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[Streaming Party] 2019 Fantasy on Ice - Sendai

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Thanks for joining our test round! I think it worked okay!


Here's the chat! Unfortunately the emojis didn't really copy.



Aseiliav hi
Aseiliav This is tomorrow?
yuzuangel in 13 minutes
LadyLou I'm here! Ah, how I had missed getting up at 5 am for FS
yuzuangel welcome~ we're testing out this chat functionality, if it gets too slow we can move to twitch
yuzuangel let me know if you encounter any problems/lag!
LadyLou ok!
Aseiliav hiii
Aseiliav ok ^^
Fay morning!!!
ratanyaaaa hello!
LadyLou ahhhhh
Fay gosh, I miss skating
LadyLou this is the music of summer
yuzuangel so many skaters lol
LadyLou when you hear screams getting louder XD
yuzuangel what jump was that?
Fay love the way people go crazy for Yuzu
Fay it was 4T, wasn't it?
yuzuangel probably
Fay They did invite good singers here
yuzuangel lol isn't it tosh-I not toshi? or am i mis-remembering
yuzuangel i mean pronounciation
LadyLou aww I love this song (this one became my summer music too)
Aseiliav free serotonin
Fay I even grew to like these costumes
Fay Shizuja is such a beauty
LadyLou ahhh I'm happy
Aseiliav sameeee TT
yuzuangel @Fay testing tags lol
Fay doesn't seem to work?
yuzuangel i think it's just meant to be text lol
LadyLou awww how she wrote Sendai
yuzuangel @LadyLou yeah that was cute
Aseiliav the costume is really pretty
yuzuangel hard to imagine shizuka is 37 lol
yuzuangel i remember watching her in 2006, it was the first figure skating i've ever watched
LadyLou every gesture is so light
yuzuangel and it's hard to imagine that was 14 years ago
LadyLou @yuzuangel same!
Fay I've seen videoshots of Shizuka training again, so we will see her again, when we get to the other side...
yuzuangel training for competing? lololol
Fay training for shows, I guess. She was jumping 3S
yuzuangel wow
Fay she loves shows.
yuzuangel she gets lots of love in japan
Fay she deserves it
LadyLou as she deserves!
yuzuangel of course!
LadyLou she used to skate quite often in Italy too with Stephane and Plu
Fay oh, Yuzu advert
yuzuangel the only advertisement that didn't get cut
LadyLou yay the ads we deserve!
Fay Carmen. Not my favourite version
LadyLou this costume was really lovely! And sparkly
yuzuangel live music carmen?
Fay she's a pretty girl, the dress is pretty. but it doesn't give that aura to me.
yuzuangel the dress is a bit busy. red + black lace
Fay it looks like a little girl trying to be a Carmen for some reason.
yuzuangel oh no is the stream a bit jumpy?
Fay her spins are good
Fay a bit,
Fay but not too bad.
Aseiliav F
yuzuangel alina is a classy girl
Fay she says she likes skating in Japan and it encourages her to achieve more. Thanks everyone for help
Fay Javi with his practices
Fay Rika....
Aseiliav Rikaaaaaaaa
LadyLou bb Rika!
Fay she can pull off such music
Aseiliav she is so pretty
yuzuangel @Aseiliav indeed
rockstaryuzu stream looks great on both my phone and computer, but can only see the chat on my computer
Fay quite musical
yuzuangel yeah, i haven't fixed that yet, unfortunately when the screen is small, the chat disappears ;;
yumeaki Hi, popped in now. Hope i have a chance to stay till the end as family lunch starts soon.
LadyLou she's become better and better at expression
Fay I am watching on my ipad and chatting on my laptop
rockstaryuzu it's ok, forces me to rest my eyes from squinting at my phome anyway
rockstaryuzu Rika is such a cutie
Fay Zhenya is skating in the background
Aseiliav agree
yuzuangel it seems like the sound doesn't match the video
BWOZWaltz Oh hello!
yuzuangel unfortunately its bc of the video itself, not the stream
Aseiliav ohh true
Fay it's ok for me, Yuzuangel
LadyLou I put the chat in separate popup in my laptop (so I can move it when Zuzu is on)
BWOZWaltz I didn't realise streaming was on until now
LadyLou yeah audip looks out of sync?
yuzuangel yeah it is a bit out of sync
Aseiliav a little
LadyLou I'll refresh
yuzuangel its bc of the video itself
yumeaki ah ok. i was thinking why the audio looks out of sync. so is original video source problem.
Fay Satton skating her Egyptian dance
yuzuangel lemme find another video
Fay yeah, things ok for the skates
yuzuangel i guess the broadcast doesn't really show the full programs of all the skaters...otherwise it'd be 4 hours long
yuzuangel it just shows these highlights
Fay Nobu!!! LOL
rockstaryuzu Nobu!
yuzuangel so does the violinist know how to play every single person's music?
Fay they did practice, I suppose?
Aseiliav probably
LadyLou it's ok, we're getting nice highlighs! MI! and Plushenko! And LOL the comic duo
yuzuangel lol
rockstaryuzu LOL! This is the part of FaOI we usually don't get to see
Fay standing on people with your skates on must hurt
LadyLou my fave is still swan lake XD
Fay acrobatics...
Aseiliav omg
LadyLou this was lovely too
yuzuangel didn't some acrobat skaters get really injured recently?
yuzuangel cuz they fell
yuzuangel yikes
LadyLou at YOG right?
Aseiliav Idk
rockstaryuzu yikes
yuzuangel yeah... you're right
Fay yeah, at the youth olympics a skater fell from high
yumeaki ah i like the black and white.
rockstaryuzu i love this program by Anna and Luca
Fay This is such a classy program
Aseiliav they would die
LadyLou Awww Anna&Luca! They always take performance very seriously in costumes too!
yuzuangel omg they're literally in black and white
BWOZWaltz This is a lovely program
Aseiliav lovely!
yuzuangel this is such a cool idea
Fay Anna and Luca will always amaze - they are so inventive
rockstaryuzu ToshI!!
yuzuangel i actually wanna try the black and white makeup thing one day lol, but it must be kinda uncomfortable
LadyLou no fur this time it was lovely
Fay ToshI sang quite a lot
yumeaki Stephane with this song
rockstaryuzu oh Stephane...I could be happy watching only him skate all day long.
yuzuangel this was the start of toshI and his fanyuism
yuzuangel beautiful spins
yuzuangel i think the audio is aligned now
LadyLou ahhhh wild Zuzu appeares!
yuzuangel lutz?
Fay thisi s a FaOI digest
BWOZWaltz Awwww Yuzu
LadyLou so sparkly
Aseiliav yuzuuuuuuuu
LadyLou audio still out of sync when he speaks?
yuzuangel nvm it's not aligned
Fay what does it say?
rockstaryuzu gosh the emoji take a bit to upload
yumeaki aaaahh!!!!
rockstaryuzu KYAAAAAA!!!!!!
LadyLou so sooooon
Aseiliav MY HEART
Aseiliav OMG
yuzuangel SCREAM
Mikusha ....I was not ready for this
LadyLou I love the small backwards steps
yuzuangel oh no froze
yuzuangel what a beautiful man
Aseiliav AAA
Aseiliav This is so beautiful
yuzuangel LAYBACK
yuzuangel ahhhh
Aseiliav lalallaybavk idwaxmlx
Aseiliav OMG
yuzuangel yuzu is so intense
BWOZWaltz Kyaaaaa
Fay it;s such a great program
yuzuangel omg he's so tired. that was an insane program omg
Fay the crowd is going nuts
yuzuangel amazing
yumeaki Yuzu, please bring this back one day.
Mikusha That energy and effort he puts into every performance
yuzuangel the people who were able to see it were so lucky T_T
rockstaryuzu THAT was INCREDIBLE!
LadyLou OMG I love the program! I haven't rewatched it in a while and WOW!
BWOZWaltz Oh I miss him...
LadyLou and I love his hands
Aseiliav Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique
LadyLou and I miss Zuzu
BWOZWaltz He's loving being in his home town
rockstaryuzu When you think that he learned the choreo in just five hours...and gave a performance like that! He must've had such a strong image in his head of what he wanted to portray
yuzuangel wow
Fay so are we getting Crystal Memories of not?
yuzuangel i think that's another broadcast but we can watch it
LadyLou finale already? But kurimemo was broadcasted too, later maybe?
BWOZWaltz Wait, finale already?
LadyLou this was a lovely finale too, sweet
LadyLou oreo prince XD
BWOZWaltz oreo or not Yuzu is a prince
Aseiliav owww:(
Aseiliav javiiii
Fay that beautiful Ina Bauer
LadyLou Shizuka<3
LadyLou gosh so beautiful...and WOW so high!
Fay that was a tremendous leap, Yuzu
rockstaryuzu bold of Yuzu to put his Ina Bauer up against Shizuka's
yuzuangel oversplit
LadyLou awww look at him, happy boy!
rockstaryuzu loving that camera angle uo his chin
BWOZWaltz Love love love
Fay who choreographed this?
LadyLou Jpn loves dramatic camera
LadyLou @fay no idea, Jeff maybe? He often does group choreo iirc
yuzuangel the audience is so close to the skaters
Aseiliav amanzing
BWOZWaltz Arigato----
LadyLou arigato!!
rockstaryuzu such a short broadcast though
Fay he looks so happy
yuzuangel best boi
rockstaryuzu arigato yuzu!
yuzuangel ok lets watch..
yumeaki aww.. the flying kiss at the end.
Fay ok, the TV works fine, thank you, yuzuangel!
LadyLou (no jump attempt?)
Aseiliav I miss fs
rockstaryuzu hey can we replay the part with the very high leap at the end?
rockstaryuzu it was so amazing
BWOZWaltz Encore!!
Aydmen awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
LadyLou I miss FS but I miss Yuzu even more (when is it time of our monthly Yuzu message? LOL)
yuzuangel one sec
Aydmen can it be replayed later? I got in at the end of masquerade - it's ok if it can't
LadyLou yes! bb kurimemo!
yumeaki aw. crystal memories
BWOZWaltz Kurimemo Prince!
rockstaryuzu ook Crystal Memories!
yuzuangel yeah i think it can, but the videos are also in the library
rockstaryuzu 'ooh' not ook
Aseiliav DOU
LadyLou gosh that Y spiral
rockstaryuzu WOW!
rockstaryuzu yuzuangel - ok, i'll hit the library up later
yumeaki the costume from afar really looks like crystal.
rockstaryuzu he's singing!
yuzuangel i've never seen anyone put on a show like yuzu does when skating lol
yuzuangel LAYBACKK
rockstaryuzu i know, he's ALL IN all the time
yuzuangel ok for anyone who wants to stay, lets rewatch masquerade...
yumeaki aww.. thanks yuzuangel
LadyLou after the tumult of Masquerade Kurimemo is so...pacifying
LadyLou aww we're getting the bis nice!
rockstaryuzu okay, going full screen
yuzuangel so delicate
yuzuangel omg love yuzu
Veveco I just love this program
rockstaryuzu i hope he does more programs like this
BWOZWaltz His energy and passion is just...
yuzuangel even without many jumps i don't think anyone in the world can skate that program
rockstaryuzu he has so much fire
LadyLou Gosh MORE!! (jk, but i'm gonna rewatch all 4 versions of Masquerade, maybe I'll finally pick a fave LOL)
yuzuangel ok i guess that's the end...
Aydmen thank you so much!!
Aydmen that jump was SO HIGH
BWOZWaltz Thank you!!!
yumeaki Thanks for the stream!
rockstaryuzu All right, thank you again!
yuzuangel thanks for coming~ lets stream more next week!
Frances Thank you
BWOZWaltz Until next time! See ya!
rockstaryuzu Actuallu
Yuzuko Thank you so much!
LadyLou awww thanks, it made me start the day feeling happy
yuzuangel i can rewatch masquerade forever...
rockstaryuzu Good night all
LadyLou thank you everyone bye
Aydmen are there 4 version of masquerade?!
Veveco Good night
LadyLou @Aydmen yeas one for every stop
yuzuangel toyama, sendai, makuhari, kobe?
Aseiliav good nightttt
Aydmen ohhhhhh
LadyLou Makuhari debut with leather, Sendai, Kobe, Niigata with Origin encore
Aydmen I hope I get to see them all
LadyLou oops Toyama not Niigata
yuzuangel oh
yuzuangel haha yeah that was a good summer...
yuzuangel we were blessed
rockstaryuzu wait. There's a Masquerade Origin?
LadyLou you can find all 4 here on PH
LadyLou there's the encore with the violinist
LadyLou you forgot? XD
rockstaryuzu so much for bedtime...
LadyLou the one with the wild hair LOL
rockstaryuzu i totally didn't realize
rockstaryuzu or else I forgot. 2020 has been rough on the old memory
yuzuangel it's also on yt Play video in popup
yuzuangel wow the video even embeds
rockstaryuzu I mean it's been 3 decades since January
LadyLou yeah
rockstaryuzu Yay!
yuzuangel @rockstaryuzu that is so accurate
LadyLou @yuzuangel so the only thing that doesn't work is tagging oops
LadyLou ok I'm going for my rewatching spree (gonna find my .ts folder for extremely HD experience) bye
yuzuangel haha yeah i think the "tags" are just text...LOL
yuzuangel have a good time!
rockstaryuzu thanks so much. off to watch more yuzu then


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@yuzuangel thank you :2thumbsup:


but I'm so kuyashii! I missed the whole streaming with you all ! :64341262:

 (I was sooo exhausted from this past week at work but also sooo excited to wach again THIS FaOI with you , I ended to fall asleep 2h bf and woke up 1h after...even with an alarm :14066882:.)

but  for sure I was with you in my dreams! .:star-plucker-smiley:

So I'm watching again rn, reading the chat !!! Sendai 2019 FaOI is still so emotional to me,  that were  so beautiful moments of  last year, with this great cast and both Shizuka & Yuzuru recieving  their home audience's so heartwarming cheerings, and offering special interviews and wonderful performances to them <3 ( Shizuka is the best memory  of 2006 Olys for me, and she's still got her special aura...:tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:) I 'm so grateful she continues to train  to skate in future shows, i wish so much  I could watch them both her with Yuzuru skate live one day soon , pls ..:smiley-angelic001:

oh, and their  smiles and... this ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITAAAAAAA!!!!!

I miss them all so much...and wish FaOI could soon return to Sendai :48179197:  and just  return safely to any place planned for  next year :fingerscrossed:

Thanks so much for this new PH TV for streaming parties, that's great!  I can't wait the next one ! ( very good timing !!! :2thumbsup: :jester:)


Edit : for Yuzuru YOU ARE MARVELLOUS!!!! <3:68271401: (believe in YOURSELF🙏)

To all the cast & technicians : wish you all to stay healthy , pls hold on, and come back  soon, we love you SO MUCH worldwide too! 💖

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I missed it too,was away fo the weekend:cry:

but reading the cht it was fun as usual,so next time guys!!

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