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On 11/19/2020 at 4:46 AM, yuzuonice said:

Here are this weekend's giveaways!

We will be streaming FULL Yuzuru's appearance on Asaichi, as well as a newly subbed interview with Matsuoka Shuzo from 2014/15!

I am so looking forward to the Asaichi video. I've seen some of the parts subbed on YT, but not the final part, with the terrariums :cheer:

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3 hours ago, AngelOnIce said:

I am so looking forward to the Asaichi video. I've seen some of the parts subbed on YT, but not the final part, with the terrariums :cheer:

it's very informative, there's even a mention of... low-mantainance plants :10814716: (cacti references are funny given we are basically like that rn). And flustered Hanyu-sensei is very endearing:tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg:

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Thanks for joining!! <3 


Here's the chat from last week:


[0:00:29] <~PlanetHanyu> Hello everyone!
[0:00:53] <luavanuoc> <3
[0:00:56] <937314214> hi
[0:01:02] <lynziwn> hi~
[0:01:03] <sabrina4yuzu> Hi
[0:01:05] <firajja> hello
[0:01:08] <miraiyuu46> hi
[0:01:09] <fayfalcon> Hiya!
[0:01:13] <esther793> helloo
[0:01:30] <TeaFrida> Hi!
[0:01:36] <TwoXElle> Hi!!!! LadyLou here! #YuzuSkatingParty this time I'm connected through ethernet, yay, no more streaming lagging for me! :D
[0:01:42] <sarinya88> 😊
[0:02:06] <lynziwn> yeah
[0:02:12] <ratanyaaaa> hello!
[0:02:22] <anjaheyheyhey> hello everyone!!!
[0:02:41] <esther793> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: got7ailee
[0:02:54] <arifanyu> Helloooo
[0:02:58] <bwozwaltz> Hello
[0:03:07] <angelonice1207> hello everybody!
[0:03:20] <lynziwn> hellow~
[0:03:27] <yaseinohana> Hello everyone! so happy to be there with you ! Thank you so much for the streaming @planethanyu !!! <3
[0:03:31] <sarinya88> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @Triplebjy)
[0:03:46] <TwoXElle> gosh time really flew, if in less than 1 month it's Yuzu's bday already!
[0:03:50] <angelonice1207> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH username: AngelOnIce)
[0:04:01] <sabrina4yuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH Sabrina)
[0:04:09] <diandrxlesmana> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @diandrxlesmana)
[0:04:11] <yuzurutheking> hi all #YuzuSkatingParty....twitter @OOdriscoll1....yeahhhhhhh...excited for another streaming party 💜💜💜
[0:04:17] <yaseinohana> #YuzuSkatingParty ( PH Yaseinohana )
[0:04:27] <937314214> 😊💕
[0:04:38] <sarinya88> Sochi 🥰
[0:04:45] <leoccadia> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @leocadia14)
[0:04:52] <firajja> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @firajja | ph: honeyflavor)
[0:04:54] <saltatoryconduction> "Yuzuri Hanyu" XD
[0:04:56] <lynziwn> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter : @lynziw)
[0:04:57] <yuzurutheking> yuzuri!!!
[0:04:58] <arifanyu> in love with this performance ❤️❤️❤️
[0:05:00] <bwozwaltz> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: BWOZWaltz)
[0:05:06] <firajja> <3
[0:05:08] <miraiyuu46> wow
[0:05:21] <avtoreen> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @felitalmira)
[0:05:31] <937314214> 🎸😊
[0:05:38] <bwozwaltz> Light and airy
[0:05:43] <angelonice1207> <3
[0:05:52] <sarinya88> beautiful jump ❤️
[0:06:00] <blue_maxis> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @bluemaxis)
[0:06:09] <lynziwn> waaw~
[0:06:41] <angelonice1207> patented 3A <3
[0:06:46] <aoraaa_> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @Arataaa__)
[0:06:48] <cutepets95> Hello!
[0:06:54] <yuzuuwuu> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @m_art_)
[0:07:39] <ratanyaaaa> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @hanyuhenyo)
[0:07:40] <raven_deidei> Hi <3 #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter @Raven_on_ice)
[0:08:00] <nadjasakura> Hi friends. Just saw the message. How long will this stream go today?
[0:08:01] <TwoXElle> <3 <3
[0:08:14] <~PlanetHanyu> @nadjasakura 2 hours
[0:08:31] <lynziwn> woahh~ 💜
[0:08:36] <yuzuuwuu> I miss him soooo much
[0:08:42] <yuzuuwuu> 😭😭😭
[0:08:46] <summersweetchild> Full package =)
[0:09:00] <TwoXElle> amazing debut :D
[0:09:06] <angelonice1207> does anyone know the name of the lady commentating with Robin?
[0:09:22] <rei2012> 💖
[0:09:31] <cutepets95> Nope. I still don't know
[0:09:54] <lynziwn> so cutee~
[0:10:00] <sarinya88> cute Yuzu 💕
[0:10:12] <summersweetchild> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH Sweetsummerchild)
[0:10:13] <angelonice1207> omg... chris reed
[0:10:26] <nadjasakura> So I will see at least a part of it, cause I have to move out. 😩 Thank you for the info, see you later then! 🥰
[0:10:31] <rei2012> 初の団体戦ですね。懐かしい💖
[0:10:49] <lynziwn> waaw ^_^
[0:10:59] <angelonice1207> world record coming up
[0:11:16] <sarinya88> i loveeee this
[0:11:28] <cutepets95> Oh yeah Chris commentated on the free
[0:11:45] <TwoXElle> (that era when one of OGMgold contender and holder of SP WR goes cean and gets "just" 9 in PCS...)
[0:11:53] <TwoXElle> loving that 4T
[0:12:18] <lynziwn> yuzuru's sweet smile ^_^
[0:12:48] <TwoXElle> gorgeous and sooo easy <3
[0:12:50] <yuzurutheking> looking back it's kinda strange seeing performed without a cacoph of screams!!!
[0:12:53] <~PlanetHanyu> He rotated slower back in the day which in my opinion gave his jumps an airier quality
[0:13:35] <claudiaef> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH ClaudiaHF)
[0:13:44] <angelonice1207> this was the very first Yuzuru program I ever saw... after this, I was hooked
[0:14:17] <TwoXElle> @angelonice1207 same!
[0:14:33] <TwoXElle> yuzuri...
[0:14:33] <bwozwaltz> Yuzuri
[0:14:39] <angelonice1207> yuzuri LOL
[0:14:43] <lynziwn> sweety ~~
[0:15:02] <bwozwaltz> I did it!
[0:15:04] <avtoreen> YUZURI
[0:15:18] <cutepets95> At least it was only one letter off compared to Yazanuri
[0:15:19] <angelonice1207> @bwozwaltz he sure did!
[0:15:28] <TwoXElle> indeed, it was better than the team event :D
[0:15:51] <saltatoryconduction> "Good boy" - Brian
[0:15:57] <angelonice1207> @cutepets95 let me guess, was it the british uncles?
[0:16:05] <yaseinohana> omg!!! that flow....
[0:16:07] <yuzurumuse_kit> Happy #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:16:08] <simsydim> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: Panna)
[0:16:12] <lynziwn> soft boy
[0:16:19] <saltatoryconduction> #YuzuSkatingParty / twitter: @saltatorybund
[0:16:32] <bwozwaltz> Her face
[0:16:34] <yaseinohana> tahdah !!!!
[0:16:41] <angelonice1207> boom!
[0:16:42] <TwoXElle> "oh my goodness me" XD
[0:16:42] <saltatoryconduction> That legendary face of Kobayashi-san XD
[0:16:53] <TwoXElle> this ocmmentary is so funny
[0:16:59] <bwozwaltz> Yaaay
[0:17:07] <bwozwaltz> Belinda
[0:17:07] <lynziwn> yuhuu~
[0:17:10] <yuzurumuse_kit> Happy #YuzuSkatingParty @YuzuruHanyuMuse
[0:17:17] <cutepets95> @angelonice1207 Yep
[0:17:18] <yuzuuwuu> Different class indeed!
[0:17:23] <TwoXElle> poor zu the kuyashii FS
[0:17:28] <yaseinohana> yes, thank you Belinda !
[0:17:43] <sarinya88> somehow love this costume lol
[0:17:47] <lynziwn> beautiful <3
[0:17:49] <avtoreen> ow the boobskirt
[0:17:59] <bwozwaltz> boobskirt grew on me
[0:18:01] <angelonice1207> yup the infamous boobskir
[0:18:06] <bwozwaltz> at first i hated it
[0:18:07] <eruchan_desu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @eruchan_desu)
[0:18:09] <angelonice1207> *boobskirt
[0:18:12] <TwoXElle> lovely music cut (not like some RJ mash up we hear these days)
[0:18:31] <TwoXElle> (commentator was kuyashii for the 4S too)
[0:18:32] <~PlanetHanyu> @bwozwaltz same! I call it an acquired taste
[0:19:16] <cutepets95> At the Olympics yes. Overall that season he had issues all over that he only landed it at Finlandia and Worlds
[0:19:33] <TwoXElle> I very much hated boobskirt when I first caught it on tv :P (still don't love it, but I like hte ombre and sleeves.aside the big stones...)
[0:19:35] <blueflame1418> Happy #YuzuSkatingParty. Twitter: @virprisha
[0:20:07] <TwoXElle> <3
[0:20:25] <angelonice1207> @cutepets95 to be honest, i've watched the Worlds version more than this one, because there were no falls at Worlds...
[0:20:27] <TwoXElle> the crazy entry...
[0:20:41] <vevi12345> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @Eleanor36342)
[0:21:33] <blueflame1418> who else loves seeing yuzu in white?
[0:21:41] <msemilyc> Me
[0:21:44] <yaseinohana> me !
[0:21:46] <angelonice1207> meeee.... notte stellata comes to mind
[0:21:47] <sarinya88> really nice music
[0:21:49] <bwozwaltz> me too
[0:21:51] <a10451427> me
[0:21:55] <lynziwn> mee
[0:21:57] <TwoXElle> so sparkly
[0:22:04] <msemilyc> I like LGC in white !
[0:22:10] <~PlanetHanyu> This is not my fave program but I love the drama
[0:22:13] <TwoXElle> @msemilyc agreed!
[0:22:13] <blueflame1418> @msemilyc me too!
[0:22:14] <yuzuuwuu> Wonder what color his new costume would be
[0:22:15] <yuzurutheking> me too
[0:22:18] <bwozwaltz> LGC the white prince
[0:22:31] <TwoXElle> awww bb
[0:22:42] <bwozwaltz> Yuzu is always 120%
[0:22:47] <TwoXElle> <3 <3
[0:22:47] <angelonice1207> but still so kawaii
[0:22:53] <yaseinohana> oh boi !!!
[0:23:07] <lynziwn> the king of ice~
[0:23:14] <yaseinohana> <3 BibleThump <3
[0:23:21] <sarinya88> wanna see his new program so bad
[0:23:34] <yaseinohana> @bwozwaltz and more...
[0:23:39] <cutepets95> I swear Chan COULD have won if he hadn't effed up all 3 of his Axels in both the short and the free
[0:23:40] <TwoXElle> poor Yuzu, of course he didn't have hte energy, he had slept only a few hours becuase of the crazy media obligation (and then Kikuchi came early LMAO poor Kikuchi too)
[0:24:25] <msemilyc> @cutepets95 Agree
[0:24:26] <TwoXElle> lovely leg extension on the landing of 4T
[0:24:41] <msemilyc> Patrick always had problems with his 3A
[0:24:56] <yaseinohana> yeah...poor Kikushi-san , his 1rst Olys too <3
[0:25:11] <angelonice1207> @msemilyc true
[0:25:20] <cutepets95> It wasn't just his triple axel in the short and the free. he also tricked up the 2a in the free
[0:25:27] <bwozwaltz> 3A is Yuzu's best friend
[0:25:43] <angelonice1207> @bwozwaltz also true
[0:25:47] <TwoXElle> (tech panel certainly didn't close half an eye on his mistakes...)
[0:25:48] <~PlanetHanyu> @bwozwaltz The fact that he pulled off that 3A combo was crazy
[0:26:16] <~PlanetHanyu> Now onto the documentaries
[0:26:24] <msemilyc> Wow~~ medal ceremony!
[0:26:24] <bwozwaltz> Medal ceremony
[0:26:25] <lynziwn> yuzuru refused to get old, hhe
[0:26:34] <TwoXElle> yay happy Yuzu!!!
[0:26:35] <msemilyc> Denis Ten :(
[0:26:42] <blueflame1418> denis :'
[0:26:43] <yaseinohana> oh Denis...
[0:26:45] <sarinya88> happy yuzu 😊
[0:26:49] <bwozwaltz> Denis...
[0:26:50] <avtoreen> denis :(
[0:26:57] <TwoXElle> jump on the podium!!! <3 <3 <3
[0:27:04] <angelonice1207> rip denis and chris reed
[0:27:07] <yaseinohana> this SMILE !!!!!!!!
[0:27:07] <cutepets95> Chan: *About to skate for gold in Sochi* Axel jumps : Aight imma head out
[0:27:09] <TwoXElle> BibleThump <3
[0:27:23] <lynziwn> Kawaii BibleThump
[0:27:31] <TwoXElle> @cutepets95 Axel jump said: not today XD
[0:27:58] <TwoXElle> Axel wanted Axel lord to win XD
[0:27:59] <blueflame1418> i really wanna see his family's faces in this moment... must be so proud
[0:28:01] <rei2012> Congratulations‼️
[0:28:10] <angelonice1207> yuzu was the only one from japan who won gold in sochi, if i'm not mistaken
[0:28:13] <simsydim> The Japanese anthem is so peaceful BibleThump
[0:28:29] <bwozwaltz> @angelonice1207 yes
[0:28:37] <yaseinohana> yes
[0:28:46] <angelonice1207> so proud of him, for sure
[0:28:49] <msemilyc> From all winter sports?
[0:29:04] <xxhanyuxae> BibleThump FBCatch
[0:29:07] <cutepets95> Yes the only one
[0:29:13] <msemilyc> *Among all winter sports?
[0:29:17] <TwoXElle> @angelonice1207 and then he was the first Team Japan to win gold in PC right? and then others followed <3
[0:29:21] <msemilyc> Wow so cool
[0:29:22] <bwozwaltz> Yuzu's gold was the only gold medal for Japan team at Sochi
[0:30:06] <cutepets95> Yeah and like 3 more after his second in PC
[0:30:09] <msemilyc> Washed it hahaha
[0:30:11] <TwoXElle> Sochi medals look so good.. PyeongChang too
[0:30:41] <msemilyc> Personally I like sock's a bit more
[0:30:45] <TwoXElle> kuyashii..of course XD
[0:30:49] <cutepets95> The Sochi one is SO pretty but the scandals are just so UGH
[0:30:54] <bwozwaltz> PC gold medal is heavier by Yuzu
[0:31:14] <elisagrieco22> #YuzuSkatingParty thank you for this, it made my day better. twitter: @elisagrieco22
[0:32:02] <xxhanyuxae> yuzu ang cute mo bat ganon
[0:32:15] <lynziwn> baby yuzu~ ^_^
[0:32:43] <bwozwaltz> audio and video is not syncing...
[0:32:52] <sarinya88> love when he talks
[0:32:53] <TwoXElle> yuzu talking about Shizuka (in front of Shizuka) <3 <3 <3
[0:33:07] <yaseinohana> awww
[0:33:44] <yaseinohana> they have such respect to each other
[0:34:30] <bwozwaltz> 羽生さんは本当にブレない
[0:34:34] <angelonice1207> giggles
[0:34:36] <yaseinohana> @bwozwaltz yes but it's ok still
[0:34:42] <blueflame1418> yuzuryoshka XD
[0:34:43] <simsydim> Awee
[0:34:49] <TwoXElle> little Yuzu-kuns awwwwww <3
[0:34:50] <saltatoryconduction> Yuzuryoshka!
[0:34:55] <bwozwaltz> hahaha
[0:35:08] <cutepets95> Matryoshka dolls but Yuruyoshka
[0:35:13] <xkaykayox> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @xkaykayox) <3
[0:35:26] <~PlanetHanyu> I wonder how he will enjoy it LOL
[0:35:40] <angelonice1207> @PlanetHanyu LOL
[0:35:51] <cutepets95> ISTG, if there's a random goal on my bucket list, it's to get a set of Matryoshka dolls
[0:36:12] <TwoXElle> congratulations on your first OGM Yuzuru <3 <3
[0:36:17] <angelonice1207> how sweet
[0:36:20] <hydrobladeking> I am late :( #YuzuSkatingParty twt: @hydrobladeking
[0:36:29] <cutepets95> What is that with the writing?
[0:36:30] <blueflame1418> @cutepets95 a concept: matryoshka dolls, but each doll is wearing yuzuru's different costumes
[0:36:33] <fai_yyaa> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twt : @purpleoya) (email: [email protected])
[0:36:38] <simsydim> Babyyy Yuzuu
[0:36:45] <hydrobladeking> mushroom zuzu
[0:36:48] <blueflame1418> omg i love this video
[0:36:49] <msemilyc> It's probably his first valentines gift from female XD!!
[0:36:51] <cutepets95> The pink packet
[0:36:51] <bwozwaltz> baby
[0:37:01] <angelonice1207> yuzushenko lol
[0:37:02] <aoraaa_> aaaaa babyy
[0:37:08] <TwoXElle> cute lil mushroom <3
[0:37:11] <bwozwaltz> Yuzushenco
[0:37:15] <TwoXElle> whoa
[0:37:16] <~PlanetHanyu> spinning mushroom head is so cuteeee
[0:37:17] <lynziwn> cuteee ^_^
[0:37:22] <hydrobladeking> his hair 😍
[0:37:26] <blueflame1418> dat hairrr
[0:37:29] <bwozwaltz> so cute :D
[0:37:44] <hydrobladeking> look at those cheeks
[0:37:50] <angelonice1207> his cheeks <3
[0:37:56] <TwoXElle> his eyes are laughing :D
[0:37:56] <yaseinohana> haha! and so proud already!
[0:37:57] <bwozwaltz> kawaiiii
[0:37:59] <~PlanetHanyu> his lisp <3
[0:38:10] <angelonice1207> he's too adorable, really
[0:38:15] <hydrobladeking> everything is really aligned with his calculation
[0:38:18] <lynziwn> cuteee voicee
[0:38:19] <bwozwaltz> kyawawa
[0:38:31] <TwoXElle> the one after Vancouver.. all in his calculations..
[0:38:38] <angelonice1207> his mind
[0:38:38] <sarinya88> cute cute cute
[0:38:45] <bwozwaltz> Paganini
[0:39:06] <~PlanetHanyu> that lip <3
[0:39:12] <yaseinohana> shupa!!!
[0:39:14] <blueflame1418> wasn't he tall for his age?
[0:39:50] <TwoXElle> kuyashii... of course XD
[0:39:54] <angelonice1207> at the time, I think yes... he was tall compared to kenji and ryuju I think
[0:39:55] <bwozwaltz> kuyashii baby
[0:40:40] <yaseinohana> oooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
[0:40:55] <blueflame1418> @angelonice1207 so he was.. i was wondering of it's just an illusion cos of his long legs lol
[0:41:15] <cutepets95> And formerly the youngest junior men skater to win the JGPF
[0:41:29] <angelonice1207> well, that too haha... the long legs really help a lot :)
[0:41:42] <hydrobladeking> "wanting to win in any kind of pressure" and yes Pyeongchang happened
[0:42:01] <TwoXElle> the 4CC medal was smol...
[0:42:19] <buutbuutchibi> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter @buutbuutchibi)
[0:42:19] <msemilyc> Worlds medal too
[0:42:55] <cutepets95> Thank goodness starting 2018 those medals are a lot bigger
[0:43:15] <TwoXElle> this was only one month after the quake...
[0:43:37] <simsydim> He didn't have a coach during this time, did he?
[0:43:53] <~PlanetHanyu> </3
[0:44:08] <TwoXElle> ;___;
[0:44:17] <~PlanetHanyu> bb </3
[0:44:24] <angelonice1207> mama yumi
[0:44:31] <hydrobladeking> Sendai loves him so much 😭
[0:44:32] <TwoXElle> he met so many kind people... <3
[0:45:02] <angelonice1207> his lisp <3
[0:45:24] <angelonice1207> lucky lady lol
[0:45:40] <~PlanetHanyu> He has always been such a special boy. There'S so much depth to his process and skating
[0:45:57] <TwoXElle> true
[0:46:04] <hydrobladeking> look at those jumps
[0:46:22] <hydrobladeking> kuyashiii
[0:46:23] <sarinya88> he literally flies
[0:46:24] <TwoXElle> ouch
[0:46:43] <hydrobladeking> dancer Yuzu
[0:46:51] <~PlanetHanyu> BOrser looking young!!
[0:47:01] <msemilyc> and slim
[0:47:13] <hydrobladeking> ofc the iconic PW
[0:47:20] <TwoXElle> love how focused Yuzu is even in dance practice... alwasy giving it all
[0:47:21] <lynziwn> very good
[0:48:01] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle Yup. which somehow looks awkward when dancing hip hop LOL
[0:48:12] <TwoXElle> XD
[0:48:12] <hydrobladeking> he is truly a practice monster. always thinking that he can do better
[0:48:20] <blueflame1418> lol!
[0:48:38] <cutepets95> Didn't he score 103 at Nationals 2013 in the short?
[0:48:59] <angelonice1207> and is still no. 1 now...
[0:48:59] <hydrobladeking> @cutepets95 iirc yes he did
[0:49:40] <iceprinceyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @IcePrinceYuzu)
[0:50:14] <bwozwaltz> Oda sa--n
[0:50:19] <hydrobladeking> nobuuuuu
[0:50:26] <TwoXElle> Yuzu's program to calculate max scores was useful XD
[0:50:55] <sabrina4yuzu> I gonna say goodbye in a few min for today I have to go to work in 10 min !
[0:51:09] <cutepets95> I swear I saw this somewhere before. I think on YT but I'm not sure
[0:51:13] <blueflame1418> @sabrina4yuzu have a good day at work!
[0:51:21] <~PlanetHanyu> @sabrina4yuzu Sorry to hear that!
[0:51:40] <yaseinohana> @sabrina4yuzu ganba ! <3
[0:51:47] <~PlanetHanyu> @cutepets95 You can find it on dailymotion
[0:52:02] <cutepets95> Oh yeah
[0:52:32] <angelonice1207> lol
[0:53:53] <lynziwn> yuzuru has a beautiful body ^_^
[0:54:01] <sabrina4yuzu> Thank you ! <3 Bye bye see you soon !
[0:54:07] <bwozwaltz> yuzu has a beautiful soul
[0:54:11] <TwoXElle> @sabrina4yuzu bye <3
[0:54:33] <lynziwn> @sabrina4yuzu bye 👋🏻
[0:54:55] <angelonice1207> and a beautiful mind... he's just beautiful all over <3
[0:55:14] <TwoXElle> awwww happy Nobu :D
[0:55:19] <bwozwaltz> nobu kun
[0:55:40] <sadaharu130> nobu sunshine
[0:55:47] <TwoXElle> thoough it still maybe felt bittersweet, thinking he could have been there as a competitor...
[0:56:22] <angelonice1207> @TwoXElle </3
[0:56:45] <agnes_saya> Hello everyone! #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @agnesbloodhood)
[0:57:22] <simsydim> Aqeeee
[0:57:26] <TwoXElle> awwww Nobu is so sweet
[0:57:31] <bwozwaltz> cry baby nobu
[0:57:42] <simsydim> BibleThump
[0:57:43] <angelonice1207> nobu cried in sochi. nobu also cried in pyeongchang.
[0:58:32] <cutepets95> If Nobu didn't have the most relatable reaction in PC (Except for the fans) IDK who did
[0:59:01] <angelonice1207> yes. nobu and shuzo(?) as well
[0:59:18] <byakkomaruuuuu> hi
[0:59:21] <bwozwaltz> Yes Shuzo
[0:59:30] <TwoXElle> @byakkomaruuuuu hi!
[1:00:22] <louitunes> Hello a little ate joining today. #YuzuSkatingParty Louitunes on PH
[1:00:23] <bwozwaltz> Yuzu... :(
[1:00:40] <byakkomaruuuuu> so cute🥺
[1:00:44] <xcooldjgirlx> oooh i got the time wrong...
[1:00:47] <TwoXElle> after being the youngest of the group, Yuzu became the wise senpai of whole TJ <3
[1:00:50] <ronttikasa> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt @seljatar)
[1:01:11] <yaseinohana> @louitunes Hiii dear !!!!
[1:01:23] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2)
[1:02:09] <TwoXElle> so many interviews... XD
[1:02:43] <pubudika> <3
[1:02:51] <~PlanetHanyu> They wouldn't let to boy rest. After PC, too...
[1:02:57] <byakkomaruuuuu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @sihunnnnnn) i miss him so bad🥺
[1:03:13] <a10451427> he looks so tired....
[1:03:28] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu yeah.. PC I rememember, new stuff kept getting aired...
[1:03:30] <xcooldjgirlx> i love how he answers in interviews
[1:03:31] <pubudika> poor guy...
[1:04:44] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle I remember being sooo concerned for Yuzu after PC but I couldn't stop watching every little thing live
[1:04:47] <hydrobladeking> He is so well spoken even at a young age.
[1:05:45] <TwoXElle> ...and then in his mid twenties he would have been doing much more "aggressive" kjump layout... XD
[1:05:55] <TwoXElle> *jumo
[1:06:09] <TwoXElle> *jump
[1:06:19] <TwoXElle> (gosh the typos)
[1:06:44] <angelonice1207> very classy and articulate, indeed
[1:06:51] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2)
[1:06:59] <yuzuuwuu> Any latest news from Yuzu? We haven’t had white wall moment for a while BibleThump
[1:07:14] <pubudika> KonCha
[1:07:18] <bwozwaltz> he's classy and never gets old literally :D
[1:07:24] <TwoXElle> @yuzuuwuu nope :(
[1:07:52] <yuzuuwuu> @twoxelle I miss him badly
[1:08:00] <angelonice1207> same here
[1:08:16] <xcooldjgirlx> we all do BibleThump
[1:08:31] <yuzuuwuu> Thanks @planethanyu for organizing this!
[1:09:01] <TwoXElle> @yuzuuwuu sameeee I guess we'll have to wait for news about JNats in December... (and if he doesn't compete there... well...)
[1:09:02] <msemilyc> Didn't know Patrick was not in good shape at Sochi practice
[1:09:13] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzuuwuu <3
[1:09:52] <TwoXElle> Yuzuuuu <3
[1:10:06] <yuzuuwuu> @twoxelle 😭😭😭
[1:10:48] <TwoXElle> aww Yuzu happy for sharing ice with Plu
[1:11:13] <bwozwaltz> how many interviews??
[1:11:15] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:11:15] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:11:46] <angelonice1207> this is the guy who also interviewed yuzu and shoma after PC, right? when shoma couldn't get on the chair?
[1:11:53] <cutepets95> Is this the interview where he said the first thing he wanted to do was practice the Quad Sal?
[1:12:03] <y_ever> he really dont aged #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:12:13] <xcooldjgirlx> Yuzu's laugh <3
[1:12:15] <sarinya88> 🥺
[1:12:19] <937314214> 💋💕
[1:12:42] <TwoXElle> LMAO he talked about his perf with his mom.... expected but funny
[1:13:03] <~PlanetHanyu> @bwozwaltz basically this and then two more lol
[1:13:26] <bwozwaltz> poor Yuzu
[1:13:36] <xcooldjgirlx> oh i really joined too late today BibleThump
[1:13:39] <937314214> 😞
[1:14:09] <~PlanetHanyu> @xcooldjgirlx We're about at the half-way mark :/
[1:14:24] <TwoXElle> @xcooldjgirlx awww sorry, but don't worry, the vidsyou will be available <3
[1:14:28] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[1:15:38] <y_ever> He always want to fight with the best #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:15:44] <yuzuuwuu> Wow that mentality
[1:16:14] <~PlanetHanyu> Isn't it almost a bit rude to ask Yuzu if he hoped for Patrick to fall?
[1:16:15] <937314214> away yuzuru hanyu master
[1:17:50] <hydrobladeking> @planethanyu yes tbh. Its not like Yuzu actually win just because his competitors make mistakes. and Yuzu has said it multiple times that he doesn't care about rivalry.
[1:17:51] <angelonice1207> yes, it is a bit rude... like putting him on the spot
[1:18:41] <TwoXElle> awww Yuzu cut yourself some slack, you did well!
[1:19:16] <937314214> awww yuzuru hanyu shows yourself away
[1:19:24] <louitunes> The strategically placed skates in the window. InuyoFace
[1:19:45] <937314214> ;) :D
[1:19:57] <xcooldjgirlx> he's so cute~
[1:20:04] <bwozwaltz> <3 <3 <3
[1:20:08] <TwoXElle> his cute way of waving his hand hasn't changed one bit...
[1:20:19] <lynziwn> <3
[1:20:20] <claudiaef> @TwoXElle never :D
[1:20:30] <shuupah> #YuzuSkatingParty @shuupahbunny I miss yuzu so much sighhhsssss
[1:20:37] <y_uzu> awww he's always pushing himself to be better #YuzuSkatingParty twt:@ydreamer5
[1:20:56] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2)
[1:20:59] <937314214> I miss him so much my love fever never
[1:21:14] <blueflame1418> the UA training gears are timeless
[1:21:18] <shuupah> hopefully we can watch his skate again, it's been so long since my eyes were cleansed honestly
[1:21:23] <TwoXElle> whoa dramatic intro
[1:21:31] <y_ever> haha #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:21:39] <TwoXElle> @shuupah yeah BibleThump
[1:21:43] <shuupah> the dramatics are always cool
[1:21:56] <xcooldjgirlx> i like their dramatic intros though
[1:22:01] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle XD
[1:22:29] <hydrobladeking> stitch voice 😍
[1:22:31] <~PlanetHanyu> The lady in the back!!
[1:22:34] <TwoXElle> "I'm the first? I'm the first? OMG!" <3
[1:22:35] <shuupah> little yuzu excited
[1:22:48] <bwozwaltz> lovely smile
[1:23:09] <shuupah> i want the press conference from pyeongchang dammit
[1:23:17] <TwoXElle> this reminds me we never gott full presscon, not form Sochi nor from PC :(
[1:23:20] <shuupah> how can they not ever release it
[1:23:25] <~PlanetHanyu> bb </3
[1:23:33] <TwoXElle> ;____;
[1:23:37] <yaseinohana> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:23:45] <angelonice1207> TT
[1:23:49] <shuupah> eep T.T
[1:24:00] <~PlanetHanyu> He's really been through so much :(
[1:24:00] <yuzuuwuu> BibleThump BibleThump
[1:24:12] <lynziwn> BibleThump BibleThump
[1:24:47] <TwoXElle> ;______;
[1:24:48] <y_ever> glad that he got all the support for him to continue skating #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:24:52] <shuupah> the fact he almost quit but didn't because of all the support and encouragement, poor bb, he's so strong
[1:24:52] <blueflame1418> so proud of him
[1:24:56] <yuzuuwuu> His voice is breaking BibleThump
[1:25:03] <xcooldjgirlx> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:25:10] <xcooldjgirlx> mushroom yuzu!!!
[1:25:10] <shuupah> ahhh bb yuzu
[1:25:21] <yuzuuwuu> kokoro9Cry kokoro9Cry
[1:25:22] <hydrobladeking> it was really the start. using his influence, he helped Sendai to recover. his principles are really astounding
[1:25:29] <TwoXElle> yeah
[1:25:46] <shuupah> imagine if his sister still skated, the hanyu siblings might've dominated the sport together hahaha
[1:26:07] <~PlanetHanyu> Yuzu is always so hard on himself
[1:26:12] <angelonice1207> ohhh bb
[1:26:26] <shuupah> the bruises T.T
[1:26:52] <shuupah> all the hard work he put in to become such a complete skater
[1:26:55] <hydrobladeking> behind his effortless and beautiful skating is a warrior soul who always sought for a better performance
[1:27:33] <angelonice1207> said with conviction
[1:27:52] <hydrobladeking> He did not become the ace, he even surpassed it. He is Japan's Golden Boy 💖
[1:27:56] <bwozwaltz> first 4cc silver
[1:29:39] <TwoXElle> RJ1 <3
[1:29:45] <bwozwaltz> gonna cry
[1:29:45] <xcooldjgirlx> <3
[1:30:02] <shuupah> RJ1 has a special place in my heart
[1:30:17] <msemilyc> Me too
[1:30:22] <bwozwaltz> me too
[1:30:27] <msemilyc> the music cut is really something
[1:30:30] <yaseinohana> me too <3
[1:30:57] <bwozwaltz> i love white legend too
[1:31:04] <angelonice1207> he's glowing
[1:32:01] <y_ever> the best version RJ1 #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:32:25] <shuupah> i love the dramatic music cuts they chose
[1:32:52] <TwoXElle> BibleThump <3 <3 <3
[1:32:58] <byakkomaruuuuu> NotLikeThis aaaaa
[1:33:28] <TwoXElle> he keeps giving so much courage to everyone <3
[1:33:50] <yuzubun12> Waaa 🥰 #YuzuSkatingParty (@lovingthesol -twitter)
[1:34:28] <xcooldjgirlx> I love seeing him practice <3
[1:35:08] <shuupah> love watching him train at TCC tbh it's kinda a homey feeling #YuzuSkatingParty twt:shuupahbunny
[1:35:11] <TwoXElle> missing Yuzu's skating skills ;______;
[1:35:33] <o_meleta> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @_chuuerries)
[1:35:44] <cutepets95> Tracy medalled with Rob McColl in Calgary not Sarajevo
[1:35:46] <shuupah> mama tracy passing on the skating skills
[1:36:09] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2)
[1:36:17] <hanan_11721> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twt: hanan_11721)
[1:36:19] <shuupah> his deep edges are so calming to look at
[1:36:27] <yuzubun12> Curious ... Do ice dance skaters generally have better skating skills?
[1:36:37] <yuzuuwuu> Yuzuru, we miss you so much :’(
[1:37:33] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:37:34] <shuupah> PARI CHAN
[1:37:45] <xcooldjgirlx> YESSSS
[1:37:54] <yuzubun12> Legendary PW
[1:38:14] <shuupah> 101.45
[1:38:24] <bwozwaltz> So iconic
[1:38:36] <yuzuuwuu> Hoochie coochie man
[1:38:37] <hanan_11721> Haha love his reaction there
[1:38:46] <yuzuuwuu> kokoro9Joy
[1:39:09] <xcooldjgirlx> uh
[1:40:19] <TwoXElle> @yuzubun12 yeah, and they have different boots (no big toe pick that's for jumps, ankle more "free") and they spend more time working on edges, turns, steps (and they have different requirements for step sequences, and more stsq, and steps are a big part of the score)... thoguh afaik lately ISU is simplifying requirements and adding tons of choreo elelments where... scores are given mostly based on rep..
[1:41:18] <xcooldjgirlx> omg
[1:41:30] <y_ever> yes u are the 1st #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:41:31] <yuzubun12> @twoxelle 🤯.... wow ! Thank you
[1:41:37] <xcooldjgirlx> i can never move on from his reaction
[1:41:37] <shuupah> the iconic omg moment
[1:41:40] <yuzubun12> Awww
[1:41:43] <shuupah> he was so adorable
[1:41:45] <lynziwn> PinkMercy
[1:42:03] <shuupah> so humble bb
[1:42:25] <byakkomaruuuuu> so cute omg
[1:42:25] <angelonice1207> and so grateful... but he deserved it
[1:42:38] <TwoXElle> awww lovely ending with lovely mushroom smiiling
[1:42:41] <bwozwaltz> Shuzo san
[1:42:49] <shuupah> ooo worlds was so close man
[1:42:58] <TwoXElle> Yuzu's triple crown!
[1:43:06] <shuupah> lollll the punnnn
[1:43:09] <marietta_456> hello!!
[1:43:12] <xcooldjgirlx> he so smol
[1:43:14] <saltatoryconduction> All the medals around his neck XD
[1:43:18] <bwozwaltz> look at those medals :D
[1:43:19] <TwoXElle> @marietta_456 Hi!
[1:43:29] <shuupah> his triple crown he must've been so happy hhahahaha
[1:43:39] <shuupah> @marietta_456 hi~
[1:43:59] <TwoXElle> Matsuoka's interviews <3 <3 <3
[1:44:17] <yaseinohana> @TwoXElle <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:44:23] <marietta_456> кто на моем языке говорит?
[1:44:25] <y_ever> haha i 'm thinking has he even try to wear all his medals #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:44:32] <yaseinohana> miss them both...
[1:44:40] <angelonice1207> shuzo san is over 6 feet, i think.. yuzu would look really smol next to him :)
[1:44:43] <shuupah> dat rite flex that olympic gold
[1:44:45] <xcooldjgirlx> @y_ever That's going to be so heavy...
[1:44:50] <TwoXElle> poor Yuzu... he's been holding FS on his back for so long...
[1:46:32] <shuupah> he always does extra well the moment it counts the most, he's the only athlete i support in all sports that I have 100% faith will not buckle under that much pressure
[1:47:03] <shuupah> it's extraordinary really, I honestly never seen it except in yuzu
[1:47:05] <angelonice1207> @shuupah yup, he keeps his composure really well
[1:47:33] <TwoXElle> of all the comps, je landed 4S when he needed it the most XD (in hindsight)
[1:47:40] <nadjasakura> hi back. just in time to watch the rest with you❤
[1:47:44] <y_uzu> I totally agree and he definitely strives under pressure
[1:48:11] <shuupah> that happened in Worlds 2017 too, that 4S3T if I'm not mistaken that he kept falling on in the 2nd half
[1:48:29] <bwozwaltz> COD
[1:48:29] <shuupah> but he managed to land it at Worlds then
[1:48:46] <937314214> 💋💞😊
[1:48:51] <xcooldjgirlx> You are, Yuzu!
[1:48:55] <TwoXElle> 4S loves drama LOLsob
[1:49:20] <cutepets95> Either falling or popping (popped the Sal, did 2S- 1alo
[1:49:32] <TwoXElle> LMAO so is this the first real talk about Nessie?
[1:49:32] <cutepets95> 2017 4cc
[1:49:33] <yuzubun12> @twoxelle he always performs when it really matters and that’s hella impressive
[1:49:41] <shuupah> well u just gotta rotate 4 times easy peasy, as yuzu says....
[1:49:49] <~PlanetHanyu> Yuzu really wanted to add the 4S in combo in 2017 he kinda asked for the drama
[1:50:14] <saltatoryconduction> Whoa, he had already been practicing the 4A by then??
[1:50:18] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu but in the end it paid it off, in both WC17 and PC...
[1:50:22] <937314214> :) <3
[1:50:48] <cutepets95> I think that 4S+3T curse in the free started 2016 Worlds ended 2017 Worlds
[1:51:03] <angelonice1207> giggly boi <3
[1:51:04] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle it really did pay off <3 it just caused alot of hairloss in alot of people
[1:51:13] <TwoXElle> awww 50-50... we're so lucky he's kept competing...
[1:51:18] <shuupah> dramatic boi must have dramatic storylines hahaha
[1:51:25] <937314214> :D TwitchUnity
[1:51:26] <angelonice1207> @PlanetHanyu particulary brian
[1:51:36] <nadjasakura> @planethanyu will you this one too make it as a video it can be rewatched?
[1:51:42] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu I was (un?)lucky to miss most of that rollercoaster XD
[1:51:46] <xcooldjgirlx> @PlanetHanyu XD
[1:51:47] <cutepets95> And landed it both 2017 ACI (that free was a minor disaster after the 112 in the short) and 2018 Olympics
[1:51:48] <yuzubun12> I always feel grateful that he’s still competing
[1:51:50] <~PlanetHanyu> @angelonice1207 LOL
[1:52:01] <shuupah> he's the only person that's keeping me in skating, esp w/ the chaotic rules and bias going on, makes me appreciate yuzu way more
[1:52:18] <angelonice1207> same here
[1:52:21] <~PlanetHanyu> I love this one with Nobu
[1:52:22] <bwozwaltz> Nobu kun
[1:52:23] <hydrobladeking> he's really playful with Nobu 😂
[1:52:32] <angelonice1207> both giggly bois lol
[1:52:33] <shuupah> oh no time to bully nobu
[1:52:34] <yuzubun12> Nobuuuuu 💓
[1:52:41] <937314214> :D ;)
[1:53:21] <shuupah> i wish nobu could interview yuzu in the future too, it's been a while since they did this
[1:53:36] <y_ever> they have great chemistry #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:53:44] <~PlanetHanyu> The giggles make me happy
[1:53:49] <937314214> yup
[1:54:03] <xcooldjgirlx> definitely
[1:54:13] <TwoXElle> @nadjasakura vids/link will all be available
[1:54:21] <bwozwaltz> nobu's affection towards Yuzu is genuine and it makes me so happy
[1:54:29] <yaseinohana> their interviews together always make me happy too
[1:54:35] <julia3331207> Thank you!!
[1:54:44] <angelonice1207> <3<3<3
[1:55:30] <TwoXElle> loving their interviews... it's a different dynamic than with Shuzo or Shizuka, but still so lovely... meaningful and funny with lighthearted moments and touching moments...
[1:55:32] <shuupah> esp when nobu cried so badly when yuzu won 2018 ogm he basically couldn't even talk, after watching his skates and also when he was at the medal ceremony, their relationship is so nice to watch
[1:55:35] <nadjasakura> @twoxelle thank you!
[1:55:54] <y_ever> now is like crashing to the bus #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[1:56:20] <TwoXElle> gosh Ghislain too said it was like crashing (iirc it was that falling is like a truck crashing into you?)
[1:56:21] <shuupah> nobu: kids, the Axel is easy, just imagine crashing into a wall:)
[1:56:22] <yuzubun12> Did Yuzu have a slight flu during this interview
[1:56:36] <yuzubun12> His voice is cuter than usual lol
[1:56:43] <bwozwaltz> shu pa
[1:57:09] <cutepets95> Ouch
[1:57:10] <shuupah> @TwoXElle i guess the 4A is a worse than the wall, upgraded to a bus
[1:57:35] <TwoXElle> awww thank you Nobu for saying "take your time" (and be careful!)
[1:57:52] <yuzuuwuu> @yuzubun12 ah thought the same. Slightly nasally here
[1:58:04] <shuupah> his 4Lo is so pretty
[1:58:37] <TwoXElle> in Turing gpf practices he did some gorgeous 4Lo... so good... I miss the 4Lo too..
[1:59:03] <hydrobladeking> His perspective whether in life or competition, I am blown away everytime
[1:59:23] <TwoXElle> <3
[1:59:28] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[1:59:34] <xcooldjgirlx> <3 <3 <3
[1:59:36] <angelonice1207> giggling from start to finish lol
[1:59:39] <angelonice1207> love these two
[1:59:43] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:59:50] <xcooldjgirlx> Very entertaining interview
[1:59:53] <xkaykayox> i love their relationship hahahah <3
[1:59:53] <TwoXElle> love them <3
[1:59:57] <cutepets95> Hahahahah
[1:59:59] <yaseinohana> OKI DESU !!!
[2:00:09] <shuupah> keekkekekkeke this is funny
[2:00:14] <angelonice1207> yuzu trolling lol
[2:00:18] <TwoXElle> and yuzu truly knows so many programs whoa
[2:00:21] <hydrobladeking> lol Yuzu
[2:00:24] <yuzubun12> He’s such a dork 🤣
[2:00:33] <angelonice1207> nobu's turn to troll lol
[2:00:40] <shuupah> yuzu has such a photographic memory tho
[2:00:44] <cutepets95> Hahahahaha
[2:00:46] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[2:00:51] <937314214> :D :D :D
[2:00:53] <hydrobladeking> nobu hahahahahaha
[2:00:56] <bwozwaltz> nobuuuuu
[2:00:58] <shuupah> yuzu must've texted him right after
[2:00:58] <TwoXElle> Nobu trolling Yuzu, evne his expression... LOL
[2:00:58] <y_ever> why no translation ?? #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[2:01:00] <shuupah> hahahahahah
[2:01:01] <cutepets95> Nobu's face Hahahahaha
[2:01:04] <xkaykayox> HAHAHAHA omg
[2:01:07] <blueflame1418> nobuuu MaxLOL
[2:01:15] <bwozwaltz> Yuzu: Do i look like THAT?
[2:01:23] <TwoXElle> gosh I really needed this laugh XD
[2:01:26] <yuzubun12> Lol Nobu
[2:01:27] <xcooldjgirlx> awwww
[2:01:31] <angelonice1207> oh skate canada
[2:01:32] <shuupah> Yuzu: you and I need to talk
[2:01:35] <anjaheyheyhey> apologies but the OP didn't translate this part
[2:01:42] <saltatoryconduction> Awww Yuzu and Nobu
[2:01:46] <~PlanetHanyu> Last but not least....
[2:01:47] <o_meleta> 🥺🥺🥺
[2:01:50] <angelonice1207> awww
[2:01:52] <shuupah> awwwwww
[2:01:52] <cutepets95> And Yuzu imitated Nobu 2013 GPF Victory Ceremony as well
[2:01:56] <simsydim> So sweet
[2:01:56] <calelisa0511> Thank you very much for the wonderful streaming parties. #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: Eli0511)
[2:01:57] <bwozwaltz> Awww
[2:01:57] <yaseinohana> @TwoXElle me too ! <3
[2:01:59] <shuupah> bb swan
[2:01:59] <937314214> :D TwitchUnity VirtualHug
[2:02:08] <bwozwaltz> I love this WL
[2:02:09] <xcooldjgirlx> oooh
[2:02:12] <hydrobladeking> with what's happening in my country, these entertaining moments of Yuzu and Nobu are very much welcome
[2:02:12] <shuupah> tq for the stream
[2:02:12] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2)
[2:02:16] <y_ever> swanyu 1.0 #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[2:02:40] <937314214> I remember this black swan
[2:02:48] <TwoXElle> his arms and fingers... BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[2:03:04] <937314214> BibleThump
[2:03:09] <simsydim> I love this program
[2:03:11] <shuupah> his skating was so complete even at that age
[2:03:39] <xcooldjgirlx> wahh
[2:03:56] <hydrobladeking> @shuupah as complete as he was, it's even crazier that he still greatly improved
[2:04:03] <shuupah> his programs are always so beautiful
[2:04:09] <louitunes> Love how caught up in the music he gets. So beautifully expressive. xxx
[2:04:12] <937314214> TearGlove
[2:04:18] <angelonice1207> yuzu's long limbs (as compared to other skaters) really make him more aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. the flow of his skating is so smooth and natural. I dunno how to explain it...
[2:04:41] <cutepets95> The pretzel twizzle
[2:04:52] <saltatoryconduction> His sit twizzles so good
[2:04:53] <xcooldjgirlx> just... beautiful
[2:05:03] <cutepets95> Well I think it's is called that
[2:05:04] <xkaykayox> @angelonice1207 its like hes literally born to be a skater <3
[2:05:05] <shuupah> @angelonice1207 super aesthetic
[2:05:08] <TwoXElle> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[2:05:15] <~PlanetHanyu> He has great control and is naturally gifted with beautiful lines
[2:05:15] <shuupah> HE WAS BORN TO SKATE
[2:05:18] <TwoXElle> gorgeous... so emotional...
[2:05:21] <bwozwaltz> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[2:05:23] <937314214> :D :)
[2:05:28] <nadjasakura> @angelonice1207 we said it in several chats before: he IS figureskating.
[2:05:30] <blueflame1418> applaaauuusseee
[2:05:34] <yuzubun12> 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
[2:05:35] <angelonice1207> love love love
[2:05:41] <937314214> FBCatch FBCatch
[2:05:49] <shuupah> super light
[2:05:50] <yaseinohana> thank you Yuzu <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <
[2:05:52] <~PlanetHanyu> I'm so proud of our biy
[2:05:55] <y_ever> <3 <3 <3 #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[2:05:57] <xcooldjgirlx> aw
[2:06:00] <angelonice1207> aw
[2:06:02] <shuupah> tq
[2:06:02] <TwoXElle> just LOOK AT THOSE ARMS!!! ;_____;
[2:06:06] <shuupah> hahahha
[2:06:06] <louitunes> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[2:06:08] <937314214> thanks yuzuru hanyu master be my love fever
[2:06:11] <hydrobladeking> he is more than jumps. his quality on other elements is superb
[2:06:19] <xcooldjgirlx> Thank you for the wonderful stream!
[2:06:29] <bwozwaltz> Thank you @Planethanyu
[2:06:34] <~PlanetHanyu> Thank you all for showing up despite the different timing this week!
[2:06:38] <shuupah> remeber to join the bday message guys
[2:06:42] <saltatoryconduction> Thank you so much again @PlanetHanyu team for doing these streaming parties <3
[2:06:43] <angelonice1207> thanks so much @PlanetHanyu
[2:06:45] <a10451427> thank you!
[2:06:46] <hydrobladeking> thank you as always @planethanyu 💖
[2:06:47] <xkaykayox> thank you!! <3
[2:06:48] <simsydim> Thank you Planet Hanyu and the Translating team for the stream! It really made my day ❤️
[2:06:50] <~PlanetHanyu> <3
[2:06:51] <shuupah> thank you so much
[2:06:52] <diandrxlesmana> thank you for hosting the stream ❤ @planethanyu
[2:06:52] <937314214> thanks you
[2:06:53] <msemilyc> Thank you so much !!!!
[2:06:54] <y_uzu> thank you for the stream <3 <3
[2:06:56] <blueflame1418> thank you Planet Hanyu and team!
[2:06:56] <cutepets95> See y'all next week
[2:06:57] <xcooldjgirlx> See you guys next week!
[2:06:58] <yuzuuwuu> <3 <3
[2:07:01] <nadjasakura> me too, a big heartfelt thank you!
[2:07:03] <msemilyc> Have a nice weekend!
[2:07:04] <angelonice1207> till next week #YuzuSkatingParty (PH username: AngelOnIce)
[2:07:04] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 :D
[2:07:07] <hydrobladeking> see you all next week!!!
[2:07:07] <yuzubun12> Thank you so much @planethanyu you guys are the best 🥰
[2:07:07] <lynziwn> see u next timee guyss
[2:07:07] <y_ever> @planetHanyu thankkkyouuu #YuzuSkatingParty Tw @Yever10
[2:07:07] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2)
[2:07:08] <shuupah> everyone have a great evening/morning/afternoon
[2:07:11] <o_meleta> Thank you for the stream!
[2:07:16] <yuzubun12> Bye everyone
[2:07:16] <ratanyaaaa> Thank you so much for the stream!
[2:07:19] <angelonice1207> bye all!
[2:07:22] <shuupah> bai bai~
[2:07:22] <simsydim> Take care guys!!
[2:07:23] <yaseinohana> Thank you so much again for this wonderful moment together @PlanetHanyu team <3 <3 <3
[2:07:23] <yuzubun12> Thank you for the Chopin :)
[2:07:24] <louitunes> Thank you all a PH for the stream. It lifts a sad rainy Saturday. Really appreciate it.
[2:07:24] <bwozwaltz> Bye all!
[2:07:25] <leoccadia> Thank you Planet Hanyu for the stream!
[2:07:26] <937314214> bye
[2:07:29] <lynziwn> thank u all, and @planethanyu ^_^
[2:07:30] <TwoXElle> awww it ends... I really really really needed this party, thank you guys, @PlanetHanyu for hosting <3 <3 <3
[2:07:30] <xcooldjgirlx> Bye!
[2:07:34] <hydrobladeking> enjoy the rest of the week fanyus 💕
[2:07:35] <moco1207> Thank you for the stream! I enjoyed it.
[2:07:37] <yaseinohana> take care everyone
[2:07:39] <simsydim> See you all next week
[2:07:42] <raven_deidei> thank you <3 <3 <3
[2:07:43] <~PlanetHanyu> Thank you all for taking part!
[2:07:55] <nadjasakura> stay healthy all of you. see you ❤
[2:08:05] <937314214> :D TwitchUnity
[2:08:07] <anjaheyheyhey> thank you!!
[2:08:09] <dana_iulia> thank you so so much for the stream!
[2:08:13] <lynziwn> byee 👋🏻💜
[2:08:21] <iceprinceyuzu> @planethanyu thank you so much for the streaming!
[2:08:21] <TwoXElle> thank you all and stay safe <3 see you around, on the Planet and next weeks <3 :D
[2:08:31] <eruchan_desu> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[2:08:39] <yuzurutheking> thank you fo all the hard work
[2:08:43] <937314214> ;)


And here's the chat from this week:


[0:00:22] <fayfalcon> hiya!!!
[0:00:28] <simsydim> Hello!!
[0:00:28] <~PlanetHanyu> hiii
[0:00:31] <shozuzu> hihi
[0:00:34] <fai_yyaa> hiiii
[0:00:35] <yuzulegend> Hi everyone!
[0:00:46] <summersweetchild> good afternoon
[0:00:47] <TwoXElle> Hi!!!!!! LadyLou here! #YuzuSkatingParty :D
[0:00:49] <~PlanetHanyu> hi everyone!!
[0:00:51] <fayfalcon> instead of the COR girls battle I am going to watch this
[0:00:52] <y_uzu> Hi!
[0:01:06] <xcooldjgirlx> hello!
[0:01:07] <xkaykayox> hihi!!
[0:01:07] <hanyu_axel> Hi everyone!
[0:01:20] <~PlanetHanyu> BTW we're planning a special stream on Yuzu's birthday, @yuzulegend do you want to talk about it?
[0:01:23] <xcooldjgirlx> this is going to be fun!
[0:01:23] <anjaheyheyhey> hello!
[0:01:31] <yuzulegend> @fayfalcon Me too :)
[0:01:38] <yuzulegend> @PlanetHanyu Yes!
[0:01:39] <kat0nice> hi everyone!
[0:01:40] <jw_98_> Hi! #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: JW_98)
[0:01:43] <hydrobladeking> hi!!!
[0:01:46] <hanyu_axel> It’s currently 2am where i’m from but i want to watch #YuzuSkatingParty with other fans :))(
[0:01:47] <nebelungmeow> HII
[0:01:48] <937314214> hi
[0:01:59] <yuzulegend> HI EVERYONE
[0:02:04] <anjaheyheyhey> Yes! everyone who wants to learn more about our Birthday Stream, watch now! and read :D
[0:02:05] <noelle_blue> Hi! It's been a while since I could watch this stream with everyone but I've been catching them later! Thank you so much!
[0:02:06] <hydrobladeking> #YuzuSkatingParty twt:@hydrobladeking
[0:02:06] <nadjasakura> hi everyone❤
[0:02:10] <simsydim> #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Panna
[0:02:28] <fai_yyaa> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@purpleoya)
[0:02:34] <nebelungmeow> getting up early on Saturday for this
[0:02:38] <y_ever> hihi #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:02:54] <xcooldjgirlx> oooh
[0:03:00] <esther793> hello! :D #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: got7ailee)
[0:03:00] <anjaheyheyhey> that is [email protected], for all your birthday wishes, messages, and fan works!!!!
[0:03:09] <thwlittleswan> hello everyone
[0:03:17] <y_uzu> #YuzuSkatingParty PH:Y_uzu
[0:03:22] <summersweetchild> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH Sweetsummerchild)
[0:03:23] <tac1294> Hello everyone
[0:03:30] <TwoXElle> I've got what I need for my Zuzu's bday message... GOLD PEN! And some other stuff... hopefully I'll manage to take a pic outside, but being in a red zone means I have to pretend I have a good reason to stay out XD
[0:03:34] <937314214> :D
[0:03:34] <anjaheyheyhey> you can also find out more about it in this thread: https://planethanyu.com/topic/1273-2020-yuzuru-birthday-project/
[0:03:39] <miraiyuu46> hello everyone #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: luf1kon)
[0:03:42] <yuzulegend> Please help us to make something special for Yuzu's birthday!
[0:03:47] <anjaheyheyhey> and on our Twitter, it's under the replies to our pinned tweet!
[0:03:48] <nebelungmeow> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @Alice94081701)
[0:03:50] <hanyu_axel> #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Patch
[0:03:53] <~PlanetHanyu> ahh wait
[0:04:00] <~PlanetHanyu> does this not have subs haha
[0:04:01] <anjaheyheyhey> hahah no subs xD
[0:04:02] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @CoolDJGirl2 ph: cooldjgirl)
[0:04:05] <fayfalcon> where are the subtitles? LOL
[0:04:09] <TwoXElle> LOL XD
[0:04:12] <~PlanetHanyu> oops i htink this one had subtitles i didn't merge
[0:04:14] <~PlanetHanyu> next vid
[0:04:14] <yuzurumuse_kit> #YuzuSkatingParty twitter @YuzuruHanyuMuse
[0:04:15] <xcooldjgirlx> oh
[0:04:16] <yuzulegend> errrr what happened?
[0:04:17] <anjaheyheyhey> it's ok, play next and we can play this in the end?
[0:04:19] <tac1294> Sub please
[0:04:19] <yuzulegend> hahaha
[0:04:20] <yuzurumuse_kit> Hello hello
[0:04:25] <shozuzu> hahahahaha
[0:04:26] <hanyu_axel> nooo subs lol #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Patch
[0:04:34] <~PlanetHanyu> ok
[0:04:35] <yuzulegend> @yuzurumuse_kit hiiiiii!!
[0:04:40] <~PlanetHanyu> nvm i think i got confused
[0:04:45] <xcooldjgirlx> hm?
[0:04:46] <~PlanetHanyu> cuz it wasn't listed as needing to be merged
[0:04:48] <anjaheyheyhey> yeah yeah we'll figure it out no worries guys xD
[0:04:56] <tac1294> Btw I love this costume! Sheer sleeves❤️
[0:04:57] <fai_yyaa> that's okay haha
[0:04:57] <TwoXElle> it's ok, some suspance is good XD
[0:04:59] <hydrobladeking> I am nodding to whatever he is saying even though I don't understand anything 😂
[0:05:04] <nkroolik> Hello ☺️
[0:05:06] <anjaheyheyhey> :D
[0:05:07] <kat0nice> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: katonice)
[0:05:08] <jw_98_> Hi! #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: JW_98)
[0:05:08] <xcooldjgirlx> nice seeing yuzu though
[0:05:12] <TwoXElle> Hi!
[0:05:18] <kyoon1> I miss him sm djsbbc
[0:05:18] <TwoXElle> AHHHHHHH
[0:05:20] <nadjasakura> well me for my part I am also happy just to hear his voice
[0:05:22] <delayedaxelyuzu> Hi uwu #YuzuSkatingParty Twitter: @SilviAoiDream
[0:05:25] <fayfalcon> right, nice seeing him...
[0:05:27] <TwoXElle> wait the subs missing agan?
[0:05:29] <eruchan_desu> #YuzuSkatingParty twt:@eruchan_desu
[0:05:34] <~PlanetHanyu> sorry give me a moment
[0:05:39] <tac1294> Same here!
[0:05:44] <byakkomaruuuuu> hi
[0:05:47] <yuzulegend> In the meantime I'll talk again about our project!
[0:05:48] <fayfalcon> it's ok, we can wait!
[0:05:49] <ratanyaaaa> Hello! #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @hanyuhenyo)
[0:05:51] <hydrobladeking> take your time :)
[0:05:59] <937314214> :) TwitchUnity
[0:06:00] <byakkomaruuuuu> it's ok
[0:06:06] <summersweetchild> take your time to work it out. We wait
[0:06:11] <yuzulegend> It's open to anyone who would like to send a message for Yuzu's birthday!
[0:06:13] <hanyu_axel> aw i miss Yuzu so much
[0:06:17] <tac1294> Thank you planethanyu!
[0:06:29] <xcooldjgirlx> we can wait!
[0:06:34] <937314214> aww my love I miss him so much
[0:06:40] <nebelungmeow> no need to rush
[0:06:42] <yuzulegend> By the way, we will be having really cool giveaways for the special BirthdayStreaming!
[0:06:43] <blueflame1418> hello! #YuzuSkatingParty twitter: @virprisha
[0:06:51] <y_uzu> Can’t wait for the birthday stream! #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: Y_uzu)
[0:06:57] <xcooldjgirlx> ah yes! excited for the birthday stream!
[0:07:00] <sally_cinnamon> hi everyone
[0:07:01] <fai_yyaa> @yuzulegend can't wait!!!!
[0:07:04] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @CoolDJGirl2 ph: cooldjgirl)
[0:07:17] <yuzulegend> Please help us to make it special by sending your messages!
[0:07:25] <937314214> too me same here
[0:07:31] <aoraaa_> hello helloo
[0:07:39] <hanyu_axel> #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Patch
[0:07:39] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu can we add the Be the light fanvid to yuzu's bday streaming party? With the new photobook and all...
[0:07:46] <yuzulegend> No need to do anything complicated! just a nice pic and wishes!
[0:08:09] <blueflame1418> @yuzulegend where can i send the pic for his birthday project?
[0:08:13] <xcooldjgirlx> yey!
[0:08:20] <fayfalcon> starting with GPF...
[0:08:21] <937314214> yey
[0:08:29] <kyoon1> Yayyy
[0:08:29] <y_uzu> Yayyy the subs are back:)))
[0:08:31] <fai_yyaa> yess!
[0:08:32] <kyoon1> Thank youuu
[0:08:40] <TwoXElle> WARNING: there's a COC14 pic at one point (tehre's a warning in the vid), and then a pic with Yzuu with bandage
[0:08:43] <xkaykayox> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter: @xkaykayox) <3
[0:08:51] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:08:53] <aoraaa_> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: arataaa__)
[0:08:59] <blueflame1418> i miss him :'
[0:09:04] <hanyu_axel> thank you! #YuzuSkatingParty PH: Patch
[0:09:06] <fayfalcon> that was a painful season...
[0:09:14] <aoraaa_> pspspsss yuzu come back
[0:09:18] <nadjasakura> @yuzulegend I already have sent one. but I am not sure if you got it
[0:09:26] <byakkomaruuuuu> @blueflame1418 me too BibleThump
[0:09:40] <xcooldjgirlx> ah... that season...
[0:09:46] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[0:10:02] <angelonice1207> Hello! #YuzuSkatingParty (@LoreleiCustodio)
[0:10:16] <TwoXElle> T___T
[0:10:26] <yuzulegend> @blueflame1418 twitter or to [email protected]
[0:10:35] <simsydim> BibleThump
[0:10:42] <937314214> TearGlove BibleThump
[0:10:42] <yuzulegend> @nadjasakura will start to send messages confirming reception!
[0:10:51] <blueflame1418> @yuzulegend thank you!
[0:10:55] <anjaheyheyhey> @nadjasakura we'll check the messages we got privately and make sure to reply to you all! thanks for pointing this out!
[0:11:23] <~PlanetHanyu> thanks for submitting, we're getting messages via a couple of different platforms so we haven't fully consolidated them yet! 😅
[0:11:40] <TwoXElle> he looks and sounds so subdued :(
[0:11:50] <yuzulegend> @937314214 if you are a satellite in PH you can also just post your message in the birthday thread open for the project!
[0:11:57] <nadjasakura> thank you. I hope you will enjoy it either. 🙂
[0:12:01] <byakkomaruuuuu> i wanna make a beautiful birth day card for him and nice wishes BibleThump
[0:12:06] <~PlanetHanyu> <3 thank you <3
[0:12:14] <937314214> yuzuru hanyu master massages from him away thanks you
[0:12:29] <byakkomaruuuuu> @PlanetHanyu <3 <3 <3
[0:12:52] <937314214> TearGlove :(
[0:13:11] <yuzulegend> @byakkomaruuuuu Then this is the opportunity! we will post everything in a special website, who knows, maybe one day Yuzu will scroll it down and read it!!
[0:13:14] <fayfalcon> Gosh, it must have been traumatic
[0:13:18] <~PlanetHanyu> matsuoka always looks so in awe
[0:13:26] <TwoXElle> poor yuzu ;__;
[0:13:48] <fai_yyaa> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:13:58] <937314214> :( BibleThump
[0:14:26] <xcooldjgirlx> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:14:36] <hydrobladeking> 😭😭😭
[0:14:46] <aoraaa_> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:14:56] <TwoXElle> :((((
[0:15:02] <yuzulegend> oh Yuzu...
[0:15:07] <TwoXElle> </3
[0:15:16] <nadjasakura> if he really would read it I wished I could see his face. secret textbook how Pooh is teaching him🤣
[0:15:24] <nebelungmeow> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:15:26] <yuzuryn> #YuzuSkatingParty thank you for hosting yuzu parties, my net is bad but im grateful to watch this <3 ;__;
[0:15:26] <937314214> everyone wants huge yuzuru hanyu 😢😊
[0:15:32] <saltatoryconduction> He analyzes himself so well and I love that about him.
[0:15:52] <TwoXElle> yeah
[0:15:54] <aoraaa_> bb BibleThump
[0:16:16] <937314214> on my God TearGlove
[0:16:16] <TwoXElle> so self-aware even when going through it...
[0:16:21] <saltatoryconduction> And he was 19 at the time. Nineteen.
[0:16:42] <hellena7625> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter hellena7625) <3
[0:16:42] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2 ph:cooldjgirl)
[0:16:53] <hydrobladeking> He was really raised well with how great principles are but he is seriously the most strict critic of himself
[0:17:01] <yuzulegend> @saltatoryconduction His mind and capacity to analyse himself is also something I'm always in awe
[0:17:21] <leoccadia> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @leocadia14)
[0:17:26] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:17:39] <anjaheyheyhey> yaay
[0:17:42] <TwoXElle> this season is basically the firs ttime in his whole sr season he chose to take "time off" (even if it was because of a pandemic)
[0:17:42] <937314214> be strong yourself my love be happy
[0:17:55] <yuzuyokoi> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twitter:NicoleCarina)
[0:18:11] <yuzuryn> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@lynzelo)
[0:18:11] <TwoXElle> oh, this was before the previous vid...
[0:18:25] <mayqueen880516> #YuzuruSkatingParty (twitter: @mayqueen_880516)
[0:18:28] <hydrobladeking> he was probably so furious with that ranking
[0:18:30] <anjaheyheyhey> yes, we played them reverse
[0:18:33] <aoraaa_> him smile
[0:18:35] <agnes_saya> Hello! #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @agnes__piano)
[0:18:41] <xcooldjgirlx> oh no...
[0:18:43] <anjaheyheyhey> warning for coc14
[0:18:45] <937314214> smile away
[0:18:51] <mayqueen880516> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: mayqueen_880516)
[0:18:53] <fayfalcon> it's painful seeing this
[0:18:54] <TwoXElle> that seaosn yuzu just had the worst of luck...
[0:18:59] <yuzulegend> @yuzuyokoi hey, sorry to ask, but did you receive your giveaway? <3 <3 <3
[0:19:08] <937314214> :( TearGlove BibleThump
[0:19:09] <simsydim> Oh Yuzu BibleThump
[0:19:11] <xcooldjgirlx> this always hurts to watch...
[0:19:13] <aoraaa_> this hurts
[0:19:19] <nadjasakura> it is one thing to analyse yourself. but something else to go so deep. not just realize your own fear. he can accept it, therefore come over it. just amazing
[0:19:22] <aoraaa_> noo:(
[0:19:22] <TwoXElle> ;____;
[0:19:25] <hydrobladeking> this always hurts
[0:19:27] <blueflame1418> ahhh..... :'
[0:19:27] <yuzuyokoi> So painful, he pushed so hard
[0:19:28] <xcooldjgirlx> yuzu BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:19:28] <aoraaa_> my heart is aching
[0:19:30] <anjaheyheyhey> ok end of coc14
[0:19:33] <mayqueen880516> He was such a fighter!
[0:19:49] <byakkomaruuuuu> aaa i cry again BibleThump
[0:19:50] <937314214> wants huge yuzuru hanyu be strong yourself
[0:19:51] <tac1294> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:20:14] <TwoXElle> well, t least we know all would end well.. can't imagine how hard it was for those of you who were following him already back then <3
[0:20:14] <fai_yyaa> it's been 6 years BibleThump
[0:20:35] <937314214> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:20:47] <fayfalcon> How many times did he do this?
[0:20:53] <nadjasakura> @mayqueen880516 indeed. he has such an incredible srength inside...
[0:21:14] <vevi12345> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: Eleanor36342)
[0:21:22] <xcooldjgirlx> He's really someone to look up to
[0:21:25] <y_ever> the 1st time i heard about him is because of this incident. After that i fall into this Yuzu hole #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:21:30] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2 ph:cooldjgirl)
[0:21:33] <byakkomaruuuuu> @fai_yyaa time passed so fast BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:21:36] <y_ever> he is readlly a fighter #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:21:37] <saltatoryconduction> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter @saltatorybund)
[0:21:48] <~PlanetHanyu> ouchh
[0:21:49] <hydrobladeking> also the potential of POTO if he wasn't injured at that time 💔
[0:21:59] <TwoXElle> poor bb
[0:22:03] <937314214> I fell in love him yuzuru hanyu master
[0:22:26] <TwoXElle> @hydrobladeking yeah, he couldn't skate to the POTO he wanted...
[0:22:44] <~PlanetHanyu> ;_;
[0:22:46] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:23:01] <TwoXElle> axel-chan <3
[0:23:06] <blueflame1418> that 3a was huge
[0:23:07] <hydrobladeking> @twoxelle agreed. it had so much potential just like LGC
[0:23:07] <saltatoryconduction> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:23:10] <~PlanetHanyu> 3A always reliable <3
[0:23:17] <xcooldjgirlx> Beautiful ending
[0:23:24] <~PlanetHanyu> i think POTO was skated well, it's one of my favorite programs of his haha
[0:23:24] <fayfalcon> very unhappy and frustrated
[0:23:42] <937314214> unhappy himself away
[0:23:45] <saltatoryconduction> Nooo bb so hard on himself ;;; ;;;
[0:23:46] <sadaharu130> kuyashii
[0:23:49] <hydrobladeking> he doesn't really like excuses
[0:23:57] <fai_yyaa> @PlanetHanyu yeaa me too
[0:23:57] <byakkomaruuuuu> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:24:06] <TwoXElle> bb it was just a few weeks after that crash, be kind to yourself...
[0:24:09] <yuzulegend> ahh Yuzu, always so kuyashii
[0:24:25] <byakkomaruuuuu> sorry imade a mistake
[0:24:29] <simsydim> Awww
[0:24:41] <fayfalcon> There was a video of him watching the medal ceremony once...
[0:24:59] <937314214> I sorry be strong yourself and shows yourself
[0:25:05] <nadjasakura> and always give the positive sight to others. that boy...
[0:25:12] <y_ever> he was still in pain at that time but he dont used that as excuse #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:25:23] <TwoXElle> GPF14 win was so especially sweet <3
[0:25:23] <byakkomaruuuuu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: sihunnnnnn)
[0:25:25] <hydrobladeking> While other athletes give out excuses, he never did. He always say it's because he did not work hard. Just an outstanding mindset
[0:25:26] <mayqueen880516> I honestly missed his voice 🤭❤️
[0:25:35] <937314214> :)
[0:26:10] <anjaheyheyhey> this is pre-season promo period, before coc14 accident
[0:26:22] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah sorry, i didn't sub it in time so i played it out of order
[0:26:45] <anjaheyheyhey> yeah i know, all good, i'm just teling the ppl in comments xD
[0:27:20] <tac1294> I miss everything about him BibleThump
[0:27:25] <TwoXElle> THE SOUND OF HIS TOE PICK AND LANDING <3 <3 <3
[0:27:31] <~PlanetHanyu> "has been used by many skaters" lool shade (jk)
[0:27:33] <hydrobladeking> He spins so fast it's so surreal
[0:27:39] <937314214> BibleThump
[0:27:46] <fai_yyaa> i love the sound of the ice
[0:27:50] <TwoXElle> he wanted to put 3 quads...but he couldn't do that till following season...
[0:27:55] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2 ph:cooldjgirl)
[0:28:19] <937314214> :D :D
[0:28:30] <quelabsb> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@quelabsb)
[0:28:48] <TwoXElle> who knows how faster he would have upgraded his BV withotu all those injuries, and even despite them he has never stopped adding new tech stuff, on top of everyhting else... he conquered so many "firsts! <3
[0:28:48] <tac1294> Ahhh cute
[0:28:50] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle yeah :( everything got moved back a season
[0:29:02] <hydrobladeking> lol he doesn't really like sharing too much personal stuff. i love that about him
[0:29:05] <byakkomaruuuuu> who wanna go to sendai with me? BibleThump
[0:29:11] <~PlanetHanyu> meee
[0:29:15] <tac1294> Meeeee
[0:29:18] <937314214> ✌
[0:29:23] <blueflame1418> me!
[0:29:24] <aoraaa_> meee
[0:29:25] <xcooldjgirlx> cute
[0:29:28] <hydrobladeking> meeee
[0:29:38] <fai_yyaa> @byakkomaruuuuu let's go together
[0:29:45] <mayqueen880516> Cutesy
[0:30:07] <hydrobladeking> his love for earphones 😂
[0:30:09] <byakkomaruuuuu> @PlanetHanyu aaa let's go together
[0:30:21] <TwoXElle> @hydrobladeking I mean, this whole season he pretty much showed without any doubt he'd rather be a permanent ninja, outside of comps...
[0:30:30] <y_ever> earphone fethish :O #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:30:36] <misscynthiat> LOL The part when he said his mother said he is noisy during image training!
[0:30:45] <byakkomaruuuuu> must be fun right if we come tigether BibleThump
[0:30:49] <aoraaa_> ahsdgjshdas earphone fetish
[0:31:11] <hydrobladeking> @twoxelle yes and the drought is really rough 😭
[0:31:18] <937314214> BibleThump TwitchUnity
[0:31:36] <aoraaa_> @byakkomaruuuuu omg yess BibleThump
[0:32:04] <nadjasakura> if you make a travel-group you need to book an entire jumbojet for all who wanna come along (me too)
[0:32:31] <tac1294> Dream vacation!
[0:32:42] <aoraaa_> omg fanyu travel group
[0:32:51] <fai_yyaa> @nadjasakura cause it's from fanyus all around the world
[0:32:52] <937314214> yes
[0:33:07] <yuzulegend> @nadjasakura Hahaha... don't underestimate us, we might to a PH trip!! hahaha
[0:33:15] <tac1294> His reflection and self analysis always amaze me
[0:33:17] <fayfalcon> he doesn't often speak of asthma
[0:33:21] <nadjasakura> I would take the chance to skate on his home-rink. that feeling I imagine as incredible😊
[0:33:34] <xcooldjgirlx> woah
[0:33:34] <937314214> :D :D
[0:33:41] <TwoXElle> he truly hates to lose :D
[0:33:52] <anjaheyheyhey> ASAICHI <3
[0:33:52] <tac1294> Learn a lot from him!
[0:33:54] <xcooldjgirlx> WOW
[0:33:55] <TwoXElle> asaichi!
[0:34:00] <nebelungmeow> <3 <3 <3
[0:34:00] <hydrobladeking> i love this!!!!
[0:34:00] <xcooldjgirlx> that was nice art
[0:34:14] <aoraaa_> OMG SO CUTE
[0:34:22] <937314214> I fell in love him yuzuru hanyu
[0:34:24] <aoraaa_> yuzu where?
[0:34:25] <simsydim> I love this interview so much :D
[0:34:26] <linaskho> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: holina) thanks! Hello everyone!
[0:34:29] <aoraaa_> yuzu when?
[0:34:29] <yuzurumuse_kit> I love this interview 🥰
[0:34:29] <byakkomaruuuuu> so cute asdhfshdjdkdjdjk BibleThump
[0:34:34] <937314214> :D :D
[0:34:35] <hydrobladeking> asaichi! this is a fun interview 💖
[0:34:40] <tac1294> Blue suits him so well
[0:34:41] <fai_yyaa> this interview is my fav
[0:34:45] <~PlanetHanyu> he looks great in that shirt and color <3
[0:34:48] <mayqueen880516> So good looking Hanyu 🤭🏻❣️❤️🎉
[0:34:50] <blueflame1418> i really like his outfit
[0:34:53] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[0:34:59] <frenchkiss70> Thanks @PlanetHanyu for helping us during that dire drought with #YuzuSkatingParty. Watching Comp without him makes the loss even worse
[0:35:01] <TwoXElle> <3
[0:35:03] <fayfalcon> white pants are a dream
[0:35:20] <hydrobladeking> he looks so good
[0:35:36] <~PlanetHanyu> that's all fanart? XD
[0:35:36] <TwoXElle> @frenchkiss70 do like me, don't watch comps :P ;)
[0:35:43] <937314214> :) ;)
[0:35:44] <tac1294> Collar up looks nice on him due to his swan neck
[0:35:52] <TwoXElle> though I miss Yuzu all the same XD
[0:36:03] <agnes_saya> Old fangirls lol
[0:36:12] <hydrobladeking> @twoxelle this is a good reco. i regret watching comps for the past months 😂
[0:36:24] <blueflame1418> @tac1294 lol but it looks sooo good on him
[0:36:25] <TwoXElle> LMAO his famous answer
[0:36:36] <937314214> aww my heart 💕
[0:36:48] <agnes_saya> Blue fits so good on him
[0:37:00] <tac1294> Tell that to my students!
[0:37:06] <TwoXElle> just submit it even if it's not complete LOL
[0:37:06] <aoraaa_> lmaoo
[0:37:15] <yuzulegend> LOOL
[0:37:21] <blueflame1418> so is he an exemplary student or not lol
[0:37:23] <937314214> I am his students away
[0:37:28] <TwoXElle> Asaichi was such an awesone source of memes :D
[0:37:30] <tac1294> @blueflame1418 100% agreed
[0:37:32] <nadjasakura> @agnes_saya blue flame 😉
[0:37:40] <hydrobladeking> i mean, he even brings a fan in skating rinks 😂
[0:38:38] <937314214> :D VirtualHug
[0:38:40] <TwoXElle> LOL
[0:38:40] <xcooldjgirlx> lol
[0:38:40] <fayfalcon> lol
[0:38:44] <aoraaa_> lmaoo
[0:38:49] <xcooldjgirlx> "yuzuru's sweat"
[0:38:49] <fai_yyaa> LOL
[0:39:31] <TwoXElle> wow, impressive detail of all the phones...
[0:39:36] <xcooldjgirlx> AHHHHHHH
[0:39:40] <~PlanetHanyu> his arm got very tired after waving for 45 min xD
[0:39:49] <TwoXElle> HAPPY YUZU!!!
[0:39:56] <agnes_saya> @xcooldjgirlx rich fanyus would pay thousands dollars ahahah
[0:40:01] <hydrobladeking> he is shy 😂
[0:40:03] <fai_yyaa> @PlanetHanyu omg hahaha
[0:40:07] <TwoXElle> @PlanetHanyu and then he did it again in 2018 :D
[0:40:07] <~PlanetHanyu> "sexy and provocative pose" 🤣
[0:40:16] <hydrobladeking> baby mushroom
[0:40:16] <yuzulegend> He's so adorable!!
[0:40:21] <937314214> happy yuzuru hanyu master be sexy
[0:40:25] <aoraaa_> awww
[0:40:27] <TwoXElle> bb mushroom, so soft <3
[0:40:30] <fayfalcon> Yuzushenko!
[0:40:30] <o_meleta> babie yuzu 🥺
[0:40:32] <xcooldjgirlx> muchroom yuzu!
[0:40:33] <TwoXElle> aww bb Seimei too!
[0:40:36] <fai_yyaa> yuzushenko omg lol
[0:40:38] <nebelungmeow> one of my favorite
[0:40:43] <937314214> yes
[0:40:44] <yuzulegend> hahaha
[0:40:49] <~PlanetHanyu> wow beautiful 4S
[0:40:57] <hydrobladeking> dancer Yuzu lol
[0:40:58] <xcooldjgirlx> dance is back!
[0:41:10] <fai_yyaa> i want to join that dance class
[0:41:19] <iceprinceyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @IcePrinceYuzu)
[0:41:23] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2 ph:cooldjgirl)
[0:41:25] <agnes_saya> I wonder if he still attends dance clases...
[0:41:25] <937314214> dancing with yuzuru hanyu master
[0:42:16] <TwoXElle> LOL
[0:42:16] <fayfalcon> lol
[0:42:19] <nebelungmeow> lol
[0:42:23] <aoraaa_> lol
[0:42:26] <937314214> :D :D
[0:43:05] <y_ever> now his face is really everywhere..must be weird for him to walk i Japan #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:43:11] <milagros17z> Hello! #YuzuSkatingParty (Tw: @milagroszeva7)
[0:43:20] <TwoXElle> indeed, Nobu knows he's a Do-S XD
[0:43:24] <avtoreen> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter @felitalmira)
[0:43:43] <hydrobladeking> his love for insects 😂
[0:43:51] <937314214> :D :D
[0:44:18] <TwoXElle> even Yuzu has ordinary issues such as bed hair :D
[0:44:22] <milagros17z> Bed HairTwins😂
[0:44:30] <agnes_saya> paprika ahahah
[0:44:30] <o_meleta> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@_chuuerries)
[0:44:34] <fayfalcon> PAPRICA!!!
[0:44:36] <TwoXElle> PAPRIKA!!!!
[0:44:46] <TwoXElle> I have a trauma XD
[0:44:48] <milagros17z> The trauma🥺😂
[0:44:49] <937314214> :D :D :D TwitchUnity
[0:44:53] <hydrobladeking> the famous "I have a trauma"
[0:44:57] <TwoXElle> the betrayal!
[0:44:58] <fai_yyaa> LOL
[0:45:00] <xcooldjgirlx> tomato!
[0:45:01] <yuzulegend> lol
[0:45:01] <blueflame1418> lol
[0:45:02] <y_ever> paprika trauma #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[0:45:03] <yuzuyokoi> LOL
[0:46:01] <TwoXElle> LOL
[0:46:07] <milagros17z> I heard toki doki, I understood smth😂
[0:46:32] <tac1294> Anybody laughs out loud watching this?
[0:46:39] <TwoXElle> yes!
[0:46:44] <simsydim> Haha mee
[0:46:49] <937314214> :D :D
[0:46:53] <byakkomaruuuuu> @tac1294 kkkkkk mee
[0:46:57] <hydrobladeking> @tac1294 i did and everybody here is sleeping 😂
[0:47:00] <blueflame1418> im amused but cant lol cos it's midnight here
[0:47:04] <937314214> 🤣🤣🤣
[0:47:31] <tac1294> His interviews feel very genuine and real, not scripted
[0:47:35] <milagros17z> @blueflame1418 midnight?? wow, I just woke up 😂
[0:47:51] <fai_yyaa> it's 10.49 pm here and i have to hold back my laughter lol
[0:48:17] <tac1294> Hard core fans aren’t we all!
[0:48:27] <hydrobladeking> it's 11:49 p.m. here and my dog is already sleeping beside me 😂
[0:48:36] <blueflame1418> @milagros17z wow we must be on the opposite parts of the world 😂
[0:48:39] <byakkomaruuuuu> @fai_yyaa omg me too my family already sleeping
[0:48:54] <TwoXElle> this makes me think about all those times he went to check his ice mark and just pondered and checked his form... I wish I could see the workings in his brain! XD
[0:49:02] <mayqueen880516> Bring up kids like Yuzu?... 🤭🤭😅
[0:49:16] <nebelungmeow> lol
[0:49:22] <yuzulegend> @mayqueen880516 imposible! hahaha
[0:49:24] <TwoXElle> awwww
[0:49:26] <fayfalcon> imagine the number of questions NOW if he were asked...
[0:49:35] <937314214> :D :D
[0:49:57] <msemilyc> Was that Shun sato
[0:49:59] <milagros17z> Nooo, his big fear, his childhood coach😂😂😂
[0:50:10] <agnes_saya> Yuzu being extremely embarassed
[0:50:10] <TwoXElle> I'd love it if he went to another Asaichi or another keinji's room...
[0:50:23] <yuzulegend> @fayfalcon hahaha...we would need one month to get all answers!
[0:50:23] <milagros17z> Yuzu is a free spirit😎
[0:50:44] <hydrobladeking> @twoxelle true! and then he can have another biggest regret with Keinji 😂
[0:50:55] <milagros17z> @blueflame1418 I'm from South America, where r u from?:0
[0:50:56] <937314214> hi family I love you
[0:51:06] <tac1294> Baby
[0:51:08] <milagros17z> Hi!
[0:51:13] <xcooldjgirlx> hello!
[0:51:19] <yuzulegend> @937314214 Hi there!
[0:51:21] <blueflame1418> @milagros17z im from indonesia, southeast asia XD
[0:51:33] <tac1294> I’m from California USA
[0:51:33] <byakkomaruuuuu> @milagros17z hi,i'm from indonesia
[0:51:39] <937314214> hi there
[0:51:49] <fai_yyaa> i'm from indonesia too
[0:52:04] <tac1294> We’re family of fanyus
[0:52:06] <hydrobladeking> he didn't like practice but now he is a practice monster 😂
[0:52:08] <blueflame1418> omg indonesian fanyus assemle
[0:52:12] <aoraaa_> another indonesian fella here
[0:52:13] <milagros17z> Wow!!! Most of you are from Indonesia🥺
[0:52:17] <fayfalcon> Yuzu LOL
[0:52:22] <xcooldjgirlx> he did?!?!
[0:52:25] <byakkomaruuuuu> @aoraaa_ ahahahahha
[0:52:41] <tac1294> So mischievous child Yuzu!
[0:52:43] <yuzulegend> All my love for you Indonesian Fanyus!
[0:52:45] <blueflame1418> i really like this particular story lol
[0:52:46] <TwoXElle> LOL this reminds me of schoolmates who made balls out of anyhting available, I found it soooo annoying...I would have found Yuzu so annoying too XD
[0:53:07] <blueflame1418> @yuzulegend sending love back to you!
[0:53:16] <hydrobladeking> he is probably a clingy little brother hahaha
[0:53:18] <milagros17z> @twoxelle I used to do the same at school😂
[0:53:18] <TwoXElle> bb yuzu wanting to emulate his sister <3
[0:53:29] <TwoXElle> @milagros17z XD
[0:53:30] <aoraaa_> @yuzulegend omg love back for you! <3
[0:54:06] <937314214> aww I think big sister his younger brother
[0:54:09] <yuzulegend> @yuzulegend <3 <3 <3
[0:54:20] <milagros17z> I hope Yuzu could attend to one of this type of programs after the pandemic:3
[0:54:36] <TwoXElle> crossing fingers
[0:55:02] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 ;)
[0:55:20] <milagros17z> I love his outfit here🧐
[0:55:29] <TwoXElle> once again thankful Yuzu had a family who nurtured and supported without forcing him <3 <3
[0:55:39] <hydrobladeking> He hates losing even when he was a kid 😂😂
[0:55:53] <tac1294> @twoxelle 👏
[0:56:13] <937314214> FBCatch
[0:56:20] <fai_yyaa> that's part of his DNA
[0:56:37] <hydrobladeking> the competitive DNA is probably from his mom 😂
[0:56:52] <TwoXElle> Well, Yuzu got his perfect performances the following season...
[0:57:26] <xcooldjgirlx> AHHHH his costumes!
[0:57:33] <937314214> 🎸💕
[0:57:40] <milagros17z> 🔥👄🔥
[0:57:50] <hydrobladeking> the booby skirt
[0:58:03] <mayqueen880516> Here comes the trick on how to look taller...🤭🤭😛
[0:58:12] <937314214> 😍💕
[0:58:13] <TwoXElle> still don't like that costume, but parts of it are lovely
[0:58:18] <fayfalcon> he designed the costume not to be too masculine, lol
[0:58:25] <yuzulegend> oh, here comes the part where someone noticed a little bird and he was so startled, like he didn't noticed it before..lol...I wonder if he went to check after the show!!
[0:59:05] <blueflame1418> he can pull off unisex costumes but i still think he looks best in masculine costumes
[0:59:06] <~PlanetHanyu> i like the r+j subtley playing in the background 🤣
[0:59:15] <yaseinohana> Hi, I struggled with my connexion but I could join at last 🙏 # Yuzu Skating Party
[0:59:40] <TwoXElle> @yaseinohana Hi!
[0:59:48] <hanan_11721> #YuzuSkatingParty (Twt: hanan_11721)
[0:59:48] <yuzulegend> @yaseinohana yay!!! welcome!!!!
[0:59:53] <aoraaa_> the laugh
[0:59:54] <milagros17z> Fanyus have good eyes😂
[1:00:11] <937314214> :D <3
[1:00:22] <yaseinohana> oh i forgot m'y PH username # YuzuSkatingParty ( PH yaseinohana )
[1:00:48] <nadjasakura> @yaseinohana for usual I am the one who is late for everything 😉
[1:01:22] <TwoXElle> so aware of every small detail... he really care about the "viewer exerience" <3
[1:01:28] <fayfalcon> we know< Yuzu, we had LGC
[1:01:36] <hydrobladeking> but he had a white costume for LGC which was stunning
[1:01:36] <TwoXElle> (no Yuzu you'll wear white and purple pants too XD)
[1:02:08] <TwoXElle> I'm still waiting him to skate to LGC EX in white costume....
[1:02:18] <blueflame1418> and i still like white lgc better than purple one :')
[1:02:36] <fayfalcon> HE washes them?!
[1:02:49] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[1:03:12] <yuzuyokoi> his giggle <3
[1:03:38] <milagros17z> That's why he promoted P&G products😎😂 @fayfalcon
[1:03:53] <mayqueen880516> He does look taller than 172 cm
[1:04:07] <TwoXElle> it's because of his looong legs XD
[1:04:11] <blueflame1418> @mayqueen880516 i think because he is super skinny?
[1:04:20] <milagros17z> "I can feel Yuzuru's back"😂😂😂😂
[1:04:20] <fayfalcon> what the hell are they doing?
[1:04:29] <937314214> 😆😆💕
[1:04:34] <y_ever> he has long limbs
[1:04:44] <TwoXElle> @fayfalcon trying to measure height difference XD not very accurate, I must say :D
[1:04:45] <mayqueen880516> I guess because of his proportion and slim body
[1:04:52] <nadjasakura> checking height...
[1:04:52] <yuzuyokoi> This guy is so lucky!!! He gets to lend Yuzu his handkerchief, touch his hair, lean back against him... lol
[1:04:58] <blueflame1418> anybody knows his shoe size? lol suddenly i am curious
[1:05:09] <milagros17z> I love his shoes❣I didn't notice them before😯
[1:05:12] <aoraaa_> @yuzuyokoi a success fanyu
[1:05:19] <summersweetchild> the shoes are ridiculous
[1:05:24] <xcooldjgirlx> yuzu XD
[1:05:39] <mayqueen880516> He did grow... 1 cm more 😉
[1:05:49] <hydrobladeking> lol remember when he was beside Roman? 😂
[1:05:57] <yuzulegend> hahaha
[1:05:58] <TwoXElle> now we knw why he was watching Roman with envy XD
[1:06:04] <blueflame1418> lol roman is a giant
[1:06:13] <y_ever> Yheight issue #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[1:06:13] <tac1294> 😅
[1:06:14] <milagros17z> And I appreciate those black pants
[1:06:20] <yuzuyokoi> That podium with Roman was so adorable lol
[1:06:25] <937314214> 🤣🤣🤣😆
[1:07:04] <tac1294> Now I notice that his legs are average length
[1:07:18] <~PlanetHanyu> the skates make them look very long
[1:07:26] <~PlanetHanyu> also the shape 😉
[1:07:33] <tac1294> 😅
[1:07:35] <milagros17z> Hoping a hip hop program maybe🤞
[1:07:40] <TwoXElle> for someone with only a couple months of ballet hetruly has the most beautiful arms and fingers
[1:07:44] <mayqueen880516> Dancing Yuzu...🤔🤔🤔
[1:07:52] <937314214> 😆😆😆🤣
[1:07:55] <blueflame1418> @TwoXElle i agree
[1:08:17] <937314214> I agree too me same
[1:08:22] <hydrobladeking> @twoxelle he is the most balletic amongst the skaters now
[1:08:33] <milagros17z> 😂😂😂
[1:08:41] <milagros17z> 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
[1:08:43] <aoraaa_> hahahahahh
[1:08:47] <nebelungmeow> lol
[1:08:52] <tac1294> Yes
[1:08:56] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:09:14] <yuzulegend> I loved this question!
[1:09:18] <milagros17z> Ohhh that was the reason😯😂😂
[1:09:19] <tac1294> Lots of ballet instructors said so
[1:09:49] <aoraaa_> i can imagine mama hanyu sighing because of that
[1:10:14] <TwoXElle> bb Seimei!!
[1:10:21] <xcooldjgirlx> SEIMEI!
[1:10:22] <mayqueen880516> SEIMEI love!
[1:10:30] <937314214> yes
[1:10:37] <milagros17z> SEIMEI is superior
[1:10:38] <fai_yyaa> SEIMEI on another level!!
[1:11:01] <tac1294> Seimei!!!!
[1:11:16] <937314214> seimei
[1:11:17] <jinx3a> seimei bb
[1:11:29] <mayqueen880516> ah would love to watch a competetion live
[1:11:34] <fayfalcon> ice show troubles
[1:11:39] <TwoXElle> he notices so many things
[1:12:01] <TwoXElle> LMAO the self-drag XD
[1:12:14] <jinx3a> smiley Yuzu uwu
[1:12:30] <tac1294> His laughs!
[1:13:29] <TwoXElle> it definitely was good music <3
[1:13:37] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 VirtualHug
[1:13:42] <fayfalcon> it was ideal for Yuzu
[1:14:02] <tac1294> He puts lots of thoughts and researches in skating in general
[1:14:04] <mayqueen880516> Him editing his music is ❤️
[1:14:05] <sadaharu130> Seimei a masterpiece
[1:14:10] <TwoXElle> yeah
[1:14:14] <tac1294> Seimei is Yuzu
[1:14:44] <tac1294> @mayqueen880516 only about 32 X😅
[1:14:47] <TwoXElle> amazing editing work <3
[1:15:18] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[1:15:19] <mayqueen880516> And he had to edit it more for his last competition
[1:15:19] <yaseinohana> yes 💗👍
[1:15:27] <y_ever> dont forgetSeimei get edit again for 4cc20
[1:15:29] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[1:15:32] <blueflame1418> multitalented guy
[1:15:36] <fayfalcon> it can be 0.03 points, Yuzu, you know
[1:15:44] <tac1294> Blood sweat and tears!
[1:15:59] <937314214> 👍💕
[1:16:07] <TwoXElle> @mayqueen880516 his way of "cutting" the 30 extra secs of the music was very original XD
[1:16:20] <blueflame1418> i really like the way he interact/communicate with other people. he looks like he's really able to make other people engaged in the conversation n feel comfortable talking with him
[1:16:57] <tac1294> Sometimes he pauses and closes his eyes before answering the question
[1:17:06] <hydrobladeking> Yeah, you don't really go out Yuzu 😂
[1:17:10] <mayqueen880516> Reducing it 30 sec means reducing his transition and breathing time from one jump to another
[1:17:14] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[1:17:37] <blueflame1418> eyy must be so awkward lol
[1:17:44] <nebelungmeow> <3 <3 <3
[1:17:56] <fayfalcon> how can one answer that question? LOL
[1:18:01] <mayqueen880516> sexy Yuzu... we know 🤣
[1:18:02] <937314214> :D :D VirtualHug
[1:18:10] <TwoXElle> don't worry, yuzu, oyu'll realize by the time LGC comes... XD
[1:18:15] <yuzulegend> hahaha.... poor Yuzu!!
[1:18:36] <937314214> sexy hot I love him
[1:18:46] <tac1294> Comfortable on his own in solitary but playful and engaging around people!
[1:18:50] <yuzuyokoi> Seeing the difference between PW back then and when he performed it at Skate Canada I think he's figured out how to make it "sexy" lol
[1:18:55] <anjaheyheyhey> he has mature ethereal beauty now~ ANd yeah kinda awkwardcalling him sexy at 18/19, yikes. But maybe that's just cultural difference (not sure the word used was actually sexy tho, amybe it was just translated like that)
[1:19:04] <TwoXElle> @tac1294 Yes :D <3
[1:19:10] <tac1294> Yes,
[1:19:19] <xcooldjgirlx> nice
[1:19:22] <fayfalcon> LOL
[1:19:24] <tac1294> SC is the best of all
[1:19:24] <mayqueen880516> He matured a lot in the past few years
[1:19:28] <937314214> :D :D :D
[1:19:55] <milagros17z> his smile🥺
[1:19:58] <yuzulegend> clever boy!
[1:19:59] <aoraaa_> omg his smile
[1:20:05] <TwoXElle> wow this question
[1:20:14] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:@CoolDJGirl2 ph:cooldjgirl)
[1:20:21] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[1:20:21] <blueflame1418> LMAO
[1:20:28] <aoraaa_> lmaooo
[1:20:28] <937314214> 😆😆😆
[1:20:29] <fai_yyaa> funfact lol
[1:20:42] <tac1294> Love his eyes
[1:20:43] <TwoXElle> this is so funny
[1:20:44] <blueflame1418> OMG lolll
[1:21:02] <fayfalcon> you're a cat, Yuzu
[1:21:09] <fayfalcon> you can move your ears!
[1:21:15] <blueflame1418> what kind of talent is that omg lmaooooo
[1:21:36] <TwoXElle> @blueflame1418 a very Yuzu talent? XD
[1:21:58] <937314214> I know that
[1:22:09] <hydrobladeking> orange juice Yuzu
[1:22:21] <TwoXElle> earphones compensate for not drinking, wow XD
[1:22:33] <TwoXElle> who knows how many he has now...
[1:23:15] <milagros17z> Someday, I will buy good earphones and make Yuzu proud of me😂
[1:23:30] <hydrobladeking> my mom asks me the same question whenever she sees my earphone collection
[1:23:33] <937314214> :D :D
[1:23:41] <blueflame1418> @milagros17z me and my $15 earphone can relate lol
[1:23:48] <TwoXElle> @milagros17z *eyeying her new 15euros earphones* same XD one day...
[1:23:58] <~PlanetHanyu> *cough* looks at my dollar store earphones
[1:24:10] <tac1294> 😅
[1:24:16] <~PlanetHanyu> pooor yuzu
[1:24:19] <~PlanetHanyu> being objectified
[1:24:19] <937314214> ;) :)
[1:24:36] <aoraaa_> lmaoo
[1:24:40] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:24:40] <yuzulegend> his face!!! looool
[1:24:41] <~PlanetHanyu> wow very beuatiful indeed
[1:24:43] <blueflame1418> so beautiful
[1:24:46] <TwoXElle> indeed
[1:24:46] <937314214> FBCatch FBCatch
[1:24:51] <y_ever> utsushiii #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[1:24:55] <fai_yyaa> wooww impressive lol
[1:24:56] <milagros17z> He's sooooo cute
[1:25:34] <TwoXElle> LMAO embarassed Yuzu kuyashii because he couldn't get it right at first try
[1:25:46] <937314214> FBCatch FBCatch FBCatch
[1:26:38] <TwoXElle> The final time traveller!!
[1:26:41] <tac1294> Kuyashii boy
[1:27:06] <blueflame1418> she's so extra
[1:27:22] <TwoXElle> she's as extra as Yuzu
[1:27:25] <milagros17z> I used to believe that they were couple😂
[1:27:36] <937314214> wait for she likes frozen
[1:28:10] <TwoXElle> that was a huuuuge jump
[1:28:15] <blueflame1418> so huge!
[1:28:28] <fai_yyaa> beautiful 3A <3
[1:28:31] <TwoXElle> the shirt he used in CiONTU!
[1:28:36] <937314214> yuzuru hanyu master your my love not her
[1:29:06] <milagros17z> Ask my wife😂😂
[1:29:41] <TwoXElle> loving artists loving Yuzu's skating to their songs <3
[1:29:42] <yaseinohana> @TwoXElle yes
[1:29:48] <937314214> my wife no yuzuru hanyu master be my love fever 😢😭
[1:30:27] <nadjasakura> this is why it is called fantasy on ice - be in a different world ❤
[1:30:28] <937314214> 😡😡😡
[1:30:38] <anjaheyheyhey> well, this is the first time i block someone.... what even :O
[1:30:40] <milagros17z> @nadjasakura oh
[1:30:44] <milagros17z> poetic
[1:31:23] <TwoXElle> Yuzus collabs are special <3
[1:31:33] <937314214> his my love nobody his my love 😡😡😡
[1:32:29] <937314214> 😡😡😡😢😭
[1:32:48] <shampooneko> They must invite Yuzu again to this program and invite Toshi, too VirtualHug
[1:32:49] <milagros17z> girl, calm down, please @937314214
[1:33:02] <yuzulegend> Dear all, may I remember you to please participate and contribute to our special BirthdayStream by sending your messages, videos, pictures and or Fanart?
[1:33:15] <fayfalcon> There's also Il Volo...
[1:33:17] <byakkomaruuuuu> tbh i don't understand what are u talking about BibleThump
[1:33:20] <937314214> 😢😢😢😡😡
[1:33:45] <y_ever> @yuzulegend ok
[1:34:01] <937314214> no I am not 😡😡😢
[1:34:02] <yuzulegend> You can submit it via Twitter, thread in Planet Hanyu or via email to [email protected]
[1:34:26] <byakkomaruuuuu> @yuzulegend okayy <3 <3 <3
[1:34:35] <yaseinohana> @yuzulegend working on it rn <3 <3 <3
[1:34:36] <milagros17z> @yuzulegend ok!
[1:34:40] <summersweetchild> such a great idea for the birthday project
[1:34:42] <937314214> 😡😡😡😡
[1:34:51] <TwoXElle> Sarah's reply was lovely
[1:34:51] <tac1294> @yuzulegend announcement in PH thread?
[1:35:01] <937314214> 😢😢😢
[1:35:15] <yuzulegend> @tac1294 we have a special thread for this birthday project
[1:35:27] <tac1294> Thank you
[1:35:35] <d0ngpin_> hiii
[1:35:48] <fai_yyaa> imagine notte stellata live performance with il volo BibleThump
[1:35:51] <937314214> his life never ok
[1:35:54] <yuzulegend> @d0ngpin_ hi and welcome!
[1:36:05] <simsydim> Ahh so angelic
[1:36:08] <anjaheyheyhey> We're accepting birthday submissions until November 30! please read all about it here! https://planethanyu.com/topic/1273-2020-yuzuru-birthday-project/
[1:36:12] <yaseinohana> thank you so much @Umebachi & @Yuzuonice !!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:36:16] <milagros17z> @fai_yyaa That would be amazing:(
[1:36:29] <milagros17z> I can see myself crying that day
[1:36:30] <937314214> 😡😡😡😭😢
[1:36:33] <tac1294> Thank you!
[1:36:47] <TwoXElle> this song is so sweet, so ethereal
[1:36:57] <yaseinohana> and @Ladylou of course !!! <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:37:10] <fayfalcon> Yuzu's skating in his mind...
[1:37:17] <shampooneko> He is skating in his mind
[1:37:18] <937314214> why I am fall in love him
[1:37:18] <aoraaa_> yuzu:((
[1:37:44] <blueflame1418> im so gonna watch the final time traveler on youtube after this
[1:37:51] <TwoXElle> same
[1:38:00] <d0ngpin_> @blueflame1418 me too
[1:38:09] <fai_yyaa> yuup me too
[1:38:09] <yuzurutheking> #YuzuSkatingParty OOdriscoll1...I am loving watchhin this again thank you so much
[1:38:33] <TwoXElle> <3 <3
[1:38:36] <misscynthiat> Yuzuru looks so deep in the moment.
[1:38:39] <yaseinohana> like when he listened to Kanon Matsuda for Ballade
[1:38:41] <hydrobladeking> that was really beautiful 💖
[1:39:54] <TwoXElle> awww this segment is lovely too
[1:40:11] <blueflame1418> omg i know this guy lol
[1:40:26] <anjaheyheyhey> @blueflame1418 personally, or from TV? xDDD
[1:40:33] <blueflame1418> he appeared in hana kimi
[1:40:41] <anjaheyheyhey> ah haha i see xDD
[1:40:44] <blueflame1418> of course from tx XD
[1:40:51] <blueflame1418> tv
[1:41:18] <TwoXElle> I want these speakers, they're so cute :)
[1:41:32] <simsydim> kawaii
[1:41:42] <yaseinohana> @TwoXElle me too !!!
[1:41:42] <anjaheyheyhey> i honestly can't decide if they're cute or creepy ahahaha
[1:41:43] <fayfalcon> LOL
[1:42:04] <fai_yyaa> LOL omg
[1:42:10] <fai_yyaa> ahahahahaa
[1:42:27] <shampooneko> They looks like a tiny alien heads with big eyes xD
[1:42:40] <TwoXElle> @shampooneko but cute aliens XD
[1:42:47] <fayfalcon> This is cute!
[1:43:09] <misscynthiat> That is so inventive! He can make musical instruments out of the calabash gourd!
[1:43:09] <yuzulegend> @shampooneko hahaha....you're absolutely right!! lol
[1:43:15] <shampooneko> @shampooneko hahahah maybe xD
[1:43:34] <yaseinohana> i love them !
[1:43:39] <blueflame1418> @misscynthiat i know right, who would have thought that??
[1:43:41] <milagros17z> I've never seen this segment😯
[1:44:21] <shampooneko> @milagros17z Yuzu's face when he has one of them in his hands, you'll see... it's an actual meme xD
[1:44:48] <misscynthiat> I did hear of another Japanese guy who can make musical instruments out of vegetables on YouTube. It is an old video.
[1:45:01] <fayfalcon> I'd love to have one!!!
[1:45:11] <TwoXElle> it looks a bit like cute owls :D
[1:45:30] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle they look so cute!!!!
[1:45:40] <milagros17z> @shampooneko Really???😂😂 I'm looking forward
[1:45:48] <yaseinohana> @misscynthiat it's as old as the world ! but great they keep it for the great sound !
[1:45:53] <fai_yyaa> i like that little one with black eye
[1:46:07] <blueflame1418> it would be perfect if they make them :3 face
[1:46:09] <937314214> yes I am clam calm now why his my love
[1:46:45] <TwoXElle> yuzu perking up as soon as there's talk about audio devices :D
[1:47:14] <TwoXElle> TERRARIUM!!!!!
[1:47:20] <yuzulegend> Yuzu's face and eyes sparkling as soon as he gets to speak about audio devices! hahaha
[1:47:20] <937314214> 😑😔
[1:47:25] <anjaheyheyhey> YASSSS TERRARIUM PART XDDD
[1:47:39] <shampooneko> yaaasss
[1:47:49] <yaseinohana> @TwoXElle me too !!!
[1:47:51] <yuzulegend> @anjaheyheyhey YESSSSS HERE WE GOOOO
[1:47:51] <TwoXElle> Sugii is so funny :)
[1:48:59] <937314214> l am name salma Ahmed l am calm down 😑
[1:49:13] <shampooneko> <3
[1:49:41] <shampooneko> Go Yuzu go to make a terrarium yourself
[1:49:52] <anjaheyheyhey> yuzu could probably fit his hand in the narrow one too fff
[1:50:23] <937314214> l am fine now okay
[1:50:26] <shampooneko> yes yes yes
[1:50:46] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[1:50:50] <milagros17z> HAHAHA
[1:50:58] <blueflame1418> i love these people
[1:51:03] <yuzulegend> I'm so glad we have this translated now!!!!
[1:51:10] <kyoon1> I love this
[1:51:16] <anjaheyheyhey> LOLOLOL
[1:51:18] <fayfalcon> Japanese TV must be the most positive on Earth...
[1:51:19] <yuzulegend> hahaha
[1:51:21] <fai_yyaa> hahahahaa
[1:51:26] <TwoXElle> LOL poor Yuzu, so flustered
[1:51:31] <TwoXElle> XD
[1:51:38] <yuzulegend> everyone is so happy and nervous!!
[1:51:39] <yaseinohana> as a gardener, me too !!! haha !!!
[1:52:19] <fai_yyaa> LOL
[1:52:20] <TwoXElle> LMAO Sugii is so excited
[1:52:22] <blueflame1418> lolll
[1:52:43] <hydrobladeking> lol everyone is so jumpy
[1:52:50] <anjaheyheyhey> pffffff
[1:52:59] <937314214> l am not mad l am fine now
[1:52:59] <TwoXElle> so focused, so serious...
[1:53:00] <y_ever> i wish he do same kind of tv show again #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[1:53:33] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:53:53] <yuzulegend> hahaha he's such a perfectionist
[1:53:59] <nadjasakura> @twoxelle almost like in training, hm?
[1:54:09] <byakkomaruuuuu> @937314214 why?
[1:54:20] <TwoXElle> @nadjasakura yes XD he's a perfectionist even when choosing plants
[1:54:37] <937314214> l am happy myself
[1:54:47] <shampooneko> His beautiful face
[1:54:55] <milagros17z> He's so lovely🥺🥺
[1:55:04] <yaseinohana> best training ever 👍
[1:55:22] <937314214> 😊😊
[1:55:42] <milagros17z> I can imagine Yuzu doing this at his house😌
[1:55:51] <nadjasakura> @twoxelle yes, and always give the best he can.
[1:55:51] <TwoXElle> the second-by-second commentary XD
[1:56:04] <TwoXElle> Hanyu-sensei XD
[1:56:18] <yuzulegend> hahaha
[1:56:38] <hydrobladeking> yuzu's face looks confused 😂
[1:56:40] <milagros17z> sensei:'3
[1:56:45] <fai_yyaa> his face omg
[1:57:05] <milagros17z> A mess😂
[1:57:11] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:57:23] <milagros17z> CUTE
[1:57:36] <TwoXElle> high level organization
[1:57:51] <blueflame1418> this broadcast is gold
[1:57:57] <yuzulegend> omg, this is so cute!!!
[1:58:00] <milagros17z> I'm also nervous lol
[1:58:03] <fai_yyaa> LOL ahahahahaa
[1:58:27] <nadjasakura> what was that about talking a lot when beeing nervous?
[1:58:46] <mayqueen880516> the soil looks like coffee beans...🤭🤭🤭🏻
[1:58:50] <yuzulegend> oh, he took his bracelet away, you can still see the prints on his wrist...lol
[1:58:59] <TwoXElle> LMAO he jokes about it
[1:59:16] <lajoit> It has been a long time since I have laughed this much
[1:59:20] <milagros17z> 😂😂😂😂 I love it
[1:59:23] <anjaheyheyhey> @yuzulegend :D
[1:59:25] <TwoXElle> Hanyu-sensei <3
[1:59:25] <y_ever> ahh domo kun #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[1:59:41] <saltatoryconduction> Awww the tiny Domo-kun
[2:00:03] <yuzulegend> hahaha.....mission accomplished!!
[2:00:20] <TwoXElle> it was hard, but succedeed!
[2:00:26] <milagros17z> I'll try it😂
[2:00:39] <blueflame1418> @milagros17z i want to try it myself too hahaha
[2:01:03] <milagros17z> @blueflame1418 I can see myself struggling like Yuzu😂
[2:01:11] <mayqueen880516> That's one big bowl!
[2:01:47] <blueflame1418> @milagros17z me too😂
[2:01:51] <nadjasakura> can not pretend that I have a green hand. no chance for that.
[2:02:10] <anjaheyheyhey> I love this cute yuzujavi fanart of terrarium moment.... hahaha. 🤭 https://twitter.com/SiziSiz/status/640562166127423488
[2:02:12] <milagros17z> lol
[2:02:17] <TwoXElle> @nadjasakura there's an easier version with succulentae plants :D
[2:02:33] <milagros17z> That's cute
[2:03:11] <fayfalcon> anyone feeling like doing all of this now?
[2:03:22] <yaseinohana> ha! succulents !!! BibleThump
[2:03:27] <TwoXElle> I'd do this with one leaf XD
[2:03:37] <anjaheyheyhey> awwww
[2:04:09] <nadjasakura> according to the mess outside my house that should be a garden? no chance for real. and there I can walk....
[2:04:20] <milagros17z> Owww:3
[2:05:02] <TwoXElle> aww the cute lil bears
[2:05:08] <milagros17z> 🥺🥺🥺
[2:05:12] <TwoXElle> LOL
[2:05:13] <milagros17z> HAHAHA
[2:05:13] <anjaheyheyhey> LOL
[2:05:19] <blueflame1418> lolllll
[2:05:19] <milagros17z> mexd
[2:05:27] <aoraaa_> lmaoo
[2:05:28] <tac1294> Me!
[2:05:39] <blueflame1418> they're speeding up
[2:05:57] <anjaheyheyhey> they are xDD end of broadcast xDD
[2:06:07] <fai_yyaa> haha
[2:06:12] <hydrobladeking> he is so well spoken
[2:06:15] <TwoXElle> same question we alwasy have... he's so well-spken
[2:07:20] <TwoXElle> <3
[2:07:30] <yaseinohana> <3 <3 <3
[2:07:30] <shampooneko> lolololo
[2:07:35] <milagros17z> 👀
[2:07:36] <TwoXElle> LMAO
[2:07:52] <fayfalcon> Never? LOL
[2:07:53] <TwoXElle> LMAOx10
[2:08:02] <hydrobladeking> never? lol
[2:08:04] <milagros17z> Yuzu...you are really popular with girls
[2:08:09] <fai_yyaa> how come lol
[2:08:14] <yuzulegend> hahaha
[2:08:15] <shampooneko> I love you Yuzu x 100000000
[2:08:18] <shampooneko> hahaha
[2:08:31] <tac1294> We all love you zyuzu
[2:08:32] <fai_yyaa> ahahahha
[2:08:32] <shampooneko> YASSSSSSSSSSSS
[2:08:42] <milagros17z> CUTE
[2:08:44] <quelabsb> aowwww, but we truly love him!
[2:08:44] <fayfalcon> LOOOL
[2:08:45] <yuzulegend> OMG hahahahahaha
[2:08:45] <milagros17z> OMG
[2:08:48] <hydrobladeking> adorableeee
[2:08:49] <y_ever> wink wink #YuzuSkatingParty ([email protected])
[2:08:49] <milagros17z> I'm dead
[2:08:49] <blueflame1418> what kind of request is that loolll
[2:08:50] <simsydim> AWWW
[2:08:50] <fai_yyaa> HIS WINK OMG
[2:08:50] <TwoXElle> LOL the speed at the end
[2:08:52] <yuzuyokoi> He's so adorable lol
[2:08:52] <milagros17z> Help
[2:08:55] <blueflame1418> im so amused
[2:08:56] <milagros17z> THE WINK
[2:09:00] <milagros17z> 💔💔
[2:09:01] <TwoXElle> gosh this was so funny
[2:09:02] <simsydim> This was so CUTEEE
[2:09:06] <nebelungmeow> <3 <3
[2:09:08] <fayfalcon> are we done? :)
[2:09:09] <milagros17z> His face at the end
[2:09:13] <d0ngpin_> Najbsbs yuzu its so cute
[2:09:13] <jinx3a> so cuteeee
[2:09:14] <shampooneko> DAT WINK
[2:09:15] <misscynthiat> Is that it?
[2:09:15] <fai_yyaa> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[2:09:16] <angelonice1207> I'm going to watch this again LOL
[2:09:18] <kat0nice> So cute always <3
[2:09:18] <milagros17z> I can die happy now
[2:09:23] <d0ngpin_> IS ALL? =(
[2:09:29] <yaseinohana> whoohoo!!!
[2:09:30] <quelabsb> He is so amazing, really have a royalty aura
[2:09:31] <yuzulegend> hahaha...oh this was so much fun!!!
[2:09:32] <milagros17z> Me too, I'm watching this again😂
[2:09:42] <TwoXElle> wow 2h literally flew
[2:09:48] <val_hny> The DEDICATION of fanyus that translated even oarts where Yuzu was just watching 💕
[2:09:59] <nkroolik> Thank you 💕💜💜💜
[2:10:03] <fai_yyaa> THANKS TO @PlanetHanyu <3 <3 <3
[2:10:03] <yaseinohana> my strem died whoohoo....
[2:10:04] <val_hny> Thank you!
[2:10:04] <anjaheyheyhey> reminder once again to send your bday wishes!! https://planethanyu.com/topic/1273-2020-yuzuru-birthday-project/
[2:10:06] <tac1294> Thank you so much!,
[2:10:08] <hydrobladeking> that was the last one? 😭
[2:10:10] <kyoon1> Thank youuu❤️❤️
[2:10:10] <blueflame1418> thank you for everyone involved to make this happen
[2:10:12] <yuzulegend> Dear all,plese do not forget to send us your messages for Yuzu's birthday!!!
[2:10:16] <nadjasakura> already two hours passed! wow did not noticed
[2:10:16] <kat0nice> Thank you so much!!
[2:10:19] <hydrobladeking> thank you PH!!!
[2:10:22] <simsydim> Hehe, thank you guys for the stream!! It really made my day ❤️❤️❤️
[2:10:22] <angelonice1207> Thank you, Planet Hanyu! #YuzuSkatingParty (AngelOnIce on PH)
[2:10:27] <noelle_blue> This was really fun! Thank you again for subbing and streaming!! <3
[2:10:34] <TwoXElle> thank you so much! I'll work hard on Yuz's bday message :D
[2:10:39] <byakkomaruuuuu> @yuzulegend okayyyy
[2:10:40] <esther793> Thank you for the stream as usual! :D Already submitted my bday messages! #YuzuSkatingParty got7ailee(twitter)
[2:10:40] <quelabsb> thank you!
[2:10:41] <kat0nice> So fun to watch this :D
[2:10:46] <milagros17z> Thank you, I enjoyed this streaming a lot😂
[2:10:50] <blueflame1418> @yuzulegend will do!
[2:10:53] <nadjasakura> arigatou gozaimasu 🌸🌸🌸
[2:10:59] <byakkomaruuuuu> thank you so much
[2:11:00] <yuzulegend> @esther793 thank you so much!!!
[2:11:04] <angelonice1207> @yuzulegend I've already sent mine :)
[2:11:05] <simsydim> Stay safe Fanyus! See you guys next week ❤️
[2:11:06] <fai_yyaa> see you guys next week
[2:11:07] <ratanyaaaa> Thank you so much!
[2:11:07] <anjaheyheyhey> NOW EVERYONE GO HERE XD https://planethanyu.com/topic/1273-2020-yuzuru-birthday-project/
[2:11:08] <blueflame1418> thank you guyss this was so fun
[2:11:23] <d0ngpin_> thank you planeta Hanyu, this was really beautiful see yuzu smile ( #YuzuSkatingParty, @hanyukoi ) se you next time ♡
[2:11:24] <milagros17z> @anjaheyheyhey Ok😂😂😂
[2:11:29] <TwoXElle> thank you @PlanetHanyu <3
[2:11:31] <angelonice1207> See you all next week!
[2:11:43] <anjaheyheyhey> NEXT WEEK: KENJI'S ROOM
[2:11:46] <anjaheyheyhey> WILL BE FUN!
[2:11:46] <fai_yyaa> okaay i gotta go sleep lol
[2:11:47] <nebelungmeow> thank you
[2:11:49] <yaseinohana> Thank you so much all @Planet Hanyu team 🙏👍💗
[2:11:52] <milagros17z> Please, don't forget to participate in Yuzu's Birthfday Project!!!
[2:11:53] <byakkomaruuuuu> see you <3
[2:12:00] <kat0nice> Till next time! ^^ Asaichi is really so fun and cute!
[2:12:00] <blueflame1418> see you all next week, stay safe and healthy, love you!
[2:12:06] <milagros17z> It's all for Yuzu:3
[2:12:09] <TwoXElle> thank oyu everyone, see oyu on the Planet and around :D LET'S MAKE A GREAT BDAY PROJECT!!!
[2:12:10] <yaseinohana> take good care everyone 🌞💗
[2:12:11] <iceprinceyuzu> Thank you for the streaming @planethanyu
[2:12:16] <aoraaa_> thank you so much for the stream
[2:12:27] <yuzulegend> See you all next week and please do not forget to submit till the 30.11.20! https://planethanyu.com/topic/1273-2020-yuzuru-birthday-project/
[2:12:31] <fayfalcon> thank you!!!!
[2:13:10] <fai_yyaa> thank you <3 <3
[2:13:28] <nadjasakura> stay safe and healthy friends. I hope to see you next week!
[2:13:35] <byakkomaruuuuu> bye im gong to seep now
[2:13:59] <yaseinohana> @anjaheyheyhey yessss !!
[2:14:05] <yuzurutheking> that was great thank u xx
[2:14:26] <yuzuciel> Thank you 😊 🦋❤️
[2:14:29] <anjaheyheyhey> bye bye!
[2:14:37] <agnes_saya> thank you, baiii


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4 hours ago, LadyLou said:


it's very informative, there's even a mention of... low-mantainance plants :10814716: (cacti references are funny given we are basically like that rn). And flustered Hanyu-sensei is very endearing:tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg:


We are succulents, yes we are. We thrive even during a drought :drama:

Oh, and I forgot to mention during the Streaming Party... I really do love his hands. His hands are so beautiful :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

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