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Budapest Trophy 2020

ISU Challenger Series

Budapest / HUN

14. 10. 2020 - 17.10. 2020


This is the thread for CS Budapest Trophy-related discussion.


Instructions for Streaming
Official streaming link 



ISU page




Men Ladies Ice Dance
  1. Maurizio ZANDRON (AUT)
  3. Jari KESSLER (CRO)
  4. Aleksandr SELEVKO (EST)
  5. Mate BÖRÖCZ (HUN)
  6. Andras CSERNOCH (HUN)
  7. Alexander MASZLJANKO (HUN)
  8. Daniel GRASSL (ITA)
  9. Marco KLEPOCH (SVK)
  10. Burak DEMIRBOGA (TUR)
  11. Basar OKTAR (TUR)
  12. Ivan SHMURATKO (UKR)
  1. Natalie KLOTZ (AUT)
  2. Loena HENDRICKX (BEL)
  3. Alexandra FEIGIN (BUL)
  5. Marilena KITROMILIS (CYP)
  6. Emilea ZINGAS (CYP)
  7. Eva-Lotta KIIBUS (EST)
  9. Julia LÁNG (HUN)
  10. Regina SHCHERMANN (HUN)
  11. Ivett TÓTH (HUN)
  12. Antonina DUBININA (SRB)
  13. Dasa GRM (SLO)
  14. Guzide Irmak BAYIR (TUR)
  15. Sinem PEKDER (TUR)
  1. Katharina MÜLLER / Tim DIECK (GER)
  2. Sasha FEAR / George WADDELL (GBR)
  3. Alexandra NAZAROVA / Maxim NIKITIN (UKR)


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There are quite a lot of withdrawals, and there are only ID couples in the event. I'm looking forward to see Loena, it will be her first competition after 1.5 years...

I may go there to watch the men or ladies tomorrow or on Friday. Spectators are allowed with a limited number (though I don't think there will be more than a few dozen people in the arena...).

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  • yuzuangel changed the title to [CS] Budapest Trophy (14-17.10)

I went to the arena yesterday to watch some of the ladies. Loena skated really well especially considering it was her first competition since Worlds 2019. She kept her short program from 2018/19 season which was a good choice for her. Her skating covers so much ice, and her jumps had nice height and distance. Her spins looked great too. I liked Eva-Lotta's SP as well, though I'd put her in PCS, especially in TR a bit closer to Loena. I haven't watched Alexandra Feigin. Julia was good, but her SP is very similar to her R&J one she did last season. It'd be nice if she could try out different choreographers later. Ivett disappointed me...she takes the risk and goes for the 3A but it's not there, and even her 3-3 combo seems to be gone...sigh.

There were around 70 people in the stands, before entering the arena they measured our temperature, and of course everyone was wearing masks inside. Not all of them kept social distancing though.

I'll go later to watch the junior men (Marko Piliar, the boy who skates to Seimei will be there), and then the senior men.



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Marko Piliar is really such a fanboy of Yuzu, his music choices, costumes, even movements like bowing is inspired by him. :) He won the silver medal today in the junior men.


Then I watched the men. Hm one of the best skaters I liked today was Basar, who narrowly missed the podium. I felt he was better than Selevko today. Seleveko had quite a lot of costly mistakes and the first half of the program looked rather empty choreo-wise. The PCS between the two based on today's performance were quite a lot...Burak and Ivan Shmuratko were also good. Daniel made a few (costly) mistakes, his quads looked UR (he attempted 4Lo twice in the warm-up that looked better than the one he attemped in the fs). He looked a bit slow and laboured today and his leg wrap isn't nice :( (sorry). Overall I think I liked Basar and Burak the most today.

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