunn> for me requiem seems like the agony twin of hope and legacy-
[2:26:23] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzuuwuu that's usually for countries with 0 spots from worlds, and only up to 6 can be granted
[2:26:23] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu same here.
[2:26:31] <neirgudetama> Seeing Yuzuru's performance... I am deeply disappointed with ISU's biased and blatant underscoring
[2:26:38] <saltatoryconduction> @yuzuuwuu Yes but it's for countries who don't have slots through WC yet and afaik they can only gain 1 slot from Nebelhorn Trophy
[2:26:41] <yaseinohana> this one ex is special...😭
[2:26:41] <linaskho> @planethanyu which one is your other top 2?
[2:26:43] <TwoXElle> @yuzuuwuu only max one spot per discipline to be gained, unless ISU chages criteria
[2:26:49] <iamlaiza_hime11> I love hope and legacy more, though i love all of his performances
[2:26:51] <yuzuuwuu> @planethanyu ah I see..
[2:26:53] <~PlanetHanyu> @linaskho otonal at ACI 2018 😂
[2:26:56] <neirgudetama> They want to REPLACE THIS MAGNIFICENT SKATER? with a robot?
[2:27:16] <937314214> TwitchUnity
[2:27:17] <heavenandearth1001> @neirgudetama seems that way
[2:27:20] <~PlanetHanyu> @linaskho the one with all the jumps in the first half hahhaa
[2:27:31] <neirgudetama> why oh why ISU.....
[2:27:43] <neirgudetama> theyre killing the sport
[2:28:05] <TwoXElle> the gentel caress to the ice... T____T
[2:28:06] <cutepets95> I don't care if the Challenger series decides all the spots. That buys us at least 6 months for the pandemic is better. We have 1 month to Worlds. The second would need a miracle to be safe
[2:28:07] <yuzuyokoi> No other skater expresses emotion on the ice like Yuzu
[2:28:15] <937314214> BibleThump
[2:28:16] <nadjasakura> @yuzuyokoi just don't ask. even after winning the olympic and so much more, there are still too many who can not speak his name in a correct way. I guess it is tooooo much japanese for them....
[2:28:24] <polyesterhearts> katesCri
[2:28:25] <heyitsheunn> this. the epitome of pain. requiem.
[2:28:28] <937314214> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[2:28:32] <~PlanetHanyu> @nadjasakura lmao NBC still can't
[2:28:34] <TwoXElle> ;_________________;
[2:28:34] <saltatoryconduction> No Yuzu don't cry or I'll cry BibleThump
[2:28:35] <neirgudetama> i know, and theyre pushing him out of the scene 😬
[2:28:36] <heyitsheunn> his gaze at the end. so powerful
[2:28:37] <starlight_shining> i'm gonna cry with him BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[2:28:39] <linaskho> Oh ACI Otonal was my first time watching Yuzu in person as well, I almost cried on the spot with the step sequence! It was like I finally know what pure beauty is
[2:28:42] <heyitsheunn> im crying too
[2:28:49] <yuzunekozuu> I think gala shows show the true abilities of a skater. Filtered their jumps
[2:28:58] <heyitsheunn> @yuzunekozuu facts
[2:29:03] <yuzuuwuu> Well I always prepare tissues whenever I watch zuzu
[2:29:05] <TwoXElle> gosh the way e clutches his chest after at the end kills me
[2:29:09] <heavenandearth1001> hanu? gosh...
[2:29:13] <agnes_saya> Amazing-
[2:29:18] <yaseinohana> thank you Yuzu 💗😭
[2:29:20] <heyitsheunn> well amazing stream todayyy
[2:29:20] <agnes_saya> @heavenandearth1001 yeah.
[2:29:26] <iamlaiza_hime11> I felt this is a #YuzuCryingParty now
[2:29:30] <wildswanyu> Yuzu is so special <3
[2:29:31] <heyitsheunn> thank you @PlanetHanyu !!!!
[2:29:32] <agnes_saya> Thank you for the hard work!
[2:29:36] <~PlanetHanyu> if i were announcing the names of skaters for world championships on international TV, i would try to learn how ot pronounce their names first lol
[2:29:37] <argonavigator> thank you @planethanyu !! 💖
[2:29:40] <saltatoryconduction> Thank you so much for having this week after week #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @saltatorybund)
[2:29:42] <yuzulegend> Thank you everyone for joining!
[2:29:42] <neirgudetama> thank you planet hanyu
[2:29:43] <heavenandearth1001> thanks @PlanetHanyu as always
[2:29:46] <yuzuuwuu> Hahaha #yuzucryingparty
[2:29:47] <wildswanyu> Thank you @PlanetHanyu !!
[2:29:48] <937314214> thanks you all night good 😚
[2:29:49] <heyitsheunn> #YuzuCryingParty hey cry squad
[2:29:49] <~PlanetHanyu> you're welcome <3 thanks for joining
[2:29:49] <agnes_saya> Bye everybody! see you next saturday!
[2:29:50] <TwoXElle> thank you @PlanetHanyu and team <3 <3 <3
[2:29:50] <~PlanetHanyu> <3
[2:29:51] <misscynthiat> Thank you very much!
[2:29:54] <raven_deidei> Thank you <3 <3
[2:29:55] <bwozwaltz> Thank you so much for the streaming
[2:29:59] <starlight_shining> #YuzuSkatingParty this was so special, althogh sad at some points
[2:30:01] <yuzuyokoi> Thank you!! This is the best part of my week!! <3
[2:30:05] <marinaa_013> Thank you so much @PlanetHanyu
[2:30:07] <xiaoyu_1207> Thank you!
[2:30:07] <TwoXElle> thank you everyone <3 stay safe and see you around!
[2:30:07] <yuzuuwuu> Thank you everyone and esp @planethanyu
[2:30:08] <yuzunekozuu> Thank you so much <3
[2:30:12] <nadjasakura> y
[2:30:12] <okagan2020> Thank you 🙏
[2:30:12] <starlight_shining> thank you so much!
[2:30:13] <calelisa0511> Thank you so much!!
[2:30:16] <fayfalcon> Thank you so much for this poignant night
[2:30:16] <yaseinohana> thank you so much all PH team 🙏💗 take care everyone ! 💕🌸
[2:30:20] <iceprinceyuzu> Thank you @planethanyu 🥰
[2:30:22] <xiaoyu_1207> Stay safe everyone!
[2:30:24] <cutepets95> See you all next week. Please stay safe and arigato
[2:30:26] <yuzulegend> Next week will be the last one before the special streaming commemorating the disaster. Stay safe and see you next weekend!!!
[2:30:28] <iamlaiza_hime11> Thank you so much @planethanyu ❤️❤️❤️
[2:30:31] <heavenandearth1001> take care everyone! especially the medical frontliners. stay safe!
[2:30:34] <yuzuuwuu> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw: @m_art_)
[2:30:36] <Anni_2607> Thank you so much for the streaming party. <3 I wish everyone a nice weekend
[2:30:38] <heyitsheunn> this is my first stream uwu
[2:30:39] <polyesterhearts> thank you <3
[2:30:44] <calelisa0511> Stay safe everyone!!
[2:30:45] <neirgudetama> stay safe and take care everyone 🥰😘
[2:30:47] <~PlanetHanyu> thnks to @yuzulegend @anjaheyheyhey for organizing everything <3
[2:30:52] <937314214> thanks you all safe yourself
[2:30:53] <yuzuuwuu> Stay safe everyone
[2:30:55] <heyitsheunn> stay safe everyone, especially the frontliners!
[2:31:04] <starlight_shining> thank you all for joining!
[2:31:07] <yuzuuwuu> Thank you @yuzulegend @anjaheyheyhey TwitchUnity
[2:31:11] <heyitsheunn> good night/good morninggg!
[2:31:12] <yuzuciel> thank you💐
[2:31:15] <marinaa_013> bitsClap bitsClap bitsClap bitsClap bitsClap
[2:31:16] <nadjasakura> also a big thank you from here for the stream! see you, and stay healthy you all!
[2:31:18] <heyitsheunn> have a nice sleep/day!
[2:31:20] <henni147> Yes, thank you very for the streaming party and stay healthy and safe everyone
[2:31:23] <937314214> night good
[2:31:25] <linaskho> Thanks everyone and keep safe!! Thanks Yuzu for your skating and inspiration ♥️
[2:31:36] <yuzurutheking> thanks #YuzuSkatingParty....but ....i cried....several times!! @OOdriscoll1
[2:31:58] <iamlaiza_hime11> Wipe away your tears my fellow cry squad. Yuzuru wants us to be always happy
[2:32:20] <iamlaiza_hime11> See you all next timr
[2:32:22] <iamlaiza_hime11> Time
[2:32:28] <heyitsheunn> these are tears of joy that yuzu brought us TATT
[2:33:00] <937314214> TwitchUnity
[2:33:03] <nadjasakura> happy and keep fighting - and not to forget to support him!
[2:33:12] <iamlaiza_hime11> @heyitsheunn thanks, stay safe too.
[2:33:26] <iamlaiza_hime11> Fighting!!
[2:33:38] <937314214>
[2:34:24] <nadjasakura> fighting until the soundbarrier brakes. ;-)


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