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World Championships 2017 Replay - Men SP & FS + Gala

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8 hours ago, EternalSpin said:

Yeah, that worries me the most. Considering the fact that I joined the Planet right before the 'what may become' the greatest drought in the history...
The only FS competition I've watched "live" (on YT:() was 2020 4CC. That's all. Well, okay... I thought there would be a lot of new competitions this year, but now I'm completely lost and hopeless:10742290:


But at least because Lord Swanyu is so beloved, there is heaps and heaps of older competitions in multiple copies and other stuff available online (I have been rewatching Kenji's interview from 2015, and a heap of downloaded musicvids) ... some of the other skaters I love, and folk who are fans of them, are really parched simply because there isn't so much available from previous years.


But we do need Lord Swanyu to be persuaded to put out more statements and comments for the good of all :happy0065:

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