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[Streaming Party] Yuzuru Hanyu's World Records!!💯

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Just FYI this weekend's streaming party will be a very special video made by @Wyell and planned with @yuzuonice and @Yuzu_legend!! We also have more giveaways, and you can join by posting in the chat of either twitch stream, this thread, or the planethanyu.com/tv chat (anywhere, really).

The stream will start Saturday at 4 pm CEST, or in about 9.5 hours (tomorrow for me but not for those elsewhere hahah).

The video is about an hour long and will include selections from Yuzu's world-record breaking performances. It looks amazing (thank you @Wyell for making it!) so please join :D :D 

And sorry for the short notice!!


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Thanks for the streaming party:thanks: Your pick of the programs tonight highlighted how much Yuzu has improved over the years.

It's really amazing to see his skating from SA 2012 to 4CC 2020. It is clear that he is still evolving at the age of 25! I'm going to watch some more now!!

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thank you for the streaming!  @Wyell @yuzuonice @Yuzu_legend:thanks::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw::tumblr_inline_nhkf0oKdhx1qid2nw:


what's even more amazing of Yuzu's WRs is that they span such a looooong time, two different scoring systems, 3 olympic cycles and 3 generations of Men's skaters, and we go from an era when having one type of quad meant you were top competitor to the quads craze era... he was there throughout all those big changes and not only kept up, he lead the way too. Even now, he still hasn't stopped :tumblr_inline_mg16go8gBg1qdlkyg:

and every one of his WRs, you can watch the programs and truly *see* why those skates got the highest scores, and how, each time he improved on his PB, he had truly improved on his previous one technically and performance-wise <3

(also, he's the only skater we can say got underscored WRs LOLsob)


thank you again for the party:tumblr_inline_mzx8xsVPrg1r8msi5:

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Thank you, @Wyell, @yuzuonice, @Yuzu_legend, @yuzuangel, and other mods and admins for the party! :thanks:

It was so much fun, and I really needed this this week. It was interesting to look back at his record-breaking performances through these years. It is amazing how he never stops improving! Nice to hear those memorable commentaries, too.

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Thank you all for joining the Party! It's always so nice to watch together and enjoy Yuzu's otherworldly performances!!! :loveshower:To see how he keeps improving, pushing and going beyond expectations is really unique. We are very lucky to be able to witness his greatness and a real privilege and honour to support him.


Special thanks to our MVS (most valuable satellite!! :68468287:) @Wyell for the beautiful video!!:snpeace:

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thank you everyone for joining! this was really fun!


here's the chat from the twitch stream!



[0:00:21] <xcooldjgirlx> hello!!!
[0:00:34] <bwozwaltz> Hello!!
[0:00:34] <yuzulegend> Hi there!
[0:00:38] <lemingway91> Hello!
[0:00:40] <poohforyuzu> hii
[0:00:41] <~PlanetHanyu> hi!
[0:00:49] <arataaa__> hiiii
[0:00:51] <cutepets95> Hello!
[0:00:59] <SparkleIceWings> Hello!
[0:01:03] <fayfalcon> Hiya, won’t be staying lone
[0:01:11] <puddingcaramel> !!!
[0:01:20] <TwoXElle> Hi!
[0:01:20] <xcooldjgirlx> oh it's this song!
[0:01:20] <puddingcaramel> oh my god!
[0:01:25] <937314214> hi
[0:01:32] <xcooldjgirlx> hello
[0:01:34] <~PlanetHanyu> wow
[0:01:35] <sarinya88> 😍
[0:01:36] <puddingcaramel> ヾ(*・ω・)ノヾ(*・ω・)ノ
[0:01:40] <xcooldjgirlx> woah
[0:01:44] <poohforyuzu> wooow
[0:01:51] <esther793> hello :D
[0:01:56] <4ayuzupooh> yeah
[0:02:00] <fayfalcon> Three PW, four Chopins...
[0:02:07] <fayfalcon> are you ready? Lol
[0:02:15] <lemingway91> His first WR ☺️
[0:02:20] <~PlanetHanyu> @fayfalcon we're not playing ALL of them haha
[0:02:21] <937314214> yes
[0:02:22] <cutepets95> @fayfalcon No 4 PW 4 Chopin
[0:02:25] <fayfalcon> Four PW, sorry
[0:02:29] <yuzulegend> @fayfalcon ALWAYS
[0:02:49] <claudiaef> hello!!!
[0:03:08] <xcooldjgirlx> he's amazing. as always...
[0:03:16] <esther793> #YuzuSkatingParty got7ailee(twitter)
[0:03:31] <shozuzu> <3 <3 <3
[0:03:32] <apollofowl> Can't wait for my first Planet Hanyu watch party woohoo #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:03:33] <puddingcaramel> if u perfer blue pw, say "x" if you like black pw more, say "y"
[0:03:34] <xcooldjgirlx> ahgase???
[0:03:37] <yuzubun12> hello
[0:03:39] <cutepets95> x
[0:03:42] <~PlanetHanyu> x
[0:03:43] <937314214> wants to dancing rock
[0:03:44] <apollofowl> y
[0:03:45] <yuzulegend> cool!!!
[0:03:48] <esther793> yess i'm a ahgase HAHA
[0:03:49] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:03:51] <hanyusiast> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:03:52] <fayfalcon> He is very special
[0:03:53] <xcooldjgirlx> sameee
[0:03:55] <puddingcaramel> 👍x
[0:03:57] <poohforyuzu> so perfect wow
[0:03:59] <xcooldjgirlx> x
[0:04:03] <yuzubun12> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:04:06] <yuzulegend> Yes!!!!!!
[0:04:09] <apollofowl> im also an ahgase
[0:04:16] <esther793> oooo cool :o
[0:04:20] <poohforyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:04:21] <esther793> do yall have twt?
[0:04:22] <elisagrieco22> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:04:23] <bwozwaltz> Y
[0:04:27] <eruchan_desu> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:04:29] <elisagrieco22> <3 <3
[0:04:30] <4ayuzupooh> love
[0:04:34] <xcooldjgirlx> @CoolDJGirl2 #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:04:34] <937314214> <3 <3 <3
[0:04:35] <TwoXElle> #YuzuSkatingParty so great since so young awwww <3
[0:04:42] <puddingcaramel> I do have twt👍
[0:04:53] <eve_veveco> baby PW <3
[0:04:54] <smeraldo_crown> #YuzuSkatingParty 💕💕
[0:04:57] <arataaa__> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:04:58] <buutbuutchibi> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:05:08] <xcooldjgirlx> yuzu's so cute!!!
[0:05:11] <nadjasakura> hallo everyone! finally I make it here. Thank you for streaming this❤
[0:05:22] <smeraldo_crown> I miss him 😭😭😭😭
[0:05:29] <shozuzu> 17:)
[0:05:50] <937314214> 💋💗💋
[0:05:55] <elisagrieco22> #YuzuSkatingParty seimeiiii😍😍😍
[0:05:55] <fayfalcon> Seimei now?
[0:06:11] <lemingway91> Seimei @ NHK
[0:06:13] <~PlanetHanyu> it's not in chronological order
[0:06:21] <fayfalcon> Good!
[0:06:22] <puddingcaramel> 2015seimei! best boii
[0:06:24] <eruchan_desu> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:06:24] <TwoXElle> (you guys do know I'm LadyLou right?) wait we're at NHK Seimei WOWWWWW
[0:06:26] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:06:30] <poohforyuzu> seimei <3 <3
[0:06:38] <esther793> SEIMEIII
[0:06:40] <fayfalcon> It’s five years since this masterpiece
[0:06:41] <TwoXElle> yep he has so much more to give technically too
[0:06:41] <lemingway91> Not in chronological order because otherwise we'd be watching PW back to back to back to back to back lol
[0:06:41] <apollofowl> oh my email is [email protected] and twt is @MonicaMagentire
[0:06:54] <4ayuzupooh> yuzu♥️
[0:07:01] <apollofowl> is that good i did hash earlier
[0:07:02] <smeraldo_crown> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt handle: yuzu_the_grace)
[0:07:03] <hanyusiast> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:07:07] <leimide> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:07:11] <~PlanetHanyu> @apollofowl yes it's fine thanks :)
[0:07:21] <0ldcatlady> #YuzuSkatingParty My first skating party of the season!
[0:07:22] <apollofowl> awesome
[0:07:22] <poohforyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:07:26] <arataaa__> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: Arataaa__)
[0:07:27] <SparkleIceWings> #YuzuSkatingParty, IceWings on PH..
[0:07:36] <937314214> yuzuru hanyu l love you I miss him amazing love him
[0:07:40] <TwoXElle> ahhhhhh
[0:07:41] <smeraldo_crown> I miss him so so so so much
[0:07:42] <tanizaki_hanyu> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:07:45] <hydrobladeking> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:07:50] <arataaa__> heck yesss
[0:07:51] <buutbuutchibi> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: buutbuutchibi)
[0:08:01] <smeraldo_crown> Seimei 💕💕
[0:08:08] <hanyusiast> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: @hanyusiast)
[0:08:10] <TwoXElle> gorgepus
[0:08:19] <hydrobladeking> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter: hydrobladeking)
[0:08:25] <TwoXElle> *gorgeous (already with typos gosh)
[0:08:28] <~PlanetHanyu> that quad toe T_T
[0:08:31] <puddingcaramel> twt: puddycat11
[0:08:33] <~PlanetHanyu> so light and easy
[0:08:39] <937314214> dancing Japanese love song
[0:08:40] <poohforyuzu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt @poohforyuzu)
[0:08:47] <smeraldo_crown> why is he so gorgeous?
[0:08:49] <arataaa__> anyone pls poke him after this stream
[0:09:02] <nadjasakura> honestly from all his skatingvideos on you tube this is my favourite one ever
[0:09:04] <yuzulegend> Perfection, gorgeous Biellmann!
[0:09:10] <ratanyaaaa> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:09:14] <esther793> for those who are doing the hashtag, do it with your twitter handle or email :D
[0:09:18] <TwoXElle> yes, COMMANDING
[0:09:39] <esther793> or any other social media
[0:09:49] <eruchan_desu> #YuzuSkatingParty (twitter : @eruchan_desu)
[0:09:50] <~PlanetHanyu> @esther793 if you don't leave twitter/email we will try to contact you on twitch but some people don't check their twitch messages 😅
[0:10:04] <katxkattt> just in time for seimei! #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:10:25] <katxkattt> #YuzuSkatingParty (@katxkattt)
[0:10:26] <arataaa__> CAN I CRY???? SO BEAUTIFUL
[0:10:45] <kamesita> #YuzuSkatingParty (tt:@kamesita)
[0:10:51] <TwoXElle> this combo was sooo good..and the change of rythm afterwards! <3
[0:10:52] <esther793> @esther793 yeaa, gotta make your work easier with other platforms xD
[0:10:52] <937314214> yuzuskating party seime
[0:11:01] <yuzulegend> Gosh, he just flies right?
[0:11:02] <elisagrieco22> #YuzuSkatingParty @elisagrieco22
[0:11:06] <esther793> seimei is just wow
[0:11:11] <~PlanetHanyu> wohoo
[0:11:17] <4ayuzupooh> yeah!
[0:11:18] <fayfalcon> Intricate footwork into a hidden 3A
[0:11:20] <yuzulegend> Seimei is just Godtier
[0:11:21] <TwoXElle> celebrating after 3Lz LOL
[0:11:30] <poohforyuzu> the perfection omg
[0:11:32] <cutepets95> He what shattered the FS WR by 19.32 and Overall by 27.13
[0:11:39] <mashirocurry> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:11:40] <arataaa__> IM SHAKING OMGOMGOMG
[0:11:54] <poohforyuzu> YESSSS C E O
[0:11:55] <apollofowl> YES ceo yuzu woohoo
[0:11:57] <tanizaki_hanyu> lets all cry together for seimei😌
[0:11:59] <leimide> #YuzuSkatingParty (@spacekittyyuzu)
[0:12:02] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 ;)
[0:12:07] <arataaa__> YES LET'S CRY
[0:12:09] <TwoXElle> The proram that changed everything!!!! (ok some things changed for worse but not his fault)
[0:12:16] <eruchan_desu> my favorite part :))
[0:12:17] <4ayuzupooh> ♥️♥️♥️
[0:12:18] <arataaa__> AAAAAAAAAAAAA
[0:12:19] <esther793> the giveaway only counts one entry right o.o
[0:12:25] <claudiaef> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:12:26] <~PlanetHanyu> @esther793 yeah :]
[0:12:26] <gotvodka720> Such a fantastic program😍
[0:12:27] <arataaa__> mentally i'm there
[0:12:31] <axsora21> AAAAAA
[0:12:31] <smeraldo_crown> 👏👏👏👏👏👏
[0:12:35] <yuzubun12> wooohoo
[0:12:37] <esther793> alright thanks!
[0:12:43] <yuzulegend> BRAVO!!!!!
[0:12:45] <axsora21> BibleThump <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:12:47] <hydrobladeking> that smile after nailing that performance
[0:12:56] <937314214> 👏👏💗💋
[0:13:00] <esther793> seimei is legendary
[0:13:03] <~PlanetHanyu> so happyyyyyy
[0:13:06] <arataaa__> yes sir "UGHHH"
[0:13:27] <hanyusiast> yes yuzu you're number one
[0:13:30] <SparkleIceWings> Supernova! Legendary masterpiece.
[0:13:33] <~PlanetHanyu> hehe
[0:13:33] <cutepets95> Also the WRs for the FS and Overall were 196.75 and 295.27
[0:13:36] <TwoXElle> aside the skate itself (that of course it otherwordly) I love so much Yuzu's expression after <3 the celebration, because YES it was THAT awesome!
[0:13:41] <gotvodka720> This moment is ingrained in my mind💕
[0:13:42] <katxkattt> yesss! number 1!
[0:13:43] <cutepets95> Before this
[0:13:44] <937314214> your 1 yuzuru hanyu
[0:13:45] <arataaa__> look at his smile omg
[0:13:49] <yuzubun12> i just made this twitch account to join this #YuzuSkatingParty, but my twitter handle is different than this one (@lovingthesol on Twitter)
[0:13:49] <yuzulegend> Yes Yuzu, you are always number one!
[0:13:55] <apollofowl> brian is amazing
[0:14:01] <shozuzu> amazing boy
[0:14:11] <yuzulegend> And like Brian, I also have no words!! Seimei is so powerful!
[0:14:15] <TwoXElle> @cutepets95 yeah he literally destroyed the previous WRs...
[0:14:16] <poohforyuzu> slow motion is so satisfying woah
[0:14:17] <claudiaef> superheroes that can fly
[0:14:22] <xcooldjgirlx> yessss
[0:14:33] <gotvodka720> #YuzuSkatingParty (I’m @melaniebg720 on twitter)
[0:14:39] <mashirocurry> that 3T was amazing
[0:14:43] <apollofowl> when they show it slow i can actually see the moves lol
[0:14:50] <TwoXElle> loved this commentary too
[0:14:53] <apollofowl> i can count
[0:15:03] <yuzubun12> love that expression
[0:15:05] <apollofowl> smiley boi
[0:15:14] <gotvodka720> That smile😍
[0:15:23] <apollofowl> pooh-san!
[0:15:26] <TwoXElle> awwww he was soooo happy BibleThump
[0:15:26] <arataaa__> oh boi
[0:15:27] <bwozwaltz> Love him :D
[0:15:28] <~PlanetHanyu> pooh hisses
[0:15:33] <937314214> smile pooh san
[0:15:35] <cutepets95> And this was his first GP gold since he won NHK in 2012 in Miyagi
[0:15:41] <TwoXElle> YAYYYYY
[0:15:44] <xcooldjgirlx> he did it again
[0:15:57] <4ayuzupooh> yuzu♥️Congratulations♥️
[0:15:58] <gotvodka720> His happiness is contagious🥰🥰
[0:16:00] <TwoXElle> His surpirse too... <3 <3 <3
[0:16:02] <esther793> so proud omg
[0:16:05] <leimide> omg his face here!
[0:16:05] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:16:05] <apollofowl> we all wanna cry
[0:16:11] <poohforyuzu> so happyy
[0:16:11] <leimide> he's so adorable
[0:16:16] <SparkleIceWings> Yes. A privilege to watch!
[0:16:23] <yuzulegend> yes Yuzu, you did it! You always work so hard!!!
[0:16:26] <~PlanetHanyu> @cutepets95 wow, you are right
[0:16:26] <hydrobladeking> it's not only Brian who wants to cry
[0:16:31] <~PlanetHanyu> other than GPF tho
[0:16:33] <arataaa__> @apollofowl fam i already cry
[0:16:33] <937314214> this my love fever
[0:16:33] <eve_veveco> I think he might be happy, lol
[0:16:37] <fayfalcon> Otonal!
[0:16:39] <xcooldjgirlx> pooh-san!
[0:16:41] <yuzuuwuu> Ahhh zuzu
[0:16:41] <SparkleIceWings> He makes Pooh-san imitate himself. So cute!
[0:16:42] <yuzulegend> Oh my, Otonal!!!
[0:16:45] <gotvodka720> Omg I love otonal😍
[0:16:46] <arataaa__> OTONALLL
[0:16:46] <xcooldjgirlx> Otonal!!!
[0:16:48] <hydrobladeking> Otonal!!
[0:16:49] <TwoXElle> I can't imagine how it felt for fans back then, to live that moment BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:16:52] <mashirocurry> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: yuzuramen_)
[0:16:55] <frenchkiss70> #YuzuSkatingParty thanks again for the stream. I miss our boy
[0:16:56] <4ayuzupooh> otonal♥️
[0:17:06] <937314214> ❄❄❄ frozen heart
[0:17:07] <TwoXElle> now Otonal! and the first time he won his firts GP yay!
[0:17:09] <hanyusiast> ahhh otonal 1.0
[0:17:12] <SparkleIceWings> Love Otonal
[0:17:13] <katxkattt> Otoñal!!!
[0:17:17] <frenchkiss70> My first time seeing Yuzu live
[0:17:22] <TwoXElle> loved the details of this costume
[0:17:24] <mashirocurry> thank you Otonal 1.0 costume
[0:17:29] <poohforyuzu> otonal <3 <3
[0:17:35] <arataaa__> oh god
[0:17:40] <arataaa__> so beautiful
[0:17:41] <apollofowl> sparkles
[0:17:44] <4ayuzupooh> 👍
[0:17:50] <~PlanetHanyu> i remember being there BibleThump
[0:17:50] <yaseinohana> OMG !!! <3
[0:17:54] <mashirocurry> big save 3A
[0:17:55] <TwoXElle> gorgeous (most of his 4S are gorgeous tbh) <3
[0:17:57] <xcooldjgirlx> you were there???
[0:18:14] <yuzubun12> i love his twizzles
[0:18:17] <lemingway91> I was there too! <3
[0:18:24] <~PlanetHanyu> @xcooldjgirlx yeaaaah finland
[0:18:33] <arataaa__> i was there mentally
[0:18:38] <frenchkiss70> blessed GP. The only good skating event this season
[0:18:39] <xcooldjgirlx> i wish i get to see him to one day
[0:18:43] <TwoXElle> twizzle 3A still had to get even more gorgeous (tho I remeber his practice ones were god-tier already)
[0:18:51] <elisagrieco22> 😍😍😍
[0:18:53] <yuzubun12> i wish i can say i have watched him live in person
[0:18:57] <yuzubun12> T_T
[0:18:58] <xcooldjgirlx> i love the music too
[0:19:06] <katxkattt> STSQ🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
[0:19:07] <yuzulegend> REady?
[0:19:07] <4ayuzupooh> beautiful♥️
[0:19:08] <fayfalcon> Are we getting Rostelecom?
[0:19:10] <gotvodka720> His step sequence is actual magic🥰
[0:19:11] <tanizaki_hanyu> he's so graceful im in tears
[0:19:11] <yuzubun12> step sequence...... wooots
[0:19:12] <hydrobladeking> superior STSQ
[0:19:15] <xcooldjgirlx> YES
[0:19:16] <hanyusiast> THE STEP SEQUENCEEE
[0:19:19] <arataaa__> oh hell this part alwaus got me
[0:19:19] <elisagrieco22> @yuzubun12 me too
[0:19:22] <TwoXElle> and the STSQ!!! BibleThump BibleThump
[0:19:26] <axsora21> OTONAL STSQ
[0:19:27] <arataaa__> always*
[0:19:28] <yuzuuwuu> That stsq
[0:19:30] <gotvodka720> The ice coverage is insane
[0:19:30] <axsora21> AAASADADASJDH
[0:19:33] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:19:33] <yuzuuwuu> Loveeeeeeeeeee
[0:19:38] <937314214> ☺💗❄❄❄💗
[0:19:42] <poohforyuzu> the artistry is immaculate
[0:19:45] <sally_cinnamon> Hi!!
[0:19:57] <yuzubun12> @elisagrieco22 BibleThump BibleThump
[0:19:58] <gotvodka720> Ice royalty💖
[0:20:00] <arataaa__> @sally_cinnamon hellooo
[0:20:00] <4ayuzupooh> ♥️♥️♥️👍beautiful♥️
[0:20:01] <TwoXElle> really a stsq made to make the crowd scream <3
[0:20:03] <cutepets95> I wish I started watching him 3 years earlier so I could have watched the BBC commentary of his Worlds 2017 FS (Haven't had access to ESP since 2014)
[0:20:05] <bwozwaltz> Yuzu's sp is always too short...i want to watch MORE
[0:20:06] <frenchkiss70> I was really lucky with my live events, Helsinki and SCI
[0:20:07] <xcooldjgirlx> really beautiful
[0:20:19] <katxkattt> awww and we got haru chan as ex for the gala🤧
[0:20:22] <axsora21> i love otonal smmmm
[0:20:31] <4ayuzupooh> pooh
[0:20:33] <TwoXElle> @bwozwaltz true
[0:20:37] <xcooldjgirlx> pooh rain!!!
[0:20:40] <~PlanetHanyu> my favorite program!
[0:20:44] <~PlanetHanyu> otonal <3
[0:20:46] <claudiaef> was it the same speaker as at WC 2017? :D
[0:20:53] <eruchan_desu> I miss yuzu and pooh rain :"
[0:20:53] <SparkleIceWings> I remember being so nervous watching this stream live cuz he was kinda kuyashi at ACI. Lol.
[0:20:59] <TwoXElle> @frenchkiss70 please go to more events then XD
[0:21:01] <yuzubun12> thank you jeff buttle for this choreo
[0:21:04] <~PlanetHanyu> actually if you compare it to seimei and pw before this, he improved sooo much
[0:21:21] <arataaa__> oh yessss
[0:21:23] <yuzulegend> God I miss him so much.... BibleThump
[0:21:35] <amylance1215> I missed it!! kuyashii!!!
[0:21:36] <yuzuuwuu> This makes me curious about his new program
[0:21:38] <arataaa__> i miss him so much too sdghasgdsjh
[0:21:38] <frenchkiss70> @yuzulegend me too
[0:21:40] <937314214> 😥😢😔
[0:21:41] <axsora21> may jeff and shae live the best lives
[0:21:41] <claudiaef> me too BibleThump
[0:21:42] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:21:45] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzuuwuu SAME!!
[0:22:05] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:22:09] <axsora21> yuzu program revel when BibleThump
[0:22:13] <yuzuuwuu> I wonder what kind of songs will he skate to
[0:22:13] <TwoXElle> (but will he have new porgrams? LOL)
[0:22:19] <cutepets95> Best shot to see him live (streamwise for the first time) is either 4 CC or Worlds
[0:22:22] <arataaa__> i'm watching while praying for new white wall content
[0:22:25] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle at least he said he started on some new ones
[0:22:31] <axsora21> yuzu skate lgc again
[0:22:35] <yuzuuwuu> He will. He said it..forgot when..
[0:22:35] <yuzulegend> @arataaa__ let's cry together!!! lolsob
[0:22:36] <TwoXElle> yeah but 4CC where? XD
[0:22:41] <arataaa__> oh boi look at that spin
[0:22:50] <cutepets95> 4CC is in Sydney Australia
[0:22:51] <SparkleIceWings> Yuzu, drop your new programs already. XD
[0:22:55] <0ldcatlady> my stream froze
[0:23:09] <hanyusiast> the way he turned his head ugh that was elegant
[0:23:09] <poohforyuzu> as he shouldd
[0:23:10] <arataaa__> @yuzulegend yessss let's cry together TT
[0:23:19] <xcooldjgirlx> I love lgc!!!
[0:23:21] <TwoXElle> @cutepets95 I know, but with Aussie nats being cancelled, who knows what happens to 4CC
[0:23:26] <yaseinohana> Arigato Yuzu !!!
[0:23:26] <xcooldjgirlx> I really hope he skates it again
[0:23:37] <axsora21> @xcooldjgirlx samee
[0:23:40] <hydrobladeking> i love LGC too!!!
[0:23:42] <y_ever> when we can see them again in K&C #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:23:43] <TwoXElle> awww Zuzu relieved
[0:23:45] <yuzubun12> is Borser holding a mini pooh?
[0:23:46] <937314214> ❄❄💋💗
[0:23:48] <yuzubun12> ahaha
[0:23:52] <redfox111712> ❤️
[0:24:02] <4ayuzupooh> ♥️👍
[0:24:03] <bwozwaltz> Ohhhh
[0:24:04] <xcooldjgirlx> ooohhh
[0:24:04] <TwoXElle> @yuzubun12 he was <3 XD
[0:24:06] <yuzulegend> Ahhh cool!!!
[0:24:09] <apollofowl> subs yay
[0:24:16] <cutepets95> That's 2015-16 not 2013-14
[0:24:16] <fayfalcon> Barcelona 2015!
[0:24:19] <yaseinohana> hola Paloma !! :)
[0:24:27] <TwoXElle> ahhhhh BALLADE MY LOVE
[0:24:29] <frenchkiss70> Ballade ❤️
[0:24:29] <sally_cinnamon> GPF 2015 <3
[0:24:29] <anjaaaas> Spanish aunties!! <3
[0:24:31] <yuzubun12> @TwoXElle so cute ahaha
[0:24:33] <bwozwaltz> Spanish aunties
[0:24:35] <apollofowl> so young
[0:24:39] <katxkattt> GPF 2015!
[0:24:40] <TwoXElle> also +5 for the choice of commentaries
[0:24:42] <arataaa__> oh my
[0:24:42] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:24:51] <hydrobladeking> GPF 💕
[0:24:53] <yuzubun12> yea one of my favorite SPs ever
[0:24:53] <TwoXElle> yes absolute silence
[0:25:08] <937314214> l am quite sure
[0:25:25] <yuzulegend> so smooth and light!
[0:25:31] <claudiaef> yes!
[0:25:31] <arataaa__> agree!
[0:25:32] <axsora21> chopin is one of my faves for sure
[0:25:32] <TwoXElle> gosh
[0:25:34] <yuzubun12> Spanish commentaries are always *chef's kiss*
[0:25:39] <yuzulegend> Espectacular!
[0:25:43] <sally_cinnamon> perfect 4S
[0:25:52] <frenchkiss70> to think he managed to skate it even better at 4CC
[0:25:53] <4ayuzupooh> 👍
[0:25:54] <SparkleIceWings> So perfect!
[0:25:57] <cutepets95> I think no. 2 and 1 is between SEIMEI at 2015 GPF and Hope and Legacy at 2017 Worlds
[0:25:58] <arataaa__> i can feel i'm falling even more
[0:26:07] <937314214> kiss your hanyu dancing shows yourself
[0:26:11] <sally_cinnamon> beautiful
[0:26:11] <TwoXElle> @frenchkiss70 yep it's unbelievable, right?
[0:26:15] <yuzubun12> @frenchkiss70 oh yes 4cc2020 is also unrivaled
[0:26:16] <~PlanetHanyu> i think the olympics version of chopin was my favorite, but it wasn't a world record 😡
[0:26:39] <cutepets95> That's because the final spin was Level 3 not 4
[0:26:39] <hanyusiast> no tension at all he's just amazing
[0:26:43] <sally_cinnamon> @PlanetHanyu shame on them, it should have been a WR
[0:26:47] <lemingway91> Spanish aunties were sh00k by the 3A
[0:26:48] <amylance1215> all subsequent Chopin should be WR in their own rights
[0:27:06] <~PlanetHanyu> @PlanetHanyu 👍
[0:27:16] <yuzubun12> olympic chopin has a special place in my heart <3
[0:27:27] <axsora21> i love chopin stsq
[0:27:27] <claudiaef> @amylance1215 agree
[0:27:30] <yuzulegend> @lemingway91 spanish aunties: HE FLIES!!
[0:27:47] <xcooldjgirlx> they're not lying though
[0:27:47] <937314214> TwitchUnity
[0:27:52] <cutepets95> Honestly I can think of 3 times where the raw PCS should have been 49
[0:27:54] <sally_cinnamon> they are all different in some ways, but I love all of them, GPF 2015, Olympics 2018 or 4CC this year
[0:27:54] <tanizaki_hanyu> *piano music intensifies*
[0:27:56] <arataaa__> YES AUNTIE BRAVO
[0:27:56] <yuzubun12> lol boy knew he did it
[0:27:57] <bwozwaltz> <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:27:57] <hanyu_axel> ugghh im late to the #YuzuSkatingParty but yey chopin!
[0:28:01] <hydrobladeking> @planethanyu Olympics Chopin was phenomenal. I love all his version of STSQ for Chopin but the Olympics one is just so special
[0:28:08] <y_ever> VirtualHug VirtualHug #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:28:10] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:28:11] <TwoXElle> yes, wonderful!
[0:28:16] <xcooldjgirlx> another pooh rain!!!
[0:28:17] <poohforyuzu> i wanna learn this on piano but my fingers would snap lmao
[0:28:22] <hanyu_axel> the skate is so good you just have to clap for yourself
[0:28:27] <claudiaef> i love the they are clapping too
[0:28:32] <arataaa__> me too ma'am, we all speechless
[0:28:34] <xcooldjgirlx> i love the commentators
[0:28:34] <TwoXElle> Pooh rain was still a bit shy back then LOL
[0:28:34] <937314214> 👏👏👏👏💗
[0:28:35] <frenchkiss70> @PlanetHanyu It's my favorite too because the emotional context
[0:28:37] <yuzulegend> LOL, they said: just keep applauding!
[0:28:42] <yuzulegend> nothing to say...
[0:28:44] <arataaa__> awwww
[0:28:45] <SparkleIceWings> Discovered Yuzu watching Olympics Chopin, so that one's my fav!
[0:28:47] <elisagrieco22> #YuzuSkatingParty thank you very very much for sharing yuzu contents everyday and mostly for these live streams❤️❤️ (twt: @elisagrieco22)
[0:28:48] <apollofowl> yay hug
[0:28:58] <~PlanetHanyu> @PlanetHanyu same but also the stsq was so unique! and he held so many beautiful positions
[0:29:22] <TwoXElle> @yuzulegend one of them almost dropping the chair LOL it was good comedy for the exceptional moment XD
[0:29:32] <arataaa__> oh god
[0:29:38] <cutepets95> Fact: Between 2015 NHK FS and both at 2015 GPF, he got max GOE 9 times and a clean sweep of +3s once
[0:29:43] <yuzuyokoi> aww the "Vamos Javi" ❤️😭
[0:29:44] <arataaa__> what can i say
[0:30:23] <xcooldjgirlx> pooh san!
[0:30:36] <937314214> ☺💋💗
[0:30:59] <yuzuuwuu> Vamos javii
[0:31:01] <yuzuuwuu> Hehehe
[0:31:07] <TwoXElle> yeahhhhh!!!! first time ever above 110!
[0:31:08] <elisagrieco22> his reaction😍
[0:31:09] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah the dates are wrong lol
[0:31:15] <~PlanetHanyu> off by a year
[0:31:17] <cutepets95> Goddarn it!
[0:31:27] <cutepets95> Off by 2
[0:31:29] <yuzuuwuu> Oh my fave seimeiii
[0:31:35] <frenchkiss70> Seimei my love💕💕💕💕
[0:31:48] <~PlanetHanyu> incomparable!
[0:31:56] <elisagrieco22> “the incomparable”
[0:31:59] <sally_cinnamon> one of the best free programes of all time
[0:32:04] <yuzubun12> oh yesss this seimei is a personal favorite
[0:32:13] <hanyu_axel> again thank you for the #YuzuSkatingParty i'm a new fan and it's so nice to watch with everyone and read comments :)
[0:32:16] <yuzubun12> in my opinion probably one of his best
[0:32:18] <yuzuuwuu> @yuzubun12 me too!
[0:32:21] <937314214> master yuzuru hanyu you love him because wants to be his seime
[0:32:27] <TwoXElle> GORGEOUSSSSS
[0:32:28] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:32:29] <arataaa__> admit it, seimei is everyone's favorite
[0:32:35] <cutepets95> Can I willingly fight someone on SEIMEI 2015 GPF at no. 5
[0:32:44] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:32:45] <yuzuuwuu> I can’t choose a fave lol
[0:32:45] <elisagrieco22> @arataaa__ I admit it 😂
[0:32:47] <yuzubun12> @yuzuuwuu this is the one we keep going back to
[0:32:56] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:33:05] <iam_beulah> I never get tired of watching seimei #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:33:21] <hanyusiast> his biellmann!!!
[0:33:22] <yuzuuwuu> Btw is there any quad Yuzu can’t do?
[0:33:28] <amylance1215> #YuzuSkatingParty (PH: amylance1215)
[0:33:40] <xcooldjgirlx> "all about the performance" yes.
[0:33:42] <yuzuuwuu> Aah the stsq
[0:33:43] <arataaa__> oh baby, he's getting that axel on his way
[0:33:46] <amylance1215> highlight of my day
[0:33:50] <frenchkiss70> That StSq so powerful
[0:33:59] <TwoXElle> and he was skating with so much pressure on himself there <3 stsq!!! (lv 3 LMAO poor Seimei, that lv4 was really a snake)
[0:34:29] <pocket_pikachu> ❤❤❤ thank you for streaming. i miss him! #YuzuSkatingParty (PlanetHanyu Name: Taebear)
[0:35:18] <TwoXElle> but actually he improved so much on choreo afterwards? It's already so great here, but then he made it even better! Sharper and more commanding and more gorgeous
[0:35:34] <elisagrieco22> “another world record is inside”
[0:35:36] <xcooldjgirlx> beautiful
[0:35:36] <yuzubun12> i think only the quad axel for now @yuzuuwuu .. although he already manages the full rotation for the axel
[0:35:37] <hanyusiast> that lutz exit was beautiful
[0:35:39] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle yes!
[0:35:51] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzubun12 4F?
[0:35:57] <TwoXElle> loved the arms swoosh on the lz landing and YES CHSQ!!!
[0:36:00] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:36:16] <xcooldjgirlx> INA BAUER!
[0:36:17] <amylance1215> @hanyusiast I'm still debating if that was a slight save lol beautiful as always tho
[0:36:18] <yaseinohana> OMG that hydr
[0:36:19] <elisagrieco22> fave choresequence
[0:36:21] <claudiaef> to think he got 219 with 3 quads only... this was the last time he was scored properly
[0:36:27] <TwoXElle> and the crowd goes wild!!!!!
[0:36:31] <yuzuuwuu> Yeah. I don’t remember he lands quad flip @planethanyu @yuzubun12
[0:36:38] <frenchkiss70> @claudiaef 😭😭😭😭
[0:36:48] <yuzuuwuu> Omg fave partt
[0:36:51] <~PlanetHanyu> @amylance1215 i think it was a slight save but he always makes the saves look purposeful 😂i.e. spread eagles, twizzles
[0:36:51] <xcooldjgirlx> yes we are
[0:36:53] <4ayuzupooh> 👍
[0:36:57] <apollofowl> greatness indeed
[0:36:58] <arataaa__> oh man
[0:36:58] <yuzuuwuu> Ina Bauer
[0:36:58] <iam_beulah> this is truly and simply amazing #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:37:01] <hanyusiast> @amylance121 it does kind of look like a save but he made it beautiful
[0:37:02] <SparkleIceWings> Love the crowd cheering at his every move.
[0:37:06] <xcooldjgirlx> I love his saves
[0:37:09] <arataaa__> how are we doing fanyus?
[0:37:11] <tanizaki_hanyu> the way the audience claps in sync with the music gives me goosebumps
[0:37:14] <yuzubun12> that expression always reminds me of the olympic one
[0:37:18] <hanyusiast> @amylance1215 agree!!!
[0:37:20] <yuzubun12> the winning expression
[0:37:22] <bwozwaltz> Kiku geee
[0:37:29] <yuzulegend> Those eyes!
[0:37:30] <iam_beulah> a genius in action
[0:37:32] <poohforyuzu> @arataaa__ barely alive lol
[0:37:32] <yuzuuwuu> @arataaa__ this is sprinkle to dried cactus
[0:37:33] <amylance1215> @planethanyu haha I did have that impression but he made it look so in sync
[0:37:35] <yuzuuwuu> Loll
[0:37:53] <TwoXElle> ohh Kikuchi san !!! <3
[0:37:54] <~PlanetHanyu> matching skate guards!
[0:38:02] <iam_beulah> @arataaa__ trying to survive the drought
[0:38:14] <robin_ph> Awww Kikuchi-san mirroring the finger
[0:38:18] <cutepets95> And up until 2016 Euros he was still the only skater to break 100 points in the short
[0:38:26] <SparkleIceWings> Kikuchi-san. VirtualHug
[0:38:32] <yuzubun12> i forgot all about the flip lol @yuzuuwuu
[0:38:34] <arataaa__> yes sir, same.. "boi"
[0:38:37] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:38:37] <frenchkiss70> And he's still the present, that's how good is is
[0:38:41] <yuzuuwuu> I wonder if he’s gonna say something on Monday
[0:38:42] <sally_cinnamon> <3 <3 <3
[0:38:47] <yuzuuwuu> GRADUATION DAYYY
[0:38:51] <TwoXElle> Zuzu is still both present and future of FS :P
[0:38:54] <arataaa__> g e n i u s
[0:39:01] <claudiaef> @yuzuuwuu i wonder if he is going to be there :D
[0:39:15] <claudiaef> @TwoXElle was about to say that
[0:39:21] <~PlanetHanyu> ahhaha
[0:39:26] <hanyusiast> i wish the backward steps were kept in the step sequence :( sadly it was sacrificed for points
[0:39:27] <~PlanetHanyu> zuzu graduation
[0:39:28] <iam_beulah> hoping he will show like I'm desperately waiting for September crumbs
[0:39:29] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:39:31] <apollofowl> bow to brian woohoo
[0:39:34] <yuzulegend> @iam_beulah sorry to ask, but did you received your package already?
[0:39:45] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 <3 :D
[0:39:49] <yuzubun12> aww Javi
[0:39:51] <xcooldjgirlx> shoma!
[0:39:52] <arataaa__> OMG
[0:39:52] <claudiaef> fave moment haha
[0:39:53] <iam_beulah> @yuzulegend not yet
[0:39:56] <elisagrieco22> is this layout the same as seimei’s Pyeongchang?
[0:39:59] <apollofowl> javi we miss u lol
[0:40:00] <arataaa__> CAN I CRY?
[0:40:01] <saltatoryconduction> Just in time to see the replays of WR Seimei! #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: saltatorybund)
[0:40:02] <TwoXElle> lovign the comparison with other Greats
[0:40:03] <amylance1215> @hanyusiast that's why I'm forever grateful for MOI 2019 Seimei
[0:40:07] <cutepets95> But hey at least we got em back FOR 2019 MOI
[0:40:09] <bwozwaltz> Love love love
[0:40:11] <arataaa__> i miss javi too
[0:40:11] <SparkleIceWings> Miss Javi.
[0:40:22] <robin_ph> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:40:31] <bwozwaltz> Where's that PC now?
[0:40:31] <yuzuuwuu> Javiii
[0:40:32] <anjaaaas> we all just miss javi... T__T
[0:40:37] <937314214> yuzuru hanyu why his cry
[0:40:38] <hanyusiast> @amylance1215 me too! it was heavenly
[0:40:40] <elisagrieco22> Brian reaction is amazing, best coach ever.
[0:40:41] <bwozwaltz> I mean PCS
[0:40:57] <yaseinohana> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:40:58] <yuzubun12> yes well done Brian
[0:40:58] <arataaa__> yes, brian best coach. periodt.
[0:41:18] <poohforyuzu> "why am i crying"
[0:41:19] <amylance1215> @hanyusiast and the Otonal Stsqs encore... chef kiss
[0:41:25] <arataaa__> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:41:25] <bwozwaltz> Ahhhh
[0:41:28] <yuzuuwuu> Yes I’m crying too, yuzu
[0:41:29] <cutepets95> And it's still the highest PCS ever given. Raw or multiplied
[0:41:31] <fayfalcon> H&L
[0:41:31] <y_ever> my love #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:41:32] <yuzubun12> yassss H&L
[0:41:32] <amylance1215> weedee
[0:41:33] <claudiaef> again the sea of flags from japan
[0:41:34] <redfox111712> OMG
[0:41:36] <937314214> 🧚♀️💗💋
[0:41:36] <arataaa__> ayayayayay
[0:41:38] <iam_beulah> hope and Legacy yeah #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:41:41] <xcooldjgirlx> HOPE AND LEGACY
[0:41:42] <TwoXElle> @elisagrieco22 planned different, he should have done in second half: 4S3T 4Tlo3S 3a2T 3Lo 3Lz (4 quads total)instead of 4T3T 3A2T 3Alo3S 3Lo 3Lz (3 quads total)
[0:41:44] <xcooldjgirlx> YES
[0:41:45] <axsora21> AAAAAHSAJDHS
[0:41:46] <frenchkiss70> The sea of flags... going straight for our hearts
[0:41:49] <axsora21> YES
[0:41:51] <y_ever> he can produces MIRACLES #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:41:52] <leimide> YES HOPE & LEGACY!
[0:41:55] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:41:57] <yuzulegend> @iam_beulah I sent it on the 22th of July! BibleThump BibleThump
[0:42:01] <SparkleIceWings> The ultimate free skate.
[0:42:02] <yuzubun12> i saw someone tweeted this exact commentary on twitter lol
[0:42:04] <axsora21> imma cry
[0:42:06] <yuzubun12> legendary
[0:42:06] <yaseinohana> OMG....
[0:42:06] <hanyu_axel> "sea of flags..."
[0:42:07] <eve_veveco> the sea of flags BibleThump
[0:42:13] <TwoXElle> LMAO I can recognize all the other commentaries too LOL you can herad people talking
[0:42:18] <robin_ph> Just hearing the first notes makes me anxious and happy at the same time
[0:42:25] <iam_beulah> the music that calms the storms #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:42:25] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah esp shouting during the jumps landed
[0:42:27] <lemingway91> The French "bravo" later on in the background
[0:42:28] <yuzuuwuu> Haha the iconic line
[0:42:39] <kristenmarielgc> kristenmarielgc subscribed at Tier 1. 
[0:42:48] <bwozwaltz> Fairy skating...
[0:42:58] <xcooldjgirlx> i just realized i've never watched this with commentary
[0:42:59] <claudiaef> @lemingway91 after the 4s3t
[0:43:02] <arataaa__> omg...
[0:43:03] <TwoXElle> gorgeous! and that beautiful solo 4S too! but combo of doom was yet to come!
[0:43:15] <claudiaef> i want to cry
[0:43:16] <yuzubun12> the Spanish commentary of this one is great too
[0:43:19] <~PlanetHanyu> what a magical day
[0:43:21] <saltatoryconduction> Yes that "bravo!" when he lands the final quad BibleThump
[0:43:26] <iam_beulah> @yuzulegend is they anyway the item can be tracked
[0:43:26] <937314214> 💗💗💗😥😢
[0:43:31] <~PlanetHanyu> i still can't believe it <3
[0:43:33] <axsora21> hope and legacy 2017 will never fail to amaze me BibleThump <3
[0:43:43] <yuzubun12> this is the performance that also holds special areas in my heart
[0:43:44] <yaseinohana> he's magical
[0:43:50] <TwoXElle> this is the program that I've literally looped for whole afternoon(s). it's just so soothing...
[0:43:53] <lemingway91> being able to recite this commentary from start to finish... #justfanyuthings lol
[0:43:55] <yuzuuwuu> His H&L at 4cc was also amazing
[0:44:00] <elisagrieco22> @twoxelle thank you 😊
[0:44:11] <frenchkiss70> Holding our breath for the COD
[0:44:16] <cutepets95> 4S+3T the problematic butthole
[0:44:17] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:44:19] <~PlanetHanyu> omgomg
[0:44:19] <xcooldjgirlx> let's go
[0:44:21] <TwoXElle> that 3F...always a beauty <3
[0:44:24] <~PlanetHanyu> YASSSSSSS
[0:44:25] <yuzubun12> yassss
[0:44:27] <claudiaef> BRAVOO
[0:44:28] <xcooldjgirlx> YESSSSSS
[0:44:28] <leimide> basically the commentary that every fanyu have memorized
[0:44:31] <arataaa__> AAAAAAAA
[0:44:31] <yuzubun12> that HEIGHT
[0:44:31] <amylance1215> omg!!!
[0:44:33] <937314214> yes yuzuru
[0:44:33] <TwoXElle> YESSSS!
[0:44:35] <~PlanetHanyu> i screamed so hard when he landed that
[0:44:37] <amylance1215> goosebumps!!
[0:44:40] <robin_ph> After this I couldn’t see anything anymore from the piss in my eyes
[0:44:45] <xcooldjgirlx> i just squealed
[0:44:48] <claudiaef> oh no it was here
[0:44:59] <axsora21> this was his first program ive ever watched
[0:44:59] <TwoXElle> the french commie LOL
[0:45:02] <axsora21> and i fell in love
[0:45:08] <yuzubun12> this in-the-zone Yuzuru is unbeatable
[0:45:20] <937314214> I fell in love him yuzuru hanyu master
[0:45:25] <hanyusiast> i might just cry
[0:45:34] <axsora21> @hanyusiast same
[0:45:34] <yuzulegend> @iam_beulah it's not tracked but if undeliverable it will come back to me. Let's hope for the best!
[0:45:35] <lemingway91> The French commentary is hilariously chaotic. If anyone hasn't seen it, highly recommended
[0:45:37] <TwoXElle> gorgeous 4T in the silence... and the 3A combos were just so.good too..truly he had not a single weak element there...
[0:45:38] <yaseinohana> I'm crying already
[0:45:50] <claudiaef> the only skater who can make an euler look beauriful
[0:45:55] <xcooldjgirlx> so beautiful...
[0:46:00] <~PlanetHanyu> @claudiaef yes! i hate a lot of eulers lol
[0:46:02] <yuzubun12> @lemingway91 is there french commentary with english subs? :D
[0:46:06] <robin_ph> urgh Yuzu is so powerful and yet beautiful
[0:46:06] <xcooldjgirlx> INA BAUER!!!!
[0:46:13] <cutepets95> Also why did some of the judges put him behind Boyang TES wise and Patrick PCS?
[0:46:16] <TwoXElle> @yuzubun12 I think yeas, I've seen it
[0:46:23] <iam_beulah> @yuzulegend thanks and sorry for the stress
[0:46:24] <robin_ph> This was the moment we all lost all sanity
[0:46:33] <yuzubun12> omg i must go find it then
[0:46:34] <amylance1215> bravooooo
[0:46:36] <arataaa__> @lemingway91 thank you for recommending it, gonna watch it after stream for "study" purposes
[0:46:38] <bwozwaltz> YES IT IS!
[0:46:40] <yuzubun12> *claps*
[0:46:41] <claudiaef> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:46:46] <hanyusiast> LEGENDARY
[0:46:47] <lemingway91> @yuzubun12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV52YzH9LY8
[0:46:48] <937314214> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:46:48] <yaseinohana> ARIGATO !!!!!
[0:46:54] <eruchan_desu> 5+ GOE
[0:46:55] <xcooldjgirlx> i'm literally clapping in my room
[0:46:58] <axsora21> AAAAAAA
[0:46:59] <claudiaef> the only 320+ skate. PERIOD.
[0:47:08] <leimide> the best figure skate ever
[0:47:10] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:47:12] <TwoXElle> (without probably) the best free skate ever!
[0:47:13] <axsora21> hope and legacy holds a special place in my heart
[0:47:16] <yuzuyokoi> literal perfection
[0:47:17] <yuzubun12> @lemingway91 thank you !!!
[0:47:18] <kamesita> the italian commentary!!
[0:47:20] <sadaharu130> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:47:26] <ijyluczon> i'm doing homework while watching,, this homework is distracting me from this
[0:47:48] <amylance1215> that lady is me lol
[0:47:51] <cutepets95> No, it is the only 220+ free skate in the +/-3 systems
[0:47:52] <arataaa__> i'm literally slapping my thighs nonstop
[0:47:52] <TwoXElle> awwww i don't knwo how you guys survived waiting to know if he would climb back to the top of the podium...
[0:47:53] <lemingway91> H I S T O R I C A L W O R L D R E C O R D
[0:47:55] <yuzubun12> Tracy <3
[0:48:08] <~PlanetHanyu> even after this we didn't know if he would win
[0:48:12] <yuzuuwuu> I cry everyday time I watch this
[0:48:13] <xcooldjgirlx> slow motion <3
[0:48:13] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty bleedPurple bleedPurple bleedPurple
[0:48:17] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:48:17] <~PlanetHanyu> had to wait until after javi's skate ;;
[0:48:18] <cutepets95> And Tracy's reaction to the WR is just...
[0:48:20] <4ayuzupooh> beautiful♥️
[0:48:21] <claudiaef> @cutepets95 for me it is stil the only one
[0:48:24] <yuzuyokoi> so glad Tracy was there to share that moment
[0:48:25] <axsora21> im going to cry
[0:48:29] <937314214> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :D
[0:48:36] <iam_beulah> BibleThump bleedPurple bleedPurple MercyWing1 MercyWing2
[0:48:43] <TwoXElle> @lemingway91 well deserved! (all the Men's historical WR are well deserved) XD
[0:48:45] <arataaa__> how is he allowed to be this beautiful and amazing???
[0:48:53] <sporo16> Fantastic <3 <3 <3
[0:49:02] <xcooldjgirlx> when he bows BibleThump
[0:49:13] <iam_beulah> pooh-san
[0:49:15] <arataaa__> pooh-san!!
[0:49:17] <yuzuuwuu> <3 <3
[0:49:34] <amylance1215> UwU
[0:49:38] <~PlanetHanyu> yassss
[0:49:39] <~PlanetHanyu> HUGE
[0:49:44] <xcooldjgirlx> yesssssss
[0:49:44] <937314214> PogChamp
[0:49:44] <4ayuzupooh> Congratulations♥️
[0:49:45] <bwozwaltz> YASSS
[0:49:45] <robin_ph> @planethanyu lmao let’s not talk about what we were thinking until after Javi’s skate
[0:49:47] <TwoXElle> historical K&C too XD AND THAT'S THE PROPER REACTION TO A WR YESSS
[0:49:49] <y_ever> a world record #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:49:53] <xcooldjgirlx> his reaction BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:49:54] <claudiaef> TRACY <3
[0:49:55] <iam_beulah> Congrats BibleThump
[0:49:56] <arataaa__> YESSSSSS
[0:49:58] <yaseinohana> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[0:49:58] <amylance1215> ma boi is crying!!! me toooo
[0:49:59] <hanyusiast> tracy's reaction
[0:50:00] <axsora21> AAAAHAHSAHDAJKFH
[0:50:00] <~PlanetHanyu> @robin_ph 😂
[0:50:03] <arataaa__> AWWW
[0:50:04] <TwoXElle> i'M NOT CRYING
[0:50:04] <axsora21> YESSSS
[0:50:05] <arataaa__> SAGDHASGDAEHFI
[0:50:06] <4ayuzupooh> yeah
[0:50:07] <robin_ph> BB
[0:50:09] <sadaharu130> <3 <3 <3 <3
[0:50:10] <elisagrieco22> BEST REACTION EVER
[0:50:15] <xcooldjgirlx> true
[0:50:19] <axsora21> @TwoXElle i am BibleThump
[0:50:20] <yaseinohana> almost !
[0:50:24] <TwoXElle> BibleThump
[0:50:24] <yuzulegend> Misha's expresión! lol
[0:50:24] <claudiaef> kolyadas face says it all
[0:50:26] <axsora21> imcryingagain
[0:50:27] <eve_veveco> gotta love the announcers, hehe
[0:50:28] <robin_ph> BB BibleThump
[0:50:28] <bwozwaltz> Ohhhhh
[0:50:28] <yuzuyokoi> so amazing
[0:50:29] <iam_beulah> my smile is beyond control
[0:50:29] <SparkleIceWings> Kolyada's reaction. Lol.
[0:50:36] <4ayuzupooh> otonal!
[0:50:40] <937314214> ❄❄❄❄💗
[0:50:40] <pammi_> Oto chan <3
[0:50:40] <iam_beulah> otonal 1.0
[0:50:41] <fayfalcon> Yay, I remember this, it was sheer magic
[0:50:42] <arataaa__> my god
[0:50:43] <xcooldjgirlx> otonal... let's go!
[0:50:45] <yuzulegend> Oh my...this was my first time watching Yuzu live
[0:50:46] <TwoXElle> awww the BACK OF THAT COSTUME LOOK AT IT!!
[0:50:50] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:50:50] <cutepets95> Uh 2015 NHK was 3 12.30pm
[0:50:54] <elisagrieco22> otoñal is one of my favourites
[0:51:00] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle FAVEE
[0:51:08] <nisac97> #YuzuSkatingParty 🎉
[0:51:08] <yaseinohana> <3 <3 <3 <
[0:51:09] <arataaa__> i'm blasting this on a speaker
[0:51:22] <cutepets95> Sorry 2015 NHK was 322.40
[0:51:32] <amylance1215> so soft
[0:51:33] <yuzubun12> are his costumes usually one pieces
[0:51:33] <~PlanetHanyu> gosh his sals are so gorgeous
[0:51:33] <TwoXElle> the slience before..I can feel the tension i felt while streaming...
[0:51:34] <xcooldjgirlx> perfect
[0:51:37] <hanyusiast> he's so beautiful i just can't
[0:51:41] <lemingway91> This was when he told the judges they didn't deserve his twizzle-3A
[0:51:49] <TwoXElle> I have a thing for his 4S
[0:51:50] <iam_beulah> MercyWing1 MercyWing2 MercyWing1 MercyWing2 #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:51:51] <yuzubun12> or there's separate top and bottom pieces?
[0:51:58] <arataaa__> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt: @Arataaa__)
[0:52:00] <4ayuzupooh> perfect
[0:52:05] <saltatoryconduction> I've been looking for a no-commentary version of this Otoñal for ages!
[0:52:15] <TwoXElle> gorgeous
[0:52:27] <robin_ph> urgh I love otonal so much
[0:52:35] <4ayuzupooh> yeah
[0:52:44] <yuzuuwuu> His movements are so powerful
[0:52:52] <TwoXElle> LOL the combo XD good jub Zu
[0:52:53] <agnesb96> wowow
[0:52:53] <~PlanetHanyu> @saltatoryconduction https://planethanyu.com/video/view/223-2018-gp-cor-yuzuru-hanyu-sp-no-commentary/
[0:53:05] <xcooldjgirlx> woahhh
[0:53:10] <arataaa__> aahhhhh
[0:53:12] <hanyusiast> STEP SEQUENCEEE
[0:53:20] <iam_beulah> @yuzubun12 I think most of his costumes are one piece
[0:53:24] <arataaa__> THE MOVEMENTS
[0:53:29] <xcooldjgirlx> ahhh that was too loud for my ears
[0:53:29] <kamesita> 💞
[0:53:30] <TwoXElle> the crescendo with the beautiful back to back spins....AND THE CROWDS GOES WILD AGAINNN
[0:53:31] <4ayuzupooh> perfect
[0:53:33] <robin_ph> So mesmerizing
[0:53:33] <yaseinohana> crying again !!!!
[0:53:35] <~PlanetHanyu> best stsq ever
[0:53:36] <iam_beulah> the step sequence is the definition of enchanting #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:53:37] <yuzulegend> So elegant and perfect!!!
[0:53:38] <arataaa__> I'M CRYING EVEN MORE
[0:53:46] <SparkleIceWings> Otonal step sequence. <3 <3 <3
[0:53:51] <nisac97> 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
[0:53:52] <xcooldjgirlx> his spins!!!
[0:54:00] <yuzubun12> @iam_beulah that explains the waist on this one
[0:54:01] <bwozwaltz> beautiful
[0:54:02] <4ayuzupooh> 👍♥️
[0:54:03] <~PlanetHanyu> yayyyy
[0:54:06] <axsora21> he looks and skates so beautifulll
[0:54:06] <claudiaef> BibleThump BibleThump
[0:54:15] <xcooldjgirlx> Pooh Rain!!!!
[0:54:16] <yuzubun12> love that last pose
[0:54:16] <fayfalcon> The step sequence, the way we just yelled at that moment
[0:54:18] <4ayuzupooh> pooh
[0:54:19] <saltatoryconduction> "It's got to a stage now where he almost transcends the sport"
[0:54:19] <TwoXElle> this stsq looks so awesome form the short side too...truly "eats" the ice so effortlessly...
[0:54:20] <yaseinohana> THAT WAS SO PURE
[0:54:26] <iam_beulah> CurseLit CurseLit
[0:54:31] <bwozwaltz> big koi
[0:54:31] <4ayuzupooh> boy
[0:54:32] <hanyusiast> what is that fish
[0:54:32] <yuzubun12> a fish ?
[0:54:35] <yuzubun12> xD
[0:54:39] <xcooldjgirlx> a gold fish?
[0:54:39] <claudiaef> ahaha who threw a fish
[0:54:44] <TwoXElle> aww bb Voronov
[0:54:44] <~PlanetHanyu> the famous lucky fish
[0:54:46] <apollofowl> i love the ending pose
[0:54:47] <arataaa__> lmaooo
[0:54:47] <nisac97> yellow fish ?
[0:54:50] <4ayuzupooh> pooh
[0:54:55] <bwozwaltz> gold fish
[0:54:57] <yuzulegend> the lucky fish!
[0:54:59] <xcooldjgirlx> that drawing of yuzu was amazing
[0:55:04] <amylance1215> koi fish!! koi = love I Japanese
[0:55:07] <cutepets95> Well, someone did accidently throw their handbag on the ice at Helsinki
[0:55:13] <TwoXElle> (ad when all the kids hugged him after Origin? <3)
[0:55:16] <xcooldjgirlx> really??
[0:55:24] <arataaa__> @cutepets95 wHAT SDHJASGAJS
[0:55:33] <xcooldjgirlx> poor bag
[0:55:39] <robin_ph> Gorgeous
[0:55:50] <saltatoryconduction> Did she get her handbag back? XD
[0:55:57] <amylance1215> haha yeah she threw the wrong bag in excitement. heard she got it back ok tho
[0:55:58] <elisagrieco22> one day it would be amazing to watch a live stream with only yuzu’s exhibition programs @planethanyu 😍always thank you
[0:56:02] <yuzulegend> @TwoXElle only Vladim hugged him after the SP, the bunch of girls was after the FS!
[0:56:06] <iam_beulah> TransgenderPride
[0:56:11] <TwoXElle> I mean, it could happen when trhowing stuff while NOT whatching what you're throwing 'cause too busy staring at yuzu LOL
[0:56:12] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[0:56:24] <TwoXElle> @yuzulegend yeah, after Origin
[0:56:32] <yuzuuwuu> Oh my gosh..
[0:56:33] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty
[0:56:52] <claudiaef> @TwoXElle it could have easily happened to everyone of us :D
[0:56:53] <arataaa__> he a fairy
[0:56:58] <cutepets95> Well according to the Aussie commentator at 2018 GP Helsinki
[0:57:06] <~PlanetHanyu> @elisagrieco22 what a great idea😍
[0:57:13] <yuzulegend> Yuzu looked so handsome and ethereal that day!!
[0:57:14] <robin_ph> Yuzu in silent slow motion is even more mesmerizing
[0:57:14] <4ayuzupooh> yeah♥️
[0:57:29] <saltatoryconduction> Thanks for the video link!
[0:57:31] <cutepets95> And 2020 4 Continents
[0:57:36] <iam_beulah> thank you @planethanyu
[0:57:49] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle at the olympics i dropped my phone onto ice 😂had to go to lost and found and they were like, what does it look like? and i was like...it has a picture of yuzu on the back...
[0:57:49] <arataaa__> the smile BibleThump
[0:57:54] <amylance1215> nice footage
[0:57:55] <xcooldjgirlx> ooohhhh
[0:57:56] <TwoXElle> @robin_ph there's a superslow mo vid of a whole skate too (I don't remember which though) and it was gorgeous
[0:57:57] <xcooldjgirlx> nice
[0:57:58] <fayfalcon> A bit sad here...
[0:58:00] <bwozwaltz> Oh yeah
[0:58:05] <claudiaef> saitama. this is going to hurt
[0:58:09] <arataaa__> yes we looking at the king
[0:58:12] <iam_beulah> king of the court yard
[0:58:12] <yuzubun12> this is a bittersweet one
[0:58:14] <~PlanetHanyu> noooo
[0:58:17] <cutepets95> Especially the short
[0:58:21] <arataaa__> oh god
[0:58:21] <TwoXElle> ohhhh
[0:58:33] <bwozwaltz> It was scary
[0:58:34] <lemingway91> This is his most short-lived WR but still he was the first to break the 200 barrier
[0:58:35] <937314214> I miss him eating watching
[0:58:36] <y_ever> Saitama,,,((#YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[0:58:37] <amylance1215> I only watch Yuzu programs here lol
[0:58:39] <msemilyc> cool
[0:58:40] <cutepets95> Not quite as much in the free
[0:58:40] <xcooldjgirlx> Yuzu...
[0:58:45] <claudiaef> i didn t know it was internationaly cry day today
[0:58:53] <~PlanetHanyu> ee
[0:58:54] <~PlanetHanyu> k
[0:58:55] <frenchkiss70> I don't think I've rewatch Saitama
[0:58:57] <yuzuuwuu> @claudiaef truuu
[0:58:59] <TwoXElle> thinking about Saitama short makes me so sad.. darn sal :(
[0:59:01] <cutepets95> Also I think it lasted at most 10 minutes
[0:59:06] <arataaa__> it's fanyu cry day
[0:59:07] <937314214> BibleThump <3
[0:59:18] <nadjasakura> ah, thats also one I know from YouTube. its longer now that I have seen it the last time.
[0:59:34] <yuzubun12> i still couldnt bring myself to rewatch the SP
[0:59:41] <claudiaef> @yuzubun12 same
[0:59:50] <cutepets95> Kurt's voice break hahahah
[0:59:53] <arataaa__> @yuzubun12 same ;-;
[1:00:02] <yuzubun12> :(
[1:00:04] <TwoXElle> gosh I was truly feeling so queasy before this skate gosh gosh gosh
[1:00:14] <xcooldjgirlx> i don't think i've watched that sp...
[1:00:15] <bwozwaltz> This is hard to watch but GPF 2019 is harder...
[1:00:19] <cutepets95> Sorry bad timing
[1:00:19] <apollofowl> voice crack poor dude
[1:00:21] <yuzulegend> He gave his all here and showed how strong he is!!
[1:00:28] <yuzuuwuu> I don’t think I’ve ever rewatched the whole thing
[1:00:34] <~PlanetHanyu> sigh this competition. </3
[1:00:35] <amylance1215> @bwozwaltz no pls dont remind me
[1:00:38] <937314214> 🎻
[1:00:38] <lemingway91> lol I've seen the SP live and never since
[1:00:42] <TwoXElle> @yuzulegend yes he did BibleThump BibleThump
[1:00:52] <cutepets95> I haven't even watched his short here full but managed Torino
[1:00:55] <xcooldjgirlx> origin...
[1:00:57] <yuzuuwuu> His interview after the the free brought me to tears
[1:01:02] <yuzubun12> this FS skate was so emotionally charged tho, it's actually love this FS
[1:01:05] <TwoXElle> nothing happened after this skate anyway nope nope
[1:01:17] <claudiaef> Origin 1.0 my love
[1:01:25] <~PlanetHanyu> @TwoXElle this was the last skate 😭😂
[1:01:29] <iam_beulah> BibleThump BibleThump #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:01:32] <TwoXElle> yep
[1:01:41] <937314214> my love for him away
[1:01:43] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[1:01:52] <~PlanetHanyu> ugh sal is such a snake
[1:01:53] <bwozwaltz> Cat-zuru
[1:01:59] <SparkleIceWings> Super save
[1:02:01] <claudiaef> stupid melted ice
[1:02:02] <xcooldjgirlx> i'm getting nervous...
[1:02:17] <TwoXElle> 4Lo <3 after making everyone worry gosh with that practice... argh saved 4S (his ankle must have been hurting)
[1:02:17] <bwozwaltz> my hands are cold and shaking
[1:02:22] <yuzulegend> @bwozwaltz Cat-zuru indeed!
[1:02:25] <iam_beulah> Yuzu does things other people can only dream of
[1:02:28] <937314214> FBCatch FBCatch
[1:02:32] <arataaa__> @bwozwaltz same omg
[1:03:03] <yuzubun12> i hope skate canada 19 is in this list
[1:03:16] <TwoXElle> loving the exit of the 3Lo
[1:03:19] <937314214> 🎻💗
[1:03:27] <TwoXElle> gorgeous 4T
[1:03:29] <~PlanetHanyu> unusual
[1:03:34] <cutepets95> He didn't break the WR in 2019 Skate Canada
[1:03:50] <cutepets95> But got 0.83 of it
[1:03:56] <~PlanetHanyu> @cutepets95 ugh!!
[1:03:58] <yuzubun12> ohh :(
[1:04:03] <bwozwaltz> Yuzu bears his soul while skating
[1:04:06] <TwoXElle> idk form where he gets so much strenght BibleThump
[1:04:08] <eve_veveco> SCI 2019 should have been a WR -_-
[1:04:14] <~PlanetHanyu> @eve_veveco completely
[1:04:19] <yuzubun12> yes
[1:04:33] <yuzulegend> @eve_veveco yes, it absolutely should have been a record!
[1:04:34] <~PlanetHanyu> yo this was such a great skate
[1:04:43] <TwoXElle> @eve_veveco there have been many *should* these past few seasons...
[1:04:43] <yuzuuwuu> Ughh
[1:04:46] <arataaa__> @PlanetHanyu literally
[1:04:48] <cutepets95> I know. And it was the 4Lo that probably stopped it or the last combo or both
[1:04:49] <xcooldjgirlx> that ina bauer was amazing
[1:04:51] <leimide> this costume is soo pretty
[1:04:53] <TwoXElle> the shot of the IB gosh....
[1:04:55] <SparkleIceWings> Love his Origin ina bauer.
[1:05:08] <claudiaef> @cutepets95 i was about to say that
[1:05:09] <yuzubun12> i love the hairstyle that pairs this costume too
[1:05:10] <937314214> 😳♥️
[1:05:16] <yuzubun12> yassss
[1:05:18] <4ayuzupooh> perfect♥️👍
[1:05:21] <~PlanetHanyu> AMAZING!!
[1:05:23] <~PlanetHanyu> AMAZINGGGG
[1:05:23] <arataaa__> yes sir
[1:05:25] <yuzubun12> <3
[1:05:25] <amylance1215> that look on his face!!!
[1:05:29] <iam_beulah> perfecto #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:05:34] <yuzulegend> So powerful!!!
[1:05:37] <xcooldjgirlx> the famous pooh rain of origin
[1:05:40] <TwoXElle> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump Zuzuuuu <3 <3 <3
[1:05:42] <apollofowl> i love how he even uses his hands and fingers
[1:05:42] <4ayuzupooh> Iloveyou
[1:05:43] <hanyusiast> pooh rain!!!
[1:05:47] <~PlanetHanyu> poooooohhhhhhs
[1:05:50] <937314214> BibleThump BibleThump
[1:05:52] <claudiaef> taidamaaaa
[1:05:56] <yuzubun12> T_T
[1:05:56] <xcooldjgirlx> there was so much pooh here!
[1:05:57] <~PlanetHanyu> when poohs weren't allowed 😏
[1:05:57] <iam_beulah> pooh rain shower
[1:06:01] <arataaa__> ahhhhhhhh
[1:06:01] <bwozwaltz> Arigato---
[1:06:03] <claudiaef> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:06:13] <yuzulegend> People crying...I was crying too in front of my tv...so much emotions!
[1:06:20] <yaseinohana> <3 BibleThump <3
[1:06:21] <4ayuzupooh> yuzu♥️
[1:06:36] <xcooldjgirlx> true
[1:06:50] <elisagrieco22> I MISS HIM SOO MUCH MY GOD
[1:06:50] <cutepets95> That joke was actually pretty good "apoohves"
[1:06:51] <lemingway91> When Brian was so proud he forgot he had other skaters
[1:07:00] <TwoXElle> that was so good tho... so emotionally charged <3 <3
[1:07:03] <yuzubun12> oh hahaha
[1:07:05] <claudiaef> you should go to Jason
[1:07:08] <poohforyuzu> "he is like a cat" lmao im dying
[1:07:18] <msemilyc> BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:07:24] <yuzulegend> @lemingway91 most epic "oh shit" hahaha
[1:07:24] <~PlanetHanyu> what a champion
[1:07:33] <xcooldjgirlx> a king
[1:07:40] <TwoXElle> @lemingway91 I mean, who could blame him? (poor Jason LOL)
[1:07:41] <cutepets95> Oh, god, Jason had pretty much a borderline disaster didn't he
[1:07:54] <iam_beulah> brain got his jump too
[1:07:56] <lemingway91> @yuzulegend don't think it was in this video though!
[1:07:59] <y_ever> #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[1:08:01] <~PlanetHanyu> @cutepets95 yup. he was 2nd after the short or something? then he bombed the fs
[1:08:13] <hanyusiast> his ice coverage ugh
[1:08:14] <cutepets95> Yep
[1:08:15] <claudiaef> @lemingway91 nope, it wasn t
[1:08:18] <xcooldjgirlx> ina bauer again!!!
[1:08:18] <arataaa__> oh boi
[1:08:19] <yuzubun12> HE BRINGS THE CHEESE
[1:08:19] <esther793> poor jason :(
[1:08:24] <TwoXElle> @cutepets95 I prefer to think about Jason in 4CC2020, much happier things
[1:08:25] <apollofowl> Ghislain!
[1:08:26] <~PlanetHanyu> @yuzubun12 hahaha oh god
[1:08:30] <cutepets95> But not as bad as Boyang the year before
[1:08:38] <y_ever> he brings cheese with wine #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[1:08:40] <4ayuzupooh> cool
[1:08:46] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[1:08:50] <iam_beulah> Jason 4cc was amazing
[1:09:04] <amylance1215> 4cc was amazing overall!!
[1:09:05] <esther793> the way he pets pooh's head 🥺
[1:09:06] <~PlanetHanyu> why was brian so accurate
[1:09:15] <~PlanetHanyu> that pcs
[1:09:20] <937314214> yes yuzuru on God
[1:09:24] <TwoXElle> good job Yuzu!!!!
[1:09:27] <xcooldjgirlx> so cute
[1:09:31] <iam_beulah> the accuracy tho
[1:09:32] <claudiaef> @PlanetHanyu hadn t noticed before lol
[1:09:42] <TwoXElle> yeah and he went above 300 in the new scoring system too
[1:09:46] <yuzubun12> OH YES
[1:09:47] <hanyusiast> SOCHIII
[1:09:49] <xcooldjgirlx> sochi!!!!
[1:09:49] <esther793> YES THE OLYMPICS
[1:09:49] <amylance1215> no more crying at WR :(
[1:09:51] <blupuddy> Oh no just missed that glorious origin
[1:09:53] <bwozwaltz> PW boy
[1:09:53] <yuzulegend> PW!!! YES!!!
[1:09:53] <arataaa__> YESSSSS
[1:09:57] <hanyusiast> exactly what we need after saitama
[1:09:59] <xcooldjgirlx> YESSSSSS
[1:10:00] <iam_beulah> pw,
[1:10:01] <apollofowl> Brian on the money
[1:10:04] <xcooldjgirlx> let's go!
[1:10:05] <TwoXElle> AHHHH the program that brought me here!!
[1:10:05] <amylance1215> my fav KnC moment
[1:10:06] <937314214> rock yuzuru hanyu rock dancing
[1:10:18] <lemingway91> The first 100!
[1:10:20] <hydrobladeking> Olympics PW 💕
[1:10:30] <apollofowl> lil tongue poking out lol
[1:10:31] <robin_ph> Ahh yeah watching Sochi feels alot less stressful
[1:10:31] <amylance1215> my first Yuzu program
[1:10:33] <tanizaki_hanyu> parisienneee
[1:10:33] <katxkattt> Sochi PW!
[1:10:34] <apollofowl> yes
[1:10:37] <claudiaef> people screaming rossia lol
[1:10:41] <TwoXElle> thinking about the behind the scenes by Kikuchi LOL
[1:10:42] <cutepets95> Wait so that leaves... 4 Continents Ballade No. 1?
[1:10:43] <xcooldjgirlx> yep...
[1:10:43] <apollofowl> i mossed the first walkways
[1:10:45] <hanyusiast> yuzu skating to parisienne walkways in 2019 was the biggest blessing
[1:10:51] <nadjasakura> sometimes I wonder how anybody can skate after him anyway - when you set ice on fire it melts, right?
[1:10:53] <yuzubun12> my jaw dropped and wouldnt close for this one
[1:10:55] <blupuddy> CoolCat CoolCat
[1:10:55] <yaseinohana> Gambatte BB !!!
[1:11:01] <xcooldjgirlx> man... he's so good!!!
[1:11:05] <937314214> 😳♥️💗💗💗
[1:11:17] <fayfalcon> That 4T!
[1:11:17] <yuzubun12> buttery
[1:11:21] <amylance1215> 2019-2020 galas were blessings from the God of Skating
[1:11:22] <tanizaki_hanyu> this was his first program i saw and im in luv
[1:11:29] <blupuddy> TriHard
[1:11:29] <TwoXElle> the CONFIDENCE in that 4T
[1:11:40] <blupuddy> Best 4t
[1:11:47] <yuzubun12> have yall seen then 2019 SC gala version aka the mature version ? *chefs kiss*
[1:11:48] <katxkattt> same! this was the 1st yuzu program tgat i saw too
[1:11:49] <robin_ph> 4T took him no effort whatsoever
[1:12:05] <TwoXElle> loving how he disentangles form the spin like a snake... I found it so fascinating....
[1:12:12] <xcooldjgirlx> beautiful
[1:12:15] <hanyusiast> @yuzubun12 he improved so much
[1:12:24] <TwoXElle> 3A!
[1:12:29] <arataaa__> holy mother
[1:12:30] <~PlanetHanyu> @katxkattt same
[1:12:32] <yuzubun12> ah smooth
[1:12:35] <cutepets95> We got this at Skate Canada, Haru yo Koi at NHK, Notte Stellata at GPF, SEIMEI at MOI and Hope and Legacy at 4 Continents
[1:12:40] <yuzulegend> Yes, celebrate Yuzu!!
[1:12:43] <kristenmarielgc> This is so healing after Saitama, thank you #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:12:53] <blupuddy> Amazing even though I've seen it 1mil times
[1:12:53] <xcooldjgirlx> Haru Yo Koi was amazing!
[1:12:54] <yuzulegend> so cool, love PW
[1:12:54] <937314214> I fell in love him yuzuru hanyu <3 PogChamp
[1:12:55] <yuzubun12> he did @hanyusiast
[1:13:07] <xcooldjgirlx> his confidence!
[1:13:13] <SparkleIceWings> Sassy boy!
[1:13:14] <TwoXElle> he looked like he was having so much fun! so carefree! Loved it
[1:13:14] <iam_beulah> pistol pose is a killer
[1:13:25] <yuzubun12> Haru Yo Koi is the chicken soup for my soul
[1:13:27] <arataaa__> freaking beautiful
[1:13:27] <ellsbellsbabyy> #YuzuSkatingParty he's so beautiful ;-;
[1:13:28] <bwozwaltz> YES
[1:13:29] <hanyusiast> just when you think it couldn't get any better, he makes it better without effort
[1:13:32] <xcooldjgirlx> this was such a fun program
[1:13:35] <katxkattt> YESSS GET THAT GOLD BB
[1:13:36] <yuzubun12> that winning pose
[1:13:39] <amylance1215> that ending pose is so fitting
[1:13:39] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
[1:13:43] <arataaa__> he got me frozen-
[1:13:44] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[1:13:48] <yuzubun12> go geddit
[1:13:53] <937314214> 💗💗💗😳♥️
[1:14:04] <TwoXElle> YEAHHHHHH you go boy! Go and take the gold and the first ever above 100points! yasss
[1:14:12] <pammi_> Jeff Buttle proved a brilliant choreographer for Yuzu - all his programmes for him have been amazing
[1:14:19] <4ayuzupooh> perfect♥️
[1:14:21] <yuzubun12> agree @pammi_
[1:14:28] <cutepets95> It's either 4 CC or 2017 ACI Chopin
[1:14:32] <katxkattt> PC Chopin shouldve been a WR too😑
[1:14:33] <iam_beulah> seems like pooh is scarce on ice
[1:14:37] <hanyusiast> YOU DID IT
[1:14:38] <xcooldjgirlx> "i did it"
[1:14:38] <TwoXElle> @pammi_ yeah, and I wanna see moar !
[1:14:39] <sadaharu130> CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
[1:14:41] <elisagrieco22> so young and he realised his dream to winning the olympics(his first ahaha) and even breaking such an incredible record
[1:14:41] <yuzulegend> I did it!!!! this always get me!!
[1:14:44] <arataaa__> I DID IT
[1:14:52] <4ayuzupooh> Iloveyou
[1:14:54] <xcooldjgirlx> I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
[1:15:03] <TwoXElle> we're proud of you too!
[1:15:07] <esther793> i kinda want yuzu to wear more costumes like this 😂, like button up shirts
[1:15:09] <hanyu_axel> so effortless TT BibleThump BibleThump #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:15:10] <jinx3a> #Yuzuskatingparty
[1:15:14] <pammi_> he said I did it Ghislain after Pyeongchang free too T_T
[1:15:17] <yuzuuwuu> I wish he will join 2022 if possible..
[1:15:19] <arataaa__> @esther793 AGHHHHH SAME
[1:15:20] <jinx3a> love him❤️
[1:15:29] <yuzubun12> aww brian
[1:15:36] <xcooldjgirlx> brian!
[1:15:46] <yuzubun12> always so supportive of his athletes
[1:15:46] <iam_beulah> the way brian jumps
[1:15:59] <TwoXElle> another iconic K&C XD
[1:15:59] <bwozwaltz> Kobayashi san
[1:16:00] <937314214> PogChamp <3
[1:16:00] <~PlanetHanyu> yay!!
[1:16:04] <arataaa__> look at him BibleThump BibleThump
[1:16:05] <claudiaef> yyyeeeeas
[1:16:07] <xcooldjgirlx> yey!!!!
[1:16:10] <yuzulegend> Kobayashi's face so iconic!!
[1:16:11] <cutepets95> We need more coach cams
[1:16:12] <TwoXElle> LOL
[1:16:16] <katxkattt> love kobayashi-san's reaction!
[1:16:17] <esther793> @esther793 :D glad to see that someone feels the same HAHAH, i love his other costumes but idk this just feels different XD
[1:16:18] <yuzuyokoi> lol that lady is all of us
[1:16:18] <iam_beulah> the reaction is always priceless
[1:16:23] <yuzuuwuu> The first one to break 100
[1:16:26] <TwoXElle> :D :D :D
[1:16:29] <lemingway91> Last one guys!!!
[1:16:30] <claudiaef> 4cc chopin next?
[1:16:31] <bwozwaltz> 4CC
[1:16:32] <amylance1215> yayyyy
[1:16:34] <hanyusiast> CHOPINNN
[1:16:35] <yuzulegend> YAY!!!!!
[1:16:37] <claudiaef> ha
[1:16:40] <xcooldjgirlx> CHOPIN!!!
[1:16:41] <amylance1215> the best!!
[1:16:42] <katxkattt> 4CC CHOPIN AAAAHHHH
[1:16:43] <arataaa__> AHHH OMGOMGOMG
[1:16:46] <bwozwaltz> Absolute beauty
[1:16:47] <pammi_> perfection coming up ....again!!
[1:16:48] <xcooldjgirlx> Let's go!!!!
[1:16:49] <937314214> ok
[1:16:50] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[1:16:51] <yuzubun12> yasss this chopin
[1:16:54] <cutepets95> And that record lasted all the way to 2015 NHK
[1:16:55] <hanyusiast> 4CC CHOPIN IS JUST SO ELEGANT
[1:16:56] <TwoXElle> ahhh bautiful ballade with beautiful costume!
[1:16:58] <amylance1215> absolute perfection
[1:17:00] <iam_beulah> 4cc chopin #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:17:01] <yuzuuwuu> This one is just FLAWLESS
[1:17:02] <yuzubun12> when you think it ouldnt get any better
[1:17:02] <SparkleIceWings> So glad 2020 4CC happened.
[1:17:04] <saltatoryconduction> I don't understand a word of the commentary (OK, maybe a few words) but I've memorized it by heart XD
[1:17:04] <yuzubun12> he DOES THIS
[1:17:14] <blupuddy> #yuzuskatingparty
[1:17:16] <cutepets95> How this didn't get 112 I don't know
[1:17:18] <xcooldjgirlx> still breaking records to this day...
[1:17:20] <iam_beulah> I've watched it more than six times and it always seems new to me
[1:17:28] <claudiaef> @cutepets95 because of the judges
[1:17:34] <yuzubun12> @iam_beulah i get you
[1:17:44] <xcooldjgirlx> woah...
[1:17:52] <hanyusiast> THE EXIT!!!
[1:17:56] <TwoXElle> me knowing the choreo by heart but still holding my breath...
[1:18:02] <katxkattt> 😻😻😻😻
[1:18:12] <937314214> 💗💗💗💗😳💗
[1:18:16] <pammi_> when you think Barcelona GPF SP was 110 in 2015 under 3 GOE system, surely this should have got higher than 111 under +5??
[1:18:20] <TwoXElle> his arms...me loves <3
[1:18:29] <cutepets95> Yas
[1:18:35] <TwoXElle> toe pick so light...
[1:18:39] <katxkattt> idk how many times ive watched this😂
[1:18:45] <yuzubun12> the fact that his jumps are timed together with the music
[1:18:46] <claudiaef> @pammi_ i was expecting him to get at least 113 here
[1:18:47] <yuzubun12> irgh
[1:18:51] <hanyusiast> the way he moves here is so beautiful. his body is so smooth yet strong
[1:19:00] <iam_beulah> @pammi_ the result of unfair judging
[1:19:08] <xcooldjgirlx> sigh
[1:19:09] <yuzuuwuu> @hanyusiast yesss!
[1:19:12] <katxkattt> beautiful
[1:19:22] <ellsbellsbabyy> I miss him :( but as long as he's safe n happy
[1:19:28] <pammi_> @claudiaef me also it really was perfect andthe st seq improved from 2015
[1:19:33] <yuzubun12> @hanyusiast those planks were worth it aha
[1:19:35] <937314214> BibleThump
[1:19:40] <yuzuuwuu> For such a “small” person he has such a great presence
[1:19:41] <agnesb96> amazing
[1:19:45] <yuzulegend> @lemingway91 remember us (after he changed programs) realising we needed new designs for our tote bags?!!! hahaha
[1:19:55] <iam_beulah> step sequence #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:20:01] <lemingway91> @yuzulegend and then you-know-what happened sigh
[1:20:11] <katxkattt> maybe we'll see him tomorrow? for waseda's graduation ceremony
[1:20:11] <yuzubun12> his spins <3
[1:20:14] <claudiaef> he has the best camel spin in the game
[1:20:15] <amylance1215> uwahhhh
[1:20:16] <ellsbellsbabyy> this is making me kinda dizzy tbh
[1:20:17] <hanyusiast> SUPER SLAM KING
[1:20:19] <katxkattt> yessss
[1:20:20] <SparkleIceWings> So perfect!!!
[1:20:21] <937314214> yes
[1:20:23] <pammi_> beauty
[1:20:23] <bwozwaltz> Tsuyoi Hanyu Yuzuru
[1:20:25] <xcooldjgirlx> perfect
[1:20:27] <kristenmarielgc> Heavenly!
[1:20:28] <katxkattt> SUPER SLAM
[1:20:28] <amylance1215> how did this not exceed 113?!!!!
[1:20:31] <TwoXElle> <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:20:31] <arataaa__> OH MOTHER
[1:20:32] <xcooldjgirlx> pooh rain!
[1:20:36] <amylance1215> blasphemy!!
[1:20:38] <yuzuuwuu> Tsuyoi,!
[1:20:38] <brightondogwoods> YUZU!!!!!!!!
[1:20:40] <saltatoryconduction> How he gets out of the spin without losing speed
[1:20:45] <iam_beulah> the rain is never ending...
[1:20:50] <lemingway91> Thank you everyone for joining this stream!!! <3
[1:20:57] <cutepets95> Wait so we are done after this
[1:21:02] <~PlanetHanyu> yeah this is the last video
[1:21:03] <TwoXElle> yes yuzu, be proud of what you did!
[1:21:06] <iam_beulah> you're welcome @lemingway91
[1:21:07] <katxkattt> awww
[1:21:07] <937314214> yes
[1:21:07] <~PlanetHanyu> thanks for joining! <3
[1:21:08] <redfox111712> ❤️🎉💐
[1:21:09] <pammi_> like yuzu says score is score performance is performance....
[1:21:15] <fayfalcon> My favourite moment - that Ina Bauer in the StSq. And the twizzles in it
[1:21:15] <yuzubun12> Thank you so much
[1:21:17] <hanyusiast> thank you for the stream!!!
[1:21:18] <katxkattt> thank you @planethanyu
[1:21:21] <iam_beulah> so happy I could join today @planethanyu
[1:21:22] <ellsbellsbabyy> thank youuuu
[1:21:24] <yuzuuwuu> Thank you @planethanyu
[1:21:24] <tanizaki_hanyu> thank youuu!
[1:21:26] <bwozwaltz> Miss him so much...
[1:21:27] <arataaa__> thank you so much!!
[1:21:28] <xcooldjgirlx> thank you @PlanetHanyu !!!
[1:21:28] <poohforyuzu> thank you @PlanetHanyu
[1:21:28] <yuzubun12> this is my first one and i have such a great time
[1:21:29] <pammi_> thanks for stream always fun
[1:21:29] <~PlanetHanyu> thanks @lemingway91 for making this video
[1:21:30] <ratanyaaaa> Aaaaaa thank you for this!
[1:21:32] <yuzulegend> @lemingway91 but the totes are GORGEOUS anyway!!! <3 <3 <3
[1:21:33] <yuzubun12> thank you <3
[1:21:34] <iam_beulah> take care of yourself everyone #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:21:36] <SparkleIceWings> Thank you for the stream party!!!
[1:21:38] <937314214> thanks for your <3
[1:21:38] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[1:21:42] <xcooldjgirlx> This was nice!
[1:21:47] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:21:48] <bwozwaltz> Thanks @PlanetHanyu as always
[1:21:51] <TwoXElle> thank you for the streaming part <3
[1:21:53] <lemingway91> @PlanetHanyu VirtualHug VirtualHug VirtualHug
[1:21:56] <claudiaef> thank you for this streaming party <3
[1:21:57] <elisagrieco22> thank youuuu❤️ an amazing afternoon thanks to you @planethanyu
[1:21:59] <kristenmarielgc> Thank you f
[1:22:01] <TwoXElle> (gosh slow mo is so good too)
[1:22:05] <iam_beulah> will always wait for another skating party #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:22:05] <xcooldjgirlx> sigh
[1:22:05] <arataaa__> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:22:06] <apollofowl> is it almost over :(
[1:22:11] <eve_veveco> thank you for the party <3
[1:22:14] <iam_beulah> bleedPurple bleedPurple MercyWing1 MercyWing2
[1:22:17] <apollofowl> no im having fun
[1:22:17] <claudiaef> not impressed...
[1:22:18] <amylance1215> the wait for the score was excruciating lol
[1:22:20] <pammi_> 115 i give u Yuzuuuu
[1:22:22] <xcooldjgirlx> Hontoni Arigato
[1:22:23] <yuzuuwuu> He doesn’t realize it’s a wr
[1:22:30] <sporo16> Thank you for the party <3
[1:22:30] <xcooldjgirlx> nooo
[1:22:31] <~PlanetHanyu> <3
[1:22:32] <saltatoryconduction> Thank you!!
[1:22:33] <ellsbellsbabyy> bye byee
[1:22:35] <4ayuzupooh> Thank You
[1:22:37] <yuzuuwuu> But yeaaaa it should be so much higher
[1:22:38] <katxkattt> byeeee
[1:22:38] <iam_beulah> bye bye
[1:22:39] <xcooldjgirlx> Thank you @PlanetHanyu
[1:22:41] <pammi_> Bye all
[1:22:41] <arataaa__> thank you so much for the party!!
[1:22:41] <brightondogwoods> thanks!!
[1:22:41] <TwoXElle> when you're happy that he improved his WR and that he's been so gorgeous but inside you're seething at another undersocred WR sob...
[1:22:42] <937314214> bye
[1:22:43] <cutepets95> Bye!
[1:22:43] <bwozwaltz> See you next time :)
[1:22:43] <yuzurella> Thank you for streaming!
[1:22:44] <xcooldjgirlx> bai bai
[1:22:44] <yuzulegend> thank you everyone for joining!!!
[1:22:45] <robin_ph> <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[1:22:45] <agnesb96> thank you
[1:22:48] <yuzubun12> Thank you @PlanetHanyu <3
[1:22:48] <amylance1215> thank you so much again!!! @planethanyu #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:22:48] <yuzuyokoi> thanks so much for doing this ❤️
[1:22:49] <leimide> Thank you for hosting this!
[1:22:51] <hydrobladeking> thank you!!!!
[1:22:52] <fayfalcon> Thanks folks, I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you Wyell and YuzuLegennd
[1:22:53] <apollofowl> thank you for the watch party #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:22:56] <yuzuuwuu> Thanks everyone
[1:22:57] <arataaa__> see you next time everyone!!!
[1:22:57] <xcooldjgirlx> Bye everyone!
[1:23:00] <redfox111712> Thank you so much ❤️
[1:23:01] <lemingway91> @fayfalcon <3
[1:23:01] <iceprinceyuzu> @planethanyu Thank you ❤
[1:23:02] <iam_beulah> #YuzuSkatingParty really enjoyed it
[1:23:08] <xcooldjgirlx> Thank you again @PlanetHanyu
[1:23:08] <TwoXElle> ok, thank you again guys <3 bye :)
[1:23:09] <katxkattt> bye everyone! see you at waseda's livestream tomorrow lol
[1:23:10] <4ayuzupooh> ♥️Thank You♥️
[1:23:11] <yuzuuwuu> <3 <3 <3
[1:23:14] <yuzulegend> see you next time everyone!!
[1:23:15] <yuzubun12> bye! #YuzuSkatingParty
[1:23:16] <sadaharu130> bye everyone BisexualPride BisexualPride BisexualPri
[1:23:16] <937314214> bye
[1:23:18] <y_ever> TQ #YuzuSkatingParty (tw:@Yever10)
[1:23:19] <lemingway91> Take care everyone!
[1:23:23] <katxkattt> thank you @planethanyu
[1:23:23] <xcooldjgirlx> See you next time everyone!
[1:23:25] <nadjasakura> also thank you from here.
[1:23:25] <arataaa__> i enjoyed it so much omg
[1:23:26] <xcooldjgirlx> #YuzuSkatingParty (twt:CoolDJGirl2)
[1:23:26] <frenchkiss70> Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️


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Thank you  again to all the Planet Hanyu team for this great streaming party  !!! :tumblr_inline_nhkezmeBaq1qid2nw::thanks: & a special thanks to @Wyell for editing the video ! You did it  !!! :agree:


I feel so emotional  watching Yuzu and these blownwhelming performances  again  and it's always  such a joy to watch them  with you ! ...What a  journey together with him...   :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

always continuing creating  and improving  his masterpieces ... .until that Ballade in Séoul 4CC <3 

His skating is so pure & deep ...  

Arigato Yuzu   <3 I'm looking forward  to seeing you back again...

 Take good care everyone !  <3:68271401:

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Thanks for the compilation video @Wyell and to all who helped organise this stream.  Remembering my love for the Otonal 1 costume and bringing tears for Hope and Legacy.  Fabulous feels in the Kiss and Cry and Brian on one leg following Yuzu in the jump. 😘

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